I think most of you already know Bob Crum, long time friend and photographer for the Gazette. I'm happy to announce that Bob will now be writing a weekly column, and seeking photographs from our readers, as well as taking some himself. He has a free hand in organizing his space and is a true photo pro. Enjoy his introduction this week which includes a little autobiography.
Welcome Bob!

Congratulations to our police department (Ventura County Sheriff's Department) for another safe and peaceful year.

Fillmore Sheriff's Captain Dave Wareham told the Fillmore City Council last night that, once again, we our crime statistics are low, even lower than last year. He told us that last year Fillmore was credited with being the 17th safest city in the country.

Several arson fires were reported but they were attributed to a homeless man living near the riverbed. Wareham told the Council that response time on a 911 call was averaging about 6 minutes. That's fast!

Again, congratulations to the Department for a job well done.


Well, we have more good news concerning our new $9-million county firehouse. The steel structure is going up without problems, except for the rain, which I dare not call a problem

I took a few photos yesterday when the architect, manager, and contractor were touring the site. I was told the project would be complete around the end of the year.


Donald Trump is proving to be a man of his word. I have to be impressed with his energy and directness. For those who hate him I can only say, at least he is bold, clear, and truthful about his actions; he's keeping his campaign promises. He is not mousing around like Obama did for 8 years. I have to love it.

He has appointed the very best cabinet, possibly in the nation's history. They are, to the man (and woman) bright, energetic, and loyal. For conservatives, whose ideas have languished for so many decades in that swamp of Political Correctness -we're finally free to make America great again! Trump gives hope to our faithful friends, like Israel, and fear to our enemies.

I am especially hopeful and thankful for that Trump has acknowledged Almighty God in America; from his inaugural address to his first statements as our new President, he continues to acknowledge God as the foundation of our hope, protection, and success. He said it, "God will protect us." This is a primary reason the Liberal Left is acting so insanely. They hate the fact that America, from its beginning, has always acknowledge God. Our motto is "In God We Trust". As long as we stay on that track America will be blessed and victorious over its enemies.

We should remember that in speaking of enemies, our President's oath of office requires that he defend against "...all enemies, foreign and domestic" It's the domestic ones who now challenge our peace and tranquility. The Liberal Left is coiled and ready to strike. It demands abortion, and hates the privacy and safety little girls were once afforded when accessing their bathrooms. It's enough to acknowledge that Leftist-Liberals simply hate America's Judeo Christian tradition.

God bless America - pray for Donald Trump's health, safety, and continued success.