The Small News;
VONS market has just placed placards on each check-out line. This is a bold deception to force shoppers into deciding to purchase a shopping bag from VONS, use a personal shopping bag, or to carry your purchases out in your arms. What they should tell shoppers is that the new (stupid) law, recently passed, does not take effect until the first of the year. VONS is truly "nickel-and-dimeing" shoppers. VONS should continue to use the free plastic bags until January 1, 2017. Shoppers of America - stand-up for your free bags!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Things seem in some ways more chaotic now than during the days preceding the election. This is due to efforts of Leftist-anarchist groups like those funded by billionaire globalist George Soros and others. They hate the outcome of our democratic election process, because their side lost. They are more than sore losers, they are haters, they want to instigate confusion and chaos. They are looking for rebellion and insurrection, for a third Obama term.

But the millions of voters who watched their man win, rejoice. For the winners see a new day for America, looking strong, prosperous, and assertive. The wicked Leftist witch is gone, forever. Now, for the first time in 8 years, babies waiting to be born, military forces waiting for troops, equipment, and leadership, and a Supreme Court waiting for Antonin Scalia's successors, have reason to hope.

Trump has selected intelligent, experienced leaders to fill his cabinet. My only reservation is his alleged appointment for Secretary of State, Mit Romney. I voted for Mit in the past, but his vitriolic attacks on Trump, and a different world view, makes me hesitant to see him at State. No doubt though, Mit would serve honorably and wisely, despite his lack of experience at this job.

I have one increasing concern about Trump's present method of choosing cabinet members. It's not how he's doing it, but where he's doing it. Apparently he had made some sort of agreement with the City of New York about having a public space in the Trump Tower entrance. A stream of non-governmental people pass by all of his would-be cabinet members, his family members, and he, himself, coming and going every day. This seems to me to be a dangerously thin security site. I won't elaborate on my concerns, but they are real. I wish he would use a more secure venue for his pre-swearing-in work.

One thing which warms my heart during this Thanksgiving season is the amount of money, energy, and time the pro-Clinton forces had to spend to see Hillary fail. Reports say about a billion and a half dollars were wasted in this doomed endeavor. It's all lost, gone, vanished, and revealed the dark heart of the pro Clinton machine. And, the tons of fireworks that sat on the dock in New York ready to celebrate the "inevitable" Clinton win, also gone. Please indulge me for a moment for being small and ungracious, but, Yippy!

But, while the righteous Right is basking in the election sun, here in California (sometimes spelled with a K) Governor Brown and his henchmen double down on issues such as our Second Amendment rights. Brown has just signed into law a pile of new confusing and useless firearms regulations, all aimed at future confiscation. They are deliberately designed to create a new strata of felons among the God-fearing, tax-paying, peaceful citizens of this state. Unlike our budding new federal hopes with Trump, citizens of California really have no hope of exercising their rights on this issue. Two thirds of government in California is composed of Leftist, globalist, Democrats. The Republican Party is no more, here, and an attitude of open borders and sanctuary cities looks forward to keeping it that way. In this regard, California is a clear and present danger to national defense, a political infection that keeps on giving.

The climate in California really has changed.