Like many millions throughout the world, I waited-up to the bitter end of the presidential election last night. Except, for traditional conservatives, it was anything but a bitter ending. In defeating Hillary Clinton, from our perspective, we didn't just dodge a bullet, we dodged a cluster bomb.

I had a hard time concentrating on anything other than the election. The habitual machinations of the Democratic National organization had shown conservatives just how cunning and deceitful they are, I feared ballet tampering when they took so long to call the election. It's going to take a while for me to digest the results of this election.

In a previous column I said if Hillary Clinton were elected president of the United States I would believe God had finally decided to our own destruction. Now I believe He is still with us - for now.

There can be no excuses now for Republican incompetence. We have not only won the presidency, but the House of Representatives and the Senate as well. There is much corrective work to be done. Getting rid of Obama Care is important, but only the beginning. Obama and Clinton have done enormous damage to the nation, putting us in imminent fiscal, military, and Constitutional jeopardy.

Trump has promised to undo the legion of unlawful Obama executive orders, replace Obama Care, restore our military, help our wounded veterans, and many much more. I believe he is a man of his word, and someone who gets things done - he's a leader. In a short time we will learn about just how much damage Obama has done to the America he so desperately wanted to "change fundamentally". It will take years to understand the extent of the "fundamental" damage Obama has done.

I also have great trust and expectations for our new Vice President, Mike Pence. It was great to hear him thank God "for His amazing grace" during last night's acceptance speech.

Trust is something I have learned, through bitter experience, to suspect. Many otherwise conservative people still see Trump as a "dangerous" person. I don't, and give him the benefit of any doubt. The electoral win is too great to complain at this point. We have saved our Supreme Court, my biggest worry. We have won both houses of Congress, and the presidency. I can only rejoice at these outcomes.

As I said, it will take some time for me to fully appreciate what has just happened. But, I am very relieved.