I watched the vice presidential debate between Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine last night. Virtually all polls showed Pence winning, and I agree. Pence was calm and collected, while Kaine was anxious. The same old Democrat bias-game plan was in play. Republicans just don't seem to have the ability or intelligence to provide a dependably unbiased moderator for the debates. There can be no excuse for this negligence after such a long history of moderator abuse on the liberal side. This always significantly detracts from debate value. Elaine Quijano was the moderator this time. She really didn't have to be there because Pence and Kaine seemed to be running their own show, talking constantly while ignoring debate guidelines.

Any static or incoherence was caused by Kaine's incessant, nervous interruptions. He seemed to take his cue from the talking heads of TV news programs where talk-over is established policy. Kaine's plan was to interrupt every answer Pence attempted, making it difficult to hear the reply. Watching his performance reminded me of lyrics from a 50s song by Nervous Norvus, "Tranfusion". Nothing seemed to slow him down. He was on a mission to obscure his opponent's answers.

Kaine's tactic didn't surprise me because he's a dissembler like Hillary. He is a man with a dark past, particularly in South America, during the Honduras era of Liberation Theology. He touts his Catholic faith for any political value he can get. His Honduras years as a missionary radically transformed his perspective. Kaine adopted the philosophy of Liberation Theology which was roundly condemned by the Catholic Church. This teaching was adopted by Kaine through his close association with a radical Marxist priest, Father James Carney. This teaching caused Kaine to abandon the church teaching against abortion, particularly so-called partial birth abortion.

Kaine ignores his status as a Catholic apostate which caused him to be excommunicated from the church.

Whether one sees Kaine's affection for Marxism as a disqualifying factor in his reach for the position of vice president, or not, it is a manifest example of his hypocrisy - and untrustworthiness.

As a person who watches perhaps too much TV news, my sensibility to talk-over conversation has been rubbed raw. Too often I have to listen to two to 5 talking heads, each striving to get his or her point across, at the same time. I see this same annoying trait in Kaine as a talking, jabbering head full of memorized gotchas and party slogans. Many of kaine's statements were factually false - with no time for Pence to respond. With moderator Elaine Quijano lacking all control, it became a bad talk show with kaine as the host.

I was impressed with Mike Pence. He came on with professional presence, spoke calmly with confidence and respect for Kaine. He also had full command of the facts and issues and exhibited great patience with his radical opponent's behavior.

In short, for me, Kaine caused confusion while Pence inspired confidence.