I was determined to write something completely positive today. So, I'm still sitting here....

OK, I've got something. The rain has been great! Our drought is ending. Our water wells are up by 30 feet. And, we're even getting some beautiful sunny days!


But that's not all. Our Sespe Creek is flowing, bringing back the snowy egrets and night heron, maybe even our phenomenal great blue heron. We got used to seeing these beautiful birds before the drought settled in for the past 5 years. Now I'm glad to see them back, making their circuit from the wilds of the Sespe to the pond near the fish hatchery.

Yes, I know, this conversation is probably very boring for most readers, but it's refreshing for me, who is tired of thinking about the explosive mess our world is in. Today I'm thinking of all the good and peaceful things we have in America, especially in our small town of Fillmore. We are blessed, but rarely think of how blessed we truly are. So, I'm taking a little time to think about it now.

I'll just say thank you Lord.


It's great to see Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warmly welcomed to our White House again. Welcome, Bibi! God bless Israel. Your great nation has been disparaged and insulted by our previous president, Obama, for 8 years. No more. We're with you again.

I'm out of time and space. So, everyone have a great day.