A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

Our debates seem to be evolving (devolving?) into philosophic tug-a-wars. I enjoy them; I'm not sure normal readers do, however. But let's be bold and tug-away once more.

I still say Truth is singular, solid, and exclusive. You say people very often "witness the same event and recall and characterize it very differently." Either one may see the truth, or not. But this result doesn't change the fact that the truth is always there. We need a "common denominator." (I hated long division) but that missing part is responsible for most of the anguish in the world today. I say the "denominator" should be God. You won't like this, but our troubles (all of them) boil down to the fact that too many no longer believe there is a God, or an eternity. The issue here: too many human creations don't believe in their creator, in eternal truths. They reject Biblical truths, especially that God created man "in his image". If one rejects this last fact, he rejects the essence of creation history, the war between Angels and demons, Biblical history and prophesies. Without honest interest in Truth, debate remains a waste of time.

Just as important, rejecting these things substitutes an acceptance of incredible falsehoods, lies, and confusion. It makes non-believers utterly naive in the struggle with the evil part of human dynamics. From the beginning, we humans have had to fight that thing called Evil. Believers know that evil consists of Satan, his demons, lost souls and its institutions like Communism. I can hear non-believers gagging now. But, without acknowledging this scenario, your idea of Truth can't bridge the gap between good and evil, two things being "singular, solid, and exclusive," just as are Heaven and Hell.

For example (of non-believer naiveté): they believe in things like aliens, UFOs, and sentient AI. Well, God has sent a book this year with the serendipitous title "Only Man Bears His Image." Subtitle: (be patient) "The Biblical, Catholic & Scientific Case Against Aliens, UFO Deceptions, Sentient AI, and Other Sci-Fi Disguised Demons & Psyops Heralding the Antichrist" to explain. (I did ask for patience.) Author: Daniel O'Connor. One of the greatest books I've read in the past 10 years. Open it anywhere and begin to learn. Beautifully written, scrupulously researched with scholarly tenacity! Beware: 750 pages. A work of genius! Did I forget to say this is a good book?

Time and space-wise, I'm already in trouble- but I continue to digress.

Anyway - Kelly, you warn of "binary choices" often leading to disaster." I guess so; but so do tri- and quadra-choices, ad infinitum. My point; sometimes we have to make tough choices. You say, "Thousands disagree with [me]." Wrong. Most of today's 8 billion people disagree with me. My frustration is that I can't respond to all of them. On the "horrifying situation in Israel/Palestine where insistence on binary choices of the Israeli Jews and Muslims have resulted in a potentially world-wide religious and political war…" - that "horrifying situation" has existed since 8 June, 632 following the death of Mohammed, 1,391years ago. Since Muslim people believe everything Mohammed did was perfect, they are commanded to imitate his actions, which require the killing ("fighting") of nonbelievers, especially Jews and Christians. Sometimes those "binary choices" demand emergency life-saving defensive decisions.

I respect Church Militant and the truth it delivers. I didn't know of Michael Voris' troubles. God bless and heal him. Church Militant is only radical in the scope of the truth it proclaims about Church corruption. You find Voris's confessions "lurid?" When the prophesied chastisements arrive, I believe every human on earth will see "horrible, ugly things" in their consciences. I trust you will be the exception.

Kelly, there is no "overwhelming scientific consensus on man-made global warming." It's all a deception - like UFOs, Transgendering, Aliens, etc.. Report: "Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser — who recently declared climate science a ‘pseudoscience’ — has his IMF talk abruptly canceled. July 23, 2023." Video: "2022 Nobel physics prize winner John Clauser rips climate idiocy, No ‘climate crisis’ and IPCC ‘one of the worst sources of dangerous misinformation’."
Kelly, read at least one serious book on the fraud of so-called man-made climate change.

Read the book I recommend, Kelly. Then you will see why It's nearly impossible for non-believers to understand Judeo-Christian truths without a belief in God. "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7-8.

I shudder at the thought of rejecting the truth of eternal Beatific Vision, while welcoming the truth of eternal horror.
Merry Christmas!



Our printing schedule was changed this week due to Thanksgiving and a medical issue with a staff family member. I thought I would give discussion of wars and Marian Apparitions a rest. I substitute an exposé on the fraudulent Climate Change theory, right up there with Transgender Change theory. Both are bankrupting America, one financially, the other, intellectually. Both are examples of a near moribund American educational system which espouses a new Woke logic.

By Nicholas Wylie - ChurchMilitant.com - November 17, 2023

Top physicist counters the climate narrative

BALTIMORE (ChurchMilitant.com) - A renowned physicist is spreading the "good news" that there is no climate crisis — a message some aren't excited to hear.

––Dr. John Clauser

Dr. John Clauser, a 2022 Nobel laureate, spoke on Tuesday in Baltimore about the misinformation currently dominating the scientific community regarding man-made climate change.

At the Deposit of Faith Coalition's press conference, Clauser proclaimed, "As much as it may upset many people, my message is the planet is not in peril. I think this is good news. I believe there is no climate crisis."
"The alleged atmospheric CO2 and methane have negligible effect on the climate. The policies [the U.S.] government has been implementing are totally unnecessary and should be eliminated, and trillions of dollars can be saved," Clauser continued.
Dr. Clauser noted a critical issue that he feels torpedoes the dire prognostication by the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — disagreement among its 40-plus computer models.

"I assert that the IPCC's computer models have all misidentified the dominant process that controls the earth's climate. They are based on incomplete and incorrect physics," Clauser stated.

The Nobel laureate introduced a concept he named the "cloud-sunlight-reflectivity thermostat mechanism," which emphasizes the significant role of clouds in influencing Earth's temperature. He stressed the importance of clouds, which reflect 90% of sunlight into space, and criticized the IPCC models for overlooking the temperature-stabilizing effect of this process.
Clauser further called for the termination of carbon-limiting measures, calling them "a terrible and dangerous waste of scarce money." He noted that when that sentiment was privately communicated to President Joe Biden in the Oval Office last year, Biden allegedly responded, "Sounds like right-wing science."

Clauser further called for the termination of carbon-limiting measures.

Soon after the conference, Clauser's presentation drew criticism both online and in the scientific community. The Washington Post published an article Thursday claiming Clauser was veering from the "overwhelming scientific consensus." According to the piece, "[Clauser's] recent denial of global warming has alarmed top climate scientists, who warn that he is using his stature to mislead the public about a planetary emergency."

Michael Mann, a climate scientist at the University of Pennsylvania, called the 2022 Nobel laureate's argument "pure garbage" and "pseudoscience," likening it to "the sort of error a freshman is embarrassed to be caught having made." Andrew Dessler, a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, is quoted as telling the Post, "Clouds amplify warming."

The Vortex: Nobel Prize Winner Blows Up Climate Alarmism

Dessler went on, "The scientific community has spent the last century studying [climate change], and at this point, virtually everything that's happening has been predicted. John Clauser and his ilk ignore this because they are not advancing serious scientific critiques."

None of the predictions made by climate alarmists over the last 50 years have come to fruition.
Another speaker at Tuesday's conference, Alex Newman, chronicled some of the doomsday predictions climate alarmists have put forth over the last 50 years, exposing the falsehoods of each one. Others have pointed out that none of the predictions made by climate alarmists over the last 50 years have come to fruition.

The Deposit of Faith Coalition, for which Clauser and Newman presented, involve religious and political conservatives partnering with scientists and climate experts to expose the fraud and misinformation that are weakening the American economy. The press conference called out Catholic bishops, who were meeting nearby as part of their fall Plenary Assembly, for advancing false climate narratives.



A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hello again, Kelly,

The first sentence of your letter this week is, I believe, a key to understanding why, over a long period of time, we always seem to disagree on so many basic ideas. There is a fundamental difference in our way of thinking.
You say, "Sometimes a binary choice, one or the other, is not possible." I would say if we are looking for truth, a choice must always be made, even if our choice in good faith proves to be wrong, or we can always admit we simply don't know. Then, at least we can avoid contradiction. If our choice proves to be wrong, after further investigation, the ethical thing to do would be to admit our mistake.

You further state, "Sometimes the solution requires painful admissions, confronting a friend, or defending an enemy." For myself, truth is singular, solid, and exclusive. Offering to split the truth is like Solomon offering to divide that infant child to identify truth in a dispute.

Even Einstein admitted that his theory of a "universal constant" in 1915 was wrong. "After Hubble's discovery that the universe was, in fact, expanding, Einstein called his faulty assumption that the universe is static his "biggest mistake". That was one of those ‘painful admissions.’"

The Israel-Palestine war is not a "tragedy." There is no "fatal flaw" here in an otherwise traditional heroic actor. The evil is baked into the existence of Hamas. This war was begun by eternally diabolical actors, who deliberately and enthusiastically (as their tradition demands) ambushed Israel with wholesale murder in mind. At least educated Christians understand this bloody attack as purely evil, satanic. Only those who don't believe in Satin himself, and eternal spiritual manifestations, refuse to understand this.

You say, "I understand the Israel/Palestine tragedy can engender a visceral response..." That "visceral response" should be delivered to Hamas with the jawbone of an ass. Any accusations of "a lack of proportionality in Israel's response" reveals invincible ignorance. How does one "proportion" a defensive response to the reality of infant beheadings, rape, wholesale family murders and torture of totally innocent civilians? The only justified response to such infamy is total annihilation of the murderers - but Israel, a civilized nation, will forgo extracting an exact "eye for an eye".
You say Israel has been "a Jewish homeland 2000 years prior" [to Palestinian settlement]. You are off by a magnitude of two millennia. "Jews have lived on the land of Israel continuously for almost 4,000 years. Maybe they deserve at least an easement? The land of Israel is the birthplace of the Jewish people, and the Landlord says, "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." (YHWH).

Your tendency to equate the "righteous belligerents" is a stunning obfuscation of historic fact; the attack of Hamas was carefully premeditated murder. It was "malum in se," an act violating the natural, moral and public principles of a civilized society. Permitting Hamas to survive is tantamount to letting your neighbor create an Ebola Garden next door. It only lives to kill.

Your parenthetical curiosity concerning Israel's lapse of military intelligence is misplaced. That is food for historians. I know it's being deeply investigated. As for Israel "killing humans in a barrel," Hamas habitually uses its own innocent civilians to hide behind, offering them up as human sacrifice, just as they incinerate Israeli babies in front of their mothers. Newly released captured video of this practice is available to satisfy the curious.

Frankly, Kelly, I'm disappointed in your understanding of this crisis. I assume you feel the same way about the Russian Orcs in Ukraine. Before I have finally "shuffled off this mortal coil", I want to go on record as saying: Both Ukraine and Israel are fighting America's wars; they are doing the dying. America should be morally and rationally compelled to assist both countries with maximum assistance, military and civil, to assure they win these wars. That America has squandered TRILLIONS on weather foolishness and gender orientation, doesn't negate the duty to support both Ukraine and Israel. They are holding back the tsunami of Islamo-Communist threats which are about to engulf our country. The threat is not just over there. The threat overflows into America by 8-million invaders, trespassers who support Hamas, hate America, and soon to attack us from within. When this happens, we will learn that our assistance to Ukraine and Israel, though laudable, was done begrudgingly.
“For want of a nail, the shoe was lost; For want of a shoe, the horse was lost; For want of a horse, the rider was lost; For want of a rider, the battle was lost; For want of a battle, the kingdom was lost, And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.” Benjamin Franklin quoted this old proverb in an edition of Poor Richard's Almanac in 1758.

I strongly recommend that: "... we be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that [we] can take [our] stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:10

I worry that, instead of suiting-up as recommended, we are charging butt naked onto the field of sharp and exploding things.


A short response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,

I have to say that I've become focused on the emerging World War these days. I'm transfixed by the speed of converging forces, and the naiveté and slothfulness of the Western powers. It's a deadly combination. While people are alarmed by the boldness of Islamo-Communist aggression, militarily and psychologically we are unprepared for the coming attack, and foolishly slow to suit-up. As I see it, the US is about to be ambushed as Israel was on October 7. At that time, Israelis were celebrating an all-night music festival when the Muslim forces of Hamas attacked, massacring, maiming, and kidnapping 1,400 innocent Jewish partygoers.

This well coordinated attack was intended to end the existence of Israel, "From the river to the sea." It was sadistic, diabolical butchery, with babies beheaded, pregnant mothers disemboweled, exposing unborn children to beheading as well. Women of the kibbutz were raped, murdered, and dragged back into the tunnels of Gaza. On October 6, 2023, all was peaceful. On October 7 all was murder and mayhem, all was war. Hamas savages fired thousands of rockets into Israel and infiltrated by land, sea, and air. A complete surprise attack.

Though caught by surprise, as happened before, Israeli Defense Forces quickly responded, devastated Hamas command posts in Gaza and gained control.

The consequences of this unprovoked Hamas attack will be immense for the whole world. It is a call to the Islamo-Communist Orcs to rise up and join Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran to finally defeat the slumbering free West. From a Christian standpoint, these four governments comprise the evil long prophesied in the Marian apparitions I've been talking about. The democratic nations of the West are only now beginning to see the scope of the advancing threat. Had common sense defensive measures been taken during the past two decades, instead of Woke Utopian policies, this killer offensive would not have been enabled; the Russian-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas Wars would not have occurred. As to the West (all of it), a shortage of ammunition is not the greatest vulnerability, it's the shortage of leadership. The West (particularly America) is bereft of Judeo-Christian leadership. The older I get the more I understand that without God nothing good can survive. Bible talk may be the greatest put-off today, but that Book provides all the answers.

So, forgive me, Kelly, if I'm distracted from your letter. World peace is disappearing before our eyes in real time. No one should panic, but all should pray. I trust the warnings in Marian apparitions like those of Garabandal and Akita, which match those of Fatima and La Salette and the rest. World War III is unraveling its hideous nature. The Islamic world will join with the Russian and Chinese worlds to dominate in a new world order. After catastrophic conflicts they will fail, but the world order will be largely devastated; later to make a comeback. This is the gist of many of the apparition warnings.
How will America fare? Badly enough that we (predicted) will be unable to assist NATO, and I won't mention the list of horrors to spare anger and anxiety. Only one thing - we will go to the strategic oil reserve only to find that its reserves have been sold to China.

I don't want to get deeper into scary futuristic predictions according to apparitions. Most people won't believe, and the others know already. I have no fear or anxiety because I believe God is in charge, and we can lessen the threat with prayer.
Now, I'm sure this opinion is sufficiently alarming to challenge all contrary opinions. Isn't our First Amendment great!
As for critics festooning my reputation with sharp expletives, I can handle that.

God bless us all.


I find it interesting that so many people think the outcry from Judeo-Christian sources, warning the world to "repent, pray, and fast" for world peace, is just amusingly superstitious. The country is sharply divided between believers and those who don't believe in eternal realities. When I look at the warring armies today, those engaged and others preparing to join up, WWI, on an even bloodier scale, stands out. Only nuclear weapons distinguish today's opening wars from both previous world wars. One side is Good, defending homeland, the other, Evil, stoking destruction in pursuit of political or religious power. Apparitions say this world war will last beyond three years with unparalleled destruction.

The Good side (Israel) has just been ambushed; it had 1,400 innocent civilians murdered, kidnapped, and abducted back into that Evil spider hole, Gaza, as fungible human bargaining chips. Atrocities, such as beheading babies, brands Hamas as indefensibly demonic. Without defending the Good side there can't be much hope for the survival of normal (Judeo-Christian) civilization. The alignment of Evil forces, in Europe and Asia, is now manifesting diabolically. "Iran just joined a pact with Moscow and Beijing" (The Hill, https://thehill.com)"."West VS Muslim Nations Over Hamas' Attack On Israel." "Pak, Qatar, Iran Side With Gaza, Victim Blamed".(Utube)."Homes have Stars of David painted on them in Paris..." (Drudge) "Conflict spills into Syria... Yemen and Lebanon fire MORE missiles..." We seem to have forgotten that Israel is the only democratic nation in the Near East, and America's only friend there.

"Neighboring countries are still named (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, etc), but China has removed Israel from Baidu Maps and Alibaba’s service, Amap." "Sequoia Capital, called the move a ‘major provocation from China.’”
In Asia it is China, North Korea and Iran. In Europe, it is Russia. Their intentions have been clearly announced; they are joined together to vanquish the so-called free world which is inhibiting Islamo-Communist growth. This is not mere rhetoric; this is the express intention of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and their rabidly belligerent mice that roar. Russia, never having known democracy, appears cursed with some sort of mad dog K-9-DNA, disposing it to biting - anyone. If China brags of having 500 ships, Taiwan must have 1,000 torpedoes and as many anti-ship missiles to retain its sovereign democracy.

The world of Evil is spoiling for war, while the world of Good has forgotten God. Not much time left for a St. Michael intervention.

The problem has always been spiritual, not natural. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Eph. 6. [12]
It seems only fitting here, peering into the gaping maw of approaching world war, again, that some credence be given to Marian apparitions which have prophesied this scenario for a couple of centuries. The outrageous reemergence of anti-Semitism throughout the world, and anti-Christian activity, is further evidence of Evil muscling for control. Our first response must be NEVER AGAIN! Time for Christians to align as never before with the Jewish State of Israel. Time to expel anti-Semites from schools and universities. They don't merit higher education. They bring only suffocating ignorance to that "Marketplace of Ideas". Socrates would have chug-a-luged his hemlock brew had he learned about this.

We were shamefully unprepared for the Russia-Ukraine war, with insufficient remedy in sight. We are again unprepared to defend America. Time to kick Erdogan out of NATO, and sever economic ties with China. In the last 10 months 22,000 Chinese nationals crossed our southern border: more than 370,000 in American universities. "The U.S. goods and services trade deficit with China was $367.4 billion in 2022." "Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall ... warned that China was building up its military to prepare for a potential war with the U.S. Kendall joins other Pentagon and U.S. military officials in warning of a potential war with China, possibly in this decade." I would add, the most propitious time for China and Russia to strike America is now, at our weakest point, during the great Biden regime betrayal.


A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi, Kelly,

As I've said before, I have little interest in personal political name-calling, though I've done it myself often. I'm also losing interest in the Republican Party due to its growing weakness and fecklessness. However, I can include the entire Congress in the same category. This is not just a personal attitude, it's my perception of fatal incompetence in the face of threats to national survival.

My attitude today, when I think of our Congress, grossly corrupt-incompetent president (read evil) and Star Chamber-like judiciary, causes me to focus on those Marian apparitions I've been writing about. Since most people probably find them laughably superstitious, I thought it would be interesting (and for some, entertaining) to publish some of them to validate their authenticity (or fraudulence). Some of these apparitions specify chastisements associated with End Times (not world-ending). We're now close enough to the X date to see if they happen as prophesied.

These "messages" of pending chastisements can be reduced or diminished, but not completely averted. There are many such apparitions. The first I use is from 1882; the next, from the 20th and 21st Centuries - continuing today. This concerns global catastrophes of Biblical proportions. Headlines this a.m. show the enemy is in the wire, with Israel the target of massive Muslim attacks, even faster than I thought possible. Turkey's Erdogan, and the UN as well, are Israel's enemies.
Chastisement messages describe Russians rapidly attacking NATO, into Benelux countries, and "Russian forces rapidly advance through the European plains, reach northern Italy aiming to capture Rome, the Russian western spearhead will enter through the Eastern French regions of Alsace and Lorraine from invaded Germany..."

Numerous attacks upon Mont Saint Michel by Russians and Muslims will fail. "Spain and Italy will likewise suffer initial invasions from foreign Arabic troops on their southern shores."...Paris and the rest of France will remain under a very brief Russian and Arabic occupation..." Russians will be driven back but will destroy Paris with two nuclear missiles. "Notwithstanding, we see yet reference of the "Mixed ones" most likely referring to the French nationals of Arabic and African origins joining-up with the Russian armies."

I've begun an impossible task. Far too many parts to publish in such a short space and time. The most pertinent revelations bearing on the war that we are presently in, the messages, and prophecies, can be found in Xavier Reyes-Ayral's recent book, "Revelations...". People will recoil in shock. I will add that America is said to be unable to assist NATO, either because it has been struck with 7 nuclear missiles (others averted), or we will be engaged against China - or both. At least I've provided a glimpse of what I believe is ahead. The world today is the Devil's playground.

We are unprepared, leadership-wise. Those 7-million trespassers Biden, the Democratic Party, et al, have welcomed indiscriminately, include perhaps 100-thousand terrorists from Islamic countries. They hate America, and take orders from Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, and Satan's minions, controlled by Iran. They will strike America. The alien deluge across our border is deliberately encouraged.

Joe Biden and his Democrats have betrayed the country into a near checkmate with Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. I would much rather have had a dozen new Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers in the East Mediterranean today than a $13-billion George Bush super carrier, without urinals. Such a big, fat, juicy undefendable target. Imagine strategic impact if it were sunk. Urgent advice from Generals Ben Hodges and Jack Keane to give Ukraine what it needs to WIN that war have been ignored, to the detriment of world peace. To Washington D.C.: Don't limit Israel like you've limited Ukraine!
God bless, defend, and grant victory to Israel and Ukraine.

Time to stop whining about munitions shortages and MAKE MORE, like we did in WWII - because we're in WWIII!
Pray much!


A short response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi again, Kelly,

In the shortened space left for me this week, I have to ask myself if it would be worthwhile for me to answer each of your statements. Not that they are unworthy of being addressed, but simply whether my words would make any difference. I think the answer is, they would not.

However, I agree with your assessment of maddening Republican dithering over the choice of a new House Speaker (third in line to presidency). It strikes me like complaining the 8-person orchestra on the Titanic played off-key before the end. Civilization is devolving as never before, according to my religious sources, which I trust. Since I am not prognosticating (thought big word here would get greater attention) and have zero personal assurances of future events, here's what those who do have that spiritual connection say. It's not necessary for me to add Take it or leave it, since most of us have already decided; so I guess I'm stuck preaching to the choir - others are welcome to exercise their curiosity.
None of this would fit in that famed "nutshell", so I'll try the smallest font I can find. The global scenario related in the most significant "revelations and messages" of Mary, mother of Jesus, I mentioned last week, are beyond frightening - contingent upon this world's repentance and return to God's order. When asked if this change of heart would happen before chastisement, one member of the Garabandal (Spain) witnesses replied, she did not think so.

So, what's happening in the world today? We have a president who has weakened the nation as never before when we are at the cusp of a world war. Catholics have a heretical pope who invites pagan worship in the Church. We have communist nations (primarily, but not limited to China) spoiling for a nuclear fight. Russia, true to its demonic Marxist origins, is destroying the democratic nation of Ukraine. We now have North Korea, nuclear-armed, waiting to assist China and Russia in their war-making endeavors.
Slipping nitro into the glycerin brew, we have Islam, nearly 24 percent of the global population, with a congenital hatred for the Jewish state of Israel, as well as for billions of "unbelievers". We can expect a sort of spontaneous combustion of condensed evil when China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and their minions "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war." This poetic expression is not meant to be entertaining. Those dogs have been let out.

While Republicans continue to wrangle about their Speaker, the enemy is in the wire. As proud as I am viewing our newest aircraft carrier now sailing the Mediterranean, I wish its construction included better defense systems than the Mk-15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon, instead of replacing all urinals for the more than 2,500 male sailors aboard, and installing toilets to facilitate the special needs of 500 female sailors. I recall flying home on leave from Ft. Bragg in an old C-119 "flying boxcar" in late 1950s. The urinal at the rear consisted of an improvised funnel. Today, gender sensitivity would require a flush toilet. The significance of the decision to eliminate urinals on the $13-Billion Gerald R. Ford carrier, demonstrates a collapse of common sense in order to accommodate 500 female sailors.

Have to cut this short. Our carriers are in jeopardy. Israel may need to nuke Iran. Islamic hoards, I believe, will join Russian Orks and attack Western Europe. China will go for Taiwan. At least that's what the messages say (except for China). They warn of cataclysmic events, spiritual and natural.

Let's seat the speaker so we can "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition".


A response to Kelly Scoles’ letter:

I must apologize to Kelly this week for not fully responding to her letter. As odd as it may sound, world affairs have, in my opinion, and that of millions of Christians worldwide, suddenly become imminently menacing. Or so it is perceived by Catholic understanding of Marian apparitions today. Accordingly, long forewarned chastisements are said to be upon us, thought to instigate WWIII, plague, starvation, and unspeakable devastation of world civil and natural order. Some details in Xavier Reyes-Ayral’s new book “Revelations... “ attract one’s attention. It is the only complete history of Marian apparitions, from prophecies of La Fraudais, to Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1941). This particular apparition “was the most detailed and complete case ever studied in the annals of Marian apparitions’ history.” The message here, consistent with all Marian apparitions, is “...If men do not repent and better themselves, the Father will inflict a terrible punishment on all humanity. It will be a punishment greater than the deluge, such as one that has never been seen before...The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead.” In other words, our civilization has become so decadent that God’s mercy is finally turning to His justice. The messages are pleadings for conversion, not condemnation per se.
I am not an historian, especially of religious affairs, but I think most Christians today have a sense of being in what is commonly called the End Times. This idea is variously described in different Judeo-Christian denominations. “In Christianity, for example, these beliefs include expectations that Jesus will return to Earth after or amid a time of great turmoil” “In the United States, 39% of adults say they believe “we are living in the end times,” while 58% say they do not believe we are living in the end times, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey.” pewresearch.org.
In addition, Black Americans (68%) are much more likely than Hispanic (41%), White (34%) and Asian (33%) Americans to believe humanity is living in the end times. And adults in Southern states (48%) are more likely to say this than those living in the Midwest (37%), Northeast (34%) or West (31%).

“Whenever some big catastrophe happens, you can be sure that someone will start talking about the “end times.” Both Catholics and Protestants do this. The difference mainly seems to be that Protestants start trying to chart out the apocalypse according to Daniel and Revelation, whereas Catholics try to chart it out based on various private revelations.” (1996-2023 Catholic Answers). These “revelations” or “apparitions” are private, not formal parts of church dogma, and belief in them is also a private choice. “Approved” apparitions are scrupulously studied before any may be found “worthy of belief.” Many approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Mother of Jesus) are centuries old traditions in the Church, which takes me back to this idea of the End Times.

Marion apparitions have occurred since the 18th century all over the world. From Xavier Reyes-Ayral’s recent book, “Revelations, The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary” it’s said:
“Today, in 2022, the message of La Salette, La Fraudais, Tilly, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita and Medjugorje, and their secrets take a meaning of the greatest importance, as the admonitions brought forth by the Blessed Virgin Mary warn of a cataclysmic global disaster which has now become imminent.” Chastisements can be averted (if not entirely stopped, with prayer, fasting, and penance, (“When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, he relented and did not bring on them the destruction he had threatened”) as in Jonah’s Nineveh, according to the Church.

As a Catholic myself, I’m simply reporting on “approved” apparitions detailed in Xavier Reyes-Ayral’s exhaustive history on Marian messages and frightful global chastisements (which many churches expect) and now alleged to be imminent. Understandably, Xavier Relyes-Ayral’s 569-page book on this subject has attracted interest.

In short (if apocalyptic pronouncements can be shortened) the Russian-Ukrainian war is said to be the first stage of WWIII. Europe, especially France, will suffer (Paris destroyed - nuclear) and Benelux countries overrun by Russian-Muslim forces (later driven off). Little mention of China or U.S., except America unable to assist NATO. Unimaginable global devastation to occur; the Catholic Church will temporarily fall; “Rome will lose its faith and will become the Seat of the Anti-Christ;” food production and the world financial systems said to collapse. Other details of this prophesied chastisement are almost too unbelievable to report, so I won’t.

Those who may cheer at thoughts of a temporary demise of the Catholic Church should pause. If apparition messages prove true, all Christianity will be ravaged, the good with the bad.

So, has this frightening period of manifest chastisement arrived? All of these revelations are “admonitions”, not absolute condemnations. Whether many see this threat as true, merely probable, or just rubbish, the world needs to clean up its moral act. If Ukraine can’t win the war due to slow and unreliable support, Russia will run right through Europe, again - and China through Taiwan.

With these threats in mind, Kelly, all of the Congressional Budget disarray seems just suicidally stupid, and Congressional corruption will end our Republic with a whimper. Pray - it works.


A short response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

This week, Kelly, you go into issues I have little interest in. I'm disgusted and repelled by the level of scandal, duplicity, and unbridled hatred that energizes our national government.
Politics has always been a dirty business, with power and control the brass ring. But today, contending with the Democratic Party, decency and honor are strangers. It's a deadly all-or-nothing, zero-sum game, where human lives and reputations are cheap.

The best example is our judicial system. Hamilton thought the judicial branch was “least dangerous” branch of the new national government. He would be scandalized to view the Republic's system today. Instead of honoring constitutional text, reserving "all powers not delegated to the Federal Government to the people or the States" the nine justices of our Supreme Court have, during the past 60 years, overreached to make sweeping changes in the law inconsistent with those Constitutionally enumerated powers. Even my much-admired Justice Gorsuch has been duped: "...thanks to the fallout from Justice Neil Gorsuch’s toxic Civil Rights Act decision, it’s [Daughters of American Revolution are] effectively being forced to admit fake women [transgender] to its ranks."

Foundational traditions are being overturned. The scandalous failure of our judicial system today is a function of the anti Judeo-Christian characters who populate it. "Depraved" would not be an exaggeration, too many officers of the court lack both intellectual and judicial integrity. I'm NOT an attorney but I have always had a strong love of the law - until it cheated on me.

The Progressive Obama-Biden judicial system is a frighteningly true shadow of The Court of Star Chamber "which could impose punishment for actions which were deemed to be morally reprehensible but were not in violation of the letter of the law. This gave the Star Chamber great flexibility, as it could punish defendants for any action which the court felt should be unlawful, even when in fact it was technically lawful. However, this meant that the justice meted out by the Star Chamber could be very arbitrary and subjective, and it enabled the court to be used later on in its history as an instrument of oppression rather than for the purpose of justice for which it was intended." It was abolished by the Long Parliament in 1641.

We should note today's system is able to persecute Trump because it can, for any reason "which the court felt should be unlawful." Let's closely examine the menagerie of aggressive Democrat judicial minions:
"My Cousin Vinney" made me laugh, but our new Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson (who couldn't define "a woman") made me angry. Surely she knows about the X-Y chromosomes, but secretly favors a "fluid gender" philosophy; Jack Smith, pursuing Trump, a thug in his element; New York Attorney General Letitia James, Democrat seeking notoriety; Judge Tanya Chutkanm (works with Jack Smith to gag Trump); Judge Juan Manuel Merchan ( Democrat donor with daughter a Party consultant). Ethical obligations of "the profession" have become mere partisan pretentions, camouflage for public consumption. The "crimes" attributed to Trump would never be charged to a Democrat - they are customized to attack Trump and company.
Then of course we have that bevy of tyrannical Star Chamberlains at the Justice Department, headed by that devious little man, Merrick Garland, Attorney General with his 115,000 soldiers. I get a chill thinking that he could have been appointed a justice of our Supreme Court.

I remember Associate Justice Abe Fortas resigning from the Supreme Court in 1969. This was the first resignation, first by a justice for financial crimes in United States history. He was a prominent Democrat. "He acknowledged that the payment [$20,000] was the first of a planned lifetime fee arrangement that would pass to his wife, tax attorney Carolyn Agger, after his death." Joe Biden understands, and Sen. Bob Menendez, and Congressman George Santos, and Sam Brinton, and Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama, and, etc.

The political assassination of Trump, by judicial criminals, Deep State, media, and Democratic Party, taunts the moral death knell of the Republic. I would classify this cancer as the wholesale abandonment of our Judeo-Christian traditions, and replacement with Marxism-Communism. These enemies of our once Christian state hate religion, like their friends in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, and they control our schools (law schools) today.
Judeo-Christian believers must act to save Donald Trump - lawfully, of course. He represents the future of Equal Justice for All Americans.

I've gone too long with a short argument.


A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

My condolences to you, Kelly, for the loss of your husband, John. It seems inappropriate for me to head into a political debate at this time. I'm glad to welcome you in rejoining the world. We have a common friend in St. Dominick. I carry his medal to keep the demons at bay.

I would simply like to offer a few minor differences of opinion this week. At the risk of boring readers with the same old truth, I'll mix it up with a couple of whoppers. Like, Joe Biden is a brilliant, thoughtful, honest young man. Also, Kamala Harris has done an awe-inspiring job as our Border Czarina; millions of illegals flee at her very presence - though they flee the wrong direction. One last thought. In parts of America today gasoline is approaching $7.00 per gallon, again. Let's give a big yippee to Joe Biden's domestic think tank. They thought that raising the price of gas from Trump's affordable $2.00 to Biden's $7.00 would give God a chance to change his climate. The Democrats are convinced that God is still learning, and that they can accelerate that phenomenon. Isn't that thoughtful of them.

Getting back to the "realities" you refer to, "political realities" certainly are increasingly threatening. The threats I see concern the collapse of our judicial, executive, and legislative systems. Judicial (especially federal) abuse can be seen reducing Donald Trump to a Job-like figure (call it Job's syndrome), recalling the boils afflicted upon the biblical character, much like the subpoenas and hundreds of false charges which pin Trump down. Trump is certainly no saintly Job, but the political demons have been loosed upon him to satisfy Democrat vengeance, the Constitution be damned. The free world watches in disbelief as a former President of the United States is pilloried to keep him from becoming president again. In former times this would have sparked a real insurrection, torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers.

While witnessing this systemic criminal injustice, the affront to that iconic expression "Equal Justice Under Law" is obvious. What can be done, what is the remedy when the Constitution becomes plastic? I've lost my respect for the law as its justices, judges, district attorneys, and prosecutors manifest in extreme Progressive Drag. They're in a fit of judicial transgendering, lacking confidence in their historic jurisprudential gender. They farm the law to glean every scrap of power they can exercise. The system can no longer be trusted. It should be resisted.

Kelly condemns Trump for an intemperate political threat he made. Please, let's be fair. We should recall Senator Chuck Schumer shouting to the media in front of the Capitol: “I want to tell you [Justice] Gorsuch. I want to tell you [Justice] Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” He was referring to abortion cases. Excuse me, but that SOB should have been arrested. Threatening United States government officials is a felony under federal law. But Democrat behavior has always been above the law, they are rarely even prosecuted - remember Hillary's 30,000 classified documents? What did that FBI scumbag Comey say? "No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton for emails. FBI Director James Comey said his office is not recommending prosecutors bring charges against Hillary Clinton." What has happened concerning Joe Biden's thousands of unlawfully accessed and secretly withheld classified documents? Also, nothing.

Lastly, America is no longer an "experiment." America is already more than 200 years older than ancient Athenian democracy ever became. We know the governmental formula works, but it relies upon the character of its officeholders. The Republic is disintegrating today due to massive greedy, political-spiritual corruption. Democrats have turned the system into a criminal enterprise which Republicans seem too weak to resist.

Ukraine must win that war.
Support for Ukraine in her war with Russia appears to be wavering. Nothing could be more devastating, wasteful, or dangerous to world peace. To save the free world from completely unraveling, Ukraine must WIN the war. General "Ben" Hodges, former commanding general, United States Army Europe, knows this fact. Read his comments. Taking Crimea back is critical to success; giving Ukraine long-range missiles can get that job done. Our scandalous debt doesn't negate the profound need for continuous support to Ukraine. Let's not lose our will in the face of the enemy, as we did in Afghanistan!


A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

My condolences to you, Kelly, for the loss of your husband, John. It seems inappropriate for me to head into a political debate at this time. I'm glad to welcome you in rejoining the world. We have a common friend in St. Dominick. I carry his medal to keep the demons at bay.

I would simply like to offer a few minor differences of opinion this week. At the risk of boring readers with the same old truth, I'll mix it up with a couple of whoppers. Like, Joe Biden is a brilliant, thoughtful, honest young man. Also, Kamala Harris has done an awe-inspiring job as our Border Czarina; millions of illegals flee at her very presence - though they flee the wrong direction. One last thought. In parts of America today gasoline is approaching $7.00 per gallon, again. Let's give a big yippee to Joe Biden's domestic think tank. They thought that raising the price of gas from Trump's affordable $2.00 to Biden's $7.00 would give God a chance to change his climate. The Democrats are convinced that God is still learning, and that they can accelerate that phenomenon. Isn't that thoughtful of them.

Getting back to the "realities" you refer to, "political realities" certainly are increasingly threatening. The threats I see concern the collapse of our judicial, executive, and legislative systems. Judicial (especially federal) abuse can be seen reducing Donald Trump to a Job-like figure (call it Job's syndrome), recalling the boils afflicted upon the biblical character, much like the subpoenas and hundreds of false charges which pin Trump down. Trump is certainly no saintly Job, but the political demons have been loosed upon him to satisfy Democrat vengeance, the Constitution be damned. The free world watches in disbelief as a former President of the United States is pilloried to keep him from becoming president again. In former times this would have sparked a real insurrection, torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers.

While witnessing this systemic criminal injustice, the affront to that iconic expression "Equal Justice Under Law" is obvious. What can be done, what is the remedy when the Constitution becomes plastic? I've lost my respect for the law as its justices, judges, district attorneys, and prosecutors manifest in extreme Progressive Drag. They're in a fit of judicial transgendering, lacking confidence in their historic jurisprudential gender. They farm the law to glean every scrap of power they can exercise. The system can no longer be trusted. It should be resisted.

Kelly condemns Trump for an intemperate political threat he made. Please, let's be fair. We should recall Senator Chuck Schumer shouting to the media in front of the Capitol: “I want to tell you [Justice] Gorsuch. I want to tell you [Justice] Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.” He was referring to abortion cases. Excuse me, but that SOB should have been arrested. Threatening United States government officials is a felony under federal law. But Democrat behavior has always been above the law, they are rarely even prosecuted - remember Hillary's 30,000 classified documents? What did that FBI scumbag Comey say? "No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against Clinton for emails. FBI Director James Comey said his office is not recommending prosecutors bring charges against Hillary Clinton." What has happened concerning Joe Biden's thousands of unlawfully accessed and secretly withheld classified documents? Also, nothing.

Lastly, America is no longer an "experiment." America is already more than 200 years older than ancient Athenian democracy ever became. We know the governmental formula works, but it relies upon the character of its officeholders. The Republic is disintegrating today due to massive greedy, political-spiritual corruption. Democrats have turned the system into a criminal enterprise which Republicans seem too weak to resist.

Ukraine must win that war.
Support for Ukraine in her war with Russia appears to be wavering. Nothing could be more devastating, wasteful, or dangerous to world peace. To save the free world from completely unraveling, Ukraine must WIN the war. General "Ben" Hodges, former commanding general, United States Army Europe, knows this fact. Read his comments. Taking Crimea back is critical to success; giving Ukraine long-range missiles can get that job done. Our scandalous debt doesn't negate the profound need for continuous support to Ukraine. Let's not lose our will in the face of the enemy, as we did in Afghanistan!


I am very sad to report the recent passing of a friend of many years, John Scoles. My condolences to his wife, Kelly, who has contributed greatly to the Gazette for several years now.

I knew John for virtually all of the 34 years I've been in Fillmore. I saw him regularly at Mass until his disability made his attendance too difficult. John was also a close associate of a best friend of mine, Joseph P.D. Kern, who passed away several years ago. Both outstanding lawyers.

May the souls of these faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

An unusually clear display of the Democratic Party's mind was exposed to the world last Tuesday when Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Gliannoulias (D) testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee to protect child pornography. The hearing, entitled "Book Bans: Examining how Censorship Limits Liberty and Literature", seeks to defend the vilest child porn as "literature" worthy to be included in school libraries. His argument: (child pornography must not be banned.) "This legislation is important, because both the concept and the practice of banning books contradicts the very essence of what our country stand for, and what our democracy was founded on," Giannoulias told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday." So, according to his twisted logic, the Founding Fathers supported sodomy.

The law – passed earlier this year – "prohibits state funding for any library that pulls books for "partisan or doctrinal" reasons." " The new law comes as predominantly Republican-led states continue to restrict books some consider offensive in schools and libraries across the country."

Giannoulias was questioned by Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) who shocked many by reading aloud excerpts from two infamous pornographic books ("All Boys Aren't Blue" and "Gender Queer") now promoted for public school libraries by Woke Democrats, but banned by others. Normal Christian parents loudly condemn the books as viciously pornographic. "Vicious", because the book's visual contents leave vivid spiritual scars on innocent memories.
Psychologists tell us that even a single pornographic picture stays with the child for a lifetime. But Democrats say banning any book is a bad thing, and child porn is a good thing. They use the idea of "free speech" to perfume the fecal stench of child pornography.

Illinois must be staffing its senior politicians from NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) membership lists. This situation epitomizes one of America's fatal flaws today, a flaw that may well end our Republic. That is, in multiple cases America faces completely intolerable, even lethal, situations - and seems incapable of doing anything about it. Call it sovereign political impotence.

Examples are plentiful. Our border was opened on the first day of Biden's election - 7 million global illegal aliens continue to pour in. Nothing has been done to stop it. Biden surrendered Afghanistan after squandering 20-years of blood and treasure. Nothing to stop hasty abandonment, including American citizens and $85 billion worth of equipment handed to the Taliban. Just today, capitulating to Iran (giving Iran $6 billion in prisoner swap for five Iranian Americans now held in Tehran). Iran is close to having nuclear weapons; the deal sabotages Israeli defense, endangers America. Who - what - can stop it? Evil in America today appears unstoppable.

Conclusive evidence of historic multi-million-dollar Biden family corruption (think treason), Democrat indifference, and media cover-up with no cure in sight, infests the Republic with confusion. Again, nothing can be done in a timely fashion - while China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran don't bother with fashion. Unpopular common sense declares America is in grave, imminent danger - too proud to pray, too naive to save the innocence of our school children. Still Home of the Brave? Or Ship of Fools?


Publisher’s Note:
Due to the political sensitivity of Letter’s to the Editor regarding Transgendering, Drag and LGBQ (etc.) activities, no identification of the author is required. This is to encourage correspondence and prevent retaliation. Opinions from all sides are encouraged. Of course, “fighting words” and defamatory expressions are always prohibited.
As a famous entertainer used to say, “Wunnerful, Wunnerful! Let’s keep those cards and letters coming folks!” (A free one-year subscription to the Gazette for the first person to identify him.)

A response to Kelly Scoles’ letter:
To be frank, Kelly, I’m sympathetic to the lyrics of “Rich Men North of Richmond”, but the sound is hard on my old ears.
While there is plenty of room to blame both Democrats and Republicans for our bankruptcy-inviting financial policies, Democrats are the greatest offenders; they are addicted to big government and its habits of profligacy; it’s like “join the Democrats, we give away the most free stuff,” until the “free” stuff runs out.
In the fiscal year 2022, the federal government brought in [taxes] $4.90 trillion but spent $6.27 trillion, with a net budget deficit of $1.38 trillion (the fourth-highest of the 21st Century). In addition, it has run deficits every year since 2001, when it last ran a surplus.

The current US national debt? (as of 9-5-2023) is $32 trillion. In other words, that’s thirty-two thousand billion dollars. I know, that’s headache-producing. That’s $98,000 owed for every person in the US.
Democrats believe Uncle Sam has an infinitely expandable credit card - like Zimbabwe did in 2015. “Equivalent daily inflation rate was: 98%. Time required for prices to double: 24.7 hours.” Cost of loaf of bread, “At one point, a loaf of bread was Z$550,000,000 in the regular market, when bread was even available”. That’s what you call hyperinflation - brace yourself.

Two examples of inflation impress me today, the cost of a cup of coffee, McDonalds medium: in Fillmore: $3.19, more than in Camarillo! (I’m holding the receipt). Next, the affordability for the average person to buy a house. As a young man I could sit at a luncheon counter anywhere and buy a cup of coffee for ten cents and get free refills. I bought my first house in Ventura for $56,000, two-bedroom, single bath, nice backyard, great neighborhood, in the early 1970s. I worked on the Alaska Pipeline at the time. The same house today: $450,000.

Kelly, I too am gravely concerned about the almost apocalyptic financial imbalance in the country today. It seems everything is too big for the average American to handle. BlackRock Investment Mgt. once claimed to control $10 trillion dollars. Apple, Microsoft, Saudi Aramco, Amazon, Alphabet, and Nvidia all claim to be trillion-dollar companies. Let’s remember that a trillion dollars is 1,000 billion. As Senator Everett Dirksen once said, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money”. Maybe that’s the question, is it real money? As long as the world continues to believe, it must be. Of course, as soon as people no longer believe, it becomes fictitious, like the Zimbabwe dollar. In a word, I believe most things of “value” today have become “fabulous”, fantastic, which is not a thing at all in reality; not unlike my friend Scrooge McDuck with his three cubic acres of cash and gold coins in his money bins overlooking the city of Duckburg. Money elevates one to the status of Super Mortal. At a whim, like Mr. Zuckerberg, at this level one can donate $400-million to the Democratic Party during an election, a pittance from the money bin. Though not as rich as McDuck, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Ford, Astor, Morgan, et al. sought to be the richest men in the world. None may have been as wolfishly greedy as J. Paul Getty (though he did leave a museum) and Carnegie, many libraries, while helping to organize the industrial revolution. I think accumulations of money like this are problematic for Republics. But all were ambushed by their mortality, and met their God, without benefit of money.

But I digress. I will admit, America is far out of economic balance, and I don’t know what to do about it. How can we ever get back to the ten-cent coffee and $56,000 house?

Since the Biden family’s domestic and international business dealings are proving to be criminal, Joe’s proposals are meaningless to me. I continue to support Trump, with some trepidation. He is being unconstitutionally attacked by corrupt federal and state agencies, which have been weaponized to destroy the Republican Party. I doubt whether he survives to run for office. This is true political assassination and election interference.
Kelly, you keep bringing up the tragic story of the “surgical sexual reassignment of David Reimer.” (“Reassignment” is an outrageous euphemism here.) I heard today that some 50,000 boys and girls (under age 18) have undergone similar surgery for so-called “gender dysphoria” - all based upon “feelings”. It’s time to hear from those who too late regret that surgery as they grow-up. Liberal leftists, like you, have substituted “feelings” for logic, and live in an unreality which science can never touch. You entirely misinterpret the Church Militant article. Where did I ever mention “sin”? The article is intended to show the horror of Transgenderism, not sympathize with it. I agree with you, “evil comes in many forms” - and “sexual reassignment surgery” is near the top of the list. You claim to “clearly refer to choosing to protect ourselves from unwelcome facts and being willing to make others suffer to avoid our own discomfort.” Kelly, it is not “discomfort” on my part that causes revulsion at the thought of these surgeries. It is the thought that Transgenderism (especially among the young) is an expression of growing Psychopathy, welcomed by pseudo scientists at the highest levels. What you call “facts” I see as delusion. What God has assigned let no man reassign.

As for your request for more “word count” to explain your thoughts more fully, for me, however important, the discussion can become a tedious echo chamber. However, you are entirely welcome to expand your opinions onto the Gazette, online. I’m just tired of the Pride stuff, the ‘LGBTIQA+, Drag Queen extravaganzas, and demonic Transgenderism. I classify this stuff as disordered psychobabble, psychologically injurious to normal people. As for me, it is all anathema to my Judeo-Christian understanding. But I will continue to respond as long as the conversation remains rational - and as long as this crap is tolerated in Fillmore schools.

I miss opportunities to comment on the crucial Ukrainian War and Russian-Chinese-North Korean and Iranian threats, for which we are not prepared. Maybe next week.


A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hello again, Kelly,

You ask why I "have such a heat on for the "evil" of transgenderism." It is because transgenderism has become central to my fear of the disappearance of normal logic. I fear it as a harbinger of "doublethink" as explained by 1984'sWinston Smith, which is "To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself."

I know, stealing 100 words from George Orwell's 1984 here is unfair and unprofessional. But it takes Orwell's genius to decipher Kelly's arguments this week - and typical Progressive thought. Looking at some "doublethink" pieces from the letter:

"Bedrock reality significantly challenged." I ask, by whom? Challenged, always. "Significantly" never. Archeologists discover new proof of Biblical history every year. Some editions of the Bible are more "lyrical" (King James) than many modern versions; but the Bible is not meant to be a mere musical sheet. And it is a "history book," as a history of God's revelation to mankind. When Putin arbitrarily decides to make war on Ukraine by murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and making the land "uninhabitable", that is pure evil which no one finds "thrilling". God is omnipotent, Kelly, as such He permits his human creations to exercise free will, (instructions were included in the plan) which many choose to ignore.

Genesis tells of the beginning, explaining our earthly purpose for being. In America at least, you can believe or not; that is our God-given "inalienable" right. Within the Judeo-Christian tradition one God is worshiped, He is all good. It is not true, as you say, that "All religions hold that God can do no wrong." From a Judeo-Christian perspective other gods can personify evil. You say I "misunderstood" Genesis when I said God created two perfectly distinct sexes." Well, how else can we interpret this? "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." No one is forced to believe this, but that's what the Good Book says. How else can this statement be understood?
Kelly, did you happen to view Oprah's interview with David Reimer before he committed suicide? I recommend you do so. Listen to how he tried, unsuccessfully as a little boy, trying to act like a girl, when he wanted to play with toy trucks instead of the dolls offered him. At this point my temper, you might say, becomes "a heat on" for decidedly un-Christian kinetic justice! Also, David Reimer never tried to "reclaim his gender identity." He wanted his biological sex returned, which had been cut away. He didn't desire to become a female construction project.

A question: Do infants and toddlers also suffer from gender dysphoria, as sometimes "diagnosed"?
About your "tiny smile" over the "concept of pure evil versus good" as a "foundational principle of our Republic." If you found that statement to be so "so erroneous on so many levels" with "grotesque logic", a single example of one of those levels would have greatly enhanced your case. If you don't recognize our Bill of Rights as a shield against "pure evil", Kelly, you're blind. This prompted me to consult my Blackstone's Commentaries, a foundational Constitutional source. Rather than provide individual examples of America's primal Judeo-Christian base (to a man, every Founding Father, even Thomas Paine, proclaimed the absolute necessity of religion for national success) I offer you the Commentaries which are saturated with evidence of American Judeo-Christian faith. Find it online, some 1,000 pages.

Blackstone's work was "Perhaps the most important legal treatise ever written in the English language. Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-69) was the first effort to consolidate English common law into a unified and rational system. Clearly and elegantly written, the work achieved immediate renown and exerted a powerful influence on legal education [and constitutional thinking] both in England and America. In addition to the law of nature, Blackstone identified "the revealed or divine law," defined as those specific legal rules and principles found in the Bible.” He concluded, "Upon these two foundations, the law of nature and the law of revelation, depend all human laws; that is to say, no human laws should be suffered to contradict these." Not surprisingly, it is reported that the Bible was Blackstone's "constant companion" while he wrote the Commentaries. [And the Commentaries, similarly, accompanied the Founders] For all of the Founding Fathers, Blackstone's Commentaries were required reading. It is a literary jewel.
You say, "afraid to consider the reality of others." I don't understand this statement. "Evil is a weapon we brandish for our own "protection"? No, pure evil is sexually mutilating a little boy to try and make him look like a girl - until he grows-up to understand what has been done to him, then commits suicide. That is the reality of pure evil!


Negativity can wear anyone down after awhile. So, I welcome something positive to begin this week’s Realities. It came during a leisurely walk down Fillmore’s bike path along the Santa Clara River, where ponds developed after all that welcome rain we had this year.

I’m glad I had my camera with me because the largest flock of Snowy Egrets I’ve seen in more than 30 years were resting on shrubbery near the ponds. Thirty to forty birds had gathered; best of all, about half were chicks, and about every five minutes a few more would sail in from the fish hatchery. It was a wonderful sight; they are an especially beautiful species that became somewhat rare during the drought.


Now, from Egrets to odd ducks, I’ve been doing a little research on the Transgender species. No one should believe that actual sexual transition is occurring - it cannot happen. True Gender dysphoria has been extremely rare, until this decade. Unfortunately, the medical profession now ignores that ancient, hallowed Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm.” Today, it’s all money - billions.

The Transgender fallacy has been adopted by a growing number of otherwise serious medical authorities as fact. Take Dr. Deanna Adkins for example. She is a professor at Duke University School of Medicine and the director of the Duke Center for Child and Adolescent Gender Care. Adkins argues that gender identity is not only the preferred basis for determining sex, but “the only medically supported determinant of sex.” (That’s a lie.) “Every other method is bad science”, she claims: “It is counter to medical science to use chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia, or secondary sex characteristics to override gender identity for purposes of classifying someone as male or female.” (see: Transgender Ideology Is Riddled With Contradictions. (Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D., The Heritage Foundation.2-9-2018) @RyanTAnd.

Of course, I’m not a physician nor expert in the medical field at any level. But I do respect common sense, logic, and established scientific reality. In these categories it appears to me that Dr. Adkins is embarrassed by common sense and has adopted a peculiar self-serving logic. She participates in a surprising new area of medicine which accepts wholly novel concepts of pseudo-medical reality while abandoning a millennium of established medical experience.

If this is so, she and her brave new world of medical experimenters should at least consider an even older alternative explanation of human nature, the spiritual, which takes us back to the beginning, and its creation. It is simpler, and easier to understand with something called faith. After all, Dr. Adkins has ample faith in her understanding of sexuality and gender, though that faith was virtually unheard of when she was born.

Breaking human history down to a manageable level, that I can understand, the Angels rebelled against God, releasing something called evil down to earth. Then, God’s first human creations disobeyed Him and spread evil on earth. That began a perpetual war between good and evil. Those folks called Christians, and those sometimes referred to as Our Elder Brothers in Faith, the Jewish People, tried to live by certain explicit Commandments, by books known as the (Torah) Bible, some being good, others doing evil. Skipping through a few millennia, we land in the first part of the third millennia, continuing to acknowledge the existence of two perfectly distinct sexes - male and female, with good still fighting evil. This distinction has everything to do with the original good component parts of human beings, “chromosomes, hormones, internal reproductive organs, external genitalia”, etc. which Dr. Adkins now disfavors. Does she believe that with scalpel and beta blockers she has the power to stitch together something brand new in the way of created beings? In my opinion, she acts like a god-wannabe, creating gendered persons with opposite sexual identity, or vice versa. See (Church Militant, Architects of Perversion, Part II, “John Money: pedophile founder of gender ideology.” Listen to David Reimer’s ghastly story, and its suicidal conclusion.

Dr. Frankenstein thought the same thing, as he shrieked “It’s alive! - it’s alive!”
“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.” I fear for those who, like David Reimer, fall into the hands of demigods with scalpels.

I side with the Judeo-Christian cohort in this battle, which identifies the phenomenon of Transgenderism as just the latest rendition of the same pure evil, as identified at the start.

Federal courts (7th Circuit) identify Transgenderism as a “religion”. The Fillmore School Board and Superintendent have no authority to inflict this evil religion upon the students entrusted to their care. I would resist as strongly against teaching Scientology.

(Note: Fillmore schools are facilitating both Transgender and Drag Queen presence on campus. They closely relate.)
Billions of people think the creation story and the concept of pure evil versus good is hogwash - and billions believe it’s true. But the foundational principles of our Republic support it. Those who reject it should, for the sake of consistency, also reject Transgenderism.


Concerning District involvement with future One Step A La Vez Drag programs:

I attended the Fillmore School District meeting Tuesday night. Opinions from many Fillmore residents and parents of District school children were voiced about participation in Drag Queen performances at the One Step A La Vez organization. Those attending were respectful, more so than at the last meeting. I didn't count, but anti-LGBTQ Drag Queen opinions seemed to be in the majority, with the crowd half as large.

Following the last meeting on the subject, two weeks ago, Superintendent Christine Schieferle stated (letter: 07-24-2023) the district’s policy on participation with One Step A La Vez' in school activities. In short, the Superintendent stated: "The Fillmore Unified School District (FUSD) will continue to share existing local and county resources, including One Step A La Vez, for families to assist them in supporting their children's education and well-being."

I'm sure the Board and Superintendent believe that this policy is most beneficial for the students. Unfortunately, they are mistaken in that belief. Most parents believe that LGBTQ activities, including Drag Queen events, are not beneficial. Quite to the contrary, anything officially associated with an organization which invites interest in "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit" ideas to children, is menacing to Judeo-Christian ethics and tradition. The presumed best intentions of the Board and Superintendent here are irrelevant. What is relevant here are parents' ethical and religious demands and expectations, which neither office has the moral authority to deny.
Neither the Board nor the Superintendent is competent to adjust extreme psycho-sexual delusions in children entrusted to their care. I emphasize the trust placed in the teachers who are designated caretakers of innocent children. In the case of A La Vez, this trust has been betrayed, in a particularly underhanded way, without notice to parents. I have to ask whether the Superintendent or Board members are holding themselves out to be priests, preachers, or psychiatrists? Even if they were indeed such specialists, they do not have the parental authority to teach their impressionable students about the psychological sickness of LGBTQ lifestyles. To impose LGBTQ influences upon normal Judeo-Christian children, without express parental authority, is tantamount to child abuse.

This issue, as embedded in LGBTQ philosophy, has profoundly shaken traditional notions of normality. Progressives want to change the law to charge parents with a felony if they refuse to give their kids puberty blockers and irreversible sex change surgery. The LGBTQ issues here have completely roiled our culture and threaten the most basic understanding of sexual and gender identity. This strange new pseudo-scientific force seeks to destroy traditional family cohesiveness. Most of all, this aberrant view is a direct attack upon America's Judeo-Christian foundations. It should be met directly and forcefully - lawfully, of course.

Even a little research into the tragic consequences of so-called Transgender activity should be enough to educate and alarm the average reasonable person into opposing all things "LGTBQIA2S+ ". It is anathema indeed to any traditional Judeo-Christian. I know the citations "anathema" and "Judeo-Christian" can grow tedious; they are, nevertheless, necessarily true, as is the fact that a man cannot become a woman, and vice versa. Let's rekindle our respect for the normal! It's been very good to us for a long time.

For these reasons I join all parents and others sympathetic to normal, traditional policies in public education, and will continue to oppose the rest.


Two hours before deadline I was handed a letter from Fillmore resident Daniel Gradias concerning the A La Vez issue. Mr. Gradias' letter was too long for complete publication in print this week, so it continues online at fillmoregazette.com.
Mr. Gradias is a clinical psychologist with a master’s degree specializing in "LGBTQ affirmative therapy." I wish I had seen this letter earlier. I would have devoted this week's Realities to answering it. Maybe in detail next week?
I don't doubt Mr. Gradias' expertise. It is a perceived lack of objectivity that bothers me. I would ask if he is a member of LGBTQ community himself? The letter is full of passionate intensity and stereotypical false flag excuses, as seen from a purely Judeo-Christian point of view. Where two irreconcilable ideas confront themselves, the one with the strongest logic and Judeo-Christian ethics should prevail. Now, I know this prompts howls from the Progressive side, but this being a contest of wills, what else should we expect?

Mr. Gradias, if, for example, you proclaim that gender is "fluid" and not determined by chromosomes, and sacred decisions, you must prove your case! I'm afraid you're stuck facing one of those "violent biblical passages" like the prophets of Baal did against Elijah when doing their best to popularize Beelzebub. Yeah, I know, that's a tad much.
God willing, I hope to provide a more succinct response to your letter next week. In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of the Gazette's First Amendment invitation.


A response to Kelly Scoles’ letter:

By Golly, I can tell you are not happy with my last column, Kelly. You disapprove of my “anathema-cursing, bush-burning, and sinner-smoting”. Give me a break. I haven’t done any “smoting” in years; but I’ll now look into that technique to chase away the Woksters.

Seriously, your attack on my opinion looks a lot like smiting to me. But I refuse to be smitten for opinions I did not express.

I would like to persuade you to sheathe your sword and cease smiting me long enough for me to shield my opinion against your attacks.

While some of the “Inquisition Catholics” were responsible for some “sinner smoting” most were not. In your eyes my assessment of LGBTQ stuff is pure heresy, which apparently entitles you to smote the heck out of me. But this Judeo-Christian, at least in America, can defend against the Wokster demons, and the frumious Bandersnatch! I can take my vorpal sword in hand, and while the Jabberwock, with eyes of flame, comes whiffling through the tulgey wood, burbling as it came, I just smote him. And that’s all I have to say about that.
My apologies to Lewis Carroll for this bastardized doggerel; I’m in a bad mood. Just experienced another major betrayal of trust, irrelevant to this discussion.

Trying to get back on track, Woksters use “diversity, equity, and inclusion” like putty to fill the cracks in their thinking, like Kamala Harris attempts a solution to something. I stand by my statements.

I never bother with “dog whistles”, Kelly. Fog horns are more to my liking. This whole LGBTQ morass has stupefied the entire Republic. After reading and watching “Architects of Perversion, Part II, John Money: pedophile founder of gender ideology” on Church Militant, my sentiments have hardened. I double down on my conclusions in last week’s Realities. This shocking historical replay was news to me. I had never heard of John Money before. Shame on me. “Dr. John Money coined the phrases gender ideology and sexual identity and is hailed by LGBTQ advocates as a pioneer in gender research. In real life, he was a pederast who destroyed the lives of those he experimented on, including twin boys who committed suicide as a result of his sexual and physical abuse.” Church Militant is a conservative Catholic site, but the story is pure historical fact. Kelly, I dare you to watch this short video.

After watching the video, we should all read Lauren Smith’s “Dr. John Money and the sinister origins of gender ideology. How a cruel, amoral experiment helped birth today’s trans movement.” (long read). No normal person, in my opinion, can read this and not be repelled by anything LGBTQ. This whole movement is a testament to the sickness of naiveté that is seducing America today. It is a central part of the political, religious, scientific fraud the nation has been fed for a generation. It would not be overstating the issue to say that much of the nation has lost its mind. Now many believe men can become women, communism can be good, and Hunter Biden’s laptop says nothing about his treacherous, larcenous, father. Do you believe these things, Kelly?

To be clear, Kelly, Gay Pride event entrepreneurs are free to hold their shows wherever they choose - except on school grounds, though the legal issues are being thrashed out nationwide. The same holds true for nudist groups, marijuana conventions, and witchcraft associations. LGBTQ groups really include the entire Woke agenda, from Trans to the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). “Without Money, [last name] it’s unlikely that trans ideology, especially the phenomenon of ‘trans kids’, would exist today in the way that it does.”

Parents certainly should do their job of protecting their children - but they need to be informed of the dangers to succeed. One Step A La Vez failed to do that, and not at just one event. For what it’s worth, I will encourage opposition (emotional, financial, and electoral) to anyone who supports LGBTQ activity in our schools, for these reasons:
Alfred Kinsey & John Money: Psychopathic, Serial Sexual Predators
Alex Coppen, Sep 12, 2021, AC @ Devils’ Lane (15 min read).

Kinsey and John Money were professional psychopaths, forerunners of the diseased LGBTQ agenda.
Dr Miriam Grossman puts it this way:

“Kinsey was afflicted at his core. He was a depraved human being, and his emotional illness expressed itself through his sexuality. He was consumed by a grotesque, debilitating obsession with a wide range of abnormal behaviors—I’ll spare you the details, but I doubt very much that in all the 62 years of Kinsey’s miserable life he knew even one day of what we would consider healthy sexuality.”

“You’d be forgiven for not knowing who these two people were, and there’s a reason you don’t. These “fathers of the Sexual Revolution” form the intellectual and supposedly moral basis of modern thinking around gender and sexuality. However, if you take a look at the men behind the ideas, what you find is so repulsive it would damage any reasonable person’s adoption of them as orthodoxy.”

“Many of these men - such as paedophile rapist Michel Foucault - seemed to have been hellbent on using academic theory to justify their horrifying sociopathy and its ghastly sexual expression.”
I have ignored most of the information in these sources due to their soul-killing loathsomeness. LGBTQ activities should be recognized as criminal activity under the Natural Law.


A few words in response to the July 24, 2023 letter from the Fillmore Unified School District regarding the One Step A La Vez Drag Queen incident.

"As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."

I understand by the statements made in this letter that the District, its Board, and our Superintendent Christine Schieferle, will continue to support the activities of One Step A La Vez within the school campus and at off-campus locations. This organization provides some helpful traditional academic assistance to students having difficulty with their studies, though no comprehensive list of such assistance has been available on its website.

Unbeknownst to many parents of Fillmore students, One Step also encourages, often very young, student participation in activities provided by various LGBTIQ+ groups. "LGTBQIA2S+ is an acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and/or Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two-Spirit," and their philosophy is directly opposed to historical Judeo-Christian moral teaching and tradition. LGBTIQ groups are at war with traditionalists, especially in the area of child education. To the traditional American Judeo-Christian family, they are anathema, their beliefs morally aberrant. This is where the "queer" Woke mantra of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" spread their poison. In a social setting, diversity in itself is meaningless. Equality (of outcome) is unnatural. And inclusion (of itself) is dangerous. Much of this world should not be included in our young people's education, if virtue is still important.

LGBTIQ groups are becoming pervasive. They are especially aggressive among the young, and closely tied to pornography, determined to infect public libraries and schools: "The images come from Gender Queer, which is the book that both Chelsea Clinton and Ari Drennen are arguing must be in schools to ensure that kids are appropriately exposed to LGBTQ concepts."
From a Judeo-Christian standpoint, we humans exercise free will, and religion cannot be coerced (despite historical aberrations). It is not personal hatred that requires rejection of LGBTQ practices, it is the command to see them as anathema, the unnatural practices in particular, the so-called lifestyle. They substitute pagan beliefs for Christian. I'll spare the citations, but the consequences of ignoring the spiritual law here are severe.

The parental demand expressed by so many mothers and fathers, that our schools disassociate from One Step A La Vez and its LGBTIQ Drag Queens, is not negotiable. Those who favor this association should do so on their own time and place, not on school time. It is otherwise offensive to parents inculcating traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs in their children's character.
Our School Board should stop inviting this group to entertain and/or proselytize our students. Our children have been entrusted to their teachers, an ancient trust "in loco parentis". That is a sacred responsibility to shield them from harmful influences as parents do. LGBTIQ Drag Queens are a harmful influence to Christian children!

The Fillmore Unified School District is mandated to teach traditional, nonsectarian subjects. Parents are the ultimate authority over their children's moral welfare, and they do not wish their children to be taught about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender problems. At their young age, reading, English, math, and science are challenge enough. Let's not initiate problems of gender or sexuality by pretending to be experts in the field. Kindly and respectfully refer those challenged students to psychological expertise. Our schools are not qualified to handle this issue. In my opinion, those who insist upon supporting One Step A La Vez (while LGBTQ influences remain) regardless of best intentions, should seek other employment.

Hi, Kelly:
Quickly, "indictments against Trump for serious crimes"? He now has four of these indictments to deal with, all planned to make it impossible to run his presidential campaign. The most eminent lawyers tell us the charges are phony, deliberate political traps, mostly unconstitutional.

All this happening while Joe Biden is finally being investigated for bribery, and possibly treason, for his decades-long family business of peddling policy influence to foreign enemies of our state. What astonishing lies Democrats tell (with their media co-conspirators) in attempts to obfuscate the crimes! The nation has never been in such danger as we are now due to Biden corruption. As I've said for years now, we are near checkmate with our enemies due to such massive betrayal, and political machinations by punks like Jack Smith.

I don't fear that Biden may win reelection; I think he won't be here for the attempt. My fear focuses on that giggling airhead of a Vice President who may be handed those atomic codes. We had better pray that Donald Trump escapes the political traps to face our enemies once again. This is getting more doubtful, as is the nation's future.

You talk of "well-documented accusations" against Trump. You minimize Hunter's laptop revelations, as well as whistleblowers, and FBI evidence of massive bribery (possibly as much as $100 million)! Where have you been?
As for my remarks about the fossils, I'm glad you appreciated a little tongue-in-cheek humor. I've always wondered about how many Titanosaurs it would take to make billions of gallons of oil, and how they got so far down into the earth.
About the railcars--at least make the owners clean-up the graffiti and keep the cars free of such. Sierra Northern Railways seems to be very arrogant. They own a traveling graffiti circus. Make them clean up their act.
I have overrun my allotted space by hundreds of words. I gotta go.


A note on the Drag Queen issue:

I regret I ran out of time to discuss the One Step A La Vez Drag Queen controversy this week. I have to take strong exception to the School Board's letter which approves of the Drag Queen performance and its influence upon the students at Fillmore schools. I see this as a betrayal of parental trust and a danger to traditional scholastic ethics. I oppose any and all LGBTIQA+ associated entertainment sponsored by the School Board or our Superintendent. This is more than mere entertainment, it is subtle indoctrination, most insidious in our schools. This is a religious movement, and I vigorously oppose it as I would a course on witchcraft. With our schools failing miserably with reading, math, and English, why should we "teach" wholly aberrant "queer" subjects? And, yes, this is that hill.

I would like to recommend three links to American Thinker. I highly regard this site. The publishers there specialize in lucid truthfulness. The Andrea Widburg article shows just how far our military has fallen apart.
The Achilles Heel of Mail-In Ballot Fraud
By Jay Valentine, American Thinker, July 24, 2023.
American Thinker
July 19, 2023

Who will be the innocent who speaks the truth to the transgender crowd?
By Ned Cosby, American Thinker, July 25, 2023
"Make-believe is fun as long as we have the freedom to stop when we tire of playing. Now, however, the wonderful folks that gave us Sodom and Gomorrah want to compel us and our children in public schools to agree with them that their perverse sexual practices and thinking are normal. They want us to agree with them that women can be men and men can be women. They want the objectors among us to face job termination and legal sanctions if we don’t say “amen” to their ever-changing norms."

American Thinker, July 25, 2023.
Defense Department on the road to disaster
By Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, July 19, 2023. In June, the U.S. Army posted an article on its website celebrating a pudgy, mentally confused man—a major—who claims to be a woman “living authentically.” People who care about our nation’s defense were horrified to learn that the military is in the hands of people like Major Jones.”

It's refreshing to read an article which agrees with one's own opinion, especially on controversial subjects. It's a sort of reality affirmation crutch, valuable when marching against today's harmful pretentions and illogical fads, though fighting against popular irrationality (transgendering) is futile when a desire to believe is invincible.
Today, something (let's call it a virus) has caused an alarming number of otherwise normal Americans to believe human gender/sex can be changed at will. Let me play the hero here and rescue those deceived folks with my reality vaccine: that idea is false, an unhealthy, a self-evident lie! How do I know the idea of transgenderism is a lie? God told me, and so does common sense. It's right there in Genesis 1:27: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." And this all happened before copyright so I can tell everyone without being sued. Anyone promoting such an idea 50-years ago would have been referred for psychotherapy.
Mature adults, of course, can do whatever they wish to do with their own bodies - the menacing reality of transgenderism is its indoctrination of children, often very young. Capitalizing on their youthful confusion, children are being brutalized with drugs and surgery, often without their parent’s knowledge. That should be deemed criminal conduct.

A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
Hi Kelly, Sorry for the shorter responses lately.
You're usually more interested in the political tidbits than I am. I don't like to go there because it tends to get too petty, and America is dealing with grave dangers today. However, military promotions and nominations are critically important.

Here are some problematic new Admiral/General candidates who exemplify weakness in our military leadership. First, Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr., President Biden’s choice to lead the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-Mo.) recently accused Brown of suggesting there were “too many White officers” in the military. Schmitt referenced a memo that Brown signed last year setting aspirational diversity goals for Air Force applicants. "There’s this obsession with sort of race-based politics being interjected into our military,” Schmitt said, later alleging that Brown was “advocating for racial quotas." Brown is a notoriously "Woke" general, his leadership sharply focused on Diversity, equity, and inclusion, to the detriment of meritocracy, cohesion, and readiness. Brown has signed-off on the racial quotas he believes should be accepted in the Air Force - 5,000 too many whites. Brown is far too divisive a leader to entrust with our top military position, having a huge chip on his shoulder (next to his 4 stars) for the racism he alleges he experienced coming up through the ranks. That memo and his reputation for "Wokeness" should have ended his candidacy immediately.
Then, we have had generals like (now Secretary of Defense) Lloyd J. Austin III, and Admiral Lisa Franchetti, "nominated to be the first woman Chief of Naval Operations and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where she will continue to inspire all of us." We should also remember the Bozo Brothers (Generals Milley and Austin) who together signed-off on President Biden's treacherous plan to surrender Afghanistan (with some 7 billion in armaments) to the Taliban - not forgetting thousands of Americans left behind. Generals with honor would have resigned in protest; trustworthy generals would not tip-off the enemy like Milley. Military leadership is dying of the Wokeness disease.

Surveying our newest roster of generals, all I can say is, "Very pretty, Colonel, Very pretty. But can they fight?"


A short response to a letter from Kelly Scoles.

Hi, Kelly.

I just have no stomach for a discussion of the procedural strategies crooked DAs are concocting to kill Trump’s 2024 reelection effort. Corrupt DAs are legion today, and most are Democrats. Jack Smith is not “intrepid”, Kelly, he’s a punk, a soulless political thug who despises American justice. He’s all that remains after judicial honor is removed. The grand juries that Democratic DAs cook-up deposit the last sweepings of dirt on my life-long love of the law. They’ve turned it into something dangerously despicable. And that’s all I have to say about that. If Democratic Party politicians succeed in hog-tying Trump, and someone like Mike Pompeo isn’t somehow miraculously elected, it’s game over. China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran will feed on the leftovers - fed to them by Woke Democrats.

I’m preoccupied with the teetering state of our military forces. From the Fat Leonard Navy scandal, to the overall Woke recruitment disaster, weakness is obviously endemic to our military leadership. I’m not a defeatist, but every corner of our Army, Navy, Air and Marine forces has been sabotaged.

“DoDEA sources speak out about woke ‘Marxist’ indoctrination: ‘I’m not a... sexual realignment engineer’’ There are movements going on right now from [Pentagon] headquarters all the way down that are allowing ideas that are anti-American to take root,’ a DoDEA teacher said.” (Fox News, 6-6-2023.)

It didn’t start with Joe Biden’s treason, but it might end there. The nearly mechanical effort to undermine America’s strength and purpose can be seen from Biden’s first day in office. We were energy independent. Joe made us dependent. Our border was secure; Biden opened it to the world. To date more than 7-million illegal aliens (including terrorists) flowed in, each needing to be fed, clothed, housed, educated, employed, and kept healthy - for the foreseeable future. They must be taught our language, laws, customs, and history. No one but the president can stop the flood - and he refuses to do so because the flood is programmed to increase the Democratic vote. And, of course, every child born to these 7-million illegals is immediately an American citizen. This is national suicide by foot traffic (ignominious way to die). The world will not run out of people who decide to come to America, but America has run out of solutions to care for them without bankrupting our already feeble support systems. The world stands astonished at our stupidity, and China observes us with that lean and hungry look.

I lack the necessary talent to detail our country’s many fatal flaws in this short space. But, they are many and they loom deadly.

Failing to understand the following in today’s America is preposterous ignorance:
Men cannot become women! Women cannot become men! God has created our climate to change naturally, often extremely (oceans to desert) and, without C02 all plant life dies! God made fossil fuels to help us; that’s why He made all those fossils! Communism is a completely evil plan to destroy all freedom! Record borrowing never slows inflation! The concept of “Woke” is a cesspool of anti-Judeo-Christian deceit! Judeo-Christian religious belief is the foundation of America’s liberty! Parents are the primary authority over their children! The citizens of our Republic, under our Constitution, are the ultimate authority, having received that authority from God! Those who reject our freedoms are our enemies! Strength of mind, body, and spirit make us free! Weakness and naiveté ends freedom! Without a supremely strong military America cannot survive!

Once again I’m out of time and space. God continue to bless America!