One week to go before the election. Even for a news junkie like me, I have to say I'm sick of hearing prognostications from the talking heads, poll stats, criminal accusations, and the disheartening revelations of massive government corruption.

Americans should be aware that the sideshow effect of our presidential election has caused us to ignore the deadly machinations awaiting our country by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and their eager minions. Our choice for president will prove to be critical to the very survival of the nation. We've had to endure political hyperbole as never before during the past eighteen month or so. We're all tired of the fight by now, but the fight for our freedom and independence has just begun.

Due to eight years of Barak Obama's criminal negligence as Commander-in-Chief, our military forces are smaller and weaker than before the start of WWII. We don't have the lead time to become prepared to defend against our enemies this time. Obama has cut our forces, equipment, training, and has undermined our military with a wholesale infusion of sexually and politically correct aberrations. Just about anyone can get into the military now. The one thing Obama, Clinton, and the weakling generals who promoted these changes have forgotten is the historically heroic Christian fighting man. He continues to be the backbone of our fighting forces, but he is ignored, derided, insulted by the now approved feminist forces. Obama has spiritually undermined these good men who have always set our standards in war as in peace.

God bless those in charge of our defense, who keep the peace, and protect the innocent, military and police forces! Without them we are all in trouble, so give them the respect they deserve!