Response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Sorry for hijacking the Bard's words, but you really are too worked-up over someone else's (President Trump's) honest difference of opinion. He relies upon his best scientists and you think your scientists are better. He respects masks when he thinks they are important and has ignored them when he believes they are unnecessary.

He takes reasonable risks, as true leaders do, but is not intimidated by public criticism. He doesn't sequester in his basement for months on end, refusing to take questions, like Joe Biden. And, Isaac Asimov (brilliant author, but no physician) also said: " People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Just kidding, a little, Kelly. But, from what I've seen these past four years, Trump knows a lot more than anyone else on deck about leadership. I pray for his, and his family's, swift and complete recovery.


I have to say that watching the American political and social scene these days leaves me depressed. It's not an exaggeration to believe that a national conflagration is facing us. The traditional Constitutional force of our Judeo-Christian culture is defending against the multi-billion-dollar juggernaut of globalist-communist, (and profoundly anti-Judeo-Christian) revolutionaries. We may grow tired of hearing that this election is the most important since the Civil War, but it's true. If Biden and Harris win, the toilets on the ship of state will flood the nation with radical Democratic Party excrement.

Joe Biden is perhaps the most corrupt member in the history of the U.S. Senate - but it has been covered-up by the media for decades, only now being revealed. Kamala Harris, recognized by both parties as the most radically liberal member of the Senate, would prove to be Biden's pet puff adder if he wins, striking at any conservative threat - like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

But I take solace in anticipating the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to our Supreme Court. She is a truly remarkable woman. "Judge Barrett is an originalist in the mold of her late mentor Justice Antonin Scalia." A conservative in temperament, Judge Barrett has distinguished herself as a professor and practitioner of the law, now serving on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals: a Catholic, pro-life, and a mother of 7 children, two adopted. It's no overstatement to say she is a diametric opposite of the late, aggressively pro-abortion, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Judge Barrett is a breath of fresh air. She will assist the Court in construing our Constitution by paying attention to the actual intent of the words, as given us by the Founders - instead of abetting liberal members creating novel concepts and unsupported laws, such as so-called "same-sex marriage", and unlimited abortion.

God bless Judge Barrett and family. Now more babies may be able to take that first breath and enjoy the sunshine with the rest of us!