A quick response to a letter from Kelly Scoles:

Thanks for the note, Kelly. I can agree with most of your concerns but disagree with many suggested solutions. I truly hope there is no voter fraud but experience tells me to beware the count in Pennsylvania.


I'm tired! Stayed up too long last night after I saw FOX call Arizona for Biden, with nearly a million votes as yet uncounted. Then several important states were not called despite the fact they were strongly for Trump. An official working for the company that does the voter computing for FOX came out and provided a complicated (if unsatisfactory) explanation. Things not much better this AM.

Even though Biden has finally come out of his cellar with a big smile, without his usual double mask, his boast of effortlessly winning the election, I hope proves to be delusional. Absent serious cheating President Trump has been reelected. If not, count on quickly experiencing the great American demise.

For starters, all of the traitorous scoundrels who attempted a presidential coup during the past four years will go unpunished. The traitors at the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, will escape justice. Mega liars like little Adam Schiff will also escape the lash he so justly deserves. In short, America's justice system will wear an indelible mark of infamy, never to be trusted again.

The numerous good things that Trump has accomplished during the past four years will be undone, such as the extraordinary treaties of peace in the Middle East between Israel and an increasing number of Arab countries. Also historically deep tax cuts will disappear. Just too many accomplishments to list here.

Above all, America, without a Trump second term, will be severely diminished, morally, and distrusted internationally. Abortion mills will grind away without reserve. China will also dominate us because Joe Biden is so completely compromised by his criminal family financial dealings in that communist country. U.S. business will once again flock to China, creating new American rust belts and destabilizing our economy.

And, the Biden Family Crime syndicate would never see a Grand Jury.

But, I pray we can avoid this threatened disaster. I believe President Trump will be reelected. He is a true patriot with an historically brilliant list of solid accomplishments.