Nothing stirs-up our community more these days than the thought of marijuana being introduced into Fillmore, legally. While most of the town has voiced strong opposition to any accommodation by city government to Proposition 64 results, others look forward to recreating with the weed.

I see three basic dangers in the widespread approval of marijuana, it will affect our health, our safety, and the crime rate, significantly. This is a fact as clearly seen in statistics from Colorado and other states which have legalized pot. Most of the counties involved in legalizing the marijuana culture are dealing with huge health, and crime problems, often costing more than the millions brought in by taxing the activity.

Not to sound puritanical, but marijuana lowers the Judeo-Christian culture, truly harming the youth by damaging their health, physically and psychologically. By the standard of traditional American values marijuana is morally wrong regardless of what law approves of it. In our newly liberal-Leftist governmental mindset, embracing marijuana is just another in the long list of legally approved crimes, everything from abortion to open borders. They sound unrelated but they all relate to the new Left, which the soon-former government endorsed.

The early and habitual use of marijuana has proven to diminish a young person's mental abilities to concentrate, and reduces the sense of initiative. Skipping tradition, common sense alone should alarm reasonable people to the danger Prop. 64 has brought to our town.