Once again I have three letters to respond to: Marjie Bartels, Kelly Scoles, and Art Sandford Sr.

Dear Mrs. Bartels, thanks for the letter. I too am sensitive about flags, especially our American flag which is so frequently burned by radical leftist Democrats and their BLM-Antifa-compatriots. May I suggest a good old-fashioned American solution? Why not have the Board members vote on whether to fly that flag? No mail-ins. No adjudications. Paper ballots only!

Just a friendly suggestion. Good luck.


Thanks again Mr. Sanford.

There is no need for you to fear that your letter would not be published. I have always invited opinions contrary to my own, and (forgive the humorous size comparison) but unlike Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Sundar Pichai, I encourage controversy instead of stifling it, though the audience is much smaller.

To be fair, I think you should check your notes again about Jay Valentine, because I know how scrupulous Democrats are about seeking political truth. Not that I doubt your knowledge of statistical pattern analysis, and forensic audit analysis by data scientists, several of whom on my list, have multiple PhDs, but can you give us your credentials? "...nothing statistically impossible about Biden's win"? let me refer you to just one source among scores of others: American Thought Leaders with @JanJekielek @AmThoughtLeader. I've provided about 10 others in recent weeks, all world-renowned specialists.

Here's a typical pathetic challenge to Jovan Pulitzer's expertise, about his ability to digitally examine millions of ballots to scientifically prove if ballots are authentic or fake. He says we need to access the physical and digital ballots and within seconds can determine authenticity. His technology and approach have nothing to do with accessing the actual Dominion or other vendor machines. He's still waiting to access those ballots (which, by law, are owned by the American people for 22 months following the election). Why are the managers keeping the data from us?

Jovan Pulitzer responds to GA Voting systems manager,Gabriel Sterling, for GA Secty. of State Office, Jan 4, 2021 Full report

When you talk of "multiple statistical models predicting Biden victory" those must have come from Biden's basement. A minimum of effort will quickly debunk your false statement. Try it.

As for Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham, they are among the last minute swarms of faint-hearted sunshine soldiers who couldn't take the heat.

One last word about the outrage at the nation's capitol. Hundreds of thousands gathered outside while a few hundred (Antifa-inspired) were actually ushered through the front barriers. They should be severely punished. By the way, evidence of Antifa's presence was found in the feces smeared inside the Capital - DNA would quickly identify the criminals. That's a BLM-Antifa trademark.

Lastly, Art, the ideology you seem to identify with is Marxist, Communist, Socialist -- and profoundly anti-Judeo-Christian. Let's settle for anti-Religion, according to the Founders, the absolute essential foundation of our democratic Republic, and without which our Republic is dissolving.

America was from its beginnings a Christian country - Judeo-Christian by inclusion. Spanish settlers came to St. Augustine, Florida more than 450 years ago, the oldest European settlement, in 1565. Jamestown was settled about 40-years later, the earliest English settlement. In 1604, the first European settlement north of Florida was established by French explorers Pierre de Monts and Samuel de Champlain. So it was that what became America, eventually the United States of America, was sandwiched between the Catholic French in Canada and the Catholic Spanish in St. Agustine, Florida, with Jamestown the oldest Protestant settlement - Plymouth Colony came a little later in September 1620.

Since those difficult early years America has prospered more than any other nation on earth. Blessed with two oceans protecting against foreign invasion before WWII, it also has some of the richest land and industrious people. The greatest blemish in American history was slavery, which was abolished by force during the Civil War, at the cost of 600,000 souls. Slavery exists today in parts of the Middle East, China and elsewhere. Forced labor is a fundamental tenet of Communism.

An essential part of Christian America has always been a democratic-republican form of capitalist government. This has made Americans the freest, most prosperous of countrymen under a solid Constitution - our primary source of law.

But our Founding Fathers agreed from the beginning, to a man, that the heart of this great experiment was religion. Without this requirement the whole thing would fail. Our ingenious Constitution permitted freedom of religion as one of our God-given rights - not merely a privilege. In our time religion has been degraded by foreign influence, namely variants of Communism, an atheistic system which hates God and seeks to replace our Republic. That scheme is working, and our religious values have all but disappeared. This can be clearly seen in the proven fraud which disenfranchised nearly 80-million pro-Trump voters.

I don't intend this to be a geography lesson, but geography is important, it once set us apart from political systems in other places that are not free, which still embrace slavery, such as China. Our downfall began in the 1960s, when the radical left (Democratic Party) preached drugs, abortion on demand, anti-military sentiments, and against traditional American Judeo-Christian culture. Our most deadly national enemies targeted, in particular, the American family. It was encouraged as much by what was not taught as by what was taught in school. Gone were the patriotic Christian truths of my youth, 1940s and '50s, when everyone was proud and thankful to be an American, when it was an acknowledged blessing, brought home by the aftermath of World War II.

In those war years, like today, we faced socialism (National Socialist German Workers' Party, Nazi) and Communism under Stalin's USSR, though only Churchill understood what lay ahead for the "free world" once Hitler was destroyed. Little has changed for the better. I guess that Frenchman was right - "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Americans are constantly lured to find a replacement for God. Power, through money or politics, is what "leaders" want again today. Since Big Tech has a new game to play with our lives (billionaires seeking to be trillionaires) it seems that, once more, religion doesn't stand a chance. Christians know the truth (final victory) but appear to have to undergo the 20th Century all over again to prove it. Evil exists, and we are in constant war with it. The most evil of men want to become short-term gods, gods with notoriously short shelf-lives - but with horrible, fiery special effects for the rest of us. This time they have become perilously close to achieving their fantasy, by allying with communism, socialism, and globalism.

Barack Obama said he would "fundamentally" change America. Joe Biden repeats the threat. Congress, the Supreme Court, Wall Street, Big Tech, Big Social Media, Deep State, Corrupt State Government, conspired to remove President Donald Trump from office. They are all complicit in the disintegration of our beautiful nation. They are guilty of the greatest crime in American history - but none will be punished. That the Joe Biden crime family will succeed to the presidency is nothing short of macabre.

Today, I see only amber waves of thorns. I think God has heard our prayers, and his answer was "No more. Live with what you have created as you can."