I would like to enthusiastically endorse incumbent Fillmore Council Member Carrie Broggie in her effort to secure another term on the Council. Carrie has proven to be an essential part of our highly productive city government for the past 4 years. Her professional performance as a Council team member is especially appreciated by those of us who remember the turmoil in past years. Carrie is a true team player whose years of experience and cooperative attitude has always been a welcome benefit in Council deliberations.

I ask for your strong support for Carrie Broggie for Fillmore City Council.

I also endorse Dianne McCall, incumbent Fillmore City Council Member, for another term on our Council. Like Carrie Broggie, Dianne McCall is another team player on our Council. She has worked diligently and cooperatively with the other members in plotting the future of our city. I hope we will keep these two great Council members on the team that has been so successful.

I urge Fillmore residents to vote for Carrie Broggie and Dianne McCall for City Council. Together, especially, they are a winning team.


I'm sure I'm not alone in growing tired of the intense political conflict we face today. Americans are living through unprecedented times.

After so many obvious beneficial achievements, foreign and domestic, during normal times, President Trump should be able to relax a little and savor his accomplishments. Of course this can never happen because he faces the slings and arrows of outrageous, subversive Democrat attacks. The battle lines are clearly drawn between the violent, Leftist Democrat Party and the steadfast, traditional Republican Right. Neither description is exaggerated. Physical violence is promoted and undertaken by those organizations affiliated with the Democrat Party. This atmosphere of violence inspires weaker minds, like that of James T. Hodgkinson, the shooter in the (Majority Whip) Steve Scalise incident.

So Trump will have no victory party and Congress will find no will to create the laws necessary to protect the country, like immigration and border control legislation. Without passage of these urgently needed laws the problems, like invasions of our national borders by organized mobs, will continue. The Democrat half of our Congress is playing dead in hopes this turbulence will cause one of those incidents Democrat Rahm Emanuel finds valuable: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste." We now have a serious crisis on our hands. So watch Dems and their fellow anarchists go to work when the amnesty mobs arrive at the border.

Votes for any Democrat is a vote for continuous chaos.



America is under siege. We are being invaded by a coordinated mass of 14 thousand Hondurans and thousands of other nationals from Central American countries forcing their way through Mexico, determined to breach the weak U.S. border.

The defiant challenge to enter the U.S. illegally is being aided and abetted by radical agencies of several corrupt Middle and South American countries, claiming they are helpless to stop the surge. The financial assistance keeping this hoard on the road and on time for the upcoming U.S. mid-term elections is most likely radical anarchist and leftist billionaires like George Soros. Mexico claims to be impotent to stop the invasion from el Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua through its land.

They claim to be seeking asylum, safety from criminal gang assaults and corrupt governments which have ruined their currencies and are starving their citizens.

Even if this is true in many cases, America is a sovereign nation with valid laws and borders. Most of the members in this massive (and growing) invasion are seeking financial assistance. That's certainly understandable, but still inexcusable as the means to this end. The reasons are obvious. Virtually every Middle and South American nation today is suffering from the same disease, namely utterly (and traditionally) corrupt government and socialist -communist leanings. Venezuela is the most glaring example to date, but certainly not the only one.

There is one huge, inescapable practical issue involving this Great Escape from Central America: its population of 43 million. This, with the other surging populations of South America (425 million) together with Mexico, (131 million), has the U.S. facing a needy total current Latin American and Caribbean population of 653,905,279 million, as of Friday, October 19, 2018. The last thing America needs is to hear a call of "All aboard!" from the conductor on that perpetual motion "train" through Mexico. I threw-in the Caribbean because it is a dynamic part of the problem of illegal human migration and the maintenance of social order and cultural integrity. And no, cultural integrity is not a racist dog whistle. Anyone familiar with human history knows that people will often die for their culture even before defending their "country". It is a prominent cause of the bloodiest of wars, right up there with religion.

So, the war cry in this most recent illegal migrant charge to our border may be "Asylum!" but the counter cry must be national survival!

It is reported that 5,333 children are in this group. Why would a mother risk this? Is it because "The report also said the local officials were providing shelter, food, water, and even medical treatment [and] the Mexican Health Ministry is “vaccinating the children and carrying out blood tests.”

Make no mistake about this event. Whatever the reasons, it is a direct attack on American sovereignty. Trump must hold the line.




The rumor tsunami continues to inundate the Fillmore scene about our new $9M firehouse and the new Rotorcraft Support, Inc. helicopter maintenance and repair business.

Rotorcraft, despite the lack of activity outside their large new building, is doing just fine. I hear its a little behind anticipated opening date, but still doing great. Phase 1 of the two-phase project is nearly complete with the construction of a 67,872 SF hangar, and parking spaces. A lot of inside work is being completed, and work remains to transfer equipment from their Van Nuys location. Rotorcraft employs 58 full time employees who will relocate to Fillmore.

Rotorcraft will be accompanied by a second business, The Guardian, which is organized to fight forest fires. The Guardian employs approximately 15 full time men who will be at fire sites nine months out of the year. Those employees will be training in Fillmore when not attending to fires.

Phase 2 consists of constructing a 45,066 SF hangar for a future undetermined tenant.

Progress on the new $8 million Fillmore FIRE STATION is not going well. It appears that final stages of construction have been halted due to union concerns. Repeated efforts to contact Glenn Berosettett, project manager, have been unsuccessful. The firehouse project is nearly a year over scheduled completion. I will continue to get some official information as soon as I can run the manager down.

I have heard nothing more on the infamous Malibu sand truck proposal. One issue I think I neglected to address is the RETURN TRIPS. If the Malibu Geologic Hazard Abatement District (not a government department) has its way, we can't forget that those 400 (per day) double belly-dump sand trucks must find their way back through Fillmore - so it's really 800 trucks per day - for at least 20 years. I still find it hard to believe that our Coastal Commission permitted this outrageous plan. This plan is so exceptionally bizarre it would make excellent material for a PhD thesis on how even absurd, utterly self-serving, anti-environmental proposals can win with the help of crooked government and a venal court system - in a time of hyper-sensitive Liberal awareness. In short, how Liberals breed hypocrisy.

A quick look at DRUDGE today sums-up America under siege, by itself. I have never seen our country so divided, politically, socially, and spiritually.

Republican Candidates Assaulted in Minnesota... "...two GOP candidates have been assaulted in suspected politically motivated attacks."

The first shot fired by representatives of the Democrat Party against the Republicans happened during the Judge Cavanaugh hearings. Under other circumstances, the Judge could have won treble damages against many of his false accusers in an action for defamation, what's called slander per-se. The calumny against the judge was absolutely unprecedented in the Democrat "the end justifies the means" strategy of the Democrat Party. Accusing the judge of rape!

How long does the DNP expect to walk away from vicious defamatory, and now actual, physical assaults? Count the days till the first defensive shot is fired by some Republican member. Steve Scalise has already suffered the near fatal attack by hate-provoked Democratic Party minions. "In addition to Scalise, who was in critical condition Wednesday night, the gunman shot a lobbyist, a congressional aide and a Capitol Police special agent who was a member of Scalise’s security detail.”

The Democrat Party has become a dangerous, now lethal, mob in the political mayhem it has produced to win the near mid-term election. I disagree with those who think the Dems will retake the House of Representatives in this election, now that the American people have seen who they really are.

To vote Democrat this year is to throw away all of the Trump administration achievements, foreign and domestic.


The Fillmore Gazette has just passed its 30th birthday. During that time this column has been denounced and berated by some readers who have been offended by my consistent conservative point of view. I have, for 30 years, invited readers of a more liberal persuasion to respond.

Few of the offended readers have accepted my invitation, which makes things less interesting and even boring at times. I am, however, thankful for the few who have joined in the discussion. Most recently, Mrs. Kelly Scoles took me to task for my opinion on the disgraceful Star Chamber treatment the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats inflicted upon (now Supreme Court Justice) Brett Kavanaugh.

But from time to time I do get blasted for my opinions - that keeps me going. For example, a while ago, a gentleman entered my office to publish an obituary. As he was leaving he noted, "I like your editorials, but he [the deceased] hated your guts". When I discuss political or religious issues I think many readers may share that opinion. That's OK. I just wish more readers would respond, like Mrs. Scoles. Feeling the lash from liberal berserkers reminds me of why I'm undertaking this mostly thankless job.

I had another less than uplifting incident happen to me several months ago. These things usually happen when I'm alone in the office. There I was, just minding my own business, watching FOX, when a very agitated man burst into the office demanding to know why the police report had not been in the paper for the past two weeks. I explained why it was an issue of space and that we always try to get it in. He exploded with, "The blotter is the only reason I buy this piece of s..t!” He shouted that epithet three times, I guess to be sure I understood the meaning, ending his salutation with a very loud "F.... you!" - twice. With that, he stomped out, slamming the door behind him, leaving his latest edition of the Gazette on the desk, with his subscription label exposed.

Well, you can't please everyone. This last visitor, I'm convinced, was a liberal. He exhibited the emotional attributes of those liberals who have shot Congressman Steve Scalise, confronted Senators in restaurants, hallways, offices, and parkways. This man, I'm sure, was not a violent felon, like the Democrat man who attempted to kill several Republicans on that baseball field, or the Democrat radicals who have sent email messages telling everyone what diabolical, hideous attacks they would like to perform on the president, his family, and Republican members of Congress. I think that man was just very angry, not really maniacally hateful like Maxine Waters.

I'm just glad to know Justice Brett Kavanaugh has a tough guardian angel. God bless him and his whole beautiful family.


Reading a cynical letter to the editor this week from Mrs. Kelly Scoles, I might say (private joke) I was taken aback by her mawkish attitude. Some of us are right some of the time, and some wrong. Here is an example of someone wrong all of the time.

The scandalous Star Chamber treatment of Judge Kavanaugh at the hands of Democrat Senators has now passed the big bang stage of Constitutional contempt. Republicans have seen enough to understand we are in a war with the radical Left. It's time for weaklings, like (appropriately named) Senator Flake, to get a backbone, and other anatomical requisites, to enable an honorable defense of this beleaguered, honorable man.

These are the 100 special men and women sworn to be distinguished legislators and defenders of our Constitution? To a man/woman, Democrat members of this Senate Judiciary Committee to evaluate the Judge Kavanaugh's qualifications to be seated on our Supreme Court, are an offense to our Constitution, arrogant political hacks seeking power alone while depriving the nominee of a fair and impartial hearing - which must conform to fundamental (Constitutional) concepts of justice and equality.

As an American citizen Judge Kavanaugh has the Constitutional right to confront his accusers and to cross-examine them. Kavanaugh has had six previous FBI investigations throughout his political and judicial work years. He is recognized for his a highly distinguished judicial work, by both liberal and conservative judges, clerks, and social acquaintances. No nominee in the history of our Supreme Court has had a more meritorious professional history. He is acclaimed as "highly qualified" by the liberal American Bar Association. He is also known to be a great family man and arch supporter of women's rights, both on and off the bench.

Yet Democrat Party members of this Judiciary Committee have nearly exhausted themselves in their efforts to destroy his reputation professionally and socially. The accusers have proved to be a group of laughably incredible, political hacks, bent on doing the bidding of Senate Democrats. None of them have any corroborating evidence of wrongful actions by Kavanaugh. Indeed the "evidence" itself is nothing more than foggy half-memories from 36-years ago, during alleged high school days. The allegations of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford are now shown to false in several sworn-to incidents; her "fear of flying" (a complete, manufactured lie) her knowledge of polygraph technology and her use of it, and several other indisputable untruths. She could actually face an felony indictment for some of these lies. Her "credibility" on the Left is entirely based upon feelings and sympathy, when hard, corroborated facts are required.

How many Committee members would be willing to submit their own reputations to uncorroborated charges of attempted rape? These senators all have notorious, credible, accusations to answer for. Look, for example, at Dianne Feinstein who deliberately caused the confusion, Richard Blumenthal who falsely claimed to be a Vietnam war veteran, Mazie Hirono who wants all men to "shut up", Cory Booker who beats women and lies about it, and Kamala Harris, a showboating leftover from her salad days in California with Willie Brown, (in 1994 "Brown, 60, met Kamala Harris, a full 30 years his junior, and she became “the Speaker’s new steady,” “girlfriend” That's where she learned about politics and ethics.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, as a witness in this unconscionably unfair investigation, is a store-bought fraud.

It's time for Republicans to stand up and fight for Judge Kavanaugh, for his fine reputation, for his family. Those who heard the judge relate a touching moment with his 9-year-old daughter, and describe it this way: "And we had a sitting judge who mawkishly told dubious stories of his children "praying for Dr. Ford" have hearts of granite.

It's time for defensive political smash-face with Senate Democrats, to preserve the honor of the Senate.


I can't get the Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearing out of mind. Even with the low regard I have for most elected federal officials, understanding the depth of Senatorial venality exposed in this review of the Honorable Brett M. Kavanaugh to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, is both stunning and alarming.

Immediately following this traditional hearing a Democrat Party hit team is attempting to assonate this good man's reputation beyond recognition. Brett Kavanaugh is being accused by non credible men and women of criminal sexual activity, including rape. These accusations are coming so fast and plentifully Kavanaugh has hardly had time to deflect them and defend himself.

What has been known of Judge Kavanaugh during his entire life, by all women who have worked with him and known him socially, is that he is a strong Christian man with the highest moral character. Yet the all Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have urged the president to pull the Kavanaugh's nomination or "direct the FBI to re-open its background investigation" to examine accusations, even though accusations have no basis in fact.

"The media have also ganged-up on him: During the twelve days since Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein publicly announced the existence of an unspecified allegation against Brett Kavanaugh, the ABC, CBS and NBC morning and evening news shows have spent nearly six hours (344 minutes) regurgitating various unproved allegations against the Supreme Court nominee. But only a tiny percentage of that coverage — a measly eight percent — has been devoted to Kavanaugh’s denials and the lack of corroboration for his accusers’ accounts". (Rich Noyes).

This is a tactic habitually employed by the Democratic Party operation in congress. This is also the most outrageous of the many other outrageous behaviors of this Party during former Supreme Court nominating committees (Judge Bork, Justice Clarence Thomas). It is a Party without conscience - only political power drives it.

The slanderous sexual allegations building coughed-up by the highest ranking Democrats on the Committee are totally without merit. Accusers even demand that Kavanaugh speak to the Committee before the accusations are formally made. In other words, they deprive him of his Constitutional right to confront his accusers by cross examination. Where did their lawyers go to law school. The Senate has disgraced itself again; in the eyes of the average American citizen, they don't deserve their high positions. Think of it, our Senate is composed of a mere 100 members in the whole country of 325 million, and we have exalted the likes of Senators Dianne Feinstein, Leahy, Durbin, Whitehouse, Klobuchar, Coons, (Vietnam hero) Blumenthal, Hirono, Booker, Harris! All disgusting liars without conscience. They need personal exposure themselves following this formal, catastrophic, defamatory assassination of one of the very best candidates for a seat on the high court.

It's not surprising that the false accusations against Judge Kavanaugh pertain to sexual misconduct - but even more ironic. He has stated he lived a celibate life through high school, college, and law school - which is in strict accordance with Roman Catholic doctrine. Not surprising again since he was a devout Catholic through a Catholic grade school and high school. He is an ardent family man who has supported women of every age and level of achievement - just ask the hundreds who have defended his reputation during this hearing.

God bless Judge Brett Kavanaugh and secure his so-well deserved position as associate justice on the Supreme Court.


I think I was born conservative. Though I've always signed-in as a Republican, I'm more of a conservative independent. Republican office holders have never avoided my criticism where necessary. Our present Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for example, has transitioned from well liked, to questionable, to ending up as an utter political disaster.

On the other hand I've always accepted the Democrat Party as normal political opposition, big government, big taxes, with strong liberal bias and the social baggage that comes with that. At least during my adult life Democrats have also espoused moral convictions which are often profoundly opposed to traditional Judeo-Christian principles. This opposition has reached critical mass today.

The treatment of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by the liberal Democrat members of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary is astonishingly outrageous. These minority Democrat members: Patrick Leahy (VT) Dick Durbin (IL) Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Christopher A. Coons (DE) Richard Blumenthal (CT) Mazie Hirono (HI) Cory Booker (NJ) Kamala Harris (CA) are a disgrace to their offices. Booker and Harris, in particular, are prostituting their elected positions to this highest body of legislators, anticipating a run for the presidency themselves. I guess this makes them prostitutes.

Kavanaugh has successfully run the gauntlet of FBI investigations six times during his highly distinguished judicial career. He has not only been determined "highly qualified" by the (very liberal) American Bar Association, but has long been recognized as a brilliant judicial scholar, judge, and wonderful family man. His career is without stain or blemish - unlike senatorial freaks such as Blumenthal, who has lied about being a Vietnam combat Marine, which he is not.

Now, after Kavanaugh has answered thousands of background questions, personal and professional, some flakey Democrat-contributing woman from California (Christine Blasey Ford) is alleging he sexually harassed her 35-years ago, in high school, when she was 15 and he was 17. This is a scandalous, last minute set-up facilitated by some Stanford University group, to slow or kill Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation. A more worthy candidate for the Supreme Court cannot be found.

The reality here is that the Democrat Party is in full panic, hysteria over the immediate possibility that a near-perfect nominee for associate justice will be confirmed - consolidating a strict constructionist Supreme Court. In other words, justices who would rule on the law, rather than the liberal imaginative hopes and dreams of what the Constitution should say - thus creating new law and ignoring the clear language of the Constitution, the liberal way. Liberal Dems find legal rights where they don't exist, and infringe on clearly existing rights which they don't care for.

With the incredible revelations of massive corruption in the FBI, AG, State Department, CIA, NA, and other high agencies, and the Democrat Party, this new attack upon Kavanaugh is the shot which will be heard around this nation. This is a Fort Sumter moment if Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the high court.

My personal opinion of the Democrat Party has been permanently changed. I now see these people and this group as true enemies of our Constitutional Republic. I think this nation is on the brink of political disintegration.


I have just a few minutes today so I'll go again to DRUDGE for some quick inspiration.

Pope Blames Devil for Sex Abuse...
I have no problem believing this. Our world has gone sex crazy. Hollywood and friends have provided a rich bed of visual manure which spontaneously produces toxic spores in our society. Traditional Judeo-Christian guidance has been largely abandoned. It's really killing our entire culture. Men have a greatly reduced respect for women, and vice versa. Our children are rarely taught anything about traditional Judeo-Christian virtues, and our schools are legally prohibited from mentioning them. It's an unfolding tragedy.

Ad Agency Darkens Skin of Students in School Photo to Promote 'Diversity'...
America has become so obsessed with issues of race and diversity that we don't understand that diversity for diversity's sake is pointless and counterproductive. Let's just get on with life and be respectful of each other. That doesn't require any artificial blending.

Mark Wahlberg grueling daily regime begins with 30 mins prayer...
Now here's a guy that knows something about life! How refreshing to find some good news amongst all of the bleeding trash that's documented every day on DRUDGE. Thanks Mr. Wahlberg for such an uplifting example! I know nearly nothing about Hollywood, except what I read in the newspapers, but this is a truly refreshing note to hear in Tinseltown's usual cacophonous composition.

USA Now Largest Global Crude Oil Producer...
This is great news. President Trump can take a bow here because it is largely the result of his deregulation. Trump is Making America Great Again in real terms. If he is impeached after all the good he is doing I believe that would spark a true second American revolution.

I know this is a skimpy column this week. Just didn't have the time. Our prayers go out for those in danger from hurricane Florence; "80-foot waves"!


I'm disappointed to find so little of the Supreme Court Kavanaugh confirmation hearing on DRUDGE. It is a spectacle worth remembering when identifying anyone or anything with Democrat Party affiliations.

That the Democrat Party is an unscrupulous, soulless piece of political flotsam has long been recognized as such by observers of American history. For a refresher course on Democrat Party history read Dinesh D'Souza's latest book, Death of a Nation. This book clearly sums-up the historical events which lead to an understanding of why this Party continues to plague the normal constitutional process of American government. This book illustrates the reasons why Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee continue to hector and subvert all attempts at providing Judge Brett Kavanaugh a fair hearing towards confirmation to be our next Supreme Court Justice.

Senators Patrick Leahy, Dick Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, and Dianne Feinstein have admittedly orchestrated the obstruction of the normally orderly confirmation process. In the guise of performing their official duties of vetting the candidate they obstruct and delay the meetings in the futile hope of preventing Kavanaugh from being seated on the high court. It's what the party has done since Reconstruction days, the good old days of the KKK and Jim Crow. The stench of anti-Constitutional obstruction is strong as ever.

Brett Kavanaugh, as I've mentioned before, is a 24-Karrot nominee for the Supreme Court. Rated highest, "Well qualified" by the American Bar Association a liberal body. Brett Kavanaugh, by every normal standard, is a superlative candidate, so say his numerous fellow judges, clerks, and associates. His treatment by Democrat members of the Committee is outrageous.

But this unfair, biased treatment is nothing new for these Party members. We should reflect on the previous treatment by Democrats of other conservative Supreme Court candidates. Senator Ted Kennedy's unconscionable attacks on Judge Bork has become infamous. To treat nominees so badly is to "Bork" them. Then we have the "Borking" of now Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; perhaps the most dramatic instance of the Democrat's gross misbehavior.

With the orchestrated screaming disruptions from the back of the chamber (too slowly ended by officials) and more orchestration from the above-mentioned senators calling for a halt in the proceedings, in measured, pre-determined time, the meeting is constantly disrupted.

I have to look at the Democrat Senators with disgust; in particular, Richard Blumenthal. It was Blumenthal who widely represented himself to be a veteran of the Vietnam war - which he was not. How this liar continues to be honored as a U.S. Senator is beyond my comprehension. But he is now passing judgment upon one of the most honorable judges on the American bench!

A pox on all of their houses.

Let's not let these rogues get their aqua regia hands on this gold nominee, Judge Brett Kavanough!


I'm usually a little aggravated when I start this column. I try to decipher my notes from last night's city council meeting (can't hear most of the discussion) before Realities, which leaves me an hour or so to finish, after dog duties. With all the crucially important stuff going on in Washington, especially the revelation of the massive conspiracy by our highest federal agencies to undermine the candidacy of Donald Trump, and to destroy his office as President, it's like having that dream where you're running as fast as you can but don't progress. (If I had more time that last sentence would have been shorter).

The good news for conservatives is that Trump is winning despite the political snipers trying to knock him out. We're in a vortex of deadly political confrontation. It's a true civil war between the right and the left - the Deep State subversives and conventional American conservatives. On this scale nothing like this has ever happened before in our history.

It is now a proven fact that Democrats pushing for Hillary Clinton, through minions of the Obama administration, the DNC, and the Clinton Foundation, have weaponized our most powerful governmental agencies to assure a Clinton victory.

The FBI, CIA, DOJ, Department of State, NSC, etc. (I'm running out of letters) through their directorships, have truly committed treason and endangered the security of this nation.

Gregg Jarrett sums up many of the principle criminals in his new book: "The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump." This is the clearest summation of the growing scandal.

The rogue's gallery of federal criminals include FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, et.al..

I would throw in Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, as well.

Our present peek-aboo Attorney General Jeff Sessions belongs there now as well.

It's a disgusting lot to be sure. The question now is, will justice be done in charging this all with the multiple felonies they have committed. Then we can start with the Clinton criminal crowd, which is larger than the Rosenstein-Mueller folks.

Times up - for me, and I hope for them as well.


Yesterday, the Bard might say, President Trump suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune at the hands of once trusted friend Michael Cohen, and the conviction of Paul Manafort, the president's ex-campaign chairman.

Manafort was found guilty on 8 felony counts on the same day Cohen pleaded guilty to paying "hush" money allegedly at Trump's direction. Both men are former friends of the President. The scene is set for one of the strangest scenarios ever in American political history.

The criminal Michael Cohen now says (according to his new attorney) that he would not accept a pardon from Trump, because "He considers a pardon from somebody who has acted so corruptly as president to be something he would never accept". What was that about the pot calling the kettle black? Or is that just racist today?

Manafort was praised by the President following the conviction. While Trump accused Cohen of lying to prosecutors in order to get a deal, he stated unlike Michael Cohen, "he [Manafort] refused to break” - make up stories in order to get a “deal.” "Such respect for a brave man!."

Republicans rightly condemn the trials of both men, unlawfully begun during Special Counsel Robert Mueller's unlawful appointment. The investigation was for crimes, which required that a crime be identified to initiate the investigation. No crime has ever been identified in this so-called Russian collusion farce. The doctrine of the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree should have been applied long ago - this exclusionary rule would have thrown out evidence unlawfully gained in this unlawful investigation. Mueller's investigation of alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign in 2016 should not have begun, and has found nothing after nearly 2 years.

Democrats and Never-Trump anarchists are on a tear. They smell blood and see a path to impeaching President Trump. That's what all of this political machination has been about since our marshmallow Attorney General Jeff Sessions melted away. They won't get there but the fight has begun in earnest. The Democrats have their plan, but as the saying goes, attributed to Mike Tyson, "Everyone's got a plan, until you're hit in the face." Liberals, anarchists, socialists, and other anti-Constitutionalists are about to receive the second part of Tyson's observation.

For the first time in my life I believe that this country could actually explode into revolutionary chaos due the inability of the Left to accept Donald Trump as their legitimate president. If Trump should lose this fight and be impeached by the crooked Left, all bets are off.

This country is as politically and emotionally unstable as I have ever seen it.


Just a brief note. I just received word of the death of Ray Tilley. He was a cousin and lifelong resident of Fillmore. Ironically, the Gazette was uninformed of his passing, just learning of it from my brother who happened to stop by the office a few minutes ago having returned from the funeral.

Well, these things happen.

Rest in peace Ray.


I have so little time left today I'm just going to comment on a few items on DRUDGE.

Former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance has been pulled by President Trump. Should have been done long ago. How he ever got to run our most secret agency is a mystery. His background is a frightening history of Communist and other radical associations. He was appointed Deputy National Security Advisor, a position which did not require Senate confirmation, then he was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 5, 2013, to succeed David Petraeus as Director of the CIA. Swapping Petraeus for Brennan was almost treason, despite Petraeus's wrongful act. After studying his political history the average reasonable person should be shocked that Brennan was able to get anywhere near the country's secrets. "So in 1980, John Brennan confessed, 'I voted for the Communist Party with Gus Hall". Read a little about Gus Hall and ask yourself if the intelligence committee was crazy to let him in. Brennan is also a fervent advocate for Sharia Islam.

Good riddance.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should be next. This is the guy who perjured himself on TV - and was never charged! He had the power over all of America's most secret information. He's among the deepest of Deep State creatures, and he retired into the financially comforting arms of MSNBE, et al.

Looking at the people who have been placed in the country's most sensitive government offices over the past 15 years (especially under Obama) makes me wonder if the nation is safe from anything.

Again,good riddance to booth of these guys.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

"Boys and girls will share restroom in Kansas City..."

Isn't that special? Our schools are becoming cesspools of radical Leftist policy.

"Erdogan says Turkey will boycott US electronics.."

Erdogan of Turkey is a false friend, head of a critically important country. We have nukes stored in this NATO country which should be removed. He has become a Sharia Islamist. The US should keep the pressure on until he releases the American pastor, Andrew Brunson. He hates Christianity - not a big surprise.

I'm out of time.

I think North Korea is a lost cause. So is Iran. China is our biggest threat, with Russia always there to make things worse. We need to rebuild our military - quickly.


By now most Fillmore residents have learned about the plan to launch 44,000 double belly-dump sand trucks from the Grimes Canyon area through Fillmore to Malibu's Broad Beach.

The Ventura Star recently reported that the agreement between Moorpark and the ”Broad Beach Geologic Hazard Abatement District" (impressive ad hoc name - sounds almost governmental) has been recently upheld by "a state court of appeals".

This whole sneaky deal is extraordinary in its entirety; I cannot conceive of any construction project of this size, which would cause such widespread collateral ecological damage - for 20 years. All for the satisfaction of a string of homeowners along Malibu's Broad Beach who have apparently snuggled-up to corrupt state agencies and courts susceptible to the influence of special interests.

The whole plan is so preposterous I have to believe the actors here all belong to the same club. How else can the average reasonable person believe that trucking sand (44,000 one-way trips) from two quarries atop Grimes Canyon, down Highway 126, through Fillmore, Santa Paula, Saticoy (through Oxnard?) onto Highway 101 to Malibu, for 20-years, in any way be reasonable? And this ridiculous plan was approved by our Coastal Commission? Where is the Department of Interior? Crickets.

Think of the deterioration of the roadways, impossible congestion down Grimes Canyon, probability of accidents, all to replenish sand on a beach that has been denuded by the natural effects of wave action. What would be gained if these efforts were quickly reversed by storm action, say after a couple of years work? Would the contract with Moorpark be continually extended? The Star says "The trucks would be allowed to travel through Moorpark only under "unforeseen circumstances," like traffic jams on Highway 126. These traffic jams would be CAUSED by the truck traffic! The court affirmed this agreement due in part to "Moorpark's already congested streets". What about Fillmore's streets? Judge, refer to your equity notes.

I don't have time to explore this critical threat to our part of the county.

One alarming fact: The Grimes Canyon roadway, Highway 23, the only "direct" way to Moorpark, Simi, etc. from Fillmore, will be effectively closed to normal traffic.

This is an example of your court system and state authorities betraying us for a mere $30-million. Might as well be $30-million in silver.


I've wasted too much time on the sand truck scandal, but there's no shortage of scandals these days.

I highly recommend Michael Goodwin's article in the New York Post this week. It is a great summary of conservative angst and frustration with our federal government, entitled "Why it’s time for Trump to play his ace in the hole". "He [Trump] could, in an instant, strike a blow for accountability and transparency by ordering the Justice Department to give Congress everything it wants, subject to very limited restrictions." This would expose Jeff Sessions, Robert Mueller, and Rod Rosenstein to be the villains they are.

The whole, enormous Democrat Party conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump in the 2016 election, with the critical assistance of a crooked FBI and DOJ, is finally there for all rational citizens to see. How can any honest American citizen continue to excuse Hillary when she has been clearly exposed as perhaps the most prolific felon in this country's history? James Comey and his seditious band of Deep State co-conspirators would never have been discovered had Hillary been elected. That is now an established fact, and there's no point in arguing with a fact.

Trump's biggest mistake since his inauguration was to appoint a cipher like Jeff Sessions, who ducked and covered, and in domino fashion, appointed a snake like Rod Rosenstein, who then appointed his bosom buddy Robert Mueller to attack Trump with plenary powers to investigate, with unlimited latitude and funding.

From the beginning Trump called it a setup, a rigged attack upon his candidacy and presidency.

He was right - as usual.

It's time for our President to play the trump card and declassify those documents. Check out Michael Goodwin's article online.


A response to this week's letter from Kelly Scoles

Thanks again Kelly for your letters; they are rescuing me from a life of boredom.

You say our Constitution defends our freedom of speech, except for limits such as "deliberately inciting violence". Since President Trump's inauguration Democrat Party members and their minions have been doing exactly that - deliberately (and successfully) inciting violence. As "ethical people" they are, as you say "failing to consider their duties as humans and Americans".

Next, let's explore my alleged "most egregious" statement, i.e. the "sub species" comment. The word species is used to differentiate one organism from another in a fairly loose way. It's useful here in attempting to understand the alphabet soup string of identifying letters adopted by certain groups to define their sexual proclivities, setting them apart from the "norm". This string of classifications would not have been understood 50 years ago. For example, if a man decides to "marry" another man. This phenomenon may be sufficiently unique to justify recognition as a new species, at least according to Linnaeus - if they are able to reproduce as such. All this talk of being "fully human" is I think deliberately ridiculous. But so are men pretending to be women.

Recognition of these individuals as special groups with alleged special Constitutional rights to demand the abandonment of the traditional religious rights of others is troubling. They have acted to force others to recognize their alleged super-Constitutional status. They say "You will bake a cake for us!" In that case the answer was "No!". Judicial decisions like this in no way disparage or limit their own traditional Constitutional rights. But traditional religious rights in this case overrode attempted special treatment. These cases will continue to be challenged in various courts well into the future unless a definitive Supreme Court decision is rendered.

Certainly, Judeo-Christian rights remain unchanged forever, which mandates love. Many believers in these ancient Judeo-Christian doctrines deny the existential legitimacy of these new social groups and warn of dangerous consequences. However, these challenges have no legal effect.

I disagree that Christians are "obliged to respect heavenly creation in all its forms." Within creation there is both good and evil, determined by conformance with Biblical dictates. Our Constitution embodies the fundamental Judeo-Christian precepts. Agree with them or not, they constitute the American legal "norm". God gave us free will before the Constitution gave us free speech, so it's not my business to judge anyone's decisions here as long as they don't conflict with our Constitution.

Most men who abide by traditional Judeo-Christian principals recognize a duty on their part to protect and defend women, who were never intended to be equal to men in physical strength. Even Ronda Rousey and Marine Capt. Katie Petronio (a favorite hero of mine) would agree. This fact doesn't require further explanation, and "We can take care of ourselves" in too many cases is untrue. Ultimately, none of us can take care of ourselves. There are just too many bad men in this world who prey on women, and there are an insufficient number of good men to take them out. This is a perpetual challenge.
This new gender conflict is intense. The "imprimatur and nihil obstat" are beyond my pay grade, but my last assertion can be attested to in that Bible we've been talking about. On a personal level, every father should know he has an absolute duty to protect his wife and children, even to the point of sacrificing his life (a not-uncommon occurrence).

I have no intention of "dehumanizing others." On the other hand people who believe as I do about the "natural", fundamental Judeo-Christian differences between men and women, reject products of the gender wars like so-called "same sex marriage", despite the fact that liberal judicial authority has given it reality in the law. I wouldn't pretend to "dehumanize" anyone even if I had the power to do so.

The bullying I referred to concerns the demanding of rights without legal precedent, the ones alleged to be hidden beneath those fictitious "penumbras" where the creative liberal imagination lurks. Imagination has no bounds - our Constitution exists to establish bounds. The Christian baker is bullied into working against his will for the sexual hedonist unbeliever. Uncorrected, this is the stuff of potential violence.

On the other hand, what individual states choose to do in creating their own legal culture is one thing (under their own constitutions); what the federal judiciary does in construing our federal Constitution is strictly limited by the plain language of that law. As the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia said: "Whatever "the law" is, judges should follow it, and they should follow it at the expense of their own private views." American law during the past 50-plus years has been completely distorted by "progressive" judges and justices, which translates to Democrat Party policy and the material erosion of our Christian culture.

About the pearls --- Molon labe!


America's judicial system is commonly seen as corrupt due to its capture by the Liberal Left some 50 years ago. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stands out as an obvious example. But the lower courts, where 99 percent of legal decisions are rendered, is tainted as well. It's often big money, political influence, and simply liberal bias and cronyism which places its finger on the legal decision scales. Usually the biased outcome is not unlawful and there is no practical remedy for the common man. It's often an issue of ethics, very often an issue of simple fairness.

While I cannot attribute the decision of a recent state court of appeal upholding most of an agreement between the City of Moorpark and something called the Geologic Hazard Abatement District , for restructuring a beach in Malibu, to most of the above issues I can fault it for unfairness.

In short, this "District" is proposing to cause 400 or more belly-dump sand trucks to deliver sand from Grimes Canyon (through Fillmore) to Malibu's Broad Beach to replenish sand to its depleted shore, on a daily basis - for 20 years. I will have to wait to describe the danger and damage this preposterous plan will cause to Fillmore. For one, it will effectively shut-down Grimes Canyon to normal traffic.

All this danger, damage, and disorder to please private homeowners along the eroded beach. This sort of favoritism trumps even the authority of our Ventura County Supervisors, who oppose the plan.

I would not expect our state's Supreme Court to provide assistance in this case of obvious political bias because it's just another pocket of liberal bias. We need a state Trump, but we're going to get an uber Liberal in Gavin Newsom.
Malibu - go pound sand.


I want to thank Mrs. Kelly Scoles for her letter this week. She is clearly unhappy about my last editorial. I've written "Realities" for the past 32-years and have always invited critical letters in response, with rare success. It gets really boring without some challenge to my admittedly conservative comments. I invite attacks even from my fan.

Let me respond quickly to some complaints. First, my views on "humanity and politics" have always been based on the Judeo-Christian Bible and the US Constitution. I'm frankly one of those persons that Obama disparaged because we "cling to our guns and religion". I don't apologize for that.

I have many friends who are Democrats. My attacks are upon the devious and untrustworthy Democrat Party - not individuals. We can now clearly see the true collusion being disclosed in its attempt to destroy a duly elected president. That is true treason.

Trump is a "strong man" indeed (unlike Obama), but not like President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela. He should be recognized for the remarkable good he has already accomplished in his short time in office.

Funny you should focus on the word "aback". I have never used it before, but it seemed appropriate here. I could have said "surprised" or "startled" but aback seemed better. In a do-over I would probably use "surprised". Trump is often described as a liar, especially by those who take everything literally. People make mistakes and I wish President Trump were more articulate at times. However, compared to so many high-ranking members of the Dem. Party, for example, the scabrous liar Harry Reid, or Comey, Clapper, or Brennan of collusion infamy, he's a saint.

This talk of "normal traditional citizens" is misunderstood. God bless us all. I make no judgment whatsoever in these complicated issues. My point is that many of the innovative protections have been "discovered" in our Constitution by creative liberal justices, and the result has become almost oppressive for traditional Constitutional adherents. For example, I don't want young men entering the girl's bathroom at any time in school or out. This novel idea should be quashed for the protection and dignity of our female citizens. This new license is not to be found in our Constitution, even if alleged to be hiding under those "penumbras." I may also ask, what gives you the right to saddle the country with these new pseudo identifications? Find them for me in our Constitution!

Again, these are not my "personal views", they are rights and privileges chiseled into the Constitutional rock. These "cries for help" are curious - unless I'm crying for help to restore the purity of our Constitution and protect it from further liberal confusion.

I thank you for feeling my "pain" for whatever reason.

God bless President Trump, his family, and our sacred American Constitution.


I have to admit I was a little taken aback by President Trump's comment about Putin's denial of hacking the 2016 U.S. election. But I fully accept his explanation, saying he simply misspoke. But this nation is in danger of a violent conflict between the radical Democrat Left and the traditional Conservative Right. The radical Dems have pushed their free-floating, deranged hatred of our President for so long and so violently that they are on the verge of receiving sharp pushback from the Republican Right. America is now so truly divided between the Loony Left and the Constitutional Right that, much more unjustified agitation from the loons could spark real violence.

We're confronting each other on critical issues of American Constitutional history and tradition. Most of these issues have arisen during the past 50 years and were unheard of before that time. Liberal jurists and legislators, like rust, never sleep. They are constantly eating away at our Constitutional rights and protections. Our Founder's intentions and 200-years of established, hard fought, robust, Judeo-Christian Constitutional traditions, have already eroded.

Two things are happening here. A liberal judiciary and Congress are destroying our traditional Constitutional rights on the one hand and fabricating imaginative, state-of-the-art "rights".

The right to life, explicitly stated in our founding document, now excludes children awaiting birth. A host of newly discovered varieties of humans are now given special protection, particularly in the field of sex identification. These sub-species now crowd-out normal traditional species, for example, at public bathrooms and on our war ships (see anti-urinal disputes aboard new aircraft carriers). The once universal position of fathers and mothers is now confused. Family values are diminished as normal traditional citizens are obliged to forego their religious beliefs and acknowledge the proliferation of other-than-scientifically known male and female species.

The clearest and most specific wording of Constitutional rights are now challenged by liberal Leftist jurists to dilute meaning and diminish our rights - like our Second Amendment. No provision in our Constitution is safe from officious liberal meddling. The "living Constitution" Gurus have had their way for five decades. There is no stopping them without a radical reorganization of our Supreme Court, which is now underway.

The divide between Republicans and Democrats has never been more obvious or destructive. As the scheme enabled by the FBI, DOJ, and other parts of the Deep State continue to be revealed as the greatest criminal conspiracy in American history, the situation should become more obvious to all honest, thinking citizens. Just consider players like John O. Brennan, former member of the Communist Party USA - the former CIA director admitted that he voted for the Communist Party's presidential candidate, Gus Hall, in 1976. This man deserves special scrutiny.

Then we have James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and a host of other unindicted co-conspirators, turning out to be a cast of thousands.

Attacks on our President also obscure a clear vision of the whole US governmental mess, created by the so-called "collusion" investigation. The Robert Mueller investigation is truly a farce, generated to facilitate the impeachment of our President. There was no crime to investigate at the beginning (required for such an independent probe) and if Mueller were really the honest man liberals say he is, he would have never have taken the job because of his serious conflicts of interest.

This is an issue of ethics - they say he is an honorable man, and “Brutus is an honorable man” as well.


Hardly enough time to cover even most important stories today.

I should begin on a positive note in congratulating the men who rescued the 12 boys from a cave in northern Thailand. It was a close call, almost seemed like an impossible task. Sad that one hero on the rescue team died in his attempt.


The nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court has lit the fuse within the Democrat Party's pyrotechnic think tank, while bringing joyful triumph to Republican ranks. This long-awaited event will be the second stage of the Dem's self-destruct rocket, which anticipates its final decent into oblivion.

For at least a generation the Democrat Party is finished - absent Armageddon.

It has been caught with its political knickers down for all the world to see. As admitted by all reputable journalists (a few remain) this Party and its fellow travellers have succeeded in undermining the very heart of American government. Obama and his administration minions networked an incredible conspiracy to help Hillary Clinton win the presidential election in 2016, and undermine now President Trump's chances for winning.

The plot beggars the Guy Fawkes Gunpowder Plot of 1605 in which an attempt to blow-up houses of parliament by placing explosives under the structure, failed. Mr. Fawkes and friends were caught and the plot destroyed. Today, Mr. Obama, with many of his hold-over workers have also been caught. Recently, Congressional committees have subpoenaed 40 more members of the Obama administration to determine whether they played a part in the conspiracy to destroy Trump's hopes in the 2016 election.

This, following the decimation of most FBI leaders and a growing number at the Attorney General's office. The crimes involved here make the Whitewater scandal seem petty. The allegations of Russian interference are humorous by comparison. As a cartoon character once observed, "We've met the enemy and they are us."

I thank God for the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. On the scale of judicial purity he is simply 24 karat gold. Let's pray that the pot metal Democrat senators can be frustrated as they attack this good man with their *aqua regia examinations. (*dissolves gold)

After all these decades I finally feel like our judicial system, with its devious, anti-Constitutional liberal jurists, is being corrected.


It's the Fourth of July again. As I grow older the more this day demands my attention. The Fourth commemorates the greatest triumph of liberty in human history. This was the day in 1776 when people calling themselves Americans threw off the chains of English royal authority and proclaimed themselves citizens of a new democratic republic. Our new nation is now 241years old, having survived numerous conflicts, beginning with Indian wars dating back to the early 17th century. America's survival has always been a bloody struggle, and we have always prevailed - though once ending with a stand-off in Vietnam. America's freedom was bought with millions of American lives.

Except for the fact that America has always celebrated its independence with fireworks, as the reason we celebrate this day recedes from the memory of most Americans, pyrotechnics have just become an annoyance for me.

American citizens, particularly our youth, are not properly educated in our nation's history; they don't know why America is unique among the world's countries, why it is indeed exceptional. Without this essential knowledge they are vulnerable to the lies of seditious liberals seeking to undermine our nation's vitality.

We celebrate America for the freedom we enjoy. From the beginning Americans have formally acknowledged this freedom as a gift from God, not from government. We have been endowed by our Creator with unalienable Rights, such as Life, Liberty, and the freedom to pursue Happiness. We should remember that these rights, being "unalienable," empower the citizens to defend against all attempts to take them from us. Our Declaration of Independence is as much a message to our government as it was to the English crown - leave us alone!

Our rights, stipulated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, place strict limitations on governmental powers. Today, as I think about the condition of our great nation, it's troubling to see evidence of corruption and decline at such a destructive level. Many of the foundational beliefs have been discarded.

That right to life enshrined in our Declaration is ignored by our highest legal authority. It now proclaims that a mother has a substituted "right" to kill her unborn baby - right up to the last minute before normal birth would take place (a "right" Senator Chuck Schumer affirms). The dead baby's skin, and other organs, can thereafter be sold for profit through organizations like Planned Parenthood. All of America would have recoiled in disbelief at this pagan barbarity at any time during the first 200 years of our existence. The law as clearly proclaimed in our Declaration and Constitution has not changed. What has changed is the interpretation of its words by corrupt liberal justices, which has deadened the natural conscience of America. A nation without a conscience is in evil hands. A nation that refuses to protect the most innocent and vulnerable of persons loses its authority to govern. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 America is responsible for 60,069,971 abortions, as I write this. Millions of children will never have a chance at life as God intended. What an unspeakably horrible loss, what a supremely fiendish activity.

President Donald Trump has promised to nominate Pro-Life judges to the Supreme Court bench. This is sufficient for me to overlook any and all objections I have had to any of his negative political comments. Following his actions since the inauguration, I see his social imperfections as being far less than those of King David, who despite that King's flaws, was blessed, as God said: "I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart."

It's also worth remembering that, like King David, who established his capital in Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, our president has established the Embassy of the United States of America in Jerusalem as well, respecting King David's perpetual capital.

At the present time, considering the incredible accomplishments during his mere one and a half years in office, all objections to and aspersions cast upon President Trump are as nothing. He is the man for this season.

God Bless President Trump, his family, and our recovering American nation!


Charles Krauthammer passed away last week. His conservative political column was syndicated on more than 400 publications and he was a star commentator at FOX news for many years.

Krauthammer was famous for the brilliance of his thought as well as his extraordinary perseverance following an accident which severed his spinal cord as a young man. Afterwards, he graduated from Harvard Medical School and attended Oxford, later choosing political journalism. He finally succumbed to cancer, informing his readers that he had only a short time to live.

Rest in peace Charles Krauthammer. You are a brilliant example of the Good Man.


The Democrat dogs of war are loosed from their chains. They are on the scent of anarchy. Once constrained by public opinion, now the wound of electoral failure will not heal. The Democrat Party and its anarchist minions are at large.

It's reported that Party leaders like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Keith Ellison, Tom Perez, and the Obama zealots working to undermine Trump's presidency, encourage their members to attack Republicans wherever they find them. This is the violent animus that influenced the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise during the annual Congressional Baseball Game for Charity last year.

These Democrat anarchists have begun physically harassing and targeting anyone working for the Trump organization. Sarah Huckabee, the president's Press Secretary, with family members, was driven from a restaurant because she worked for Trump. Several other Trump administration members are also being harassed by Democrat "Never Trumpers." These events include actual assaults.

It's only a question of time before these anarchists encounter retaliation in self-defense. Such a reaction, of course, is precisely what they want - confusion and chaos.

Ultimately, this could prove to be Fort Sumter, supported by our Second Amendment.


But conservatives should not be too discouraged by the Democrat anarchists. This has been a great month for making America great again. Two critically important decisions have come down from our Supreme Court. The first affirms the president's broad authority over the nation's immigration. The president can halt immigration from any country he deems to be a threat to the peace or security of the United States. All of those contemptible, politically corrupt U.S. District Courts and Circuit Courts of Appeal (see 9th Circuit) have been slapped-down. This doesn't mean that they will now behave themselves, but they are about to be put in place, ultimately obliged to follow the law instead of injecting their pet views on alleged Constitutional flexibility and the use of foreign law. Federal courts have been the scourge of the Constitution for decades. God willing, Trump's fresh nominees will clean-up our judicial system.

After this decision we no longer have to admit Jihadist Muslims to America.


This has been a wonderful year for Fillmore High School.

I attended the most impressive FHS graduation of all I have witnessed during my almost-30 years in our city. The planning itself seemed perfect, the graduates positive and mature, and their teachers proud. Special thanks must go to School Superintendent Dr. Adrian E. Palazuelos for his outstanding overall leadership. We have also been blessed with an outstanding School Board. Fillmore High School has never looked better.

What a great year! Thank you all.


Well, it looks like it's time to ask for our other, matching, "snorkel" outside mailbox to be restored. The city responded very quickly to provide a new island at the rear of the post office. They removed the old concrete, painted the curb, added bollards to protect the boxes, and finished it all off with reflective tape. Now it's time to replace the box on the northbound side, as it was for 30 years. That way, the northbound traffic doesn't have to make a long, awkward circle around to access the existing southbound box.

Well, if you want both boxes restored as before you have to sound off with letters to the editor and calls to the Postmaster.


There seems to be too much elation after president Trump's meeting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Anyone familiar with Kim's family history knows it has been a history of monstrous human rights violations. Several escapees have written books about life in the Hermit Kingdom. Escape from Camp 14: One Man's Remarkable Odyssey from North Korea to Freedom in the West, would be a good place to begin.

Most of the world, at least the Western part, has hope that peace between North and South Korea will finally materialize. At present, only a cease fire agreement is recognized. But I just cannot believe that Kim would give away his only leverage (nuclear weapons) against the U.S., Japan and his other perceived enemies, for a promise of Western prosperity. Nor should we provide that prosperity for him on his promise to hand over his nuclear weapons. I can't see how the U.S. can get beyond this standoff as a practical matter. Would we do it piecemeal? Would it be something like a nuclear swap meet - OK, we'll take two of your bombs for a casino and a thousand miles of road pavement? We'll begin construction as you roll out the first bomb. Hmm, wonder how long such a transaction would take.

Kim is said to have produced 20 to 60 nuclear warheads, with the missiles to carry them to America's shores. Kim has also progressed from mere atomic bombs to the hydrogen bomb, which can be a 1,000-times more destructive. In this case trust can have no part in negotiations. The U.S. is demanding "complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization" of North Korea. In other words, Kim must give up his bombs and missiles, and tell us where his testing and storage facilities are. Again, how quickly could this be done, even with Trump managing the deal?

Kim's success has been facilitated by Russia and China over some 40 years. His weapons alone give him leverage and prestige in the world. He has showcased his hydrogen bombs and fired his missiles over Japan to demonstrate their ability.

Would he just hide some of his nukes? They're not very big, and Iran would sell what's left of its soul to buy some of them. Would his military go along with such a deal, or would they simply assassinate him? What about his vast stores of chemical-biological weapons? How could any of this be completely, verifiably, and irreversibly denuclearized and detoxified?

I hope this can be done, but I must say I don't think it can.

I believe in miracles - and I think it would take one to bring true peace here.