Another year has just about gone. I feel blessed that I witnessed Donald Trump elected President of the United States. Although I'm tired of all the election vitriol, in seeing Hillary Clinton demolished, together with her retinue of liberal Leftists, as I said once before, we didn't dodge a bullet, we dodged a cluster bomb. Now the job before us is to help Trump ascend to his inauguration and jump-start a new, invigorated government.

America is almost perfectly divided between liberal-Leftists and conservative traditionalists. That Clinton actually won the popular vote tells us just how confused we are. It will take years to discover and correct the damage Barack Obama did to the nation. His legacy (which has always been his chief concern) is one of weakness, inaction, foolish globalism, and policies which undermined traditional understanding of Constitutional rights and values. He was never a leader, which has caused the world to be a much more dangerous place.

His nebulous policies, absence of defense strategy, and pro-Islamist mindset, caused (and is causing) the death of millions of innocent victims through murderous Sharia. His reluctance to intervene when he could has stampeded millions from their traditional homelands into Europe, causing confusion and conflict. In short, Obama has disrupted the natural order of the Western world and sent conflagration across the Eastern world.

His political naiveté in trusting Iran with a nuclear agreement which insults basic logic, and his insistence on the false reality of global warming, alone, mark him as the most foolish (therefore dangerous) president in American history. Despite Trump's best efforts we will all pay for Obama's foolishness in the very near future.

And fully half of the American electorate voted to have this legacy continue for another four years! Watch what Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea do to take advantage of Obama's 8 years dynamic foolishness, before Trump can take hold of events.

I have to pray for Donald Trump's safety, especially because the Democrat-Left is so intent on obstructing his turn as leader of the free world. They hate him with an unholy and unnatural ferocity, and I am not encouraged about his personal security - after reports of a 19-year-old student penetrated Trump Tower's security ring, 11 times, with a backpack containing "a large hunting knife, an M100 firecracker, handcuffs, a switchblade, flashlight, 8-foot-long black rope and a garrote". He liked to study in the lounge. This is almost too much to believe.

Anyway, I wish Trump a long and successful turn as president. He has, in my opinion, chosen his cabinet members very well - except for Secretary of State. But let's see if he is confirmed.

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. It's now politically CORRECT to say it!