I've been seeking ways all day to avoid writing this column, because it, once again, relates to the coming election. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing the media exploit salacious allegations of one candidate or the other. How hypocritical can we get? What do Americans expect when we live in a moral cesspool of our own creation? It's not a question of simply casting the first stone; the media, Democrat Party irregulars, White House, State Department, FBI, CIA, Justice Dept., etc. are tossing grenades. We are facing a national conspiracy of unheard-of proportions - a nation-changing confrontation.

The plan here is to "frag" the Trump team into oblivion, allowing the Clinton team to escape having to answer questions on the most urgent issues. Trump has so far been unable to focus, to calmly articulate Clinton's disqualifying faults and provide clear answers.

It appears that Trump's ego won't permit him to ignore his opponent's petty character attacks, while she dodges, weaves, and denies her own notoriously contemptible political history. Evidence of both candidates' faults has been placed center stage - Trump, for making vulgar comments in the past - Clinton for her 40-years of destructive, dishonorable activities. The former for (allegedly) offending Judeo-Christian sensibilities, the later for selling her high office to our enemies, being a congenital liar, and for being an (unindicted) serial felon, with husband Bill. The evidence is crystal clear on both sides. It's now up to the American electorate to use its common sense and recognize the obvious difference. Trump has been a bad boy - Hillary is an immediate, mortal threat to the continued existence of our freedom.

Making the distinction between using bad words (Trump) and endangering our national defense by acts (Hillary) is critical here. Women are said to hold the balance of success or failure in this election. Their votes will very likely determine who becomes our next president. With this in mind, women should ask themselves whether the excitement of having Hillary as the first female president is worth the price. She is determined to follow Obama's agenda of military weakness, high taxes, and radical appointments to the Supreme Court which will be a death knell to basic Constitutional rights. If you like the idea of men accessing women's bathrooms and locker rooms, and women in direct combat against our Islamic enemies, then Hillary is your choice. If you hate the military and law enforcement, as Hillary and Bill do, then Hillary is your man.

At this time in history the once greatest power on earth, America, is dynamically vulnerable as never before, thanks to Barak Obama and his minion, Hillary Clinton. Obama and Hillary have been able to combine the powers of all federal agencies to cooperate unlawfully in furtherance of their radical agenda. The IRS, FBI, CIA, and virtually all members of the 15 executive departments do their bidding, disregarding the law because they know if they cooperate with the Obama administration they can do no evil, and will not be punished for any unlawful acts. I can think of no member of the Obama administration who has been punished for serious illegal actions.

Do we want this sort of felonious activity to continue under a Clinton administration as it has under Obama?

The election of 2016 is not a normal election. It is rigged, as Trump alleges, by the combination of a corrupt news media, corrupt Democrat operatives, corrupt money managers (like Soros) massively corrupt government agencies, and especially, the criminal activity of the Clinton Foundation and its contributors.

Never before has the entire country's safety and civil welfare been so dependent upon the outcome of a presidential election. Like it or not, our nation's immediate safety and civil welfare depend upon the election of Donald Trump.