The Democrats dredged-up an 11-year-old tape where Donald Trump is recorded making obscene remarks about women. They are offensive and disgusting. They are also not uncommon in Democrat circles, like locker rooms, golf courses, and in the White House under Bill and Hillary Clinton. Not that this ever justifies or excuses this language by anyone. To be fair and honest, Hillary Clinton is infamous for her incredibly foul language during her entire political life. How do we know about this closely guarded secret? Those whose jobs have been to maintain Hillary's public safety and domestic tranquility, her Secret Service Agents, and White House staff. Her violent temper and vile language are notorious, and documented in several books. Some of her language would make Donald Trump blush, if he does blush. Inform yourselves of the truth:

Three days ago - Tags: Hillary Clinton, foul language, abuse of women ... Prepare yourself, because the words attributed to Hillary Clinton in this article are ..."
It's bad, all bad, but unfortunately true.

I expect more filth to be broomed-up as we get closer to election day - heaver and nastier. So, how should such language by presidential candidates be handled? Down deep (at least for America-loving traditionalists) we yearn for a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, someone closer to those "better angels" of Christian tradition. But, living in the shameless, godless time we have created, we deal with our demons instead. We are paying the price for worshiping the god of science and material accomplishment, while ignoring the ultimate truth - "Who is like unto God?"

We must face the reality of having to choose between two of the most repelling candidates in our history. A rational choice should be to vote for the candidate with the higher moral and political standards. Someone we can trust. One candidate has pursued a 46-year political career of deceit, unbridled greed, and unparalleled lust for power. That's Hillary. The other has worked with extreme diligence to make money in private life. That's Trump. His success has made him a billionaire. Hillary has been successful as well. After a lifetime of public service she is now worth $250 million. But there's nothing more than greed and ambition. Her accomplishments have been catastrophic.

Their words have tarnished both of them, but we have the future of the nation at stake and we have to move on.

Next, we have to answer life-and-death- questions, for example: will America suffer a nuclear attack from Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran? On foreign policy questions like this Hillary has demonstrated her destructive incompetence. She helped create the suicidal nuclear Iran "deal". She organized the loss of Libya and its subsequent devastating civil war. She did the same in Syria, gave away Iraq and jeopardized Afghanistan. She and Obama have set the entire Middle East on fire. Do we want more of this idiocy?

Trump, spent all that time making money in the private sector.

Despite the money spent on American education, Americans remain the most ignorant people on earth when it comes to understanding the imminent, lethal, clear and present danger facing their survival. The logic surrounding proposed Democrat Party solutions to these multiple dangers escapes any reasonable man's comprehension. They spell a near-future demise for America.

Disregarding the known threats involved in welcoming a sea of undocumented, un-veted "refugees", Hillary and Obama want 500 percent increase in the flow. Insane.

The Hillary side seeks to further diminish our armed forces and reduce our aging store of defensive atomic weapons. This has skeletonized our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard to levels not seen since BEFORE WWII.

The Hillary-Democrat foreign policy is so dangerous and illogical it pains me to continue.

For God's sake, we should stop for a minute and ask, what's more important, saving our country from imminent threat - or condemning Trump for bad language from 11 years ago?

For those who haven't studied America's enemies enough to understand that we are indeed in close proximity to a devastating attack, probably nuclear, I ask them to open a book. No one can learn much of anything by reading headlines alone. As we should know by now, our news media is a shameless fraud.

When I speak of nuclear weapons, I'm not thinking of those gigantic hydrogen explosions we have watched on TV. I'm thinking smaller. I'm thinking of small nukes, the size of our old Davy Crocket nuclear MORTER of the 1950s. More than 2,000 were actually deployed during the 1950s. So, small nukes (Davy was not much bigger than a rugby ball) have been around for decades. Think of the infamous Russian suitcase nukes. The focus of military nuclear scientists today is on miniaturizing nuclear weapons for taking out small targets, like cities or towns.

So I think Trump would pay much closer attention to Putin than Hillary, with her misspelled Russian Re-Set program.

My advice? Bite the bullet and vote for Trump - or go up in smoke with Hillary.