The return of postal delivery boxes to their former location at the rear of the post office building is going to take some cooperation and effort - and more public comment.

I've discussed the problem with Postmaster William B. Thompson but have just recently (this a.m.) contacted Fillmore City Manager David Rowlands for comment.

The two drive-through boxes served patrons for decades before their recent removal and relocation to the sidewalk in front of the post office building. This relocation is a bad idea. It is clogging traffic on Central Avenue, greatly inconveniencing elderly and handicapped patrons, and forcing patrons to drive around the block (often more than once) to find a parking place.

If the public wants the boxes to return it will have to speak out.


I thought the President's State of the Union speech last night was magnificent. I only worry about his idea for so-called Dreamers. We have to cut-out the chain immigration altogether, as well as the incredibly stupid "Lottery". This last plan had to have been a Democrat idea, it is just so profoundly stupid. The only logical immigration plan, regardless of structure, must focus only on personal merit! American citizenship really is a precious commodity - more of us should understand that.

The behavior of most Democrats during this historic speech was largely, and typically, disgraceful. These members showed only contempt for President Trump's sincere effort to heal some political wounds and unify the nation in the face of unprecedented world challenges.

Democrats, particularly Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, sat with sour expressions, refusing to applaud almost any part of the speech, while that disgusting little congressional mouse Luis Gutierrez (Illinois) fled the House Chamber when the chant "USA!, USA!, USA!" broke out. Keep running, Luis, or you might become a loyal patriot!

The speech was great - and so is the job President Trump is doing, despite pathetic, maniacal Democrat Party obstruction.


I was saddened, and almost alarmed, at hearing U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. has announced he will not seek re-election, saying his skills “are better utilized in a courtroom than in Congress.”

He has been a stalwart Representative for South Carolina - and the nation. He is a uniquely tenacious Member, working to drain the swamp. I hope he changes his mind.


Among Trump's most important statements in his State of the Union speech was his urging Congress to end the deadly sequestration of the military budget. We ignore this at the nation's clear and present peril. Let's hope that Congress can show that it is not entirely untrustworthy by re-building our military. The enemy is at the gate!



I hope everyone joins in the spirit of our new "Save The Boxes" campaign. If we can do it for the whales we can do it for the boxes.

Seriously, the drive-through mail collection boxes are very important for the safety and convenience of postal customers. The lack of these boxes causes serious safety issues for handicapped and elderly patrons. Relocating the boxes to the sidewalk in front of the P.O. (from their former place behind the P.O.) is causing traffic congestion in front, on Central Avenue.

Without a drive-through system everyone seeking to drop off mail must now find a parking space, get out of the vehicle to drop the mail, reenter the vehicles and back out into traffic, causing congestion.

The boxes have been damaged (apparently by truck traffic) at the rear of the P.O. Two things need to be done here: replace the boxes on the elevated area owned by the City, and place bollards (steel posts) in front and back of the boxes (just like the P.O. has recently done at its own parking area. A camera to identify vehicles causing any damage is also appropriate.

A concrete light standard remains in the middle of the former box area, and has not been damaged.

I will continue my attempts to contact the Postmaster. But, I think he should work with the City to restore the boxes to their former location. I hope this new sidewalk box location will not prove to be the proximate cause of accidents or injuries to patrons or vehicles on Central.

The postal collection boxes are designed for pass-through traffic. Let's use them as intended.



Anyone paying attention to American politics must, by now, know that this country is in dangerous trouble. A glimpse of DRUDGE'S headlines today tells a story of massively corrupt government.

GOODWIN: Evidence suggests massive scandal brewing at FBI...
Knives Out for Bureau...

Just think, had Hillary Clinton won the election and become president, all of this would likely never be known. Her massive load of fireworks on that New York dock would have lit the night sky, and every lunatic Lefty would have been running amuck with unbridled joy.

"Hillary Clinton may have lit the fuse for her victory celebration a little too soon — by planning an Election Night explosion of fireworks over the Hudson River, The Post has learned.

Law enforcement officials and the FDNY have been told to prepare for a barge-launched pyrotechnic display off Manhattan’s Javits Center, where Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine will join their supporters for the Nov. 8 vote count, sources said. The aerial detonations would last for two minutes, with the triumphal celebration permitted to start as early as 9:30 p.m. — a mere half-hour after the polls close in New York, sources said." (NEW YORK POST).

That anticipated "triumphal" moment turned out to be "Trumphal".

This country is in a mess. Hillary Clinton is gone, but her presence is felt in the remnants of her Deep State; I think the term Dark State is more appropriate. All of her seditious, fifth column arch minions remain a problem for a new president seeking to unify and protect the nation. Liberal Democrats don't want the country's political wounds to heal; people like Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer only fight for political power and influence. They care nothing for the general welfare of the nation. They care only for a source of perpetual votes, through illegal immigration.

We need a dynamic new Attorney General (Sessions has failed) to plow through the swamp, following Trump as he drives a Caterpillar D-12 dozer with a double-shank ripper through the middle of that swamp.

It's ugly, but necessary. When the job is done we can set-off that cache of fireworks.



This week's gripe has to do with the removal and relocation of the two outside postal collection boxes at our local post office.

I have tried to contact our Postmaster without success. I will try again. But the two boxes located on their own concrete stand in back of the post office were removed. Damage was done to one box and was repaired. Now both have been removed and relocated to the sidewalk in front to the post office.

People are wondering why this action was taken since the boxes had been in back of the P.O. for many years.

Now, due to the relocation, anyone wishing to drop main must park on Central Avenue (if space is available), get out of the vehicle and walk to the boxes. This is more of a problem than simply inconvenience. Handicapped persons, and the elderly, will have a difficult time accessing the boxes. The boxes are (were) heavily used, meaning parking areas will be harder to find. Having to now park to mail anything greatly impedes traffic flow, congesting the downtown retail area on Central.

The two delivery boxes should be replaced to their original location as drive-through boxes, as designed. If damage from traffic is a problem it's easily solved by installing steel bollards.

Drive-through postal boxes are absolutely necessary for business and domestic service in Fillmore, and they avoid confusion and congestion on Central Avenue.

The U.S. Postal Service Inspector General's report says:

"Mail collection boxes are practically as American as apple pie. They also seem to be disappearing as quickly as mom’s homemade apple pie."

"It’s a tough balancing act for the Postal Service. Some collection boxes are barely used and are expensive to maintain. On the other hand, mail collection boxes are a visible representation of the Postal Service to the American public, and their disappearance has been noted. They also are reliable, secure, and convenient receptacles for mail."

But our "reliable, secure, and convenient receptacles for mail" have been taken away. And these boxes are not "expensive to maintain."

Mr. Postmaster, please replace the boxes to the rear of the post office.


I only have about 150 words left for me today, so I'll give it the bullet treatment.

The greatest political scandal in American political history is now unraveling. The Trump-Russia "collusion" allegation is proving to be a total fraud. The Democrat Party with scores of party "unindicted conspirators" is totally involved. Our top federal agencies are complicit in this extraordinary criminal anti-Trump (true) COLLUSION. Experts now assess the problem to well exceed any issues pertaining to the Nixon-Watergate scandal.

The FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, DHS, IRS, and the rest of our 17 snooper agencies are all tainted. It's the Deep State, Clintons, Russian intelligence, with an incredible list of aiders and abetters, with the Democrat Party up to their nostrils in the stinkiest of swamps.

Shakespeare knew the sting of shame: " Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial”.

This nation's government, in large part, has lost its reputation. It will not get it back until the criminals guilty in this unprecedented scandal are in jail.

The worst part? Government will have lost the TRUST of the people before this is over. The citizens have been betrayed, and the Constitution violated as never before.

And the Dems and their crooked media continue to complain about Trump's alleged expletive?



A couple of things before I answer Mr. Zellmer's letter for this week, which I will include in this column.

Congratulations to our three new firefighters. Each received the City's coveted badge at last night's regular City Council meeting. They were individually pinned by family members. A proud moment!


Congratulations also to those Council members who voted to exclude medical marijuana warehouses and delivery systems in the city. This has been a very contentious issue for years now, and I'm glad that it finally seems to have been resolved.


Thank you Mr. Zellmer for responding to my earlier comments in the Gazette. I wish I had more time to really get into these issues regarding America's alleged status as an "exceptional nation," and you probably do as well. It's been many decades since I last studied the subject of logic. Of all my philosophy classes I found logic most rewarding - just wish I could remember more of it.

It still intrigues me to see how successive arguments in a dialogue squeezes, simplifies, and clarifies issues. I wish I could have more such arguments. Folks don't seem to have the time these days, or the patience.

In the time I do have, permit me to answer again in "bullet" form.

I certainly didn't mean to imply that you are not reasonably informed. You are obviously highly informed, as your academic status shows. Turning my statement up-side-down, those persons who are entirely ignorant of America's achievements could not have an informed opinion on the issue. But I think most people informed about America's scientific, agricultural, military, and civic achievements would credit these achievements as "exceptional" among the nations of the world.

We did save Europe in two World Wars, and prevented starvation with food shipments, and won the Cold War, defeating the Soviet Union through economics, and went to the moon. Our achievements, across the board, seem exceptional if only held up for comparison to all other nations of the world. Examples of our exceptional abilities abound.

Concerning the Civil War, half of our country was enslaved before 1860, and half free. Abraham Lincoln took the slavery dilemma by the horns. War was a terrible choice, but a better one than continued slavery. This was a courageous moral decision. Other nations decided to end slavery, but without the issue of civil war.

In stating that (in my opinion) "a reasonably informed person"...would be lead to believe America is an exceptional place. I did not use the word " necessarily", which would make a universal statement, which would be illogical on several levels. Nor did I intend to state exceptional "in every way." In many ways America is not exceptional. So, "total exceptionalism" is not my position, and we may be in agreement here.

I agree with you that "America's moral actions have not always been exceptional compared to other nations", but, also, vice versa as well.

To say that a nation is exceptional must imply many various aspects, too many to completely identify. I apologize if my comment about the emancipation of slaves was misstated. I just meant to say that one alleged example of America's exceptionalism is just that, a single example, of perhaps millions of others.

As you know, a discussion of the moral influence of our Judeo-Christian American base would take volumes to explain - and has. The word "blessings" implies, for me, a Supreme God. Though several of our Founders were Deists, and one perhaps a true atheist, all firmly believed, and repeatedly stated their belief in religion as the foundation of the new democratic republic.

By "blessings" here I mean the spiritual and material things conducive to happiness and security. America is blessed by its geographical location, secured between two oceans; its agricultural climate, its mineral wealth, its common language and literature, its military might, and all of the specified rights in our Bill of Rights and Constitution. In short, our freedom and material stability for 240 years.

But I could as well have used the word "benefits" for "blessings" and make the same point. I believe America is also exceptional in its actions as well as institutions. By all means not perfect, but our actions have spoken louder than mere words - we do house the United Nations, and have given life-saving support in virtually every world calamity. I think America is due some thanks here. Who else could have provided such support? How many others would have?

On the use of the word "merely", I have addressed your arguments in whole, and you appeared to believe that the Civil War was less than a great example of exceptionalism. I don't have the time today to find your use of this word; I believe your correction here.

By all means we should be critical of our institutions, as you suggest.

You have also prompted me to "sharpen [my] views", Mr. Zellmer, and I have very much enjoyed our exchange. I regret this will be your last letter.

Please feel free to send another at your convenience.

Thanks again,
Martin Farrell



Happy New Year everyone!

I'm responding to a letter from Jacob Zellmer today. Mr. Zellmer was good enough to send his first letter two weeks ago and I enjoy the dialogue. My response to his letter is separate from this column.


The number of important issues, local, state, and national, is so great today that it's a challenge to provide even a paragraph for some of them. But, I'll give it a shot.

It is sad for me to see the rejoicing in California over the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. I see this as a major indicator of social degeneration and a direct threat to the health and safety of our children. This alters in significant ways the peace and welfare that every citizen has the right to expect.

Marijuana has proven to have important medical values worth more scientific study. However, it has always been, and will always remain, generally uncontrollable and accessible to our youth. This new law, ironically, enhances that threat. I have a particular hatred for all illegal drugs, those deemed destructive to members of our society after decades of study. The hugely increased potency of today's marijuana and its offerings in so many different varieties should set off alarm bells to thoughtful citizens. Instead, it is setting off dinner bells.

The magnitude of this collapse in traditional moral standards will gradually seep into the fabric of our entire social network - we have deliberately released control. I dread the profound loss of respect our youth will eventually have for the law, and our obvious hypocrisy. Law enforcement agencies will now face a nightmare of novel and complex issues. A great deal of time and money will be wasted on these new challenges.


I have another, local, gripe. Why did the post office remove the two drive-through mail containers? Now everyone must park and enter the post office. The containers were relocated to the front of the P.O. building. This will increase parking problems significantly on Central Avenue and greatly inconvenience customers.

Talk to the Postmaster.


Governor Jerry Brown is a dangerous fool.

I've suffered through four Jerry Brown administrations, going back to his "Governor Moonbeam" days, when he frolicked with Linda Ronstadt at the Sacramento pad. A glance at his official capital portrait tells the story - sort of a fake Picasso in bilious colors.

He has managed to commandeer the State of California from its once rational citizens, making it an "Official Sanctuary City", beyond the reach of federal law, a state unto itself- for now.

"Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said California "better hold on tight" after its liberal Democratic governor allowed a sanctuary state law to take effect this week."

I hope the Feds crush California and Brown. What a cesspool he's made of the state. My children are 5th generation Californians but I now wish I could leave. Brown has inflicted a torrent of unconstitutional infringements on our Second Amendment rights, then dumps recreational marijuana on everyone, and opens the door to all illegal aliens, especially those convicted of serious crimes. California is now just one big fun bag of social instability.

What's worse, after another year of Brown we can expect his probable successor will intensify the curse of a super majority of liberal Democrats.

I watch his obviously unconstitutional new draconian firearms regulations and can only hope Trump manages to secure a few more conservative justices on our Supreme Court and save the rest of us from his wild foray into the Deep State.

I think the year 2018 will continue to be politically unstable in the extreme.


A response to Mr. Zellmer's letter:

Hello again Jacob. Thank you for another challenge.

Getting right to the point, you address the issue of America's alleged exceptionalism, but you misconstrue my statement. I did not rely only upon our Civil War as an example of America's exceptional status among nations. It's only one example among countless others which demonstrates that our fundamental Judeo-Christian moral base provides unprecedented civil blessings. I think all nations are bad in similar ways; but I believe America is good in many unique ways. Those ways, in my opinion, begin with the solid defense of freedom.

Your dissent to my argument seems based upon an apparent disappointment in the fact that America is less than perfect. But we are arguing, all else being equal, whether America is demonstrably exceptional among nations, not whether it is perfect. Since mankind is inherently imperfect that point seems moot.

That you "don't view this fact [emancipation of slaves] as evidence, alone, of America's moral exceptionalism" is perfectly reasonable, otherwise we would be dealing with an illogical universal conclusion.

But that was not my point. I merely sought to say that fighting such a horrendous war to end slavery in America, was, in itself, a very good thing. A reasonable conclusion on the 600,000 war dead would be to at least praise half, the 300,000 Union soldiers who gave their lives to end slavery. And, I don't mean to ignore the hundreds of thousands of black soldiers who also fought.

The other, Confederate, half you characterize as a "counterbalance" were convincingly defeated despite their extraordinary efforts - thank God. Again, in a perfect world of peace and love we wouldn't have to worry about people trying to kill us. Our best option seems to be "peace through strength" and constant vigilance - in the real world.

Your observation that no compensation was afforded to emancipated slaves and, therefore, this fact should deny any claim to American exceptionalism seems weak. Some efforts were made.

I'm trying to think of a way this might work to achieve the justice you seek. Those millions who were enslaved and their "owners" have long since passed away. Who should pay, and who should benefit under such a plan? Would it be just to force the ancestors of slave owners to make restitution? Would it be just to make those whose ancestors had nothing to do with this terrible time in our history provide compensation? Would it be any more just or reasonable to compel both groups to pool compensation for this cause? Would it be rational or fair to make compensation to the present day relations of past slaves? I think the reasonable answer is "no".

I don't believe that prostitution is the oldest profession, as Rudyard Kipling first described it. I believe slavery was the first profession, for two reasons: slaves, since time immemorial, provided work and produced tangible value for ancient tribes. This has continued to this day, in northern Africa, especially among Muslim peoples. Secondly, in those times women could not readily defend themselves against sexual assault; and mankind, prior to the Judeo-Christian era, was rarely concerned about sexual morals. Neither were they concerned about personal freedom. A club-bearing Neanderthal just took what he could to improve his condition or for amusement. A slave provided both.

America followed British cultural norms (slavery) until the 19th century, though Britain ended slavery before we did. So, ending slavery, upon which most of America depended to sustain its agricultural commerce, was much more than "merely" a step in the right direction. To say otherwise demeans the brave efforts of good men to halt the murderous efforts of bad men.

Today, it is not possible to cure the evils of historical American slavery, any more than we can compensate the innocent peoples who suffered in the genocides of Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Turkey, Rwanda, etc., or the hundreds of millions in the ancient past.

Without the moral and material exceptionalism of America, as determined by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the western world would certainly live in the slavery of communism or religious totalitarian chains.

If no other nation today can duplicate America's proven moral power, generosity and freedom, America is exceptionally good among nations.



Happy New Year to all of our readers!

We have some illness in the office this week so I will cut this column short.


A real Wonder Woman!
I don't understand why I have never heard of KrisAnne Hall before. After listening to a couple of hours of her interview on C-Span Monday. As someone who loves American history, I'm really mystified about my ignorance of her presence on the national educational scene.

In short, Ms. Hall is the single most enlightened "professor" of constitutional law it has ever been my pleasure to listen to. Her specialty is our great Constitution, our country's structural backbone. Her knowledge of this extraordinary document, in all its particulars, in my view, is just unsurpassed.

I had to marvel at her command of so many detailed expressions of our Founding Fathers, from the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers to opinions of numerous Founders at every level. She explains, in the most pellucid way, the complex structure of our nation, the strict limitations on each of the three branches of our government, and the central and essential sovereignty of the states. See this interview on C-Span (from August of 2017).

Ms. Hall is the author of numerous books on the Constitution, and the government of the United States of America, its uniqueness and, yes, its exceptional status among nations.

She travels the country speaking to schools, universities, church groups, all free of charge. She is an attorney who served in the Army as a translator of Russian, former state prosecutor, etc. One of her several online addresses is:

I cannot recommend her material too highly. I found her to be a huge and refreshing expression of Constitutional truth. Those interested in better understanding our government should contact KrisAnne Hall online and through her books.


(A response to Jacob Zellmer’s Letter to the Editor printed below)

Dear Mr. Zellmer,

Ordinarily, letters to the editor are limited to 250 words. However, I welcome yours because I enjoy a good debate and seldom find anyone interested in engaging.

As my editorial of 12-6-17 states, it was written in about 30 minutes, so I appreciate the fact that you wrote yours "rather quickly" as well. Your letter was 1,000 words in length. My rushed editorial was 390 words in length. So I will squeeze-in that small excuse here.

I truly enjoy arguments, especially concerning religion and politics, though most people don't. I'm sure you understand that it takes much longer to answer a detailed critical letter than it does to initiate one - speaking of space in particular. I'll do my best, as tightly as possible. If my efforts don't suffice, we can continue the debate into future editions.

You have laid-out scores of arguments, each deserving a response. If I am to make any headway here I will have to restrict myself to a "bullet" format.

After reading your letter I have to say I envision my editorial pinned to a logic class bulletin board, for the next fallacy discovery assignment. I would not fare well, but not as badly as you might expect. Writing speedily sometimes invites the fallacy of hasty generalization, among other things, of which I willingly admit. I should not have used the word "ignoramus" because it has an offensive connotation, which I didn't intend. This is shooting from the hip while in a hurry.

But let's begin.

The general point I wished to make is simply that Americans, students at every level, and others, don't appreciate their American heritage, mostly due to ignorance of their American past. I based this assumption on personal experience and online statistics. I was reminded of this after noticing reference to a recent poll. (Millennials aren't satisfied with capitalism and might prefer a socialist

Nov 4, 2017 - Millennials prefer socialism over capitalism, a YouGov study from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Fund. (Other studies show similar results).

I don't vouch for the accuracy of any poll (see last presidential election polls).

General ignorance of essential information, in this case American history, can reasonably be placed at the foot of the institutions responsible for disseminating it - places of learning, schools and colleges. The information is either transfered or not. Too often today it is not sufficiently transferred. Those who don't know our history can hardly be expected to recognize our exceptional place in modern history, for that reason. Children don't go to school to be educated. They go to school to educate themselves - if the curriculum is absent, opportunity is retarded.

For time's sake I would like to clarify some of my more obvious logical fallacies:

"Proof" of such educational deficiency would be better described as "widespread" instead of "wholesale".

Addressing some of your cruel syllogisms, I have to admit of some slovenly logical construction here as elsewhere. Speedy writing can produce the fallacy of hasty generalization. Not every form of socialism is "bad." It's just that America's form of democratic republicanism is superior - exemplified by America's comparative freedom and material achievements. Many socialist-type nations (like the old "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics") have magnificent-sounding constitutions, but are, and were, fraudulent misrepresentations seeking power. The National Socialist German Workers' Party didn't work out so well either.

Today many European nations successfully represent a mixture of socialism and democracy like those in Scandinavia. However they are not as free as Americans - most lack a Bill of Rights, or subscribe to an established religion, and could not defend themselves against a Russian attack, as happened in the Republic of Crimea. But no time to explore this issue.

Without America's exceptional accomplishments, social, technical, and military, there very likely would be no Western-European "democracies", socialist or otherwise, in existence today. America may be loaded with imperfections (as all other nations) but it is the glue that holds the free world together today, indisputably. Res ipsa loquitur! (Hey, you started it with ipso facto).

Moving right along, I agree, elite college entrants probably have better historical understanding. But saying this involves us in the logical fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantiam. You have insufficient evidence for making that assertion.

To a reasonably informed person, I think knowledge of American history does in fact lead to the conclusion that America is an exceptional place. This does not diminish the historically immoral and malevolent facts, like slavery. But this is where being reasonable and informed comes in - where understanding that white Americans fought to the death (600,000+ deaths) with white slave owners and sympathizers to end slavery - and were victorious.

Then you point to my most egregious logical fallacy, my assertion that "No intellectually honest person can fail to acknowledge Divine intervention in America's birth and growth."

This was clearly a fallacy-infected statement. The idea of Divine intervention is certainly a matter of faith, and a matter of my faith. But your criticism is badly stated. "...must hold certain faith beliefs to be intellectually honest." I have no excuse here, the statement is clearly wrong. But while it may, as you say, "conflate faith and reason" I believe that faith, reason, and the Gospel are not incompatible - so did Thomas Aquinas.

You're wrong again in stating holding different beliefs "is intellectually dishonest." People under those circumstances could be many things other than dishonest - for example, just naive.

Jacob, I truly appreciate your letter. I should have known better than to have sought to solve the problem of evil in 390 words. I shall repent.

Your letters are always welcome.


Response to Dec. 6th Editorial

Dear Martin Farrell,

I grew up in Fillmore and still consider it home. The Fillmore Gazette has been a way for me to check in on what’s happening in Fillmore while I am out of town and for that I am grateful.

I am writing in response to your Dec. 6th editorial. The structure of some of your arguments don’t seem valid and I find it difficult to accept the truth of some of your premises. I’ve written this rather quickly, and so despite the critical nature of my response, I hope this comes across as respectful.

Your first paragraph cites an anonymous polling organization as evidence that millennials are more attracted to socialism than democracy. It is then asserted that this data is “proof” of the wholesale failure of our educational system. To make this assertion you need to have the following assumptions, (1) every form of socialism is a bad political or economic system, (2) anyone who thinks otherwise must have received a bad education, and (3) an educational system that produces people who disagree with my opinions is a failed educational system. This is an interested line of argument, but it has flaws. First, there is no reasoning given in your op-ed for why we should believe (1). And so (2) is a non-starter. (3) is odd because it assumes that everyone with opinions opposed to your own are irrational or at least their arguments are irrational or unintelligible.

The second paragraph then narrows in on how you think educational systems are flawed: American history has been hijacked by “radical Left fake history.” I think your point here is that because American millennials are ignorant of American heritage, they are more likely to think socialism is better than democracy. It isn’t clear what makes you say that millennials are ignorant of American heritage. Do you mean that (1) millennials must be ignorant of American heritage based on their attraction to socialism, or (2) millennials are ignorant based on personal experience you’ve had with them, or (3) millennials are ignorant of American history because of external data/polling? You also don’t make clear how knowing American history causes a person to think socialism is a bad thing. First, socialism isn’t defined in your op-ed, so it isn’t clear what you consider socialism to be. Part of the confusion here is that you contrast socialism with democracy even though socialism as a form of government isn’t mutually excluded from democracy. This is why “social democracy” and “democratic socialism” are forms of government. So, I wonder if socialism vs. democracy is in some ways a false dichotomy. If I had to guess, I’d say that millennials are more critical of capitalism than of democracy.

Your argument for why American history is important is that America is “exceptional”: it has thrived for 240 years as a democratic republic. The assumption you make is that students who know American history better will be more critical of socialism in all its forms. I don’t see why this is the case, unless learning American history is a form of brainwashing in which all political systems besides American democracy and capitalism are portrayed as irrational. Studying American history should let students see the ways in which democracy (and capitalism) have been both successful and not perfect, i.e., both systems have flaws.

Part of your op-ed criticizes elite colleges and universities for devaluing studies of Western Civilization, which was mostly, as far as I know, universities dropping the requirement for students to take Western Civilization courses. You claim that the chant was “Hey-hey, ho-ho, American Civ has got to go,” but my Google search of this phrase only brought up, “Hey-hey, ho-ho, Western Civ has got to go,” (at least for what happened at Stanford; if I am wrong here, point me to the relevant news articles). Western Civilization would include all European, American, and colonial history, which is much more than just American history. (Interestingly, Plato is a part of Western Civilization, and he hated democracy.) The required courses that were dropped were in Western Civilization, but charitability causes me to think the university still required courses in history, philosophy, art, etc. of world civilizations (and this might include western civilization).

So, your most pointed claim here strikes me as odd. You say: “Some (most ?) of our colleges and universities, those touted as the greatest, have for decades now produced a crowd of history ignoramuses.” First, it seems likely to me that students who get accepted into elite colleges probably have a better understanding of history (world, western, and American) than those who are not accepted into elite colleges; They probably did well in their high school history courses. Hence, calling people with elite college degrees “a crowd of history ignoramuses” seems mistaken. I think this point holds even if you only mean that they are American-history ignoramuses. Second, requiring college students to take American history doesn’t necessarily make them less of an American history ignoramus. Students can do the minimum to pass classes and so remain “ignoramuses.”

I think part of your conclusion on this subject is viable: “…it’s not too much of a stretch to conclude that most American citizens are dangerously ignorant of their own American history…” But it doesn’t necessarily follow that knowledge of American history will make you “acknowledge its greatness” and think America an “exceptional” place. Yes, America is good in certain ways, but history also shows the ways in which America has slaughtered and enslaved people. Why would people of color, after coming to know American History, ipso facto think that America is an “exceptional” place?

Lastly, you make this excessive claim: “No intellectually honest person can fail to acknowledge Divine intervention in its [America’s] birth and growth.” My understanding of Divine intervention is that it is a matter of faith (for the most part) and not knowledge. So, it is odd for you to claim that every intellectually honest person must hold certain faith beliefs. This conflates faith and reason and it also claims that everyone who doesn’t hold your beliefs is intellectually dishonest – this seems unreasonable to me. This letter has already become very long, so I won’t go deeper into this part.

With respect,
Jacob Zellmer
PhD Student in the Department of Philosophy
University of California, San Diego


More frequently these days I find myself fighting against a sense of being overwhelmed. The issues, national, state, and local, appear like a tsunami of ungovernable challenges. I get fed-up and want to head for a cabin in the woods with a trout stream nearby - without cell phone, computer, or TV. I guess many other people feel the same way sometimes.


Well, just got an alert on a structure fire down Grand Ave. Back now, half-an-hour to finish this piece.
Fillmore was spared the Thomas Fire. The hills behind town burned, but thanks to a perfectly directed drop from one of the "Sky Cranes" the beautiful Bears Haven area was saved from near immediate destruction. The huge flames were mere feet from the top of the pine grove.


Our crazy governor Brown's draconian new restrictions on firearms and ammunition will descend upon California gun lovers in a couple of weeks. We need immediate help from our Supreme Court. Brown is infringing upon our Second Amendment rights by nibbles. That's the new preferred plan by radical liberal psychos. California will never be the same again, obvious when you consider Brown's probable successor.

I never cared for Judge Roy Moore, but Alabama's new Senator Doug Jones is a true bleeding liberal. His win jeopardizes Trump's complete agenda. The Never Trumpers have become the enemies of our democracy, together with our crooked FBI, CIA, etc. It's hard to understand why our Attorney General Jeff Sessions has not been replaced by now. Good man that he is, he's also incompetent in this office. He's too nice a guy.

Trump must tear-out the Obama holdovers, root and limb. They are succeeding in their efforts to kill off the Trump agenda. Republicans seem unable to get anything done.


I see Putin is building up his nuclear weapons. Russia Sharply Expanding Nuke Arsenal, Underground Facilities... Of course all of our enemies are doing the same, even little North Korea. I hope they fixed that B-1 bomber that broke down on Guam. We may need it to show how strong we are.We can't even pass our defense budget. Sometimes I think the American people have become too stupid to survive.

Turkey's Erdogan is another piece of work. We store a half-dozen nuclear bombs in his back yard. Maybe it's time to retrieve them?

Next week maybe I can find some positive things to discuss. I will do my best.


It appears that the City of Fillmore has been spared the flames of what has become one of Ventura County's fastest spreading wildfires, although smoke is coming our way.

As I write these words Ventura is still dealing with serious fire threats and has lost many structures to date. The fire has nearly reached the ocean near the Fairgrounds. The strong, cold east winds have driven these fires, particularly the Thomas Fire, from our county's eastern border. Maybe it was St. Thomas Aquinas who diverted the flames around Thomas Aquinas College near Ojai. Thank God the College remains unharmed. Los Angeles County is still confronted by dangerous fires in the city itself.


It seems a little ironic that these fires have threatened Fillmore at a time when the construction of our new $9 million fire station (actually the county's) is about nine-tenths completed. It will be a good thing to have this facility online (with our own Volunteer Fire Department) for fire threats in the future. It seems we can expect this sort of wild fire threat about every 5 years.

Let's pray for those hundreds (possibly thousands) of families who have lost their homes due to these fires - only weeks before Christmas - personal tragedies too numerous to count; and to keep our fire-fighters safe.


Emergency information for Thomas-Ventura fires: readyventuracounty.org


Polling organizations are finding out that our younger citizens, call them millennials, are more attracted to socialism than democracy. This is singular proof of the wholesale failure of our educational system, from grade school to college level.

Not only are American millennials shockingly ignorant of American heritage, the study of "civics" and American history have been superseded by politically correct, radical Left fake history. This is a huge shame. It's also a tragic loss to those who have advanced through our educational system because American history is so uniquely exciting and socially important.

No other attempt to grow a democracy has lasted more than a hundred years, including the first, in Greece. America has thrived for 240 years as a democratic republic and become the richest, most powerful nation on earth. That alone makes us "exceptional."

We have survived wars, poverty, and pestilence, by the grace of God. All of our Founding Fathers believed in the miracle of America because they personally witnessed the flow of such blessings. I would recommend two recent books that seek to certify these unique "miraculous" blessings throughout our history: "The American Miracle", by Michael Medved, and Bill O'Reilly's "Killing England". Both are famously easy reads. Both are exciting and chuck-full of fascinating facts. American history is extraordinarily interesting. No intellectually honest person can fail to acknowledge Divine intervention in its birth and growth. To prefer any variation of socialism to our democratic system is an admission of raw ignorance.

Some (most ?) of our colleges and universities, those touted as the greatest, have for decades now produced a crowd of history ignoramuses. Remember: "Hey-hey, ho-ho, American civ has got to go." And it did. These words were pronounced during the heyday of the American Left, the rebellious Yippies, Hippies, Yuppies, and Puppies - who now occupy the upper levels our commerce and government. I guess they eventually learned that they had to join-up to succeed in our commercial culture.

Anyway, it's not too much of a stretch to conclude that most American citizens are dangerously ignorant of their own American history, and therefore fail to acknowledge its greatness, and can't admit that America is indeed an "exceptional" place, compared to any other nation on earth - so far.

Read those two books and you will appreciate how God has, and continues to bless America.


The greatest commercial undertaking in Fillmore's history is underway.

Rotorcraft Support, Inc. has come to town!

Rotorcraft will be accompanied by a second business, The Guardian, a company dedicated to fighting forest fires; it employs approximately 15 full time men who will be at fire sites 9 months of the year. Those employees will be training in Fillmore when not attending to fires.

Rotorcraft Support, Inc. will bring in 58 full-time employees. The property itself is owned by a Rotorcraft affiliate.
This development was facilitated by our City Manager, David Rowlands, assisted by Fillmore City Planner Kevin McSweeney and staff - both doing extraordinary work for our city. Kudos to both.

So, it is the season to be grateful for this serendipitous happening - Rotorcraft and Guardian will be up-and-running about the same time our new 3-story housing development is expected to be opened, around 2018-2019. By then, another big plan will have been brought to fruition - our huge new County Fire station. The combination of our already famous Fillmore Volunteer Fire Department, our new County Fire Station, and The Guardian fire service, together with our outstanding Ventura County Sheriff's sub-station, should make Fillmore the safest town in the county.

These two new business developments will cause a commercial surge in Fillmore and spark more growth in our Business Park.
This is truly a new day for our city.


After all of this good news I am reluctant to begin writing of the bad in our world.

With so many cultural distractions confronting us being the top headline on Drudge this morning - in red font, we almost forget the imminent mortal danger America faces with North Korea, China, Iran, and Russia.

For years now we American citizens have been assured by our devious, feckless and corrupted government engineers that North Korea and Iran cannot and will not become nuclear threats. And the talk was repeated by both parties while in power. The last 8 years under Obama was a complete sell-out of national security while this political slick-talking dandy schmoozed with our enemies.

There is hardly time to deal with such treachery now. It's time to fix bayonets and assume the position of readiness. Negotiate all you want but that's a fool's undertaking. North Korea has outfoxed us for the last time. Mr. Ratus Horribilis Un has finally shown the world that he was not kidding about having atomic weapons, and intercontinental missiles to go with them. Why would we doubt his vaunted claims to possession of thermonuclear (hydrogen) bombs, which can be smaller in size while delivering 1,000-times more destruction?

We can be sure now that he has both, and the means to deliver them anywhere in the world. The single issue is - how can we stop him? With Un's complete targeting of South Korea's capital city by hair trigger artillery manned by fearsomely dedicated troops, under orders to fire at the first show of enemy force, it's a daunting issue to be sure. We can attack those arms preemptively, threatening the South Korean capital, and move on up the peninsula with smaller, atomic weapons. Or we can capitulate and assure another communist nuclear threat to the West, forever.

I would shoot first and fast.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am republishing President Abraham Lincoln's proclamation for the first national celebration of Thanksgiving Day, to settle any question about to Whom exactly we are giving thanks. The proclamation was signed during the final year of our Civil War - America's greatest bloodletting - sacrificing more than 600,000 souls.

Giving thanks to Almighty God for the unprecedented blessings he continues to shower upon these United States of America is an essential American tradition recalling the first Thanksgiving held in the autumn of 1621, which included 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoag Indians, lasting three days. It also demonstrates the essential religious belief shared by all of our Founding Fathers, even Thomas Jefferson. Religious belief in a benevolent God was acknowledged by all Founders (even agnostics ) to be the necessary center of this republic, and of all republics. This belief had nothing to with an "establishment" of religion. It was simply a public acknowledgment of the central principle of a Supreme Benevolent Creator. Thomas Jefferson saw no contradiction to this and his firm belief in the separation (non-establishment) of church and state.

America, once again, needs to humble herself in order to offer Thanksgiving to the Almighty God Lincoln sought during the most devastating trials of our Civil War.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving from the land of the free, and home of the brave - and grateful.


By the President of the United States of America

A Proclamation

It has pleased Almighty God to prolong our national life another year, defending us with His guardian care against unfriendly designs from abroad and vouchsafing to us in His mercy many and signal victories over the enemy, who is of our own household. It has also pleased our Heavenly Father to favor as well our citizens in their homes as our soldiers in their camps and our sailors on the rivers and seas with unusual health. He has largely augmented our free population by emancipation and by immigration, while He has opened to us new sources of wealth and has crowned the labor of our workingmen in every department of industry with abundant rewards. Moreover, He has been pleased to animate and inspire our minds and hearts with fortitude, courage, and resolution sufficient for the great trial of civil war into which we have been brought by our adherence as a nation to the cause of freedom and humanity, and to afford to us reasonable hopes of an ultimate and happy deliverance from all our dangers and afflictions:

Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, do hereby appoint and set apart the last Thursday in November next as a day which I desire to be observed by all my fellow-citizens, wherever they may then be, as a day of thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, the beneficent Creator and Ruler of the Universe. And I do further recommend to my fellow-citizens aforesaid that on that occasion they do reverently humble themselves in the dust and from thence offer up penitent and fervent prayers and supplications to the Great Disposer of Events for a return of the inestimable blessings of peace, union, and harmony throughout the land which it has pleased Him to assign as a dwelling place for ourselves and for our posterity throughout all generations.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the city of Washington, this 20th day of October, A.D. 1864, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-ninth.

By the President:
Secretary of State.


The American Poultry Association put on their annual event a few weeks ago. I attended for the first time. The 4-H members among others had a collection of decorated eggs from various birds on display. Many hundreds of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys were judged.

The variation of different birds is incredible and beautiful.

Many thanks to Dave Andersen, president of the Association for his hard work in bringing the show together. Next year be sure to attend the show. You will be surprised at the beautiful display.


The Texas Church Murders.

The recent slaughter of innocents in Sutherland Springs, Texas is a soul-crushing memory. The perpetrator's demonic concentration on killing each and every person he could find tells us the human race can never eliminate the problem of evil. It is the dark side of human nature which we can only deal with as it exposes itself.

Contrary to the ignorant comments of some liberal lawmakers, prayer is the most powerful way of dealing with the evil side of humanity - it facilitates the virtues of wisdom and prudence which tell us how to react, in the instance and in the future. Wisdom tells us in a general way, prudence is more specific. Both virtues are empowered by prayer, and prayer necessitates God.

I know this sort of religious talk stirs-up clouds of Leftist hatred, especially amongst atheists, but this is just this man's understanding and belief - my opinion - and I lean on my First Amendment right to express it.

I also lean on my Second Amendment right to criticize those who again holler for more gun restrictions. These calls are best understood as "infringements", which are forbidden by this Amendment. The Liberal Left hates firearms and always promotes their schemes to restrict, and eventually confiscate, most of the 350+ million firearms owned by Americans today, by prefacing their intentions with the word "reasonable". Actually, there is no "reasonable" way to "infringe" a God-given right to self-defense - especially in America. Our God-given rights do not belong to Caesar, so Caesar has no authority to take them from us. Our American Republic is not imperial, regardless of its pretentions.

It is supremely ironic, and instructive, that two American men (one a firearms instructor for the National Rifle Association) and the other a common American citizen, witnessing the shooting, grabbed their AR rifles and chased-down the criminal, neutralizing him with accurate firepower. One of the men ran to his pickup barefooted, driving up to 95-miles-per hour to catch the killer before he was able to shoot anyone else.

Both the killer and his pursuers were using the same kind of weapon, an AR simi-automatic rifle. These two very humble men are both heroes. Without the fact that they were able to "keep and bear arms" further slaughter would certainly have happened.

We are Americans. Unlike virtually all other subjects, citizens, or communist slaves, our country was blessed by God in a unique way; in His providence He gave us John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington, and a host of other freedom-loving geniuses. Among those special rights they insisted be a part of our Constitution was our Second Amendment - most important to them except only for our First Amendment, intended to enforce the others by force if necessary.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I feel it necessary at this sad time to have to remind the Liberal Left of the serious nature of our right to keep and bear arms for self defense - and defense against government infringement. Our freedom of religion is first of the five freedoms guaranteed in our First Amendment. That freedom was absolutely violated by the killer in that Texas church. Our Second Amendment right to arms was quick to halt further bloodshed.

Should our Liberal legislators seek to confiscate our arms (as in Australia, England, and all of the rest of the world) it's not unreasonable to expect more bloodshed, as in our own, bloodiest, Civil War.

But the cry for more gun regulation and confiscation has already begun - even on the very day of the massacre. The radical Liberal Left despises logic. They cannot be convinced of reality. They don't, for example, understand that evil men do not comply with the law - that's why they are called outlaws. All the anti-firearm laws in the world have no effect upon evildoers, they only, and severely affect law-abiding citizens. The old saying, guns don't kill people, people do, is another reality Liberals can't understand.

But a reality, a fact they should understand is that even serious talk of banning or restricting gun ownership sparks a fierce gun-buying urge in the law-abiding public. I anticipate such talk this time, again, will sell a million additional firearms across America, adding to that 350+ million already at hand. Attempting an Australian "solution" will cause civil war.

God bless our Second Amendment and those who act to keep us safe and free!

The American Poultry Association held its annual show at the Ventura Fairgrounds, Saturday. More information and photos
next week.
The American Poultry Association held its annual show at the Ventura Fairgrounds, Saturday. More information and photos next week.

The Fillmore City Council celebrated the opening of the long-awaited dog park on Saturday.

This is another promise kept to the residents of our town. The enclosure, located at Two Rivers Park, was greeted with excitement by many of our 4-footed friends. The park is separated for large and small dogs with plenty of room to run.

Good job, Council!


The world and national news has become so dark and threatening these days that more than a few people have stopped watching TV. That's not hard to understand, but reality will seek us out regardless of our attempts to ignore it. America must toughen-up and prepare for the unprecedented social and military challenges clearly and presently facing us. Most of the conflict to come is self-inflicted. It's as though we have a subconscious death wish expressed through the truly stupid policies of our former government. It's largely the product of wide-spread, liberal-Left Political Correctness, socialist leanings, massive moral corruption (Judeo-Christian animus) and the absence of common sense.

America has undergone a nearly complete change since the 1960s. We've lost our sense of special purpose in the world, which was to stand as an example of honorable leadership, strength, and goodness.

We have abandoned the guidelines which made us great. We have corrupted our youth, debased our currency, emasculated much of our military, isolated our religious faith, and politicized our judicial system. The zealots of the radical Left have eaten away much of the clear, original intent of our Constitution - especially our Bill of Rights. Radical jurists (especially in Courts of Appeal) have for 50 years strained to dilute the fundamental meaning of our law. The courts of law have become a legislative wing of the Democrat Party.

In the face of these civic enormities we are met with intense, traditional Islamic attacks, such as the most recent jihadist murders in New York by Sayfullo Saipov. Democrat lawmakers let him in, together with millions of other suspect Muslim arrivals. At the same time, these same Democrats demand further infringements upon the right of the [American] people to keep and bear Arms for defense. Daniel Greenfield sums it up well in his latest column: [The Jihadist] "Sayfullo Saipov had come here in 2010. In that short amount of time he managed to amass criminal records in Pennsylvania and Missouri for traffic offenses. After stints in at least three other states, he went on a killing spree that took eight lives and wounded as well as traumatized countless others.

Dem leaders in New York are already rolling out the standard messages urging everyone to go back to life as usual. Mayor Bill de Blasio called the attack “cowardly”. But the attack wasn’t cowardly. It was vicious and murderous. It’s Bill de Blasio and the other politicians who crippled the NYPD because they were afraid of political pressure from Linda Sarsour and CAIR who are the real cowards.

They are cowards with blood on their hands.

The New York media’s first response after the attack was to try and blame road rage. Before long, you will see it running the standardized “Muslims fear backlash” stories that are a staple of every effort to sweep the latest Islamic terrorist attack under the rug along with the blood and the bodies.

Islamic terrorists like Sayfullo Saipov are able to do what they do because they have a long list of collaborators like the ACLU, Democrat politicians, Federal judges and the mainstream media.

While law enforcement fights a desperate battle to stop the next Saipov, the men and women tracking the terrorists know that if they get their man, the media will make them the villains."

(Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam.)

The nation's West coast is threatened by the same "ACLU, Democrat politicians, Federal judges and the mainstream media" as our East coast.

The citizens of California have to deal with the most liberal governor in the country, Jerry Brown, and his likely political progeny after 2018. He is an agent of tyrannical Democrat dreams, of higher taxes, more regulation, and most important, draconian restrictions on firearms and ammunition. Like all liberal Democrats, he enjoys inflicting those regulations on Californians which deprive us of our Constitutional rights - our freedoms. It's all about control.

These issues are all one bundle of corrupting liberal policies contributing to the weakness of our nation.

Condemn how you will Present Donald Trump for the manner of his leadership; he remains strong and resolute, much like President Jackson, in a time of dire need. Our enemies recognize his strength - why not more of us?

Be glad, be very glad, that Hillary Clinton lost the election.


The City of Fillmore is facing one of the greatest threats to its future ever. Last night the City Council did the right thing by deciding to notify the Environmental Protection Agency that it strongly opposes Seneca Oil's proposal to extend its fracking operation closer to our aquifer.

Our very deep and ancient aquifer, near the confluence of Sespe Creek and the Santa Clara River, is responsible for the fact that Fillmore has never suffered a true drought. We are essentially water independent. I think we are unique among southern California cities in this regard. Elsewhere, water has to be piped-in from the central valley aqueduct or the Colorado River.

Fillmore must defend this rare and precious supply of drinking water by all lawful means. We are apparently late to the fight, with State and Federal approval already lined up for the Seneca fracking extension.

It's time to write our state and federal senators. This is not just another protest against fracking. This is a demand that our unique fresh water aquifer be protected. If something should happen to allow any contaminants from this special method of oil extraction to contaminate our aquifer, it could never be cleaned-up, we would lose our water independence, and have to depend on the aqueduct.

Let's fight for our water independence! Write to your state and federal senators and representatives asking them to halt this dangerous extension.


We are about to witness the single greatest political scandal in American history. It involves two former presidents, two former attorney generals, an assistant attorney general, two former FBI directors, and what appears to be an additional cast of thousands.

It is almost unbelievable. That swamp we keep hearing about is about a mile deep and twice as poisonous. Democrats have been harping for more than a year on the alleged "collusion" between the Trump organization and Russia. The accusations never stopped, till now. After an exhaustive witch hunt the nation can clearly see this alleged collusion never existed. The whole charade was designed to cover up a true criminal collusion between Hillary Clinton's crowd of liars and thieves, Russian operatives - and Putin himself. This was a wholesale sellout of American security.

The scope of this criminal conspiracy is just breathtaking. I can no longer believe in the fidelity of the FBI, CIA, State Department, Attorney General's office, IRS, as they now function. This is wholesale federal corruption on an unparalleled scale. We will surely see this corruption in all departments of government that functioned under the Obama presidency. It will take years to sort-out these corrupt connections and crimes - at a time of unprecedented military threats to our nation.

It is no longer a wonder that President Trump is incessantly attacked from every side, including his own party. Regardless of how offended or disturbed by his political or social tactics, he, and his tactics, are exactly what is needed to effectively drain the swamp. Can anyone see Hillary Clinton doing this job? She and her friends compose the stench of the swamp. I don't apologize for once referring to Hillary as the Bitch Goddess of Untruth - though it did cost me a particular subscription - from an agitated lady with beautiful handwriting. Hillary Clinton is no lady! She is a criminal among criminals.

Now, we need a more forceful Attorney General to bring the indictments against Hillary and her gang. If that happens my faith in government will be restored.


In Memoriam, Roger Campbell.

Roger Campbell passed away this week. For those who knew and worked with him over the decades especially, he will be greatly missed.

I knew Roger as a hard working councilman and mayor shortly after I came to Fillmore in 1989. He loved politics and I enjoyed working with him on several events over the years. He was also deeply involved in the city's Volunteer Fire Department. Former Fillmore City Manager Roy Payne's tribute on front page details Roger's long association with the Fire Department.

Thank you Roger for all those years volunteering for the City's welfare.

Rest in peace, Roger Campbell.


I'm sure I'm not alone in my feelings of loathsomeness for Hollywood these days. Hearing more and more of traditional Tinseltown debauchery forces one to recall an aphorism in the Book of Proverbs, "As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly" and replication is what it's all about; that's where the money is. I can't avoid wishing the worst for Hollywood, the world's greatest purveyor of pornography, violence, and social degradation of every kind. A financial wipe-out of that place would go a long way to cleansing the national conscience and saving our children's innocence - at least for a while.

I stopped going to the movies a long time ago. There are a few that I regret missing, but really only a few. What passes for star quality today leaves me unimpressed - I don't recognize half their names.

It's difficult to describe movie quality today because most of the negative adjectives seem too weak. It's like referring to Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill as a film needing a parental guidance caution. It's just one big disgusting ball of rot, with Harvey Weinstein and friends just the most recent attraction.

Hearing of what those young girls had to tolerate to get a job in Hollywood, the infamous casting couch, the line-ups, is not news. It's the scope of the ancient problem and recent details that tends to cripple the conscience and beg for justice.

I think it's fair to point out that most of the responsible parties involved in this Hollywood darkness are closely related to the political darkness in our nation. That's where the Clinton and Obama money is, that's where America's "establishment" sentiments are located. The problem is just one infectious liberal blur.


I just learned of the passing of Bud Woods. I remember him as the cheerful manager of Fillmore's Safeway market when I first came to town in 1989. I haven't had the opportunity to read his obituary, but I will always remember him as a very conscientious, outgoing man, always willing to assist his customers with a friendly smile. He was a good man. Rest in peace, Bud.


I've always been a strong "fair market" conservative. I think, with all its faults, capitalism is the best economic system yet devised. So I support projects which keep it humming along.

Fracking is one of those great inventions which has turned America away from the dreaded economic cliff of Peak Oil. Most knowledgeable oil men, not too long ago, warned that the time of oil scarcity had arrived. It looked like we were running out of oil and would fall into infamous OPEC hands. This was described as Hubbert peak theory, which still makes a lot of sense - except for the timing.

All of a sudden America was the world's largest oil producer, or soon will be, thanks to the invention of something called fracking. Basically, it is a method of extracting the most oil by forcing water into oil producing areas. It was revolutionary.

Fracking has its enemies, however. Earthquakes have been attributed to fracking, and the fear of contaminating clean drinking water is another concern. Both concerns have been raised by the fracking that is going on north of Fillmore, about 2 miles above our Sespe Basin aquifer. If our aquifer was contaminated, the city would lose its main water source, possibly forever.

Years ago, in a conversation with then (now deceased) prominent hydrologist Ted Bear, I was told our aquifer was one of the deepest in the country. I guess the confluence of the Santa Clara River and Sespe Creek make it so. It's fairly brackish, but certainly free of oil and its dangerous parts. I'm also told that, due to our deep aquifer, Fillmore City has never known a true drought. For the most part we have been self-sustaining for more than 100 years.

Area oil fields have also been with us for more than 100 years, though not nearly as long as we have enjoyed an abundance of clean water.

So, I'm happy with the new success we have had with fracking; it has set us free from the threat of Middle East blackmail - as in the 1970s oil embargo - when we couldn't find gas.

But the issue of extending fracking in the oil fields just a few miles above our Sespe aquifer is alarming. It would no doubt be a huge financial gain for Seneca, but it would be a Russian roulette gamble for the City of Fillmore. Any incursion of oil, by fracking itself, or an earthquake, could possibly cause a catastrophic contamination of the aquifer, which could destroy Fillmore's water source forever.

From what I know, the Seneca company has an exemplary reputation for running a clean operation in the hills above Fillmore. I've taken a tour of their fracking operation and it is squeaky clean. They show special concern for the condors in their area as well.

While I admire Seneca's conscientious business ethic, my concern for the future health of our aquifer, and the risk posed by fracking even closer to our water source, forces me to oppose the proposed extension. The move to extend the operation so close to the aquifer is a gamble that should not be taken. The threat of future contamination, even years into the future, is simply too dangerous, and if it should happen, it could never be fixed.


No matter what words are used to express grief, sorrow, and anger at the criminal slaughter of innocents as happened in Las Vegas this week, they are empty. How difficult it is to try to understand such evil, and the person who patiently plotted to assure its success.

After the screech "why?" - we thunder for an answer to "How?" - how can this be stopped? How wretched can a human soul become to do a thing like this? Unfortunately we can take little comfort, and find few answers when we look to human history. Evil is as old as creation, and Good has always been absent, too slow, or too cowardly to stop it.

Whether it's a "religion" that exalts in the crucifixion of children, sex slaves, mutilation of women, and the burning alive of its adversaries (Sharia law) or the demented individual who sheds his conscience in exchange for animal status, it shakes normalcy to its core. Someone tell us why these affronts to God happened: The Nazi Genocide, The Rwandan Genocide, The War in Darfur, The Zunghar Genocide, The Armenian Genocide, The Bangladesh Atrocities, The Communist Holodomor (Soviet famine-Ukraine), The Great Leap Forward.

And tell us why so many continue to deny this phenomenon of evil.

I can tell the world one thing for certain: The tools of these extraordinary mass murders were not responsible. It was not the knives, swords, blunt instruments, stones, or guns that caused these murderous events - it was the men who held them, and the ideas that drove them to do such horrendous things to other human beings.

Only a fool can fail to understand the difference between an inanimate object and a criminal act, between the tool and the criminal. It is the action of the criminal, not the existence of an object, that is the responsible cause. What should worry sensible people here is the fact that this difference has to be explained to half the populace - over and over again. If I had the authority I would demand that the subject of LOGIC be taught at all levels of high school. It may be too late for most at the college level, their professors have already convinced them of their omniscience.

With the rest of the nation, I grieve over, and pray for, the victims of the Los Vegas attack. But I also brace myself for another coming war against firearms by the well-funded (and ill intentioned) armies of radical Democrat anarchists who haven't yet learned to think correctly.

Our Second Amendment is nearly at the top of the list because the Founders knew radicals would always try to disarm the people. The Second Amendment is absolutely necessary for the defense of the other nine in our Bill of Rights. James Madison understood this and so do those who think logically and love freedom.


Former FBI Director Robert Mueller's most important mission is to destroy President Trump and as many associates as possible. Former Director James Comey has been a close friend of Mueller's for more than 25 years, yet Mueller is tasked with investigating Comey. This conflict of interest is both incredibly improbable and obviously unlawful. But nothing is done about it.

Trump should fire Mueller, another dirty cop, despite the uproar that will follow.

The President is in serious danger from the radical Left and those several billionaires, like George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and George Soros’s own son, Jonathan, who fund many powerful anarchist groups.

It's hard to understand why Trump doesn't clean-out the liberal Leftists who are undermining his administration.


The NFL, and all professional sports leagues who have chosen to disrespect our flag, our national anthem, and therefore our great nation, should be boycotted. The only thing most of the members of these teams respect is money (averaging $2.4million per year) so it's time to cost them a few dollars. Don't buy team colors, stay away from the games, and be verbal in our disrespect for them. I may not have graduated from high school without my love of football.

I don't watch football games for their political messages; I watch to get away from politics for a short time. Colin Kaepernick wants to be a free agent - let him float away.

Direct TV will refund the cost of its football package if done in protest. Check it out.

And all the coaches who have encouraged our youth to "take the knee" during the playing of our national anthem (including 3rd graders!) should be publically identified, and fired.


Mr. Ratus horribilis Un of North Korea says he will begin to shoot down U.S. military aircraft after being insulted by President Trump by being called Little Rocket Man. Well, nations have gone to war for less (see the War of Jenkin's Ear). China has always had the unique ability to take negotiations to the very edge before giving-in, and China is in full control over North Korea, despite appearances. So if North Korea does in fact shoot down a U.S. bomber, or set-off a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific, we will know for sure the tether to China has been broken. Still unlikely.

But North Korea's nuclear factories must be destroyed. They are assembling many atomic bombs, and now, so-called hydrogen bombs. The latter can be 1,000-times more powerful than a traditional "atom bomb" and can be smaller, which facilitates the construction of nuclear missiles, and their greater range.

Just as dangerous, or even more, is North Korea's traffic in nuclear bomb technology (hello internet) and fissile material - uranium and plutonium, to other eager bomb makers like Iran.

Let's also not forget that fissile materials North Korea (and Iran) have been making are deadly in themselves as "dirty bombs". They can render huge areas uninhabitable for hundreds of years.

Then, shall we think about Electro Magnetic Pulse threat? This could wipe out our entire electric grid, especially as wobbly as it is. No computers, phones, cars, planes, etc. Then, the man with the mechanical typewriter, plenty of paper and a bicycle would be king. Ironically, the federal EMP commission is ENDING its work this September 30. I guess they see no danger in this greatest threat.

I don't mean to be cynical here, just want to emphasize the importance of destroying Mr. Un's bomb and missile works.

After more than 30-years-worth of negotiations, it should be clear to reasonably intelligent humans that further negotiations with North Korea on this issue are just dangerously foolish.

Time, once wasted, can't be retrieved. The time that the free world has wasted negotiating with intransigent communist North Korea has strengthened its hand to the point where there is nothing more to negotiate.

If we don't initiate a preemptive strike on North Korea soon, Mr. Un, under the auspices of communist China, will call Check Mate - and Iran will follow suit.

That scenario would prove to be the greatest loss to the free world, ever.

The nuclear missile fashion rage these days, among friend and foe alike, tends towards the smaller,W54 warhead variety, in bunches. It takes us back to the 1960s when the 1-man Davy Crockett atomic mortar was deployed to 2000 locations in Europe. One of the smallest nuclear weapon systems ever built, with a yield between 10 and 20 tons TNT, and highly mobile.
The nuclear missile fashion rage these days, among friend and foe alike, tends towards the smaller,W54 warhead variety, in bunches. It takes us back to the 1960s when the 1-man Davy Crockett atomic mortar was deployed to 2000 locations in Europe. One of the smallest nuclear weapon systems ever built, with a yield between 10 and 20 tons TNT, and highly mobile.

Would the hit-and-run driver, who rammed into that flatbed truck yesterday near Olive Street, please claim your front bumper and license plate which you left at the scene.
Thank you.


As always, the Gazette aims to be ahead of the news curve, so I thought I would tell everyone that our country will soon be engaged in a war. Remember, you heard it first at the Fillmore Gazette.

While this report may seem a little flippant, I'm deadly serious. War is more probable than not.

My recent research meanderings in the area of American military defense, particularly nuclear and naval, leave me wanting to construct a bomb shelter and stow away some water and grub, just like the 1950s. Our enemies are ready; in my opinion we are not.

America has abandoned the practice of civil defense. Unlike the Cold War years (some may recall the duck and cover days) the government has neglected to notify us of available public shelters against nuclear fallout. It no longer designates private or government-owned buildings to which the public could find safety in such an emergency. Emergency water sources, for example, don't exist as they should, as well as accessible food supplies. Sufficient medical resources are just as lacking. All because we don't believe an attack will happen.

Emergency water could be efficiently supplied with a little thought, even after an atomic attack. Immediately after such attack finding water will be critically important for drinking and flushing away fallout particles. I don't know why Homeland Security doesn't construct multiple, simple gravity-fed water sources around the city, since it has said, eventually an attack is inevitable. Recent events make it now highly probable.

Build water sources with concrete-encased, earthen-covered,100,000 gallon tanks, every 5 miles or so away from the expected target area, near main highways. Survivors will more likely die without a source of water. This is a simple, inexpensive preparation, guaranteed to work.

Food sources must also be available for millions of people. They must be as available as water, and secure as possible from theft and riotous looting - which will require armed guards.

Like it or not, America's feckless government during the past 30-years has facilitated North Korea's ability to strike our homeland with multiple nuclear missiles, from land and sea. We have waited too long.

North Korea has the ability to launch these weapons from submarines, any one of which could approach the U.S. from points in the Pacific. I don't think Kim Un would waste his missiles on Guam, or even Hawaii. He would try for Seattle, Los Angeles, or San Diego. Even a near-miss, or a complete miss anywhere, would change America forever, and entice Russia, China, and Iran to join the fray, overtly or covertly.

I have always taken pride in America's defensive strength, going back to the Reagan years and the so-called "missile gap." Today we have some remarkably capable weapons, but so do our many nuclear-armed enemies - Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Include in this enemy's list our pretend friends like Turkey and Pakistan who would likely turn on us - because they are Sharia devotees - which a good 80-percent of Islam is today. Think of 80-percent of a billion-plus. All reports to the contrary are dangerously false.

Most recently I have admired our navy's Gerald R. Ford-class nuclear aircraft carrier. That's the one with no urinals.

This is a super carrier which travels with a heavily armed escort of missile-destroyers, at least one submarine, and the latest in radar-sonar and other counter-defensive electronics. Its nuclear "engine" produces huge quantities of electrical power which runs the entire ship. No more steam generation like all earlier super carriers.

It has $13-billion worth of armament, is a 1,100-foot long floating airport manned by 3000 sailors, and billions of dollars worth of jet fighters, bombers, helicopters, and intelligence planes. It is indeed a fierce behemoth.

What worries me about this great ship, and the next couple now under construction, is the fact that our enemies now demonstrate contempt for its capabilities. Russia boasts it can destroy our whole Navy. " US General Frank Gorenc [quoted] as saying: “Russian electronic weapons [can] completely paralyze the functioning of American electronic equipment installed on missiles, aircraft and ships.” And satellites. Russia proved this a few years ago when "a single Russian war plane flew several times around American destroyer the USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea several years ago, disabling its systems and leaving it helpless."

This is a fact. Do we have a counter-measure to protect our ships, or are they just sitting ducks on the pond?

Other serious problems exist regarding the safety of our ships. During many so-called war games, with allied countries attempting to destroy our carriers with their submarines, they have been successful. Our carriers are vulnerable to enemy atomic submarine tactics.

The weapons themselves are hyper-sophisticated as well. We are now dealing with torpedoes that travel over 200-miles per hour, thanks to special supercavitating torpedoes developed several years ago by Russia, like the VA-111 Shkval.

Another sword of Damocles hanging over the carrier projects is the anti-ship missile. These are plentiful and accurate. Even that little rat Un claims to have a few. They can be launched by sea, air, or land. And, I'm not worried about the many that can be handled by our Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System. I'm worried about showers of missiles intended to overwhelm the entire carrier force. Systems on land, air, and sea can deliver far more firepower than even a well-armed carrier force, continuously.

So, I'm glad we have impressive super carriers, I really am. But even with substantial air and anti-missile defensive support, they are very vulnerable. This is why, Mr. Ratus Horabilus Un, is so confident. He has China, Russia, and Iran in his corner, grinning like Cheshire Cats, in anticipation of the show.

Prayer, my friends, prayer is the best shelter.


I haven't given up on our Sespe Creek access. It's a crime as well as a shame that one butthead homeowner has halted entry to this federally protected, and state constitutionally mandated, open public navigable river.

The legal remedy is clear and absolutely available. But I'm only one person with many challenges of my own. It is our RIGHT to enter the southern point of Sespe Creek and to travel and recreate up the entire 31-mile area. But rights mean nothing at all unless they are exercised.

Any obstruction, threat or physical impediments keeping the public out of Sespe Creek are (by state and federal law) patently unlawful, with both civil and criminal penalties available. The threats by the homeowner (falsely threatening trespass prosecution) and the County's steel fence obstructing safe parking, are both unlawful.

Who wants to help tie the bell around the cat's neck?


Ants! They're all over the place. It does no good to ignore them. I have them in my office, on my chair, on my arm. They even ride on my fingers while I type - I guess they like to go for the ride.

Oh well. I guess we need the small problems to be distracted from the big ones.


I hate to think I've become so redundant in my old age, but it's apparently true. I just can't get the image of the USN Gerald R. Ford, atomic supercarrier and largest warship in the world, with a male crew of 3000, sailing away without urinals. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw a long time ago, with a construction manager talking to the architect, staring up at a very high-rise apartment building. The caption read, "Elevators? What elevators?"

Our newest $13-billion-dollar, 1,100 foot long carrier has the very latest radar and sonar systems and a new electromagnetic catapult for launching her planes. But, "Every bathroom on the Ford is, for the first time, gender-neutral, equipped with flush toilets and stalls, according to Navy Times." "Bathroom-design experts have said sit-down toilets are less sanitary and take up more space, and most of the Ford's crew members are men."

Sailors will no longer refer to the "head". Now they will have to say "Excuse me sir, I have to go to the toilet". Isn't that special? And about being "less sanitary" - just ask any mom in America with males in the house. It's just all unimaginable. The tradition of the urinal must be respected. Feminizing our ships-of-the-line will prove to be a dangerous innovation. I can hear the mutinous push-back now, written on small post-its throughout the lower decks - "Leave the seats up". And the feminist counter attack - "We aim to please. You aim too please."

It's going to get ugly.