If you want to get a quick idea of what's happening in the world I can't think of a better way than to click on to the DRUDGE REPORT. It will show you the good, bad, and ugly in a hurry. Unfortunately, it's often mostly bad and ugly, but that's reality. Let's take an especially ugly fact playing out on DRUDGE.

Many conservatives expect American assets to be attacked by some combination of Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran before the end of Obama's final year in office. Iran has repeatedly broadcast its intention to attack and destroy Israel in its Islamic mandate to rid the world of all "unbelievers" in Islam. The US is the targeted "great Satan" while Israel is targeted as the lesser demon.

Iran is on a roll in its preparations for war. The Obama administration, in its greatest act of treachery towards America, has unleashed the dogs of war by signing the unconstitutional nuclear "deal" with Iran (by fiat, his executive order). He not only let Iran off the leash (sanctions) he has financed this terrorist state with the practical equivalent a trillion dollars in spending money. Iran can now build or buy any number of weapons of mass destruction they wish - and they are off to the races. Every Middle East nation who happens to be an enemy of Iran is now frantically preparing a nuclear-based defensive, since they no longer believe the US can be trusted to defend them.

Israel is in a precarious position as never before, with Russia, Iran, and North Korea, and China (all nuclear enemies) converging on her. How can a nuclear war be avoided now? Americans have no idea how extensive those nations have re-armed. Russia, nearly broke, is pouring money into high-tech armaments, particularly electromagnetic pulse weapons - already deployed. All are aggressively expanding their influence.

At the same time Obama has weakened US defense capabilities as never before.

Americans must pay attention to what is happening on the military front. At least then they will be less surprised when we are attacked, before Obama sneaks out of office.



It's great to see that our old neon-highlighted "Fillmore" sign at Central and Hwy. 126 has been refurbished. It was made a landmark back in the 90s.


The Obama administration is succeeding at an ever faster pace in its efforts to give back to the Sharia Islamists everything that our warriors fought, bled, and died for in the Middle East. Through his shameful weakness in the face of the enemy Obama has also energized and facilitated Czar Putin's aggressive megalomania. Putin is not the strategic genius the world is making him out to be. His tactics simply follow a path of least resistance, and our commander-in-chief doesn't know how to resist even clear and present dangers to American freedom.

He has destroyed US influence throughout the Middle East. Obama left the door open and Putin stepped right in, like he did in Crimea. We will be at war again soon in Syria against Russia, Iran, and their surrogates. "U.S. defense officials have confirmed that military equipment issued by the United States to Syrian rebel fighters has been funneled to an al Qaeda offshoot, raising new questions about the ways in which the Obama administration is safeguarding U.S. arms in the war-torn Middle Eastern country." (Adam Kredo). Last time - 2,000 armored humvees to the enemy. Pentagon: U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels Surrender American Arms to Al QaedaPentagon: ‘We can’t control every situation that these fighters encounter’

God only knows what further wounds of weakness Obama intends to inflict on our nation during his last year in office. But it's not hard to guess. I'm guessing he will make a gift of our Guantanamo Bay naval base to the Castro Brothers, in use‎: ‎1898–present. Democrats like to give America's stuff away, like Carter gave away the Panama Canal, and Zone - soon passed on to communist China de facto.

Obama has already launched another fruitless attack on our Second Amendment - which will have the predictable effect of stampeding gun sales through the roof. I predict our great leader's anti-gun efforts will stimulate gun sales by an additional one million units. What a phenomenal, if utterly clueless, community gun-sales promoter.
He has announced a trip to Oregon to visit the scene of the most recent gun attack. He made the announcement before the bodies were counted at the college. He is not wanted there; his huge entourage would certainly disrupt the solemnity in the mourning community. I hope he doesn't chew gum while there.



Another bold step by Vladimir Putin today moved the US much closer to war. The intolerable naiveté, cowardice, and ignorance of our radical leftist Commander in Chief has abandoned America to an ignoble military fate.

Russia began bombing the US supported troops fighting Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. This is the worst outcome that could happen in Syria. Russia has now entered the war on behalf of Iran and will lock-in Iran's and its own hegemony in the Middle East for generations.

Once again caught with his pants down by this Russian surprise attack, Obama's press secretary sounded like a foolish child in his attempts to explain-away America's defensive negligence. Our cream puff, happy-go-lucky Secretary of State John Kerry even told us that the United States was prepared to "welcome" Russian military action in Syria - but only as long as it was directed against IS and al-Qaeda-linked groups. Obama expects Putin to play fair - or else. Or else what? Maybe he will scold Putin? Putin would politely answer "Well, you told me you would be more flexible after you were reelected."

I guess now that Obama has moved all US forces from the area we might as will give control over to our foremost enemy, Russia. It's time for an emergency psychiatric examination of American leadership. Then we can lock-up the delusional leaders!

Putin's strategy has been obvious for years; he wants to recreate the old Russian Empire. He started with attacks on Ukraine, then the prompt takeover of the Crimean peninsula, bullying the Balkan states, provocative overflights of NATO and US space, and a type of EMP attack on an American (high tech) missile destroyer in the Black Sea. Just like Old Man River he just keeps rolling along. All testing the American Commander in Chief's backbone - which Putin discovered was purely gelatinous.

Putin didn't really have to test Obama's will to respond, he already knew - he was able to listen in to all of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's top secret communications with the White House, CIA, FBI, etc., free of charge, for FOUR YEARS, on her bathroom server. These were safe, easy moves for Putin, and will continue to be for about one more year of Obama's community organizing. And, our pitiful president has the gall to "taunt" Putin?
Obama taunts Putin, China at U.N.: 'I lead the strongest military the world has ever known'

Mr. Obama, you couldn't lead a girl scout group to make a column right.

America and the world are in the most dangerous pre-war situation we have ever been in before. Israel has been placed in an almost untenable position due to American evacuation of the Middle East. War is inevitable.

I hate to write when I'm angry, and hearing that Putin has demanded that US aircraft now leave the Syria area makes me white hot. Just imagine what's going to happen during the next year before the end of Obama. Obama is our twenty-first century Benedict Arnold. We need a General Patton for president to save the day.



Our armed forces have been led by a craven leftist Commander in Chief for nearly seven years now. We are often reminded that the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have been reduced to levels not seen since pre-WWII levels.

Not surprisingly, the only military leaders who can speak with impunity are mostly retired generals and colonels. Any active duty officer making critical remarks about present military organization is a career-ending mistake. What these generals have to say should alarm all thinking Americans.

They inform us of a president who has essentially alerted our enemies to the fact that he will not fight - for any reason, that we have no strategy to fight ISIS or sufficient military presence anywhere in the Middle East to keep the peace. Our retired generals tell us that Russia is taking over Syria and that Iraq is out of control. They say that the 14 percent reduction in U.S. troops renders the United States "unable to deter conflict and prevent wars.” The Navy Times says, "The numbers of U.S. nuclear missiles, and deployed bombers, have continued to drop while Russia's have climbed, according to a new U.S. State Department report on strategic weapons.”
"Retired General John Allen will be stepping down as envoy to the global coalition this fall. Just before he became Obama’s lead official in the fight against the Islamic State, Allen wrote an op-ed article in which he called the group a “clear and present danger to the U.S.” and said it “must be destroyed” quickly, using capabilities and power only the U.S. can bring to bear. Just over one year later, the president has yet to commit to a real plan to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State, as he has repeatedly said is his goal.”

Most recently, the corrosive effect of Political Correctness demands that women be ushered into the ranks of all combat specialties. Women are there now in small numbers, especially in support units, but that is a destructive plan.

Two women were cheered recently for completing Ranger school. Now it is revealed that they received special treatment in the form of lower standards - as is happening across the board. "GOP lawmaker questions test scores of female Army Rangers” Radical feminists have pushed the plan to include women with men in every available combat specialty. The results, despite fraudulent reports alleging success, have been disastrous. There is one particular book which spells out the indisputable facts: Kingsley Browne's, Co-Ed Combat, the new evidence that women shouldn't fight the nation's wars."

There simply are no valid reasons to integrate the sexes in the military, and many to put a stop to it. I challenge any feminist to counter the facts in this book. Unless the country is ready to draft women into our armed forces, reasonable citizens have to speak out, like all of the retired generals have.

Browne's book is an extremely interesting read, scholarly and factual but written for the average reader.



(CORRECTIONS) I've gotten into a bad habit of writing my column at the last minute before deadline. It's a matter of pure laziness and it's costing me some accuracy among other things.

For example, last week my Realities had two errors. First, I stated that Islam's bloody legacy began in the year 332 a.d. Wrong. It began in 632, the year of Muhammad's death. And, I spoke of China, Russia (and allegedly Iran) having anti-aircraft missiles. I meant to say they claim to have anti aircraft carrier missiles - big difference. I will try to mend my ways.


(A note to readers)

An apology is necessary for the length of this column. Frankly, after studying these issues for the past two weeks, I got caught-up with the magnitude of these military problems without time to condense them. I have lost confidence in our military leaders, except those who are now retired. I agree with Lt. Col. U.S. Army (Ret.) Robert L. Maginnis's assessment of our present military leadership in his book "Deadly Consequences, How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat." Also with Prof. Kingsley Browne's book "Co-Ed Combat". No honest person can disagree with the factual conclusions of these books. Our military is in a state of deadly confusion.


I've wondered about how bad America's defense situation is today. Obama has shriveled our armed forces to levels not seen since pre-WWII days. Virtually every retired American general, and honorable flag-level officer condemns Obama's foolhardy leadership. "Faced with a shortage of U.S. Navy ships, the Marine Corps is exploring a plan to deploy its forces aboard foreign vessels to ensure they can respond quickly to global crises around Europe and western Africa.´(USA Today). " The top officer said that the 14 percent reduction in U.S. troops — which shrank the number of soldiers from 570,000 to 490,000 — "...renders the United States unable to deter conflict and prevent wars.”

" Former NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis criticized President Obama, his former boss, for recent cuts to military spending while U.S. troops are still engaged on multiple fronts around the world.“We have already cut defense … about 30 percent over the last 10 years, and we’re still at war,” Stavridis´said.

How about the condition of our strategic nuclear force? Here's a sample of our nuclear leadership: "Nuclear commander lost job after being caught playing fake poker chips..." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/11248777/Nucl...

By day, Vice-Admiral Timothy Giardina was one of the US Navy’s most senior figures – as deputy head of US Strategic Command, he was number two in command of America’s nuclear arsenal. But by night, at the Horseshoe casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, he was known as Navy Tim, a heavy gambler who was accused of making his own $500 poker chips and eventually banned.”

General in charge of America's nuclear weapons sacked for misbehavior. "(The US Air Force general in charge of America's nuclear missile arsenal has been sacked for a 'loss of trust and confidence' following allegations of misbehavior.´(The Telegraph, 9-16-15). Defense Secretary Hagel: Hagel's reviews concluded that the structure of U.S. nuclear forces is so incoherent that it cannot be properly managed in its current form, and that this problem explains why top-level officials often are unaware of trouble below them."

UPDATE: Data shows drop in US nuke arsenal, growth in Russia's... http://www.navytimes.com/story/military/pentagon/2015/01/09/new-start-tr...

North Korea has made a number of "innovations" in its nuclear weapons programme "by steadily improving the levels of nuclear weapons... in quality and quantity", an official of the Atomic Energy Institute told state media."
"PAPER:[Russia is] Reviving Nuke Trains to Counter U.S. Attack Capability... http://www.themoscowtimes.com/business/article/russia-looks-to-revive-nu...

"When Russia sent military forces into Syria last weekend, it caught NATO by surprise and proved that its members can neither stay ahead of threats nor even decide which ones are the most pressing, the alliance’s intelligence director said." September 10, 2015 By Kevin Baron, Defense One.

How about the general health and continuity of our armed forces?

"Army Gen. Randy Taylor introduces his husband at Pentagon Gay Pride event." "What made this seemingly routine introduction noteworthy is that Brig. Gen. Randy S. Taylor introduced his husband, Lucas." "We bet everything on my Army career,” said Gen. Taylor, whose 27 years of service spanned an outright ban on gays, then “don’t ask, don’t tell” and finally, the ban’s lifting in 2011."This general broke the Uniform Code of Military Justice for most of his career. Gen. Taylor was the master of ceremonies for the Pentagon’s 4th Gay Pride celebration that showcases a month of gay-themed posters and history." Of course for most of those 27 years the general violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

There is an urgent need to phase-out all combat positions artificially created for women. The exclusion of women from direct ground combat was ended in January of 2013. Absolutely nothing has had a more demoralizing effect on troop cohesion, readiness, and morale than gender integration. Our Joint Chiefs of Staff are to blame for being too cowardly to stand up against this ludicrous political plan. They have spread false allegations about the success of this integration to save their positions. The effect of this action has had paralyzing effects at all levels down to the ranks of the private soldier, sailor Marine, Airman, and Coast Guard. There is no longer an honored place for the normal GI holding traditional Christian morals. Criticize women in combat units, or object to the now massive homosexual set-up, and you are harshly punished or dismissed from service. I hope to comment further on this incredible issue next week.

America is in distress today, particularly our armed forces. Our government has been corrupted to the core by an infestation of radical left feminists and homosexuals, which has accomplished the destruction of traditional military standards of order. Most Americans have no idea of the extent to which this new feminism has undermined readiness and morale. We are vulnerable to attack as never before. Obviously our enemies (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and most of the Sharia-believing Muslim world) see our weakness as an irresistible opportunity to attack. The window of opportunity for attack will be open for the remainder of Obama's term as Commander in Chief of the United States.



Yesterday's city council meeting divulged a lot of good news. The city is growing, fast. New homes and projects are popping-up all over the place. We have made truly extraordinary progress during the past two years. That means we have a great council working smoothly with highly competent city management. Congratulations to both.


Oh, by the way - did I tell you that a great war will be with us shortly, much bloodier than any we have fought since WWII.

It's the war that Islam has prayed for since the year 332 a.d., the war to subdue the non-Muslim world on every continent. Islam, as it is practiced in virtually every Muslim country, demands every non-Muslim to do one of two things; convert to Islam or pay a protection tax, like the Mafia uses. There are certainly millions of peace loving Muslim people in the world; but they are a small minority of the billion and a half true believers. Besides, peaceful Muslim people, the vast majority, are frightened silent about Sharia atrocities. Or, as Brigitte Gabriel has reminded us, "Peaceful Muslims are irrelevant".

Let's pay closer attention to the military activities of our enemies, Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, and ISIS. With the present exception of ISIS, each has nuclear arms, and Iran, thanks to Obama, will soon join the club. Each is working at warp speed to improve its weapons, in quality and quantity. China and Russia have their anti-aircraft missiles, anti-satellite missiles, new atomic drone submarines with atomic torpedoes capable of traveling supersonic underwater, etc.

All we hear about US nuclear forces is poor maintenance, aging missiles, and bad morale. We are about to be trounced. Over the past 7 years Barack Obama has rendered our armed forces nearly frivolous, with aging equipment, major problems with forced integration of women in combat units, and the depletion of troop numbers. Only the stellar performance of our fighting men keep us in the game. The integration of women is a powerful negative force, a serious disincentive for enlisted men, as are openly gay, transsexual, tri-sexual, and quadrasexual personnel.



America is sick, and may be dying.

For any rational person keeping up with national news this can't be surprising. The odor of morbidity is too pungent to be ignored.

The greatest country in human history has not succumbed to its numerous deadly enemies, it is committing suicide. America's soul has been breached like organs of a preborn child at the hands of a greedy abortionist. As all Judeo-Christian believers know, the soul is the primary spark of human life. Life ceases to exist without a soul. America's soul has, since its inception, been Judeo-Christian in nature, in its understanding of itself, but primarily in its acknowledgment of Almighty God as its creator.

Today most of America, perhaps 51 percent, has rejected our God and his precepts - His commandments. We are about to suffer the withdrawal of God's traditional protection, His blessing. Without a quick change of heart we will certainly experience the same fate as ancient Israel. As the book of the same title, Harbingers, tells us, that fate clearly faces us.

I've just been informed (youngcons.com) that 8 police officers have been murdered in the past 9 days in our country. Most of these murders were perpetrated by young black men, inspired by their black president. Barack Obama has facilitated months of violent racial turmoil by encouraging the spread of murderous slogans like "Black lives matter; Hands-up, don't shoot”, and most recently (referring to police officers) "Pigs in a blanket, fry'em like bacon". These slogans are the marching melodies of the radical black left which has taken control of many cities. They are marching with the Devil, and will have the Devil to pay. Without exception, these hateful emotions lead to riots that destroy black communities, ultimately causing racial suicide. And they repel and diminish the only force that can save their communities - the sworn police forces of our nation.

The majority of our government workers and the people we have elevated to public office, Congress, Supreme Court, and president, are directly responsible for America's cultural death spiral. Ultimately, of course, we the people are responsible for voting weak, incompetent, and unscrupulous people into office..

As a government we've lost our common sense. Without leadership we have become stupid. We pass a huge, disasterous Obamacare bill without having it read by any legislator. We can't know what it's all about until we pass it, said Congresswoman Pelosi. In a few days our shameless pro-Muslim president is about to have his Mad Hatter Iranian nuclear agreement passed by the same people, without knowledge of its secret content, or understanding of its obviously deadly consequences.

This coming election will tell the story of America's future. That's been said many times before, and we're still here. But this time is different. We've never had a president so intent on destroying our country. He has sold America out and endangered the world as no president has done before. The Iran deal will doubtless bring on nuclear war. Obamacare will beggar our healthcare system. And, without immediate support for both our armed forces and police forces, we can expect social chaos.

Just remember - we brought it on ourselves.


Come out & Rock Back the Clock with the Fillmore-Piru Veterans Memorial Board on May 25th 2019 from 6pm-11pm!

Captain Cardiac & the Coronaries will be the musical performance of the evening taking you back in time wit your favorite hits!

Purchase tickets at $25 each at Fillmore City Hall (250 Central Avenue Fillmore, CA 93015) during regular business hours M-Th & every other Friday 8am-4pm through Friday May 24th.

Day of ticket sales will be $30 at the door CASH ONLY.

For more information please call 805-524-1500 ext 713 or email recreation@ci.fillmore.ca.us

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/311925676157171/


I'm glad our city council neglected to pass the "Residential Property Report Inspection” proposal at last night's meeting.

This is a check list of 31 possible problems with a home which must be corrected before sale. It's a very intrusive list, everything from condition of siding to cracked patio slabs, things which would require correction before sale. About 10 prominent real estate brokers, many former presidents of county reality organizations, showed up to voice their opposition to the proposal which could delay or kill home sales.

The council decided to study the idea further before making a decision.


My time is short this week so I can't expand on the glee I feel at the spectacle of Hillary Clinton finally losing her political entitlements. I still don't believe many people understand the extraordinary damage her customary recklessness has cost this nation in top secret disclosures to our enemies. From what we already know of her military intelligence transgressions she should be slapped with a criminal indictment and tried. The FBI should name the investigation "Operation Loose Lips". Just think, Hillary, through her prohibited private bathroom server, served-up top secret information to Russia, China, Iran, and any amateur hacker just having a little fun, for FOUR years!.

Since, as America's chief ambassador to the world, Hillary spoke to the White House daily, for four years, our enemies learned just what a craven, spineless creature Obama truly is. This knowledge eliminated any doubt about whether the US would defend Ukraine or the Crimean peninsula, so Russia just walked over and took Crimea - without a peep from the US or NATO. Maybe a NATO peep is all we could manage. The same is true of China's trespassing island creations to increase its hegemony in the South China Sea, outright theft. China also learned of Obama's testosterone deficiency by listening in on Hillary's bathroom server. Most important of all - Iran's murderous mullahs were listening in as well. That's why the so-called nuclear negotiations became such an embarrassing American collapse.

But Obama will try to do something impressive (read offensive), in his eyes, during the next 15 months. I'm guessing he will try to give Guantanamo Bay back to the Castro Brothers. Obama would be attracted to such a move by the serious division it would cause in the US.


Click here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H9SHK55 to get your free eBook today.


"OK, cuff her." I awoke from a weird dream with these words ringing in my memory, watching the distressed woman in jailhouse orange being led away.

Oddly enough, when I later switched on the DRUDGE REPORT, there she was again, Hillary Clinton, in bright jailhouse orange dodging a reporter's questions. How about that for a deja vu? "...And I did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified – which is the way you know whether something is.'"

Well, Hillary surely knows things about the word "is". But, in the context of that questioning it can't help her any more than it did former POTUS, husband Bill. As they say, it is what it is and it isn't looking very good for Democrat front-runner Hillary. Her stance evokes the spirit of another famous liar, Bart Simpson: "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything."

In this case, Hillary, yes we can. And if the FBI and US Justice Department can pass the acid test, Donald Trump may be right, you may be headed for the Big House instead of the White House. That is, once again, if the FBI and Justice Department honor their oaths of office, avoid politics, and provide at least the same justice in Hillary's case that they enjoyed inflicting upon former, highly decorated 4-star General and former CIA Director David Petraeus, hero of the Iraq surge. He served with great distinction for 37 years, while you, of course, served as a failed Secretary of State, and are the greatest national defense intelligence disaster since Aldrich Ames. All of America's worst enemies were listening-in to all State Department top secret communications that were run through Hillary's bathroom server - for 4 years! I'll say it again, it's no wonder Putin (and China and Iran) has acted so aggressively during the Obama-Clinton years. He knew (as did others) that we were weak with no defense strategy at all; why not attack? Why not just walk in and take Crimea?



Congratulations to our City Manager David Rowlands and our city council for producing a terrific "new" Active Adult and Community Center. The grand opening was celebrated Saturday and was thoroughly enjoyed by a large crowd. The Center has been completely rejuvenated, floor to ceiling. Be sure to stop by and participate in any of the scores of new programs or relax in the new library.


Shame on Chevron for surreptitiously turning over the operation of the soon-to-be hillside solar system to the county. Fillmore has worked with Chevron for years, and endured much inconvenience during the clean-up operations.


I have to say I had to roar after viewing Hillary's photo on top of today's DRUDGE REPORT. She has that inimitable startled ground squirrel look. After a lifetime of skullduggery with husband Bill it appears she's finally checkmated, caught with several top secret emails on her secret, home based server. Many of her squirrelly girlfriends are also being checked for fleas.

Bill and Hillary are two of America's most morally despicable political players, and have been since their Arkansas Whitewater days. The stain they have left on the political scene can never be removed. A disgraced and impeached former president and his Hell-bent-for-leather radical feminist wife, must go down in history as arch exemplars of what is killing America: immorality, greed, untrustworthiness, and criminality.

The Democrat Party loved and facilitated Bill Clinton and they embrace his wife Hillary as well. I have to ask what is left of that party? It has become a haven for Socialists, Leftists, anarchists, ambiguous genders, and New World Order fanatics.

Just think, former Secretary of State Hillary, during her whole six years in office, has provided all of her top secret information to our deadliest enemies. Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, ISIS, et al, have been listening-in on all of America's defense secrets - if any remain. It's startling and unprecedented.

Just think again - Hillary Clinton is the Democrat Party choice to become president of the United States! She's their frontrunner.

No wonder Putin and friends have been acting so boldly. They have been listening-in to our gutless, witless president through Hillary's home computer. They know they have nothing to fear, including fear itself.


The Gazette would like to extend its heartfelt sympathies to the Cervantes family upon learning of the recent tragic death of Adrian Cervantes in a traffic accident yesterday. God bless and console his wife Lisa, and his two children Ava and Andrew.

Rest in peace, Adrian.


I listened to President Obama on radio this morning. He was touting his Iran nuclear deal. I listened carefully as he rolled-out his rendition of reality and found it to be completely unreal. If he actually believes what he is saying he is the most deviously delusional president in American history.

I know that deviousness requires a deceitful state of mind, which Obama has in spades. But if he is also delusional it must mean that he somehow actually believes his factual distortions at some level are authentic. I guess this means that Obama has successfully constructed that famous "parallel reality" that liberals are so fond of using.

But the rest of us, we normal Americans suffering under his "leadership", have to stick to old-fashioned reality, the one that causes us to make sense of the world, the one that enables us to distinguish truth from BS.
Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz sums-up the danger of this deal with Iran. see:

Iran nuclear deal much worse than experts ... - Fox News
www.foxnews.com/.../Iran-nuclear-deal-much-worse-t...Fox News Channel
Jul 14, 2015 -

"The nuclear agreement with Iran announced Tuesday was billed by EU, Iranian and US officials as historic. It is that: it is a historically dangerous accord that will destabilize the Middle East by legitimizing the nuclear program of a radical Islamist state and a state-sponsor of terror."

...the agreement will do nothing to stop activities such as warhead development and possibly covert uranium enrichment at undeclared sites."

"...As a result of these provisions, this deal will actually shorten the timeline to an Iranian nuclear bomb and enable Iran to produce many more nuclear bombs than it currently can construct using enriched uranium and plutonium fuel."

"...It is crucial that the U.S. Congress send a message to the world by decisively rejecting this agreement and making it clear that a future Republican president will reject it on his or her first day in office."

I urge everyone to read the objections to this insane deal with Iran and judge for themselves whether the terms of the deal itself (Text of Iran Nuclear Deal‎ www.cnn.com/‎). make any sense at all for America. This is the most dangerous "treaty" ever to endanger the United States. It typifies Obama's dissembling Left Wing blather.


A few months ago driving with a friend, while adjusting the radio, he asked what kind of music I listened to during the day. That surprised me because I only listen to news, morning, noon and night. I love radio. It's more informative than TV and I don't have to witness all the annoying personal drama, Plexiglas set-ups, and constantly moving background of all news TV.

It starts with superb conservative commentators like Dennis Prager and Rush Limbaugh, continuing with Michael Medved, Mark Levin, Larry Elder, and Hugh Hewitt. There are others depending on the time. They are all brilliant in their individual ways. Usually hearing Dennis Prager first, I have to confess his comments and analysis sometimes keep me sitting in my car outside the office until a break releases me.

Then there's FOX news, on all day. Radio again driving home, often Mark Levin or Hugh Hewitt. Their often gloomy assessments of world affairs or Democrat party witlessness closely correspond to my own. Each of these commentators speaks from intelligence, education, and logic - not from indelible ideology as most liberal Leftist mouthpieces. Their conclusions make use of common sense all in the pursuit of truth.

Maybe I consume too much news because I find it generally depressing. Depressing because, as someone who has lived through what I consider America's finest hours, I am now forced to witness America's moral, financial, military, and legal degeneration. Barack Obama and the Democrat Party have accellerated the demise which has been coming for 50 years. Republicans share almost equally in the blame.

Let's take a peek at our eviscerated military. With funding cut nearly in half, working with pre-WWII level strength, we face the greatest danger from foreign and domestic attack at any time in our history. Here's what Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno has to say recently on Iraq:

"I go back to the work we did in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 and we got it to a place that was really good,” Odierno noted. “Violence was low, the economy was growing, politics looked like it was heading in the right direction.” “It would have been good for us to stay” after the end of 2011”. ”Though Odierno had recommended in 2009 that the United States keep 30,000-35,000 troops in Iraq beyond 2011, his recommendation was rejected. Odierno also expressed concern about the cuts the U.S. military has endured since 2010, particularly those that will reduce the number of troops by 40,000 over the next two years.”

[Odierno] said that the 14 percent reduction in U.S. troops — which shrank the number of soldiers from 570,000 to 490,000 — that the Army has seen since 2010 renders the United States unable to “deter conflict and prevent wars.”


Then there is the incredible, destabilizing flood of illegal immigrants, failure to recognize and confront ISIS (“We don’t have a strategy yet” to challenge the Islamic State) and finally, the greatest strategic "mistake" in American military history, this catastrophically foolish "deal" concerning Iran's nuclear arms development.

I need the opinions I listen to on radio to assure myself that I am not alone in concluding that Barack Obama is deliberately destroying America.


Two things in Fillmore have really bothered me for a long time. Both have been a problem for decades. The first is the inability to hear what council members are saying. I think the council sound system has been upgraded a half dozen times since I've been around, to no avail. It's extremely aggravating, and makes it difficult to take notes when all the audience can hear is a muffled whisper. I would urge all members to be sure their mics are on and to speak-up clearly - please. I thank you and so do future wannabe listeners.

The second thing bothering me is the fact that the city always waits until the approach of mid-summer to trim-back our trees. Why not do this in the fall when we don't need the shade?

* * *

It seems inappropriate to complain about trivial issues this week when the President of the United States has chosen to light the fuse which is likely to initiate a world-wide conflagration between Eastern and Western civilizations.

No rational person could have surrendered American power to Iran, as Obama has done in this nuclear "deal", without a truly evil intent. The intolerable political psychodrama we have had to witness between a lickspittle Little Lord Fauntleroy with big hair like John Kerry and the Iranian baby killers, shows Obama's collusion with Iran. Obama's intention all along has been to establish Iran as the center of Middle Eastern power. The so-called treaty is so loose it is meaningless. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, "[Iran is] going to get hundreds of billions of dollars to fuel their terror and military machine." Obviously true.

And, as a last minute bonus the deal ends the embargo on small arms (tanks, missiles, and guns). It also facilitates Iran's intercontinental missile development. A nuclear weapons race is already under way in the Middle East thanks to America's weakness. America got nothing from the deal-not even the release of hostages! And, Israel is betrayed.

If our feckless Congress doesn't muster enough votes to halt this monstrous plan by overriding Obama's inevitable veto, prepare for unprecedented, world-wide terrorism ending in inevitable atomic war.

Have a nice day.


Pope Francis, while visiting Ecuador, has called for new ecological and economic world order. His concern for the poor is certainly fitting and good but his political preaching is purely bad.

The Pope, as might be expected from an Argentinean, is a Leftist, a socialist. He is someone whose proclamations and encyclicals are unfriendly to Western capitalism. He also promotes the fraud of man-made climate change and supports nonsense like carbon footprint regulations for everyone but the worst offenders, like China and India.

What I find most offensive about the Pope's political agenda is what appears to be a comparative absence of policies which could help the victims of Islamic terror around the world. Islam is not sufficiently identified by name as the cause of the on-going Judeo-Christian Holocaust, especially in North Africa and the Middle East.

I have to ask whether the Pope agrees with Barack Obama's stunningly stupid recent statement to the Pentagon: "This challenge of countering violent extremism is not simply a military effort," the president said. "Ideologies are not defeated with guns but better ideas and more attracting and more compelling vision. This fool (Obama) seems oblivious to the fact that the Islamic "vision" has forever been, and will remain, the submission of the rest of the world to Islam. And so he proclaims that "We'll constantly reaffirm through words and deeds that we will never be at war with Islam."

These words were spoken by the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the United States. These words are both utterly insane and an admission that our President will never go to war against the forces of militant Islam, in violation of his oath to preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The Pope seems to fit right in with this craven policy of faint-hearted defense against the forces of Sharia Islam which demands the destruction of Western civilization, personified by the United States of America. I believe the Pope's reluctance to speak out boldly and unequivocally in defense of Islam's murdered millions is due to a fear of the Vatican itself being attacked.

I believe that Barack Obama's cowardly refusal to take the military action required to defeat ISIS and its hydra-headed Islamic killers is due to his lightly disguised support for Islam. As the crucifixions, beheadings, rapes, burnings, drownings, female mutilations, church burnings, child murders, sex slavery, and Islam's historically traditional slave trade continue at a brisk pace, Obama plays golf and fantasizes about his legacy.

Both leaders should remember that defense against Islamic butchery is more important than carbon footprints or dreams of questionable legacy.


I would like to respond to Mr. Sandford Sr.'s letter this week.

My thanks, Mr. Sandford, for your expressions of giddy anticipation of this week's Realities. Fans can exist as positive or negative expressions of interest. I would characterize you as stereotypically negative, but a fan nevertheless. Now I have two fans. It's a start.

I hope, for the sake of the 1.5 percent of the American population afflicted with gender confusion, homosexuality, and other psychological challenges, that a resolution can be found without bringing-down more than two centuries of American Judeo-Christian culture. Please see: http://godfatherpolitics.com/16779/top-psychiatrist-says-transgenderism-...

You see, the extraordinary opinion of Justice Anthony M. Kennedy in the recent same-sex marriage case will prove to be the straw that really does break the nation's foundational culture, that thing that has guided the remaining 98.5 percent of the American public in determining right from wrong, good from bad, and moral from immoral. We're talking about 5,000 years of moral tradition - "Commandments" - suddenly discarded to assuage the feelings of that special 1.5 percent. How is that different from Esau swapping his birthright for a bowl of slop, or a Judas kiss?

I wholeheartedly agree with Justice Antonin Scalia's dissent, calling Kennedy's swing opinion “a judicial Putsch,” “pretentious,” “egotistic,” “silly,” and filled with “straining-to-be-memorable passages.” It is a supremely outrageous, and ironically unconstitutional usurpation of the people's fundamental rights. This sort of intellectual corruption has opened the floodgates to other constitutional monstrosities like this: "The U.S. Justice Department says in a court filing that transgender students must be allowed to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity." Please refer again to above link.

Scalia again: “This [Kennedy's opinion] is a naked judicial claim to legislative — indeed, super-legislative — power; a claim fundamentally at odds with our system of government... “A system of government that makes the people subordinate to a committee of nine unelected lawyers does not deserve to be called a democracy.”
This opinion will not stand. It will fall eventually through a reexamination by a future normal-thinking court, or by the responding violence of a judicially battered electorate. Call that revolution.

Most Americans know that Almighty God matters - too.


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have many things in common, they are both pathological liars. But Obama is the POTUS while Hillary is merely the wannabe.

The lies are firmly established, repeatedly for Obama during the past 6 years. His statements regarding guns following the recent murderous attack on a South Carolina church are typical. Every point he attempted to make is completely false. I won't waste time repeating the corrections of his falsehoods made by numerous experts.

The point is that Obama is a liar, as pathological as Hillary. What irritates me is the fact that his lies are so common and obvious that they are also insulting to the intelligence of anyone but liberals.

We know Obama and his friends hate firearms. I just wish he would educate himself about firearm's facts before launching into his condemnations. I suggest he purchase a book by world-famous American economist and political commentator, John Richard Lott, Jr., PhD, entitled "More Guns, Less Crime.

Lott, formerly employed by the University of Chicago, Yale University, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Maryland, College Park, and the American Enterprise Institute, is utterly correct in his conclusions. He has studied the subject of guns and their effects upon human societies longer than anyone else, more than 30 years. No credentialed expert has ever successfully faulted his work. Against Lott's information Obama's lies are just ridiculous - except to ignorant liberals.

"He is best known as an advocate in the gun rights debate, particularly his arguments against restrictions on owning and carrying guns. In 2000, Nobel laureate Milton Friedman said that "John Lott has few equals as a perceptive analyst of controversial public policy issues."

Unlike Obama, John Lott's word is credible. That's why liberals rarely quote him.

"As of November 1, 2012, Lott ranked 19th in number of all-time downloads, and 2662nd in scholarly citations of his work, on the Social Science Research Network."

In short, More Guns, [mean] Less Crime. This is indisputable thanks to Lott's diligence in researching the subject. Obama should know that guns are used defensively more than a million times per year in the US. "National surveys" suggested that "98 percent of the time that people use guns defensively, they merely have to brandish a weapon to break off an attack."

Very sad that no one was carrying a gun that day in the church.


It seems like a safe bet, if you're employed as an enemy saboteur, that you will enjoy a long, successful career in America.

If your thing is to smuggle explosives, guns, or box cutters onto American airliners, according to recent official reports, your success rate will be about 97 percent. "According to a report based on an internal investigation, "red teams" with the Department of Homeland Security's Office of the Inspector General were able to get banned items through the screening process in 67 out of 70 tests it conducted across the nation”. The man in charge of security was "reassigned" - not fired. Probably reassigned to Homer Simpson's spot as safety inspector at that nuclear power plant.

The field is wide open as well to ambitious saboteurs in the field of critical communications. Take the Arizona incident last February when just about everything went down. "FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) - Computers, cellphones and landlines in Arizona were knocked out of service for hours, ATMs stopped working, 911 systems were disrupted and businesses were unable to process credit card transactions - all because a vandal apparently sliced through a fiber-optic Internet cable buried under the desert.” There we go again with dat wascally vandal. But never fear, I'm sure a substantial reward is offered for his capture - like the $1,000 reward offered by AT&T for the capture of the "vandal" who has severed 10 fiber optic communication cables around San Francisco Bay Area recently. Reports state officials are "baffled".

Another baffling incident took place about 18 months ago in the San Jose area where, in the dead of night more rascally saboteurs entered a protected Pacific Gas & Electric substation, severed AT&T fiber-optic cables, and for nearly a half-hour fired AK-47 "sniper" rounds into the complex, "knocking out 17 transformers."

Last year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accidentally released a document outlining areas where the nation's electrical grid was susceptible to a terror attack. The Wall Street Journal, citing the data, reported that an attack on nine "key" substations could cause power outages nationwide. Well, might as well let the enemy know where to go so we can be there to catch him.

Sabotage seems to be a growth industry now. But none dare call it government-incompetence driven.

Now, back to the news. The question of the day? Just how black do you have to be to be recognized as black?


I don't feel all that great today so I'll just leave a link and a comment.

President Obama is determined to flood America with more millions of illegal aliens. There are probably 40 million here already (forget the official lies about 11 million). Ann Coulter is correct in her conclusions (see !ADIOS, AMERICA!).

We have been overwhelmed. Only someone who intends (in former Vice President Cheney's words) to "take down America" would facilitate such destruction on our country. As our Commander in Chief this makes Obama a traitor.

"Destruction" you say. Yes. Here's a recent news tidbit: NY girl 'barbarically' raped by teen gangsters from El Salvador http://www.wnd.com/2015/06/el-salvador-teen-gangsters-barbarically-rape-... - 2 days ago.

"This poor young woman is so lucky that she is alive. These are vicious young men'." Read this and weep for America. We've been sold-out by this treacherous president. It's time to halt all immigration until we eliminate these alien savages.

Obama wants America impotent and defenseless.


I frequently ask myself if anything is going right with the government, especially during the past six years. It's not an unreasonable question to ask and I usually conclude with a negative answer.

The negative answer may at first sound like an absurd sweeping generalization. But in a broad sense it is not. Looking at the US government, department by department, everything seems to be in failure mode. Like former Vice President Cheney has said, "Obama wants to take America down." And his efforts to do so are obvious; he has eviscerated our armed forces in the face of the enemy, is bankrupting our treasury with his spendthrift policies, undermining our police forces, and exposing us to direct atomic attack in his secret deals with Iran.
Homeland security is a joke, as we have recently learned that 95 percent of airline terminal inspections failed to find guns and explosives. Three sailors in our submarine service have already been jailed for sneaking photos of our new female submariners. Feminists claim that women placed onboard submarines with men, submerged and isolated for months, won't cause a discipline or distraction problem - naaah, of course not.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder has just been replaced with a clone, Loretta Lynch. China and Russia both scoff at American military power and continue their aggression at a rapid pace. We do nothing to stop the ISIS butchery in Africa and the Middle East. The blood of the beheaded babies, murdered fathers, raped, enslaved, and mutilated girls and women is on Obama's hands. Where are those fearless Feminists when we need them? Trying out for our special forces.

Oh, and of course America's immigration nightmare. As Ann Coulter is saying, "Adios America!"


The Katzenjammers are back! This sorry little band must be agonizing over the incredible success of the city council, which replaced them since that fateful election. They (through Fillmore Senior Center Inc.) have filed a complaint against the Fillmore City Council for replacing them as operators of our Fillmore Senior Center with a new staff and board of directors. This group (FSCI) is composed of many friends of the old Katzenjammers who once ruled the roost on the old city council.

It's time for our Council to bring an action against Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. (FSCI) to recover approximately $130,000 which the city had to pay in settlement for the unlawful sexual harassment behavior of its appointed volunteers at the Center.


I'm among the few of my extended family who has not visited Ireland. Both sides of my family are Irish and I've fostered a strong, lifelong attachment to the Emerald Isle.

I'm also among the hundreds of millions who were shocked to discover that the young people of Ireland recently voted through referendum (by 62%) to legalize so-called gay "marriage".

Ireland has been a center of Catholic faith for more than a thousand years, 87% in the Republic. The faith reached Ireland in the fourth century. "It was here that the lamp of Latin learning was preserved for the ages. During this age, the great illuminated manuscripts of Ireland were produced. Arguably the finest such work is The Book of Kells which may still be viewed at Trinity College, Dublin."

The traditional Catholic Church is stunned and scandalized by this legitimizing of gay "marriage" into the Irish Constitution by the "young people". Once again we see the work of the Godless liberal Left.

It's been a long-standing desire of mine to visit Ireland, "the Land of Saints and Scholars". But I have lost that desire since it has now become the land of Schismatics and Sodomites.

I say that out of fundamental religious convictions - not modern sociological theory. Saints Brigid, Columba, and Patrick weep over a new lost Irish generation.