Some Small News

VONS market is forcing customers to either buy one of their bags, bring our own bags, or carry product out without a bag.

NEWS BULLETIN: The stupid shopping bag law does not take effect until JANUARY 1, 2017. Why inconvenience shoppers by enforcing that law 6 weeks early. They charge 10 cents for a store bag now.

What an irony! For years the Gazette was sold in VONS (200 per week). The delivery and maintenance were free, and VONS kept 10 cents per paper.

Several years ago VONS kicked the Gazette out because it could not afford the new $3million insurance policy required. Today many free papers, and a couple of out-of-town daily newspapers are permitted in the store, but the only, local, official weekly newspaper in Fillmore is still banned.

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The closure announcement by the Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. in today's Gazette is somewhat disingenuous. The City of Fillmore, in one capacity or another, has operated its senior citizens center for decades. Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. recently lost its lawsuit against the City of Fillmore following the City's termination of its lease on the Santa Clara street facility. This lawsuit cost Senior Center, Inc. more than $78,000 dollars in damages. Fillmore's Senior Center remains at its completely renovated and expanded location on the formerly disputed Santa Clara Street site.


The more I see of Donald Trump the better I like him. Now that the frenetic election dance is over, he is able (quickly, I should add) to settle down and gather his cabinet.

He is choosing truly outstanding cabinet secretaries, men of great experience and wisdom - and common sense. The victory Trump orchestrated is overwhelming. He has saved our Supreme Court and our Constitution from Leftist degradation. Babies waiting to be born have a better chance of surviving the abortionist's blade. It's time to remember that "life" comes first in our admonition of ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"! The tax noose is expected to be loosened. Obama Care will be decommissioned with rates and deductions greatly lowered.
With his clear determination to rebuild our faltering military, Trump is already receiving expressions of respect from our enemies and friends alike - they finally see what a true leader looks like. They sense America is back in the game.

The list of critical changes expected of President-Elect Trump is daunting. Draining that swamp requires the replacement of tens of thousands of politician-employees who have happily facilitated the Leftist-Progressive agenda, for decades. Not just the top level at all government agencies have to go, but the minions nearer to the scummy bottom of that swamp. We need a fresh start, an overhaul of all essential government mechanisms, not just a fresh coat of paint to cover the corruption. My advice during the swamp reclamation: dig deep.

The most essential changes should come from a soon-to-be reconstituted Supreme Court. Justice Antonin Scalia's work, memory and wisdom should be our guide here. He was the happy genius who defended our Constitution against innumerable Progressive assaults. His persistent question: What are the founding fathers saying, what is the clear intent of the words they use, which constitute our fundamental law? He fought against the rubberized Progressive interpretations of plain English. "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Reasonable and honorable men of good will should not dispute the clear meaning of these words. To do so only incites political confusion which threatens the people's fundamental rights.

Another huge gain is the ending of the "Johnson Amendment" (from the 1950s) which prohibited priests, pastors, and church leaders of every denomination from preaching to their flocks about political issues. This most outrageous abrogation of First Amendment rights threatened the loss of church tax exemptions for any violation by political-religious speech. How in the world did this monstrosity ever get approved in the first place? From America's beginnings, the fiery voices of liberty sounded through colonies from our church pulpits. How dare anyone seek to silence them! How dare our weakened citizenry fail to notice! Trump will end this unconstitutional Amendment. Let's let freedom ring aloud once again!

Watching Donald Trump settle into office as President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief of our armed forces, makes me proud once again to be an American citizen.

These promises, and more, our President-elect has voiced. I pray that God, in his mercy, will bless and protect him to the fruition of these goals.