My thanks for letters from Mr. and Mrs. Dave Johnson, Kelly Scoles, and Art Sandford Sr.

No response required here for the Johnsons, there words speak for themselves.

Hello Kelly. My apologies for being unable to answer your letter last week. Just ran out of time and space. I certainly hope the country continues to be stable, but honestly, we're in for a dangerously rough time.

Hello Art.

I appreciate your response to last week's comments.

It's always tough to break through that liberal trademark barrier of reality-denial in order to engage in argument, but I'll try.

In order to save time, I would skip the "inferences" you mention. Let's just talk facts, verifiable by a half-dozen means.
First, I congratulate you and greatly respect your father for his distinguished military service to our country. I'm glad you inherited his strong anti-communist beliefs. Virtually all members of my family, both sides, as well as myself (though most in no-war years) served our military. In particular, my great uncle Edward Eaton served the Union during the Civil War, and I am honored to retain his infantry saber and sash. When did you serve, Art?

But we're crossing swords, metaphorically, as individuals with strongly different political ideas. While I certainly respect your views and your right to express them, I do the same for myself, that makes life interesting.

You continue to vilify Jay Valentine's work on election fraud. Clearly, you haven't read his voluminous materials or studied his methods, or reputation. Here are a few more experts: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Peter Navarro, Dec 17, 2020. ‘The Immaculate Deception’ Report, Russell Ramsland, Patrick Byrne, Special Report with Patrick Byrne. They provide factual, scientific proof of systemic fraud. I ask you to challenge these facts, and/or methods. Incidentally, (thanks to Big Tech) blog evidence is being removed from the internet: "This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines." I used it last week! Isn't free speech great!

You say "The challenges facing this country can only be met through thoughtful, civil discourse and rationale, well-planned actions." Hard to have civil discourse when the platforms of speech are arbitrarily removed. Where was your side's "civil discourse" during the $2-billion riot-fests of 2020, with all the arson, theft and murder? If you were not sympathetic to the Democrats during the incessant 4-year attacks on Trump, are you just kind of angry about Making America Great Again? Otherwise, what are we debating?

I think it wasn't unreasonable for me to assume you were a Democrat (being sympathetic to that Party's animus to Trump) by your statements. I have to chuckle somewhat at hearing Harvard Data Science Review. I can find 10 truly unbiased forensic studies for every Harvard one. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer (study above), until this obvious fraud issue popped up, had only contributed to Democrats. Your Ph.D in Education is no more helpful in the forensic auditing of large scale statistical data pattern analysis, than my J.D. would be helpful, or, for that matter, Mrs. Biden's Ed.D. The work has been done by the most eminent statistical data pattern analysis experts; why not look at it, even though the courts shamed themselves by refusing to do so? By characterizing the election as "...fairly mundane" you show yourself to be either untruthful or willfully ignorant. The science is there! Scientific refutation is not.

You question the number of co-conspirators needed to pull-off the scam in 50 states. Again, you have not studied the issue. Where have you been? All sides concede that only the "swing states" would be needed, and that is where the fix was accomplished. Though 3,000 affidavits tell of individual voting fraud, the truly massive fraud came with the internet-attached Dominion machines. To understand exactly how to do it one has only to read the Dominion manuals. There are several video demonstrations available on YouTube as well. Dominion is famous as a do-it-yourself fraud machine. See: Election Fraud Evidence - Jovan Hutton Pulitzer - YouTube. Shall we duel with the links? Mine are objective, scientific, and open to forensic analysis.

As to "insurrection deniers on right wing media" (didn't know there were any right wing left), it was a strange insurrection indeed - a hundred or so colorful felons easily entering the capitol (video shows police opening barrier for them) stopped within 24-hours, and one officer who didn't know how to handle his firearm. All criminals will be punished strongly, unless found to be Antifa or BLM veterans of last summer's 6-month, $2-billion, multi state riots. Now that was true insurrection, in duration and intention.

I'm crushed by your mean-hearted characterization of "Mr. butt-hurt Trump and his acolytes." You crucify him for allegedly bad manners, yet you invite Biden and Harris to the inaugural table, though we are warned: "Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine." In ignoring the warning, today we've also tossed the crown jewels.

The nation will miss him very soon after he's gone. By its desperate fraud the Democrat Party (and its Deep State conspirators) have deprived the nation of a great leader at a crucial time, and 4-years of future stability. America will be eaten from the inside out, like the Biden family has been doing for years. We're going to experience a dystopian horror show with Joe Biden shouting Olly olly oxen free while the slimiest of power-craving swamp creatures will be seen quickly slithering for power positions.

Today, despite Potemkin appearances, the world is viewing an extraordinary inaugural crime scene. Eighty million Americans have had their nation stolen through an audacious, fraudulent conspiracy. We now have a virtual president controlling the nation's power as Commander in Chief, with his revolting sidekick for back-up. The Deep State will again coalesce and continue its transformation of the Republic to a globalized socialist underling among nations. Communist China will subsume our Judeo-Christian culture and economy, eventually treating us like the Uyghurs, once Autonomous, now enslaved by the millions. Democrats have sold-out America for money, lots of cash. The Big Tech coffers will swell beyond our understanding with deals made in China - but, eventually, an omnivorous communist China will eat them as well.

As Joe Biden and his venal consort approach the swearing-in, I see only a Catholic Judas and a gleeful [!@#$] of Babylon bringing up the rear.

Only an omnipotent miracle can save us now.


Hello Tom Somers.

Nice to see you back. I apologize for lack of time and space. Just time for one thought -- have you ever read the Black Lives Matter manifesto on their website, about their hatred for the traditional family, etc.?