A combination response to Mary Scoles letter to the editor:

Hi Mary,
Some corrections to your conclusions (online Letter to Editor) are in order. First, the election is not over yet. Second, Republicans expect "significant change" in both the vote count and evidence of massive, systemic fraud. (In the law at least, "Fraud vitiates consent.") See the Supreme Court case of UNITED STATES v. THROCKMORTON, (98 US 61), finding that "Fraud vitiates everything." In this case the systemic fraud in voter count would (I believe will) invalidate the entire election. I believe the Supreme Court will decide the winner - Donald Trump. This is a scandal, in the words of attorney Sidney Powell, of "Biblical proportions."

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are proceeding with their federal cases based upon this historically pervasive fraud at multiple levels, nationally and internationally. America, in its two hundred forty years of existence, has never before experienced anything close to this massive, obvious cheating, by ballot, machine, software, servers, and hands-on ballot stuffing.

Statistician and fraud expert Jay Valentine ends his American Thinker column, entitled "Why Industrial Scale Fraud Is Just So Hard To Hide" with, "Get some sleep". Valentine led the team that built the eBay fraud detection engine. To affect a successful fraud investigation he says we need the source codes, log and transaction files, and the Dominion voting machines. Reports claim we have all of these materials, despite Dominion's panicked retreat from inquiring experts.

Basic forensics accounting will show sufficient criminal manipulation on a national scale to overturn an election of this magnitude.

If we look at published data pattern analyses, they show the same algorithm is used across 6-7 precincts. Where a greater proportion of straight Republican votes are found, so-called Weighted Race votes moved from Trump to Biden, Biden votes given more weight in the program. This Weighted Race aspect is a special feature which can guarantee the winner in any political race.

Centrally organized fraud was certainly occurring on a national scale. Democrats used the same type of pattern across multiple data stats in multiple states. "The trends, curbs, and algorithms were identical, and this can only happen if a centralized authority is manipulating from multiple locations. It was the pattern in 3-3 states. Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD, the inventor of Email (at age 14), scientist, engineer, tells by pattern recognition analysis, "there were mathematical impossibilities in the vote count." "We need to get Dominion machines, look at source code, and log files. Then, look at published data pattern analyses, which will show the same algorithm is used across 6-7 precincts, where they voted straight Republican ticket.” As GOP votes grew, a greater proportion of those votes moved from Trump to Biden. Curves and graphs are available that anyone can understand. From [a] layman's point of view, it's the same as flipping a coin 1,000 times and landing heads each time. This happens in not just one precinct, but in all 5-5 precincts, (the equivalent of a mathematical impossibility) and this shows the "fire" in the software for these voting machines. "A change has taken place. Computers don't glitch."

Valentine once again: "Industrial scale fraud is not sustainable because lies that big just cannot be hidden."


I started out trying to show how the American people have been defrauded of an honest 2020 presidential election. I ended up getting tangled in too many details. But what is shown beyond doubt is that Donald Trump has been reelected to the presidency, by an apparent landslide. Joe Biden and his corrupt Democratic Party minions have instigated this enormous criminal conspiracy to steal the election with their magical Weighted Race software feature, phony hardware, and thousands of corrupt facilitators.

All those clamoring for proof of these facts will soon be satisfied when at least five federal lawsuits will soon be filed.

Of particular interest are lawsuits being filed by attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and their team. Powell, as above, promises her evidence will be "Biblical." As Jay Valentine tells us: "... One honest person or two, here, are Kryptonite to industrial scale fraud." And, that scale of fraud will overturn this election.

Our hope is in the Name of the Lord - and our new, Constitution-respecting Supreme Court.