Election Day is upon us, and I have neglected to keep up with City Council decisions as I used to before the China virus scattered Gazette production into three departments. I will do my best to summarize the state of the city next week.


A response to Mary Scoles letter:

Hi Mary, I regret that the Gazette's wheelhouse has notified me that I must keep this response to under 500 words. This challenges me like a three-legged tap dancer on ice.

Today you question President Trump's leadership ability. After watching him for four years, whether you like the results of his decisions or not, objectively, they are most impressive. As a liberal, or progressive, I would think you would find many of Trump's accomplishments praiseworthy (Good grief; I'm already past word 87).

Liberals have always wanted the U.S. to get out of foreign wars. Trump has pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, except for a remnant for protecting against a resurgence of terrorist groups. This, often against strong military objection.

He cut through the red tape and confounding regulations which have bedeviled our economy for decades.

He has dealt strongly with China, which habitually lies, steals, and cheats America, threatens us militarily, and has assaulted us with a militarized Covid-19 virus. Joe Biden and family has, instead, been paid billions from China, et al, in dark money deals. How would Biden be expected to behave as president with China?

Trump has led the country in real terms by building a defensive wall on our southern border.

Trump has reacted with great speed in responding to the Chinese virus, providing respirators, masks, gowns, and special emergency facilities.

But I think too many people already forget the financial miracle Trump achieved in the three years before the Chinese virus attack. This was the greatest economic achievement in U.S. history! If reelected, he will do it again.

How about Trump's leadership in fixing prescription drug prices: (Bloomberg) — "President Donald Trump announced new policies Friday aimed at lowering prescription drug prices under Medicare by linking them to rates paid in other countries and allowing Americans to buy prescription medication imported from Canada." Speaking for myself, this has worked dramatically.

How about his leadership in overhauling veteran's care? Again, dramatic success. What about his revolutionary rehab of our military - and pay increases?

How about his decisive action in destroying 50 Syrian military facilities after President Bashar al-Assad murdered thousands of his own men, women, and children with poison gas? Even though Trump had been in office less than two years, our enemies then knew he was a serious leader.

I'm down to word 451. Can't possibly enumerate all of Trump's achievements, appointing outstanding judges and justices, protecting Constitutional rights - being a manly leader guiding an effete Congress.

I predict the wall will be finished before Joe Biden is able to lead Boy Scouts in the Pledge of Allegiance.