I had to laugh at DRUDG's banner photo of 20 White House staffers frowning at the camera, below a huge headline reading "Party's Over".

Indeed it will be this Friday. The eight-year nightmare is finally over. It's time for Christians and all true believers to celebrate America's Constitution and her foundational Judeo-Christian traditions again.

Long live our democratic republic; may she always know freedom through strength by proclaiming that In God Is Our Trust, and E Pluribus Unum (From Many, One - our first motto).

As Constitutionalists rejoice for the end of Barack Obama's misadministration, they face extraordinary threats from recalcitrant Democrat Party members and their radical Leftist anarchists.

Nothing tells more about the divide in national politics than the behavior of this large group of dissenters who loudly proclaim President-Elect Donald Trump's election victory to be illegitimate.

This claim that Trump's election victory is somehow flawed by the alleged hacking by Russia of Hillary Clinton's campaign Chairman John Podesta's private emails, is absurd. But the length to which the anti-Trump camp is willing to go in order to disrupt the inauguration is dangerous. They openly admit their intent to take numerous actions, including illegal, forceful activity to disrupt the peaceful transition of power from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party.

Law enforcement is taking them at their word and anticipates violence, possibly to Trump himself. This anti-inauguration group is determined to violate a fundamental part of our Constitution (elections) by falsely using another part of our Constitution (the Fourth Amendment) to cause disruption.

This wide-spread violent threat to a peaceful transition of power is creating a national crisis. It also clearly identifies the groups and individuals involved. These are the people composing the Clinton sympathizers. They are the scum that has to be removed from the swamp. That swamp is not confined to Washington D.C. This swamp fever has infected the whole nation. We might see ourselves as half swamp and half free- shades of our Civil War.

The Obama-Clinton establishment seeks to entangle our nation in oppressive laws and restrictions, regulations, overreaching departmental "legislations" etc. California and New York are prime examples of oppressive states which continue to impose extraordinary, intrusive laws and regulations which violate our Constitutional rights.

With a President Trump we have a good chance to de-regulate and reestablish those lost Constitutional rights. I have in mind especially the recent draconian, unconstitutional laws passed through Propositions, which violate Second Amendment rights. These sorts of unlawful restrictions (takings) came through a tactic called incrementalism - taking a right by increments rather than with all-out bans and restrictions. Even though the taking was done by state propositions, here it is still unconstitutional. A state (or its residents) cannot violate the clear wording of Constitutional rights to suit its whim. Using an ignorant electorate to do so does not change the result - it's still unconstitutional.

California cannot pass a law prohibiting free speech, for example.

It will take the full force of a new Supreme Court to set things straight here. Thank God we will soon have a new Constitution-respecting Court, another distinguished Antonin Scalia Court, an "originalist " Court which respects the clear meaning of Constitutional wording.

So there is great hope that violations of our basic law will be corrected by a new Court, and the Second Amendment will get full respect.

Thank God for our soon-to-be President Donald Trump.