I'm not a pessimist, although an honest discernment of America's near-term health, safety and independence is, in my opinion, not good. Frankly, due to the theft of our last election, it's dark. The most painful part is the fact that we (Trump electors) have no remedy for this shocking, unprecedented treason. Constitutionally, we should have been able to at least halt the action and spotlight the crime. It didn't happen.

Fraud was expected by Republicans. It has always been a seasonal experience, especially in "election sewers" like Georgia and Pennsylvania. Until the last possible day fair-minded voters believed that our proverbial "court of last resort" would come to the rescue and stop the steal. Instead, our Supreme Court justices turned their backs, refusing even to look at the mountains of carefully prepared evidence of systemic fraud. This collapse of judicial integrity hit the Republican electorate wronged by the fraud, a second time, like an unexpected Mike Tyson smashing right to the face. The injured 80-million were left without recourse. The American judicial system lost many believers, including myself.

The treacherous Never-Trump Left triumphed in its infamous assault on our Constitution, destabilizing the Republic. Like that crack in the Liberty Bell, it will never be fully repaired.

I've always had a special love for the law. Haunting used bookstores in my college years, I purchased two special books, when cash was always short, for $50 apiece. One tome was an unabridged dictionary of Shakespeare, the other "Cooley's Blackstone: Commentaries on the Laws of England”. I enjoyed perusing the Commentaries. When America was still young every lawyer needed one. I was also impressed to find it so infused with Christian tradition. Both books are still in my library. Though the internet has made them more quickly available, there's nothing like the original.

So, a special sadness brackets the anger I feel at the clear demise of our Constitution by the men and women whose sacred duty it is to preserve and defend it. These traitors deserve a special place in history, as in Dante's Ninth Circle of Hell. "This final, deepest level of hell is reserved for traitors, betrayers and oathbreakers (its most famous inmate is Judas Iscariot)".

There seems to be no remedy for the stolen election. But, the damage done, the perpetrators are ecstatic with the results. The long-term consequences will be catastrophic, starting immediately with crazy executive orders; Biden will sign anything because he is indelibly compromised by China, his old partner in crime, and his rabid left wing. In short, the lengthy Biden family criminality throughout Europe and Asia will go uninvestigated and unpunished. All of the criminal members of the nation's highest offices (FBI, CIA, NSI, DOJ, etc.) will go uninvestigated and unpunished as well. All the bogus investigative "evidence" of Trump "Russia Collusion (4-years)" will disappear. The Clintons will escape, again. The corrupt players of the Obama administration are on for a second run - untouched. The fix is in to pack the court, eliminate the filibuster, make the DC and Puerto Rico give birth to additional senators and representatives, and end the Republican Party forever. We will then be a one-party organization, like California, no longer a Republic. A clean sweep for villainy.

In other words, justice will never be done -- despite four years of phony investigations, leaving hundreds of innocent individuals defamed, financially ruined, and otherwise injured, without recourse. Eventually, the whole tragic story will be told for posterity's sake, a lesson of government betrayed, how the Republic fell. We must remember who did this to us.

One of America's greatest, most successful Presidents, Donald Trump, will leave condemned by treacherous Democrats, but a hero to 80-million Republicans. Adding insult to treason, today, Democrats have launched a vengeful and preposterous second impeachment. The law no longer applies to that Party.

War with China is inevitable, as is its attack on Taiwan. The China virus will stay because Mr. Xi enjoys his new weapon. New viruses will appear from China because China uses it as a choke hold in preparation for further aggression. Israel, having lost her best friend in Donald Trump, will probably have to attack Iran, alone. Trump was abandoned by friends and betrayed to his communist enemies.

I've seen the fullness of America's government decrepitude in this last election steal, to place an illegitimate "president" in office. I have lost my trust in the integrity of most of our institutions, our Congress, our courts, and in the state infrastructure. America has been infected with a double virus, one foreign and one domestic. We are now wobbling into the future with a bastardized "president" trying to stay awake.

But not to worry - it will be fearless Kamala to the rescue.

The End.