Want to be heard on the issue of fees for permits to grow legal marijuana in Fillmore? Attend the February14 Public Hearing at city hall.

Proposition 64, which recently legalized recreational marijuana throughout California, will cause social havoc for generations to come. This ubiquitous weed will undermine law and order in thousands of different ways, mostly through stimulating crime, corrupting the morals of our youth, and seriously impacting their health. The deleterious effects, especially upon the mental development of young people, are absolutely indisputable.

The liberal Left can once again take credit for the wholesale popularization of this gateway drug. I think it will be many generations before the profoundly noxious consequences of this horrendous mistake can be remedied. Generations to come will suffer for our wanton stupidity. For true medical uses marijuana has a serious place. For general "recreation" it should have no place at all.


President Donald Trump keeps his word. No one should be surprised that he is doing what he said he would do during the primaries and up through the election. But the Democrats seem shocked at his early success and are determined to slow that progress for no purpose but to annoy the President.

Trump's cabinet picks are superb. Why Republicans should pay any attention at all to lectures by liberal Democrats about "mainstream" nominees, of their choice, should be obvious. Trump is now dealing with the new mainstream, the Middle American mainstream. The mainstream of forgotten Americans. The Dems have had 8 long years to diminish America using their "mainstream" politicians, media, and president. Now it's time for an infusion of common sense and traditional conservative actors and policies. It's time once again to reintroduce our traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and policies. The President is off to a great start with his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. I can just hope that this will prove to be just one of at least 3 such nominations. He is surrounding himself with the very best people.

I wish him health and continuous success as he leads our nation back to strength and greatness. We should pay no attention to those Lefties behind the curtain.