I seem to recall that King George III made an entry in his diary, on July 4, 1776, which read "Nothing happened today". True or not, it seems that something similar could be noted this past week, except for the tragic house fire which destroyed the Ortega residence.

The new year has begun and, as is often the case, the news channels are slow. So slow that I might as well agree with that old monarch. Well, maybe next week things will pick up.


Ironically another historical fact can be appropriately used this week. When the Continental Army had won our Revolutionary War, the surrendering British troops played a popular tune of that day entitled "The World Turned Up-Side-Down". I believe that world is again Up-Side-Down.

I'm concerned that some world-shaking event will occur concerning President-Elect Trump and the transition of power from Democrats to Republicans. There are many who share the same worry, many more who are afraid to speak openly about it. This concern is that something will intervene, shortly before, during, or soon after the inauguration which might seek to invalidate the proceeding by declaring the election invalid.

This is an extraordinary belief to be sure, but hundreds of thousands of informed conservative thinkers agree that such a threat is possible.

Their concern is based upon the behavior of powerful members of the radical Left who hate Donald Trump with an unnatural, unholy intensity and who will never accept that he won the election. Leftist billionaires like George Soros, and his string of globalist anarchists have suffered such a brutal disruption of their agendas that they are psychologically incapable of accepting the results. - without attempting revenge. They have been absolutely flummoxed.

They reason, how could this be? We had the perfect scheme to plunge America into another eight years of Obamaculture, another eight years of socialism, military weakness, anti-Christian government, suicidal economics, and the forcing of little girls to share their bathrooms with perverted adult males. They thought they had the perfect governmental plan to obliterate our Judeo-Christian tradition and destroy our Constitution. They had that lean and hungry look for our Supreme Court, the key to their complete Leftist agenda.

But they didn't get it! And they are crazy angry. Just listen to the psychopathic lamentations of the Hollywood Glitterettes. (my word) and the "important" liberal people. The establishment took it in the chops, and I say Yippy!

So, like so many Americans today, I am anxious about the coming inaugural; the watchword should be "Beware".


Liberal Democrats cling to the notion that the election outcome is suspicious at best, and somehow invalid due to allegations that Russians hacked John Podesta's emails. The emails just exposed the outright corruption in the Democrat national organizations. But if this hacking is true, and it's disputed, the resulting embarrassment is well deserved. But such allegations have nothing to do with the validity of the election itself. If there was hacking it changed nothing at all.


Liberal-Progressives rant on about Global Warming incessantly. The "science" they tout to prove their fearful belief is contrary to the mass of contrary information. Global warming, they say, will end up destroying the world as we know it. They are talking not about normal climate change, without which we would really be in trouble, but alleged man-made climate change, which is what has made Al Gore a millionaire through his preaching. Now it is reported that scientists believe we could be entering a new Ice Age, following temperature reading below 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Russia. The Global Warming story is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on mankind.


Drudge has reported that President Obama's farewell address to the nation was longer than the good-bye speeches of Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush combined. He referred to himself 75 times. It's that pathetic legacy. His farewell could last until after the inauguration. Maybe he will take some free time to revisit all the heads of state he bowed to during his first unforgettable year in office.