2016 will be the most extraordinary election year ever. The dirty tactics employed by the Democrat Party have hit record lows. The explosive revelations of federal bias toward Hillary Clinton, assisting her efforts to become President of the United States and its Commander-in-Chief, are nearly revolution-inspiring.

We now know that the head of our FBI, and his next in command, are, in the words of their own current and retired agents, "dirty cops". They deliberately prevented Hillary Clinton from being indicted in the email controversy, and failed to use normal system of investigation.

All of Obama's cabinet members have sold out in an effort to assist the president and his endorsed choice for president, Hillary Clinton. Ninety percent of the press media are in the tank for Clinton, as the facts show.

So, Trump is battling a nearly vertical up-hill battle for the presidency due to this unprecedented, largely unlawful, assistance to swing the election to Clinton. Our democracy has been plunged into jeopardy by the Leftist elite, a crooked president, crooked media, crooked Democrat Party, crooked FBI, IRS, State Department, Justice Department, and crooked Hillary. The fix has become so obvious, so blatant, only the willfully naive can deny this conclusion. The country is divided nearly in half with the Leftist globalists, socialists, communists, and anarchists (the heart of atheistic "progressivism") are running amuck.

America is feasting on lies and will very soon require strong medicine. It's truly amazing to watch and listen to the swarm of lies emitted from the above Trump haters. It's not unlike a Biblical plague of flies, chocking-out all paths to truth. Who, really, is Hillary Clinton? What are her achievements? How did the world's most notorious molester of women, and the country's most notorious liar, form the world's most potent radical Leftist combination, and become so popular with half of America? This is astounding!

There is an answer to this entire, complex, mess. America has abandoned its founding Judeo-Christian foundation. It has failed to acknowledge God and adopted new gods, the gods of material stuff. It has traded the truth and security of the true God for a bowl of scientific and financial mush. Like Hillary Clinton and her lecherous husband, what appears to matter most now is money and power, alone. This time we have gone too far.

I can't escape the image of an impoverished America, unable to defend itself, possibly not even able to feed itself. We will soon find out if this image is foolish and uninformed, on November 8.

While America plays games with its economy, military, politics, and religion - across the sea our numerous enemies wait patiently with a lean and hungry look.

Some of Donald Trump's statements may have offended voters, but, as you know now, Hillary has always had a foul mouth. But Trump has never sold-out the country, as Hillary has. You may be justified in being offended by Trump's occasional words, but Clinton's treasonous activities make Trump's words relatively meaningless in choosing between the two. Believe me, Trump is the only choice for a reasonable person.