We received a nice letter this week from Teresa Norris of Fillmore. She rightfully laments the disappearance of hiking trails into our mountains, particularly, access into Sespe Creek. It's really a shame that year-long trails have been cut-off for the public.

Recently, the County of Ventura has constructed a strong barrier fence at the end of Grand Avenue which eliminates all safe parking space at the entry to Sespe Creek. As I read the law and pertinent regulations, state and federal, cutting off access to Sespe Creek is unlawful. California law states that citizens have a (state) CONSTITUTIONAL right to normal access to ‚ÄĚnavigable" rivers and streams. Though the Creek is dry today due to the drought, it is still deemed "navigable".

I intend to contact authorities, state and federal as well, to eliminate this illegal barrier. Many of us would again enjoy hiking up the Sespe without interference.

Thank you Ms. Norris for the letter. Maybe we should start something like Friends of Sespe Creek and contact the EPA.


Trump is doing great. I'm just impatient to hear that John Bolton has been chosen as Secretary of State. That position in the swamp has been so abused by Hillary Clinton that it's going to take a lot of work to clean it up. Bolton can do the job.

It's also comforting to know that Mad Dog will be going into Defense.

It's good to see America getting back into the game!