Fillmore’s election is over. I wish I could rejoice. The Katzenjammers have won again.

I guess a formula of sorts has been established to win city elections. In part, this formula includes the inclusion of at least two candidates to serve as scapegoats, sacrificed to drain-off about 25 percent, the clueless part of our electorate. But that’s democracy.

Conservatives pretty well swept the national election, but we still have to contend with Barbara Boxer, Jerry Brown, and Old Rubber Lips, Barney Frank. The city council catastrophe is nearly complete now, with the exception of Councilman Steve Conaway who is the last remaining vestige of common sense, experience, and moral character. We deserve the government we choose. Let’s see what’s left in our city coffers by the next election.
The only way this town will be delivered from the Katzenjammer grip is to create a political counter organization that can get out the vote. In the last two years we have lost our city manager, our financial director, city clerk, and other long-time staff members. Most have been replaced with temporary, interim, part time people. We have a city staff so concerned with affairs at city hall that they have submitted two letters of no confidence. The interim managers, hired to finish the budget, left us with no budget and hundreds of thousands of dollars of expense for their employment. City government is in a mess with no clear, near term plan to fix anything.

One bright spot – our school board. Congratulations to Kim, Lucy, and Dave. I regret that Mark did not make it, but we have three great new members just the same.

More next week after I recover from my general political depression.



Well, this is the last edition of the Gazette before Election Day. I’ve already expressed my despair at having to choose two more Fillmore City Council members. But last night’s city council meeting has concentrated my mind. I urge everyone to view this kabuki theater gone wild (Channel 10, 6:30) to get a better understanding of just how far off the tracks our city government has come since the last election which established the Katzenjammer majority of Patti Walker, Jamey Brooks, and Gayle Washburn. Patti is again running. Since being appointed mayor by her political cronies on the council, her affinity for secrecy and micromanagement has been energized, to the alarm and distress of city staff. As I’ve said before, Patti is now sufficiently tutored in public corruption to qualify for higher office. She is the only council member in city history to be censured, the only one to refuse to sign the traditional ethics pledge, a serial violator of the Brown Act, and a habitual, self-serving liar. Patti’s recent attacks against Councilwoman Laurie Hernandez in the Ventura Star, and from her seat on the dais, are contemptible. You can tell when Patti is lying by that habitual smarmy expression; I emphasize the word “habitual”. I’m told that I left that meeting a little too soon. Council Member Hernandez engaged Walker in a “discussion” about Walker’s accusations to the Star. High fives to Laurie!
I have attended more than 500 council meetings during the past 21 years. None have been as memorable as this Tuesday night’s spectacular.

The Katzenjammer coalition lined up to speak against the Gazette, its publisher, and to make longwinded campaign speeches. Mayor Patti lost control of time and order, permitting unprecedented leeway for her political supporters, highlighted by that old charmer, Gary Creagle.

This was another Creagle spectacular. After bellying up to the mike he began to harangue, in a foghorn tone, the council, the Gazette, the Gazette’s publisher, a couple of candidates for the council, and warned that he would take any action necessary to protect our city manager, right after he confessed he had never met her. He also cautioned (as he has done several times before) that he was a man of means who could and would take action in any case he saw fit. This cowardly blowhard has not even been a resident of Fillmore for years.

Creagle berated council members in a threatening voice, pointing to particular members. Mayor Walker sat with an air of disinterest while her political bedfellows attacked her critics. Creagle also criticized council candidate Alex Mollkoy for daring to enter the race as a write-in candidate, emphasizing that Mollkoy wouldn’t have to release a financial donor list until after the election. Creagle is such a Bozo that he doesn’t know it is a right of any California voter to become a write-in candidate. His criticism actually implied that Mollkoy may have taken money from donors Creagle doesn’t approve of. Incredible.

My disgust with Patti Walker and her minions has reached a stage where I, in conscience, have to change my previous endorsement.

I was impressed with Mr. Mollkoy’s defence of his record in the city. He has been unfairly maligned by both Creagle and Sipes. Therefore, my council endorsements must go to Alex Mollkoy and David Lugo. In my opinion they both place the interests of the City of Fillmore first. The tag team of Brian Sipes and his Mom is too bizarre. Both have placed the interests of their business ahead of the interests of the city. What other candidate have we ever seen promote his business over his candidacy in his campaign mailings?

FOR CITY COUNCIL: David Lugo and Alex Mollkoy.
FOR SCHOOL BOARD: Kimberly Rivers, Lucy Rangel, and Mark Austin.
Please VOTE!



I have to confess that I’m not in a good frame of mind to write a last minute editorial today. Although I am elated at the prospect of a sweeping conservative triumph on November 2, other issues of primary importance to the health and safety of our nation are about to destroy us.

The American judiciary, that part of our government’s checks and balances which the Founding Fathers believed to be least powerful, has proven to be all powerful, thwarting the will of the people and trashing the soul of the nation.

Since the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade which opened abortion on demand Americans have killed 50 million of its most innocent and vulnerable children, those waiting to be born. Only communist China has surpassed this bloody effort. But for illegal immigration, and its birth rate, America would lack a birth rate sufficient to maintain our present population.

Today, it is reported that a single federal judge (a feminist appointed to the court by President Clinton) has dictated that our entire military must accept homosexuals who practice their homosexuality openly. A short while ago a single male judge in California (who happens to be homosexual) threw out Proposition 8, (passed by millions of Californians) which sought to define “marriage” as a union of one man and one woman. This definition has been in place among all societies and civilizations from pre-history. But this judge was burning to “marry” his boyfriend and wanted to legitimate his own desire. Anyone spot a conflict of interest here? Across the board today our judicial system, federal, state, and local has been, with few important exceptions, utterly corrupted. America is becoming a pagan nation, and its government is spitting in the face of God. What on earth has caused the empowerment of three percent of our population to such an extent that it results in the heart of our Judeo-Christian society being wiped-out?

But its not just the judicial and legislative branches that are infected with this pagan virus; our chief executive, President Obama, is orchestrating the financial destruction of what has been the most vibrant and successful nation in world history. No one in this nation is more pro-abortion, anti-military, pro-socialist, and pro-gay “rights” than Mr. Obama. Thanks to these forces we are witnessing the collapse of America as we have known her for more than two centuries. This is not an hysterical overstatement. This is an ongoing fact.
So, contemplating these things, and witnessing their effects on our civil, military, and spiritual society, I don’t feel like commenting on our local election, but I think I should.

The results of Fillmore’s last election, and the events leading up to it, have seriously altered the way our city government works. Recalling the great council members, mayors and managers we’ve had during the past 20 years, we seem to have run out of qualified candidates. We are in serious need of people like Don Gunderson, Scott Lee, Evaristo Barajas, Cecilia Cuevas, Linda Brewster, Roger Campbell, Roy Payne, and many more. Today we have accumulated an assortment of agenda driven pipsqueaks and micromanaging political wanabes. The Katzenjammer plan has succeeded in driving away the gifted, competent, honest leaders and staff of the recent past – as was its intent. I see the current council majority as utterly political, devious, self-serving and incompetent. There’s also a nagging question of intellectual capacity.

For an example, let’s take last week’s letter from Mr. Roegner, a charter member of the Katzenjammers, like all of the current council majority.

Roegner is a complainer, but his complaints are always wrong-headed. He never seems to get his facts straight, even when he is repeatedly corrected. This is a characteristic of the Katzenjammers.

In his letter, which was sent to all council members for comment (except the evasive Mr. Brooks) Roegner blames Councilman Conaway for “getting our sales tax revenue frozen.” Wrong, again, Dave. Conaway wasn’t on the council when that highly beneficial contract was entered into.

He defends candidate Brian Sipes for getting his facts straight. Wrong, Dave. Brian hasn’t had his facts straight for years. He continues to tell people that citizen opinion on the water treatment plant was ignored, when more opinion was taken, and questions about the plant answered than for any other project in Fillmore’s history. At the largest workshop (Memorial Building) six nationally recognized experts and city staff appeared to answer questions from a huge audience. This is one of Sipes’ favorite lies.

But the misrepresentations continue. Council member Washburn, responding to Roegner’s letter (which responded to Councilman Conaway’s letter) referring to the financing of the treatment plant:
“The City Council made a resolution in February 2004 to obtain the SRF Loans. But at some point someone chose to use municipal bonds and RDA bonds. A public records act request was submitted to determine how and when the decision was made to forego the loans. There were no records of any public discussion or decision so it is not clear who is responsible” is false.

Washburn continues to say the decision to finance the plant was done in secret and that a public records request did not turn up anything. All she needs to do is read the 4/10/07 city council package item 8A. It was all clearly presented in the public meeting. The SRF Loan was discussed, along with other options. Council member Walker was the person who seconded the motion to use municipal bonds. The vote was unanimous to use muni bonds.
Can then citizen Washburn provide proof that a Public Records Request was made “to determine how and when the decision was made”? The Approved City Council Minutes of 4/10/07 and 4/24/07 is where she should have looked. Her statement “there were no records of any public discussion or decision so it is not clear who is responsible” is false.

Council Member Walker seconded the motion to select the current financings. The vote was unanimous. It was conducted in the 4/10/07 meeting. At the 4/24/10 meeting Patti Walker abstained from the vote to issue the bonds. She supported the 40 year bonds. Curiously, at the next meeting she abstained from voting on selling the bonds. Katzenjammers always seem to be confused by facts.

[See excerpts from minutes below]

In the 4/24/10 Approved City Council Minutes Patti Walker says it was not an easy decision to finance the plant. I disagree, since she abstained to vote at all.

Washburn was also present at the meeting, see her comments on the Gazette’s website.

Brian Sipes remarked that he would have to raise his rent. Lucky that he was able to provide a residence for our new city manager.

I’ve gone too long. I don’t know what Fillmore residents can do to improve the council with the cast of characters provided this year. Patti Walker’s recent attack on Council member Laurie Hernandez (in the Ventura Star) makes her candidacy even more repugnant to me, but the alternatives are even more unpalatable. Patti is obviously corrupt enough now to seek higher office.

Excerpts from 4/10/07 Approved City Council Minutes below.

"CALL BACK TO Mayor Conaway called the City Council back to order at ORDER 9:30 p.m. He said there was nothing to report from Executive Session.

WATER Special Projects Manager Roy Payne said there are RECYCLING representatives from Bear Stearns that would like to PROJECT - provide a financing scenario overview. The FINANCING recommendation is direction on the financing structure STRUCTURE for the water recycling project. A public hearing will be held. We have a $79 million dollar project. We are drawing on the Development Impact Fee funds and Redevelopment funds to minimize the sewer rates. The pro-forma for Scenario 4 was distributed. Six scenarios were presented. Callable bonds have a schedule and you pay a premium and at certain points may refinance. Not knowing what interest rates will be in the future, it gives the best option. With non-callable you are unable to refinance. He reviewed the various scenarios. Councilmember Lee asked about the growth rate. Mr. Payne said we have assumed 46 new units per year. Discussion ensued on callable vs. non callable. Mr. Payne said with the GE Commercial Scenario they came late in the game and we are concerned with the accuracy of their proposal. The State Revolving Fund Scenario has a maximum of 20-year secured financing. We believe that if that option were selected we would not meet the time schedule order. There is a significant risk with this option. Mr. Payne said he has listed certainties with regard to the SRF. We cannot start construction and we would need to take the time for the State to review the Design- Build-Operate process. It could take between 1.38-3.5 years. Our estimate is 2 years. Public Works Director Bert Rapp said Boyle went through this with us. Applications cannot be made to the Regional Board until environmental work is done and we have 100% funds. We knew we would never meet the deadline. It increases the cost to the rate payers. We would be eligible to start construction in March or April of 2009 and complete in November 2010. Councilmember Cuevas said there have been comments that we can ignore the fines. Mr. Payne said the discretionary powers changed in 2002. These fines are mandatory and shall be paid. Mayor Conaway asked if we were currently paying fines. Mr. Payne said yes. We can take the risk but have to be willing to lose that risk. Councilmember Cuevas asked what would happen if we chose not to pay the fines. Mr. Rapp said there is a provision on the resolution and there is a clause with not paying. They multiply the costs. If we incur delay, we will pay more. The fines are real. Mr. Payne said with regard to the SRF, the total debt service cost over the life of the loan will decrease, the monthly sewer rate will increase, future rate payers will get the benefit of using the water recycling without paying for the debt required to build it, it will take 1.4 years to 3.4 years to secure an SRF loan, and the City and its rate payers will be exposed to mandatory fines of up to $9.3 million per year. Mr. Rapp said our fines are limited because we have our time schedule order. It will expire September 10, 2009. Our penalties will then go way up. Staff is recommending moving forward with Bear Stearns.

Steve Dworken, Bear Stearns, said they have been working with the City since 2005. He said this project is important to the City. Given all the work by staff and consultants, they have attempted to put together a program that will qualify for investment ratings and bond insurance. They have updated the numbers on the debt service to reflect changes in the last week and a half. They will develop a program to match council’s overall requirements. He said the way they have structured the particular financing is to structure bonds that have callability. It allows for flexibility which is worth more than the potential savings. Anything through 10 years would be non-callable. They have the ability to call bonds for refinancing or refunding. Councilmember Walker asked if there is a penalty for refinancing before 10 years. Mr. Dworken said no, you are allowed one opportunity.

Mr. Chris Roberts, Bear Stearns, said long term interest rates have remained low relative to historical levels. Based on the current market and Bear Stearns’ efficient frontier analysis, it is appropriate for the City to utilize fixed rate debt for its wastewater financing. Updated rates were provided to council. The City is proposing to fund approximately $79.7 million of CIP for the wastewater enterprise. The project fund was net funded. Structure 1 is a 10-year callable bond. This is the basic structure. It is straight forward financing. Structure 2 is a combination of 10 year callable bonds and non-callable bonds. Structure 3 is non-callable bonds. Structure 4 is 10-year callable bonds. Structure 5 is a combination of 10-year callable bonds and non-callable bonds. Structure 6 is non-callable bonds.

Mr. Gary Creagle asked what the ramifications are if the City fails to pay. Mr. Steve Dworken said they would present a package to secure an investment rating. Bond insurance would have a claim against the City and would process the claim. The City would ultimately be sued if they failed to pay and it would affect all funds. Mr. Payne said the question creates the circumstance of double jeopardy. Staff would like to receive direction from council on the financing structure. Councilmember Lee said this is the biggest bond that Fillmore has ever issued. With interest rates the way they are today, being the lowest historically, he favors the bond at this point in time. He would like to do the 30% non-callable bond. He said we are at historic loans. Mr. Dworken said if it was non-callable there is no savings by refinancing. Councilmember Lee is in favor of Scenario #5. Councilmember Cuevas said when the table was presented she was looking to address the issues in the majority of the callable scenarios vs. the SRF. The rate payers of the first 20 years are going to finance the majority of a 50 year old asset. She prefers Scenario #4. She likes the callable feature. The flexibility provides optimum value. The difference between #4 and #5 is miniscule in terms of rates. The flexibility is warranted. She is not in favor of the SRF option. Councilmember Hernandez is in favor of Scenario #4. We do not know what the future entails. We could lower costs down the road. Councilmember Walker said it may be a benefit to have the $.25 savings overall. She is more in favor of Scenario #5. Mayor Conaway said we have heard from the public that the monthly bill is the issue. We have promised to work to lower rates. We have 2 scenarios between #4 and #5. Scenario #5 has a $.25 premium. He supports Scenario #5.
ACTION Motion: Cuevas; Second: Hernandez; UNANIMOUS by voice PREPARATION OF vote to direct staff to proceed with preparation of DOCUMENTS FOR documents for the issuance of Revenue Bonds utilizing ISSUANCE OF Scenario #5 for City Council review and approval at the REVENUE BONDS earliest possible date.
Councilmember Lee said he would like the Finance Committee to review all possible ways of saving.
ACTION Motion: Cuevas; Second: Walker; UNANIMOUS by voice vote UTILIZE BEAR to utilize Bear Stearns as the financial underwriter STEARNS AS for the issuance of Revenue Bonds.FINANCIAL UNDERWRITER
ACTION Motion: Cuevas; Second; Lee; MOTION PASSES by the ADOPT PUBLIC following vote that the Public Financing Authority FINANCING adopt Resolution No. 07-22: Resolution Authorizing the AUTHORITY Issuance and Sale of Revenue Bonds to Finance RESOLUTION Wastewater System Improvements for the City of NO. 07-22 Fillmore, Approving Related Documents and Official Actions and Retaining Consultants”.

AYE: Conaway, Cuevas, Hernandez, Lee; NO: None; ABSTAIN: Walker; ABSENT: None.

ACTION Motion: Cuevas; Second: Lee; MOTION PASSES by the ADOPT CITY
following voice vote to adopt City Council Resolution COUNCIL RESO. No. 07-3013: Approving Proceedings to Finance
NO. 07-3013 Improvements to the City’s Wastewater System, Approving Issuance of Revenue bonds by the Fillmore Public Financing Authority for such Purposes, Approving Related Documents and Official Actions and Retaining Consultants.

AYE: Conaway, Cuevas, Hernandez, Lee; NO: None; ABSTAIN: Walker; ABSENT: None.

Councilmember Walker said this has not been an easy decision. In conversations she hears that there was not a political will to change the direction we are going. She is not sure this is good for the community. She recognizes we have to meet the new permit. It is so expensive. She does not know how to lower this."



A last minute attempt to have our city council members address a letter from Mr. Roegner has mostly failed due to time constraints. At press time we have received comments from Councilman Steve Conaway alone. Other members were unable to respond on such short notice, but we appreciate their efforts. The Gazette will reserve the same space for those other members who may wish to respond next week.

As for my opinion on the issues Mr. Roegner raises in his letter:
The concept may be too difficult for Mr. Roegner to understand, but the loan term for plant construction was deliberately extended from 20 years to 40 years to greatly reduce the monthly payment burden on Fillmore residents. This is the same reason, Dave, that causes most people to accept a 30 year mortgage on their homes rather that a 15 or 20 year loan, monthly payments are lower.

As for the PERC company building our plant for “half price”, again Mr. Roegner fails to understand the simplest fact: While PERC talked about building the plant at half the price, THEY CHOSE NOT TO BID ON THE PROJECT! I repeat: PERC’s talk of building the plant at half the price was just that – talk. They chose not to bid on the job. Neither Mr. Roegner nor Mr. Sipes understand the difference between an informal “proposal” and a legally binding “bid”. Instead, the winning bidder (the most experienced contractor in the country for such projects) built a magnificent plant for us, coming in months ahead of schedule and under cost estimates. Our (much praised) Design-Build-Operate contract also relieves us of the burden of financing further maintenance, etc.
Our new treatment plant is also highly efficient, and was recognised as Project of the Year by the County of Ventura. The last time I checked (many months ago) our plant had received at least 8 other prestigious awards for design and function. All of the many experts the city consulted recommended the system we constructed. And, the hundreds of thousands of dollars-worth of fines we have paid and still owe for “polluting” the river are finally gone, never to return. I know this will not suffice to explain the situation to you Dave, but I have tried, once again.

As for your last fatuous complaint, concerning the lucrative agreement for sales taxes from two other cities, which will bring in millions to the City of Fillmore: It was extensively vetted during council sessions, carefully studied by our legal counsel and found to be a completely lawful contract. Lawful contracts are constitutionally protected, Dave, and this was a windfall which came to us – we did not seek it out, if that matters. The courts have since validated the lawfulness of the agreement. The spurious lawsuit filed against the city in this matter was thrown out of court. The fact that funds have not been released to the city thereafter is evidence of a corrupt legal system, not a reflection of any wrongdoing by the city. This contract was composed of a lawful offer, a lawful acceptance by the city, and lawful consideration paid to the city. Regardless of what Sacramento does after the fact, by way of legislating this sort of agreement into a prohibitive status, the legislature is wrong and is inflicting just another wound into the constitutional fabric of our state and nation.
So, our council at that time did the correct, intelligent, lawful, and ethical thing. Congratulations to those past council members.

ELECTION DAY is nearly here. For what it’s worth, these are the candidates I support:

City Council: David Lugo. Mr. Lugo has had no previous council experience, is presently serving as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner. I recall another city councilman, Evaristo Barajas. Evaristo had no previous experience before taking office. But he learned quickly and became a distinguished multi-term councilman and mayor. Mr. Lugo has the same potential, and he is fiscally conservative with common sense.

I must say, my next endorsement causes me real pain. I have, and rightly, criticized her for many things, including micromanagement and various bad decisions. However, under the frightful circumstances this year’s candidate quality present, I simply have no choice but to endorse Mayor Patti Walker. This is more than awkward for me. But the alternatives would be devastating.

School Board:

Without hesitation, I endorse Lucy Rangel, Mark Austin, and Kim Rivers. I have met each of these good folks and think each would bring new life and a fresh perspective to our school board. They all have strong qualifications and equally strong characters. I am very happy to endorse Lucy, Mark, and Kim.



This week the Gazette attempted to gather comments from all council members and Fillmore’s city manager about the no confidence letter issued by city employees. It should be noted that Councilman Jamey Brooks was the only council member who refused to cooperate. As is his habit, Jamey dislikes having to communicate with the residents of Fillmore. So much for all that talk about open government we heard prior to the last election. This attitude bodes poorly for Fillmore’s future, especially in view of the fact that, with the exception of Mr. Lugo, this year’s candidates are the most unqualified in this city’s history. Any experience incumbent Patti Walker may have is in my opinion totally outweighed by her insatiable desire to call the shots, whether or not she knows what she is doing.

The confusion, deceit, and incompetence exhibited by the council majority these past two years has created such a poisonous atmosphere that the most qualified potential candidates are repelled; they want nothing to do with public service in Fillmore. In my opinion, adding Brian Sipes to the council, with Jamey Brooks and Gayle Washburn, would create an intellectual catastrophe great enough to stop what progress may be possible. Adrian Grimaldo just hasn’t shown much interest after entering the contest. There is another candidate, but he is too much of a coward to face the people.

The residents of Fillmore had better do their homework before November 2. If you think city government is in turmoil now, just wait. Get involved. Learn something about the candidates, their backgrounds, attitudes, and character.



The most unusual city council procedure I have ever witnessed took place Tuesday, about 4:45 p.m.

The chambers had filled when Mayor Walker stood stiffly before the inquiring crowd and told everyone except city employees to leave the chambers. I asked why we had to leave. In her most authoritative tone, without explanation, the Mayor repeated her command. Four council members were among the ejected mass which then waited for about an hour in the flourier after the door was closed and a meeting between two lawyers, many city employees, and the Mayor took place. When the doors opened we all filed in.

At this point, former Mayor Scott Lee took to the podium and announced that he would read a statement which was sealed and which he had not previously read. Just prior this, sealed press releases were handed to newspaper reporters. Lee then read the letter which appears verbatim on page two of this edition [“Vote of No Confidence”].
The letter, consisting of a list of serious accusations against the management style of our present City Manager, Yvonne Quiring, demands the council’s attention. Nothing further was said concerning the issue.

The letter was read. No announcement was forthcoming. This was a very spooky proceeding.

The council then adjourned to the Fillmore High School cafeteria for a joint meeting with the Fillmore-Piru School District, catered by the Fillmore-Piru Future Farmers of America. As usual, a delicious dinner was served by the FFA members, which was followed by a lengthy meeting.

I spoke briefly with Ms. Quiring during the dinner. She expressed surprise with the letter, and stated that she is always ready to hear complaints.

Following the dinner, council members returned to city hall for an executive session.

I am greatly surprised that no contemplated action was announced to address this issue. It seems that this letter is not being taken seriously by the Mayor. And, why were the other four council members excluded?
Why the closed session excluding four council members? This is all highly unusual. Is this what is meant by “open government?”

I’m still trying to understand why Mayor Walker demanded that she alone of five council members could attend the executive session. Is she steering this complaint into obscurity? She should know that the employees have the right to strike is they are completely ignored.

Something is very wrong here. Is this the sort of thing that prompted Mayor Walker to refuse signing that ethics pledge? She is the only one to refuse, making further attempts to pass an ethics pledge futile. She is also the only council member in Fillmore history to be censured for unethical conduct (Fillmore Gazette, August 12, 2004).
I regret there is too little time this week to mention many other important issues.


Last night’s council meeting was unnecessarily long and needlessly provocative. With the November election close at hand, I guess we’re in for some candidate grandstanding.

It was also showtime for the Gazette’s struggle to prove its status as the only official newspaper of record for the City of Fillmore.

Since May, when the city was provided a memorandum on the legal status (adjudication) of the Gazette, until last night, the council majority (Mayor Patti Walker, Mayor pro-tem Gayle Washburn, and Councilman Jamey Brooks) has striven to hand this official status to the Ventura Star, a local daily newspaper. The law on this matter couldn’t be more clear, that is, the Gazette is the only properly adjudicated newspaper in the world for the City of Fillmore; the Gazette, alone, is entitled to publish the city’s legal notices, as it has done for many years.

For political and personal reasons alone, these three council members have delayed the inescapable decision to approve the Gazette’s status for fiscal year 2010-2011. Since May these three, with the cooperation of City Manager Yvonne Quiring, have solicited the Ventura Star to bid on this issue and become newspaper of record. The so-called bidding process was all but fraudulent in its disregard for established protocol, especially with regard to mandated bid specifications. The relevant law, as presented to the city, was deliberately disregarded, and the futile delay has cost the city in the no-contract interim.

This entire scenario deserves an in-depth story of its own. It is a textbook case of three unethical council members seeking to thwart the law for their own personal and political purposes.

The Gazette was faced with a hostile audience last night. The usual Gazette haters, Ken Creason, Bob Stroh, and Gloria Hansen, all card-carrying Katzenjammers, expressed their unhappiness, not with the Gazette, but with my editorials. Their complaints were pathetically petty. Stroh’s complaints began with “...eighteen years ago...” and claimed that we were withholding his subscription. Then he complained about not receiving fair space for his letters. Please refer to Also, Realities, August 3, 2009. Creason hated my editorials as well, falsely stating that the paper failed to report the $500 donation from Brian Sipes and his mom to the salad bar at the Senior Center. Please refer to the April 15, 2010 edition. We would never ignore a story of this magnitude; we’re talking 500 heads of lettuce! And Hansen thought my editorials were too mean-spirited. Therefore, they all concluded, take away the Gazette’s status as newspaper of record and give it to the Star. Besides, the council majority added, a daily has a much larger circulation. To which I say, of course, but the Gazette is 100 percent dedicated to Fillmore news, where the Star’s coverage is insignificant. We’re here all day, every day, through earthquake, fire, and flood – for the past 21 years.

Had the award gone to the Star (temporarily) it would have been the first time in 100 years that any paper outside city limits had that honor. The bidding process (which should not have taken place) was completely corrupted. The Star’s cover letter is filled with serious false and misleading statements, and numbers. This hub-bub was all political.

During the past year or so the Star has attempted to lure me into their list of customers. I’ve toured the plant and received two teams of Star executives here in Fillmore. Their offer was more than generous from every angle. Two things kept me from going with them. First, I have been printed by an excellent company for several years. Secondly, I felt, bottom line, that I couldn’t trust the Star – which suspicion was proven by their attempt to steal the newspaper of record distinction from me in Fillmore, a legal impossibility.

A fuller revelation of this bizarre story is merited – a bag of salt to rub in the wound is due to the Star for its sorry machinations.


It’s disappointing to report that three of five candidates for city council failed to return answers to this week’s questions. Voters expect to learn what candidates think about city government, the issues and answers. I hope we hear from all candidates next week. There are two new candidates who, if elected, in my opinion, would cripple effective government in Fillmore. These two are easily manipulated by outsiders.


The Rev. Terry Jones, pastor of a small Florida church professing hostility towards Islam threatens to burn the Quran on September 11, the ninth anniversary of the Muslim attack on the World Trade Center towers which killed nearly 3,000 people.

Churches of every denomination world-wide have attempted to discourage the reverend’s intentions. As any perceived disrespect, real or imagined against Islam, usually sparks immediate counter-attacks, and disproportionate bloodshed, common sense militates against this idea.

Rev. Jones’ anger and frustration are, no doubt, shared by billions of non-Muslim people throughout the world, as Islam’s utter contempt for the lives and religious beliefs of 5 billion non-Muslim people are evident everywhere and everyday.

Any Muslim person claiming to be a true believer, who denies that violence and deadly action against non-Muslims (particularly Jews and Christians) are commanded by the Quran and Hadith, towards the subjugation of the world, is ignorant, a liar, or, by their own sacred books, heretics and blasphemers subject to the death penalty.

This is so because the established word of those ancient, sacred books cannot be “interpreted” or changed in any way, by anyone, for any reason. Also, all peaceful passages of Muslim sacred scripture have been abrogated, they no longer apply. Here I strongly recommend the excellent works of Robert Spencer especially The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the crusades). This book is based exclusively upon the teachings of the Quran and Hadith. But the truth can hurt. What do true believing Muslims think of Spencer: “praise for the author on” “May Allah rip out his spine from his back and split his brains in two, and then put them both back, and then do it all over and over again. Amen.” Doesn’t sound very peaceful to me.

However, the Rev. Jones is wrong to announce the burning of the Quran. While Islam approves the murder of a non-Muslim when he perceives what he believes to be a slight insult to his religion, Christianity absolutely condemns this sort of violence. While the Christian is commanded to turn the other cheek, the Muslim believes he is entitled to cut the throats of perceived offenders. Here I’m reminded of one particularly outrageous (but not uncommon) example, that of the Indonesian man who took it upon himself to behead two young Christian girls returning from church one Sunday a year or so ago. But, again, Christians are commanded to love and forgive their enemies.

While Rev. Jones is clearly within his constitutional rights to burn the Quran, his Biblical duty is to avoid unjustified bloodshed and turmoil. Even as a practical matter, prudence dictates that he not do this. For the Christian, prayer is the best response, absent conditions where self defense is required. Rev. Jones, your intentions are neither prudent nor Christian. Think of the thousands of others your conduct will certainly effect.


Well, Israel did not strike Iran’s nuclear site. Either Israel has decided on a highly unconventional method of destroying this menace later, or the Middle East will now have to deal with nuclear blackmail from one of the world’s most evil and aggressively unstable Muslim nations. With Pakistan, China, North Korea, and Russia assisting other terrorist nations, the threat is imminent. The world’s top terrorist experts tell us a nuclear attack on America is a certainty; we just don’t know when.

Have any meaningful preparations been made to assist survivors of such an attack? The answer is, of course, no. “Homeland Security” is a preposterous fraud. Just look at the increasingly bloody battles on our southern border.

This may sound too 1950s, but unfortunately, the need for “civil defense” emergency food, water, and medicine, is much greater today than 60 years ago. The attack will be launched by Muslim jihadists (demanded by both Quran and Hadith) and welcomed by communists and other criminal elements. Think of the aftermath of a nuclear attack on Los Angeles. Food, water, and medical facilities are gone. Imagine what LA’s famously clogged freeways will look like, flooded with vehicles and hysterical drivers seeking to escape the fiery chaos. Maybe it would be a good idea to locate multiple centers of life-saving supplies near those areas most people would be heading towards after such an attack.

Washington might act on this problem if post-disaster preparation were deemed an idea Too Big to Fail.


As I write these words only two days remain in Israel’s window of opportunity to destroy Iran’s nuclear terror complex. That is, absent the military destruction of the reactor, Russia (the contractor) will further empower another evil atomic aggressor by the placement of the fuel rods, just as China helped North Korea.

That act would be consistent with Russia’s roll in the world since 1917. There is a profound evil consistency among the anti-Judeo-Christian and anti-democratic nations of the world. They seem to bear a curse almost unique to atheist societies, that of constantly stirring up hatred, wars and rumors of war. This is done in their constant pursuit of domination of the world, or, as China sees it, universal, atheistic hegemony. Central to all of these evil orders is a hatred of freedom – freedom to worship, freedom of private property, speech, association, etc. America is the only power on earth today with the ability to defend against this universal evil. Israel is the only country in the Middle East which shares America’s ethics and ethos of freedom and self-determination.

Under Obama, America has abandoned its only friend in the Middle East, Israel. It may have been determined that, without America’s traditional help, Israel could not effectively destroy the new nuclear site. The price we will pay for not assuring that the Iranian nuclear complex is destroyed will be huge for the free nations of the world.


The plans for the ground zero mosque are everywhere in the news. This plan is Islam’s way of celebrating its “victory” in its sneak attack on the twin towers, which killed thousands of innocent, unsuspecting people – including many Muslims.

It is being heralded as the “Victory Mosque” and as something related to the Caliphate of Cordoba, before 1492, where Christians lived in dhimmitude under Islam. Others (the politically correct) claim it is an attempt to bring closure to the murderous outrage of 9/11.

I would approve of the new 13-story mosque at ground zero when: a church is built in Saudi Arabia, along with a 13-story monument to the battle of Lapanto (1571). Otherwise, this mosque must be seen as deliberately designed to attract Jihadists from around the world who now make pilgrimages to the sites of Islam’s bloodiest atrocities.

This mosque plan is a deliberate outrage.


Well, it appears that four candidates for Fillmore City Council have tossed their hats in the ring. Correction – that’s three hats and one beanie. This is a critical election for the city, and a de facto referendum on voter confidence. If you like what the Katzenjammers have brought to city government during the past two years you now have an opportunity to vote-in two of their buddies.


Several months ago I characterized the U.S. as bankrupt. That comment was quickly criticized as incorrect. I strongly urge everyone to read a poignant article from Bloomberg which has been posted to the "Publisher's Blog" located here. In very simple, clear language you will learn what has happened to the American economy because of the spendthrift Obama policies. Read it and weep. It’s entitled: U.S. Is Bankrupt and We Don't Even Know; By Laurence Kotlikoff - Aug 10, 2010

Bloomberg Opinion. We haven’t even begun to experience the economic devastation we have brought upon ourselves by over taxing and over spending (during the past 60 years). But, while we have lived with reckless financial abandon for a long time, Obama’s fiscal policies have super-sized the problem. It’s obvious now that our government (federal, state, and local) is so profoundly corrupt that only major political surgery can save the patient. Our best hope is to unsheathe a sharp scalpel in November.


Welcome back Captain Hagel and the whole Sheriff’s team. They have just returned from Siberia where they ran another Marathon. We await details and photos for next week’s Gazette.


As some of our readers may have learned, the Gazette website has been harassed by an emotionally unstable young man who is distressed by a few of my editorials.

I am always amazed at the reaction some topics will provoke, especially since the Gazette is such a small newspaper, compared to the media monoliths of today. The only political spot in the Gazette is the editorial, which numerous letters often counterbalance. Why don’t local liberals just skip my 300 words and go directly to the news? That’s what progressives and liberals always tell conservatives to do when it comes to topics like pornography and squandering tax money.

One question arising from this unstable blogger’s attacks is whether to release the threatening telephone harangue he left at the Gazette’s office. This blogger personifies the new breed of cyber-weenies that internet anonymity has spawned. They are by far the biggest headache for those trying to maintain a credible website.
In extreme cases it is now far easier to identify and prosecute/sue a blogger who has threatened or defamed an innocent party on the internet.

I am still trying to decide whether or not to release the telephone message in question. What bothers me most in this case is the extreme blasphemy he expresses, the same he posted to the site. Do I release such a thing in order to show who this person is, or do I not? I would like your opinion. Post your opinion on the blog at

In any event, “robertolepe”, get some help.

* * *

News in Fillmore is slow when school is out. We’re anxious for classes to open on the 18th. Also, football will be back again!

* * *

To date, 7 residents have pulled papers to run for city council. They are: Laurie Hernandez; Marcoz Hernandez; Antonio Hernandez; Patti Walker; Brian Sipes; Bernardo Lugo, and Adrian Grimaldo. The deadline date for pulling and filing papers is Friday, August 6th.


I just heard that a federal judge has blocked much of Arizona’s illegal immigrant law. This is another outrageous attack by the federal government upon the states. Washington has no idea how angry and frustrated the loyal, law-abiding American citizen has become with government corruption, incompetence, and the new wave of socialist activity. The President, Senate, and House have abandoned their sworn duty to defend this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic - maybe because they recognize a truth in Pogo’s observation, “We have met the enemy and he is us”. The judiciary has become equally rotten. Our leadership refuses to serve and to uphold our Constitution. For the first time in my life I believe political corruption has reached a destabilizing level. The people have a duty to rid themselves of the political parasites and judicial whores who are bringing down our nation. I think this latest outrage by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has lit the fuse for a second shot heard round the world. I only regret having to wait for November.

If you are a loyal, law-abiding American, VACATION IN ARIZONA, those folks need your help!


Four traffic accidents have occurred during the past 30 days within a quarter-mile stretch of Highway 23, a short distance south of Bardsdale Avenue. This is extraordinary.

Most recently, this past Thursday, a man alleged to be driving under the influence of alcohol, smashed into the rear of a truck which was making a left turn from the highway.

Later, this office received a phone call from a man who had been following this allegedly drunk driver from ‘C’ Street, all the way east, down River Street to the 23, from where he turned and headed south. The caller observed this driver narrowly escape several head-on collisions on River and the 23, after running over the turn-about on River Street. He also observed the allegedly drunk driver run into the truck at a high rate of speed (estimated to be 50-plus miles per hour).

Thank God he wasn’t able to negotiate Grimes Canyon; it would have been certain death attempting those hairpin turns and 300-foot cliff. He would have, in all probability, caused another vehicle to crash over the cliff. I’m angry just thinking about this incident.

Anyone arrested as a drunk driver belongs in jail, for a long time. Better that than having to attend a funeral for a family the drunk could have killed.

Drive carefully. Do not drive when you have been drinking.

* * *

The city suffered a murder this week. A gang member was shot point-blank during a backyard party.

I clearly recall the prevailing attitude towards street gangs in Fillmore when I arrived some 21 years ago. There was an indignant reluctance to admit we had a gang. Some long-time residents would respond to a question about gangs with “Fillmore doesn’t have gangs!” This, despite repeated warnings from our Sheriff’s department that we did indeed have the beginnings of a gang.

Any police officer will tell you that a good 95 percent of all crime in our town is directly related to gang activity. Like a plague of locusts gang members infest the towns in which they reside. They prey on the weak; they live by stealing what honest residents have worked hard to obtain. They live in the dark where they vandalize our community and threaten physical harm to innocent citizens. They drag the very young into the miserable life and early death they have chosen. For influencing the young as they do, the Bible tells us they call down upon themselves a terrible curse: “And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck.” Matthew 18:6, Luke 17:2, Mark 9:42.

Gang members should think beyond the times in which they are living.

There is a God, and there is a Heaven and a Hell. There is no parole from Hell, and certainly not a Get Out of Hell Free card. Hell is forever, and forever, and forever; that’s called eternity.


Dead at 80 is Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Rush Limbaugh had it right when he observed that George knew when to die.

He bought the Yankees in the 1970s for about $10 million. Today, the club is worth $1.1 billion. Had he died after December 31, 2010 the government would have grabbed a half-billion in estate taxes, to be given to some cash-hungry bank or other “too big to fail” private institution. But he slid from time into eternity in 2010, thus his family gets to keep the money he worked for all his life. This is because the Obama tax increase doesn’t start until January 1, 2011.

I see an imperious Barack Hussein Obama fiddling as millions of small businesses spontaneously combust under the pressure of his huge new tax increases. The year 2011 will inaugurate a tax Armageddon for small business.


There is so much negative news these days that it’s a real treat to find a pocket of very good news. The Sheriff’s Department and the Boy Scouts sponsor our Santa Clara Valley Post of Explorers. These bright young men and women are about to attend the Sheriff’s Academy in Camarillo. I wish them well and know that all will graduate with flying colors.


Yipes! It’s Sipes. David Lugo and Brian Sipes have “pulled” papers, indicating they have an interest in running for the Fillmore City Council. The papers include instructions to follow in order to comply with the law in the event they wish to file to run for office.


I can’t remember when we’ve had so many traffic accidents in such a short period of time. During the past week I photographed four collisions (three on the same day) including a serious motorcycle accident on Highway 126 and a fatal pickup truck incident on lower Grimes Canyon. I’m told that another happened on Balcom Canyon.
Independence Day is upon us, one of the busiest holidays of the year. I hope you all drive carefully on this Fourth. Remember to look out for the other guy.


As I scribble these words a confident Ms. Elena Kagan is being hosted by the US Senate in an ostensible effort to determine her fitness to join the most exclusive club in the world, the United States Supreme Court. The atmosphere is genial. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an aide serving coffee and donuts (or, maybe tea and petite Madeleine) to distinguished committee members for the occasion.

What a difference 27 years can make. When Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork back in 1987 Senate tactics for approving a Republican Supreme Court nominee were quite different. For committee Democrats the demeanor was pretty much cut and slash – cut and slash the impeccable reputation of one of America’s preeminent jurists and legal scholars. Instead of asking this nominee relevant questions to determine philosophy, and scrutinize judicial temperament (expecting honest answers) the committee acquiesces as Kagan laughs, jokes, and disguises her true understanding of the Constitution, and post approval intentions. She is pure poison for strict constructionists, and for freedom in America.

This is the most powerful governmental body in our nation. It can have the last say in the most important decisions Congress can make, and in our most intimate desires and activities, in the amount of freedom we have to live our lives.

Kagan is schmoozing through a cakewalk. She will be the second radical “progressive” to have been nominated by Obama. She is anti-Second Amendment. She is weak on free speech. She is strongly pro-abortion. She is anti-military. She will also be pro-gay marriage. In short, she is another disaster in the making, in the transformation of our national culture.

This is the sort of consequence that follows when 54 percent of the American electorate vote-in a community organizer like Obama because of his race.

Brace yourselves for the sudden stop; we’re already in free-fall.


A perfect storm has arrived for America. The intellectual, military, economic, moral, Constitutional, and cultural center of American exceptionalism is about to smash itself on the rocks of historic reality. Muslim jihadists, foreign and domestic, accelerate their bloody plans to force the non-Muslim world into the yoke of dhimmitude (Islamic slavery under Sharia law).

The US pursues two Middle East wars while trying to control psychotic North Korea, all of the Middle East (except Israel), most of Africa, most of South and Central America and the narco state of Mexico. Fueling, reinforcing and encouraging our enemies are our mega-enemies, communist China and the KGB robber baron dictators of Russia and its minions.

America’s military might has been whittled away to pay for trillions of dollars in “entitlements” and other unfunded social mandates. America is technically broke, bankrupt. Most of our “leaders” (including House and Senate) have neither the talent, imagination, nor experience to lead. Secretary of Defense Gates cuts the Raptor fighter plane program because, he says, this plane is no longer needed and is too expensive. Immediately thereafter both China and Russia launch the production of their fifth generation super fighters claiming they are superior to our F-22. But Gates has the time to push for an openly homosexual military! That should be a real morale booster.

NATO, our supposed partners in defense against the rapacious east, is a pathetic conglomeration of mostly European nations reluctant to fight and having little means with which to do so when called upon. Turkey has turned against America and is reverting to its Ottoman Caliphate mentality.

The worst man-made catastrophe in recent world history is spouting oil into the gulf like an undersea volcano, with no end in sight, and the president has been dithering for two months.

As I write these words the president has just removed General McChrystal in Afghanistan. McChrystal made an inexplicable error in criticizing his Commander in Chief. Experts see the General’s participation in the coming surge as critical to success. Obama should have put together some face-saving way of keeping McChrystal in charge but he didn’t have the humility to do so. We could be losing it in Afghanistan.

America has been the most blessed nation on earth; we have had everything, including the world’s most industrious citizens. 54 percent of the electorate voted for Obama. This will prove to be the greatest mistake in American history, he is utterly unqualified. He carries on the failures of past administrations, like our de facto open borders and uncontrolled criminal immigration. He is clueless in all military matters. He has no experience in administration, economics, or business. Obama is a community organizer, a slick-talking, clueless, socialist activist who has gathered a like-minded pool of incompetents to assist him in the deconstruction of our nation.

The only extraordinary talent the Obama administration has is the ability to spend our money, which it does with wild abandon. Not since the Civil War has the security of this nation been so threatened. And, instead of an Abraham Lincoln, we have a boot-licking community organizer who never met a foreign head of state he didn’t want to bow to.

Where did all the Americans go?


It’s been a busy week. It always is during graduation time.
I have to say that, both Fillmore High School and Sierra High School graduation ceremonies were orchestrated and performed flawlessly. Student decorum was excellent. No time was lost nor aggravation created, as sometimes in the past, by unscheduled stunts or misbehavior. The ceremonies were completed in a joyful atmosphere, with the dignity and decorum appropriate for the occasion. For this our graduates are due double congratulations, as are school district teachers and staff.

* * *

Our Fillmore Historical Museum received a large, heavy present today (June 16) from Bud Lowe. From Mr. Lowe’s property in Hopper Canyon a caboose has been delivered and installed on the tracks adjacent to the Museum.
I am always amazed at the ability crane companies have for moving just about anything. My hat is off to T & T Crane Company for their professional skill. Now, after the caboose is cleaned-up and possibly restored, we have another reason for visiting our own town museum.

* * *

I was going to comment on President Obama’s first Oval Office address to the nation, but as I listened to part of it I slipped into a state of catatonic depression from which I probably won’t recover until the next edition. This column is being transcribed by Pebbles the office dog.


In case you haven’t noticed, the world is falling apart. America is technically, if not legally, bankrupt, dependent entirely upon borrowed money to continue its operations. Our country is at the mercy of a wildly spendthrift Congress led by radically liberal Democrats and gutless Republicans.

Europe finds itself in the same condition. In the Far East, only our most deadly enemy, China, has reserves exceeding a trillion US (trade) dollars in safe keeping. Mexico and all of Middle and South America is financially broken.

We are fighting two wars on the other side of the world, which actively involve hundreds of millions of bloodthirsty Muslim Jihadists determined to destroy the Great Satan through their own satanic methods.

The liberal Left has been on a roll for decades, corrupting our churches, schools, our government, and the Constitution which was created to strictly limit governmental power and assure the blessings of liberty to us and our posterity. Liberals have, for more than 50 years, diminished our Constitution through the courts and law schools, by characterizing it as a “living” or “growing” document, the meaning of which changes with the whims and fashions of our dizzy society. This liberal attitude, utterly novel to the Founding Fathers, would not work with other legal documents, such as leases, mortgages, or deeds. But liberals prefer flexibility to certainty, feelings, rather than facts. Rigid Constitutions or Commandments, make them uncomfortable. If comfort were the highest priority, our country could rest in peace under liberal leadership. Unfortunately, prolonged liberal leadership can lead to a condition of massive discomfort, even destruction.

Take the current dispute over so-called gays in the military. Since Revolutionary times, up to the infamous presidency of Bill Clinton and the definition of “is”, homosexuality in the American military has been strictly prohibited. The other strict prohibition related to women in combat. The prohibition of women in combat has been significantly eroded by the liberal Left for the past 30 years (see The Kinder, Gentler Military by Stephanie Gutmann, and Weak Link by Brian Mitchell). Both prohibitions relate directly to the combat readiness of our armed forces. Both have a huge effect on the morale of the troops, and both protect the fundamental moral and psychological wellness of our armed forces.

Bill Clinton’s first important act following his election victory was to attempt to eliminate the prohibition on gays in the military. Over the heated opposition of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the emotional warnings of then General Colin Powell against eliminating the prohibition, Clinton managed to get a new policy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Today, our new president, our Secretary of Defense Gates, and our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Adm. Mike Mullen, are pushing for an openly gay military. This is a betrayal of monumental proportions; it is a betrayal of our troops engaged in two wars, and a betrayal of this nation’s traditional understanding of moral integrity.

The obvious objections to this new policy have been made ad nauseam, i.e. serious impact upon unit readiness, troop cohesiveness, etc. And, this is being rushed into law before even consulting the troops, or the nation.

However important these issues may be, and they are indeed huge, no one is addressing the most important issue: the question of morality! Homosexuality has been anathema in Judeo-Christian civilization for 5,000 years.

I have to ask how two to three percent of the American population has garnered so much power from the other 97 percent. Why has this issue been given such a high priority in Congress? Why haven’t our troops been asked whether they wish to serve with openly gay brothers and sisters?

The military is a unique organization of dedicated citizens who have elected to place their lives on the line in the defense of their nation. It is an organization steeped in traditional Judeo-Christian tradition and mores. Put to a vote, unlikely in the military, there is no question that the vast majority would choose not to serve with homosexuals.

This is not to condemn individuals. Nor is it to seek to deprive them of rights. Service in American military forces is not a right – it is a privilege, a remarkable honor. Only politically correct liberals would force this sort of integration upon our troops.

It would be interesting to launch an in-depth survey of our troops to determine whether they want to serve with openly gay brothers and sisters. Let’s do a national survey, a very large survey, to determine what Americans expect from their military.

If that survey says that anything close to 50 percent want an openly gay military, I’m in the wrong country.

Today, I see our president, our Secretary of Defense, and our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as traitors to the Judeo-Christian tradition of our nation. As for Colin Powell, remembering his impassioned arguments against Clinton’s plan to eliminate the long-standing prohibition, and his current support for an openly gay military, I am left with a sense of profound disgust. It is a lie to base this new proposal on the idea that “Times have changed.” Styles change. Emotions change. Fads change. The Judeo-Christian Word of God is immutable – it can never change; it says love the sinner, but hate the sin. Our troops are about to be stabbed in the back by their leaders. If this proposed new policy is approved it will lead first to disorder, then disaster.


Our long awaited B Street access to north Fillmore, across the railroad tracks, is finally a reality! This eases the traffic burden somewhat and provides convenience and additional safety to the residents.


The May Festival parade was a great success. The Festival itself seems to have gone well, though Saturday’s crowd was light when I was there. Maybe next year our Festival could be scheduled for a weekend when Oxnard’s Strawberry Festival is not competing for attendance.


I’ve been challenged by resident Bob Stroh to prove the accuracy of my assertion that the three new majority members of Fillmore’s City Council, together with their Katzenjammer minions, have caused the loss of $1 million to the city because of their activities. As Mr. Stroh has been informed, I am working to document this claim at the present time and anticipate the final sum will exceed that million dollars. Searching the historical record, going back several years, ending in 2010, is a time-consuming effort I hope to complete in a couple of weeks.


Don’t forget to attend the Grand Opening of our new water treatment plant, this Saturday, from 2:00 to 4:00. I promise you will be impressed with the quality of this state-of-the-art plant. You can participate in a tour of the plant and get an explanation of how everything works. It’s my hope to see our City Council there in force; it is, after all, a multiple-award-winning project.


Our Commander in Chief, the President of the United States, has just informed Mexico’s President Calderon that “We [the U.S. and Mexico] are not defined by our borders”. If that’s the case, America is at the mercy of a radical fool incapable of recognizing the nation he has sworn to defend. I hated Clinton for his lack of character; I fault Bush II for several major failings, but I fear Obama because he is determined to bring America down, with the energetic assistance of his iniquitous disciples. Barack Obama is a clear and present danger to the freedom of this endangered nation, as is, for that matter, 90 percent of our present Congress.