The Small News;
VONS market has just placed placards on each check-out line. This is a bold deception to force shoppers into deciding to purchase a shopping bag from VONS, use a personal shopping bag, or to carry your purchases out in your arms. What they should tell shoppers is that the new (stupid) law, recently passed, does not take effect until the first of the year. VONS is truly "nickel-and-dimeing" shoppers. VONS should continue to use the free plastic bags until January 1, 2017. Shoppers of America - stand-up for your free bags!
Happy Thanksgiving!


Things seem in some ways more chaotic now than during the days preceding the election. This is due to efforts of Leftist-anarchist groups like those funded by billionaire globalist George Soros and others. They hate the outcome of our democratic election process, because their side lost. They are more than sore losers, they are haters, they want to instigate confusion and chaos. They are looking for rebellion and insurrection, for a third Obama term.

But the millions of voters who watched their man win, rejoice. For the winners see a new day for America, looking strong, prosperous, and assertive. The wicked Leftist witch is gone, forever. Now, for the first time in 8 years, babies waiting to be born, military forces waiting for troops, equipment, and leadership, and a Supreme Court waiting for Antonin Scalia's successors, have reason to hope.

Trump has selected intelligent, experienced leaders to fill his cabinet. My only reservation is his alleged appointment for Secretary of State, Mit Romney. I voted for Mit in the past, but his vitriolic attacks on Trump, and a different world view, makes me hesitant to see him at State. No doubt though, Mit would serve honorably and wisely, despite his lack of experience at this job.

I have one increasing concern about Trump's present method of choosing cabinet members. It's not how he's doing it, but where he's doing it. Apparently he had made some sort of agreement with the City of New York about having a public space in the Trump Tower entrance. A stream of non-governmental people pass by all of his would-be cabinet members, his family members, and he, himself, coming and going every day. This seems to me to be a dangerously thin security site. I won't elaborate on my concerns, but they are real. I wish he would use a more secure venue for his pre-swearing-in work.

One thing which warms my heart during this Thanksgiving season is the amount of money, energy, and time the pro-Clinton forces had to spend to see Hillary fail. Reports say about a billion and a half dollars were wasted in this doomed endeavor. It's all lost, gone, vanished, and revealed the dark heart of the pro Clinton machine. And, the tons of fireworks that sat on the dock in New York ready to celebrate the "inevitable" Clinton win, also gone. Please indulge me for a moment for being small and ungracious, but, Yippy!

But, while the righteous Right is basking in the election sun, here in California (sometimes spelled with a K) Governor Brown and his henchmen double down on issues such as our Second Amendment rights. Brown has just signed into law a pile of new confusing and useless firearms regulations, all aimed at future confiscation. They are deliberately designed to create a new strata of felons among the God-fearing, tax-paying, peaceful citizens of this state. Unlike our budding new federal hopes with Trump, citizens of California really have no hope of exercising their rights on this issue. Two thirds of government in California is composed of Leftist, globalist, Democrats. The Republican Party is no more, here, and an attitude of open borders and sanctuary cities looks forward to keeping it that way. In this regard, California is a clear and present danger to national defense, a political infection that keeps on giving.

The climate in California really has changed.



Some Small News

VONS market is forcing customers to either buy one of their bags, bring our own bags, or carry product out without a bag.

NEWS BULLETIN: The stupid shopping bag law does not take effect until JANUARY 1, 2017. Why inconvenience shoppers by enforcing that law 6 weeks early. They charge 10 cents for a store bag now.

What an irony! For years the Gazette was sold in VONS (200 per week). The delivery and maintenance were free, and VONS kept 10 cents per paper.

Several years ago VONS kicked the Gazette out because it could not afford the new $3million insurance policy required. Today many free papers, and a couple of out-of-town daily newspapers are permitted in the store, but the only, local, official weekly newspaper in Fillmore is still banned.

Comments are invited.


The closure announcement by the Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. in today's Gazette is somewhat disingenuous. The City of Fillmore, in one capacity or another, has operated its senior citizens center for decades. Fillmore Senior Center, Inc. recently lost its lawsuit against the City of Fillmore following the City's termination of its lease on the Santa Clara street facility. This lawsuit cost Senior Center, Inc. more than $78,000 dollars in damages. Fillmore's Senior Center remains at its completely renovated and expanded location on the formerly disputed Santa Clara Street site.


The more I see of Donald Trump the better I like him. Now that the frenetic election dance is over, he is able (quickly, I should add) to settle down and gather his cabinet.

He is choosing truly outstanding cabinet secretaries, men of great experience and wisdom - and common sense. The victory Trump orchestrated is overwhelming. He has saved our Supreme Court and our Constitution from Leftist degradation. Babies waiting to be born have a better chance of surviving the abortionist's blade. It's time to remember that "life" comes first in our admonition of ", liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"! The tax noose is expected to be loosened. Obama Care will be decommissioned with rates and deductions greatly lowered.
With his clear determination to rebuild our faltering military, Trump is already receiving expressions of respect from our enemies and friends alike - they finally see what a true leader looks like. They sense America is back in the game.

The list of critical changes expected of President-Elect Trump is daunting. Draining that swamp requires the replacement of tens of thousands of politician-employees who have happily facilitated the Leftist-Progressive agenda, for decades. Not just the top level at all government agencies have to go, but the minions nearer to the scummy bottom of that swamp. We need a fresh start, an overhaul of all essential government mechanisms, not just a fresh coat of paint to cover the corruption. My advice during the swamp reclamation: dig deep.

The most essential changes should come from a soon-to-be reconstituted Supreme Court. Justice Antonin Scalia's work, memory and wisdom should be our guide here. He was the happy genius who defended our Constitution against innumerable Progressive assaults. His persistent question: What are the founding fathers saying, what is the clear intent of the words they use, which constitute our fundamental law? He fought against the rubberized Progressive interpretations of plain English. "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Reasonable and honorable men of good will should not dispute the clear meaning of these words. To do so only incites political confusion which threatens the people's fundamental rights.

Another huge gain is the ending of the "Johnson Amendment" (from the 1950s) which prohibited priests, pastors, and church leaders of every denomination from preaching to their flocks about political issues. This most outrageous abrogation of First Amendment rights threatened the loss of church tax exemptions for any violation by political-religious speech. How in the world did this monstrosity ever get approved in the first place? From America's beginnings, the fiery voices of liberty sounded through colonies from our church pulpits. How dare anyone seek to silence them! How dare our weakened citizenry fail to notice! Trump will end this unconstitutional Amendment. Let's let freedom ring aloud once again!

Watching Donald Trump settle into office as President of the United States of America and Commander in Chief of our armed forces, makes me proud once again to be an American citizen.

These promises, and more, our President-elect has voiced. I pray that God, in his mercy, will bless and protect him to the fruition of these goals.



Like many millions throughout the world, I waited-up to the bitter end of the presidential election last night. Except, for traditional conservatives, it was anything but a bitter ending. In defeating Hillary Clinton, from our perspective, we didn't just dodge a bullet, we dodged a cluster bomb.

I had a hard time concentrating on anything other than the election. The habitual machinations of the Democratic National organization had shown conservatives just how cunning and deceitful they are, I feared ballet tampering when they took so long to call the election. It's going to take a while for me to digest the results of this election.

In a previous column I said if Hillary Clinton were elected president of the United States I would believe God had finally decided to our own destruction. Now I believe He is still with us - for now.

There can be no excuses now for Republican incompetence. We have not only won the presidency, but the House of Representatives and the Senate as well. There is much corrective work to be done. Getting rid of Obama Care is important, but only the beginning. Obama and Clinton have done enormous damage to the nation, putting us in imminent fiscal, military, and Constitutional jeopardy.

Trump has promised to undo the legion of unlawful Obama executive orders, replace Obama Care, restore our military, help our wounded veterans, and many much more. I believe he is a man of his word, and someone who gets things done - he's a leader. In a short time we will learn about just how much damage Obama has done to the America he so desperately wanted to "change fundamentally". It will take years to understand the extent of the "fundamental" damage Obama has done.

I also have great trust and expectations for our new Vice President, Mike Pence. It was great to hear him thank God "for His amazing grace" during last night's acceptance speech.

Trust is something I have learned, through bitter experience, to suspect. Many otherwise conservative people still see Trump as a "dangerous" person. I don't, and give him the benefit of any doubt. The electoral win is too great to complain at this point. We have saved our Supreme Court, my biggest worry. We have won both houses of Congress, and the presidency. I can only rejoice at these outcomes.

As I said, it will take some time for me to fully appreciate what has just happened. But, I am very relieved.



One week to go before the election. Even for a news junkie like me, I have to say I'm sick of hearing prognostications from the talking heads, poll stats, criminal accusations, and the disheartening revelations of massive government corruption.

Americans should be aware that the sideshow effect of our presidential election has caused us to ignore the deadly machinations awaiting our country by China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and their eager minions. Our choice for president will prove to be critical to the very survival of the nation. We've had to endure political hyperbole as never before during the past eighteen month or so. We're all tired of the fight by now, but the fight for our freedom and independence has just begun.

Due to eight years of Barak Obama's criminal negligence as Commander-in-Chief, our military forces are smaller and weaker than before the start of WWII. We don't have the lead time to become prepared to defend against our enemies this time. Obama has cut our forces, equipment, training, and has undermined our military with a wholesale infusion of sexually and politically correct aberrations. Just about anyone can get into the military now. The one thing Obama, Clinton, and the weakling generals who promoted these changes have forgotten is the historically heroic Christian fighting man. He continues to be the backbone of our fighting forces, but he is ignored, derided, insulted by the now approved feminist forces. Obama has spiritually undermined these good men who have always set our standards in war as in peace.

God bless those in charge of our defense, who keep the peace, and protect the innocent, military and police forces! Without them we are all in trouble, so give them the respect they deserve!



2016 will be the most extraordinary election year ever. The dirty tactics employed by the Democrat Party have hit record lows. The explosive revelations of federal bias toward Hillary Clinton, assisting her efforts to become President of the United States and its Commander-in-Chief, are nearly revolution-inspiring.

We now know that the head of our FBI, and his next in command, are, in the words of their own current and retired agents, "dirty cops". They deliberately prevented Hillary Clinton from being indicted in the email controversy, and failed to use normal system of investigation.

All of Obama's cabinet members have sold out in an effort to assist the president and his endorsed choice for president, Hillary Clinton. Ninety percent of the press media are in the tank for Clinton, as the facts show.

So, Trump is battling a nearly vertical up-hill battle for the presidency due to this unprecedented, largely unlawful, assistance to swing the election to Clinton. Our democracy has been plunged into jeopardy by the Leftist elite, a crooked president, crooked media, crooked Democrat Party, crooked FBI, IRS, State Department, Justice Department, and crooked Hillary. The fix has become so obvious, so blatant, only the willfully naive can deny this conclusion. The country is divided nearly in half with the Leftist globalists, socialists, communists, and anarchists (the heart of atheistic "progressivism") are running amuck.

America is feasting on lies and will very soon require strong medicine. It's truly amazing to watch and listen to the swarm of lies emitted from the above Trump haters. It's not unlike a Biblical plague of flies, chocking-out all paths to truth. Who, really, is Hillary Clinton? What are her achievements? How did the world's most notorious molester of women, and the country's most notorious liar, form the world's most potent radical Leftist combination, and become so popular with half of America? This is astounding!

There is an answer to this entire, complex, mess. America has abandoned its founding Judeo-Christian foundation. It has failed to acknowledge God and adopted new gods, the gods of material stuff. It has traded the truth and security of the true God for a bowl of scientific and financial mush. Like Hillary Clinton and her lecherous husband, what appears to matter most now is money and power, alone. This time we have gone too far.

I can't escape the image of an impoverished America, unable to defend itself, possibly not even able to feed itself. We will soon find out if this image is foolish and uninformed, on November 8.

While America plays games with its economy, military, politics, and religion - across the sea our numerous enemies wait patiently with a lean and hungry look.

Some of Donald Trump's statements may have offended voters, but, as you know now, Hillary has always had a foul mouth. But Trump has never sold-out the country, as Hillary has. You may be justified in being offended by Trump's occasional words, but Clinton's treasonous activities make Trump's words relatively meaningless in choosing between the two. Believe me, Trump is the only choice for a reasonable person.



I've been seeking ways all day to avoid writing this column, because it, once again, relates to the coming election. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing the media exploit salacious allegations of one candidate or the other. How hypocritical can we get? What do Americans expect when we live in a moral cesspool of our own creation? It's not a question of simply casting the first stone; the media, Democrat Party irregulars, White House, State Department, FBI, CIA, Justice Dept., etc. are tossing grenades. We are facing a national conspiracy of unheard-of proportions - a nation-changing confrontation.

The plan here is to "frag" the Trump team into oblivion, allowing the Clinton team to escape having to answer questions on the most urgent issues. Trump has so far been unable to focus, to calmly articulate Clinton's disqualifying faults and provide clear answers.

It appears that Trump's ego won't permit him to ignore his opponent's petty character attacks, while she dodges, weaves, and denies her own notoriously contemptible political history. Evidence of both candidates' faults has been placed center stage - Trump, for making vulgar comments in the past - Clinton for her 40-years of destructive, dishonorable activities. The former for (allegedly) offending Judeo-Christian sensibilities, the later for selling her high office to our enemies, being a congenital liar, and for being an (unindicted) serial felon, with husband Bill. The evidence is crystal clear on both sides. It's now up to the American electorate to use its common sense and recognize the obvious difference. Trump has been a bad boy - Hillary is an immediate, mortal threat to the continued existence of our freedom.

Making the distinction between using bad words (Trump) and endangering our national defense by acts (Hillary) is critical here. Women are said to hold the balance of success or failure in this election. Their votes will very likely determine who becomes our next president. With this in mind, women should ask themselves whether the excitement of having Hillary as the first female president is worth the price. She is determined to follow Obama's agenda of military weakness, high taxes, and radical appointments to the Supreme Court which will be a death knell to basic Constitutional rights. If you like the idea of men accessing women's bathrooms and locker rooms, and women in direct combat against our Islamic enemies, then Hillary is your choice. If you hate the military and law enforcement, as Hillary and Bill do, then Hillary is your man.

At this time in history the once greatest power on earth, America, is dynamically vulnerable as never before, thanks to Barak Obama and his minion, Hillary Clinton. Obama and Hillary have been able to combine the powers of all federal agencies to cooperate unlawfully in furtherance of their radical agenda. The IRS, FBI, CIA, and virtually all members of the 15 executive departments do their bidding, disregarding the law because they know if they cooperate with the Obama administration they can do no evil, and will not be punished for any unlawful acts. I can think of no member of the Obama administration who has been punished for serious illegal actions.

Do we want this sort of felonious activity to continue under a Clinton administration as it has under Obama?

The election of 2016 is not a normal election. It is rigged, as Trump alleges, by the combination of a corrupt news media, corrupt Democrat operatives, corrupt money managers (like Soros) massively corrupt government agencies, and especially, the criminal activity of the Clinton Foundation and its contributors.

Never before has the entire country's safety and civil welfare been so dependent upon the outcome of a presidential election. Like it or not, our nation's immediate safety and civil welfare depend upon the election of Donald Trump.


The Democrats dredged-up an 11-year-old tape where Donald Trump is recorded making obscene remarks about women. They are offensive and disgusting. They are also not uncommon in Democrat circles, like locker rooms, golf courses, and in the White House under Bill and Hillary Clinton. Not that this ever justifies or excuses this language by anyone. To be fair and honest, Hillary Clinton is infamous for her incredibly foul language during her entire political life. How do we know about this closely guarded secret? Those whose jobs have been to maintain Hillary's public safety and domestic tranquility, her Secret Service Agents, and White House staff. Her violent temper and vile language are notorious, and documented in several books. Some of her language would make Donald Trump blush, if he does blush. Inform yourselves of the truth:

Three days ago - Tags: Hillary Clinton, foul language, abuse of women ... Prepare yourself, because the words attributed to Hillary Clinton in this article are ..."
It's bad, all bad, but unfortunately true.

I expect more filth to be broomed-up as we get closer to election day - heaver and nastier. So, how should such language by presidential candidates be handled? Down deep (at least for America-loving traditionalists) we yearn for a George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, someone closer to those "better angels" of Christian tradition. But, living in the shameless, godless time we have created, we deal with our demons instead. We are paying the price for worshiping the god of science and material accomplishment, while ignoring the ultimate truth - "Who is like unto God?"

We must face the reality of having to choose between two of the most repelling candidates in our history. A rational choice should be to vote for the candidate with the higher moral and political standards. Someone we can trust. One candidate has pursued a 46-year political career of deceit, unbridled greed, and unparalleled lust for power. That's Hillary. The other has worked with extreme diligence to make money in private life. That's Trump. His success has made him a billionaire. Hillary has been successful as well. After a lifetime of public service she is now worth $250 million. But there's nothing more than greed and ambition. Her accomplishments have been catastrophic.

Their words have tarnished both of them, but we have the future of the nation at stake and we have to move on.

Next, we have to answer life-and-death- questions, for example: will America suffer a nuclear attack from Russia, China, North Korea, or Iran? On foreign policy questions like this Hillary has demonstrated her destructive incompetence. She helped create the suicidal nuclear Iran "deal". She organized the loss of Libya and its subsequent devastating civil war. She did the same in Syria, gave away Iraq and jeopardized Afghanistan. She and Obama have set the entire Middle East on fire. Do we want more of this idiocy?

Trump, spent all that time making money in the private sector.

Despite the money spent on American education, Americans remain the most ignorant people on earth when it comes to understanding the imminent, lethal, clear and present danger facing their survival. The logic surrounding proposed Democrat Party solutions to these multiple dangers escapes any reasonable man's comprehension. They spell a near-future demise for America.

Disregarding the known threats involved in welcoming a sea of undocumented, un-veted "refugees", Hillary and Obama want 500 percent increase in the flow. Insane.

The Hillary side seeks to further diminish our armed forces and reduce our aging store of defensive atomic weapons. This has skeletonized our Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard to levels not seen since BEFORE WWII.

The Hillary-Democrat foreign policy is so dangerous and illogical it pains me to continue.

For God's sake, we should stop for a minute and ask, what's more important, saving our country from imminent threat - or condemning Trump for bad language from 11 years ago?

For those who haven't studied America's enemies enough to understand that we are indeed in close proximity to a devastating attack, probably nuclear, I ask them to open a book. No one can learn much of anything by reading headlines alone. As we should know by now, our news media is a shameless fraud.

When I speak of nuclear weapons, I'm not thinking of those gigantic hydrogen explosions we have watched on TV. I'm thinking smaller. I'm thinking of small nukes, the size of our old Davy Crocket nuclear MORTER of the 1950s. More than 2,000 were actually deployed during the 1950s. So, small nukes (Davy was not much bigger than a rugby ball) have been around for decades. Think of the infamous Russian suitcase nukes. The focus of military nuclear scientists today is on miniaturizing nuclear weapons for taking out small targets, like cities or towns.

So I think Trump would pay much closer attention to Putin than Hillary, with her misspelled Russian Re-Set program.

My advice? Bite the bullet and vote for Trump - or go up in smoke with Hillary.


I watched the vice presidential debate between Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine last night. Virtually all polls showed Pence winning, and I agree. Pence was calm and collected, while Kaine was anxious. The same old Democrat bias-game plan was in play. Republicans just don't seem to have the ability or intelligence to provide a dependably unbiased moderator for the debates. There can be no excuse for this negligence after such a long history of moderator abuse on the liberal side. This always significantly detracts from debate value. Elaine Quijano was the moderator this time. She really didn't have to be there because Pence and Kaine seemed to be running their own show, talking constantly while ignoring debate guidelines.

Any static or incoherence was caused by Kaine's incessant, nervous interruptions. He seemed to take his cue from the talking heads of TV news programs where talk-over is established policy. Kaine's plan was to interrupt every answer Pence attempted, making it difficult to hear the reply. Watching his performance reminded me of lyrics from a 50s song by Nervous Norvus, "Tranfusion". Nothing seemed to slow him down. He was on a mission to obscure his opponent's answers.

Kaine's tactic didn't surprise me because he's a dissembler like Hillary. He is a man with a dark past, particularly in South America, during the Honduras era of Liberation Theology. He touts his Catholic faith for any political value he can get. His Honduras years as a missionary radically transformed his perspective. Kaine adopted the philosophy of Liberation Theology which was roundly condemned by the Catholic Church. This teaching was adopted by Kaine through his close association with a radical Marxist priest, Father James Carney. This teaching caused Kaine to abandon the church teaching against abortion, particularly so-called partial birth abortion.

Kaine ignores his status as a Catholic apostate which caused him to be excommunicated from the church.

Whether one sees Kaine's affection for Marxism as a disqualifying factor in his reach for the position of vice president, or not, it is a manifest example of his hypocrisy - and untrustworthiness.

As a person who watches perhaps too much TV news, my sensibility to talk-over conversation has been rubbed raw. Too often I have to listen to two to 5 talking heads, each striving to get his or her point across, at the same time. I see this same annoying trait in Kaine as a talking, jabbering head full of memorized gotchas and party slogans. Many of kaine's statements were factually false - with no time for Pence to respond. With moderator Elaine Quijano lacking all control, it became a bad talk show with kaine as the host.

I was impressed with Mike Pence. He came on with professional presence, spoke calmly with confidence and respect for Kaine. He also had full command of the facts and issues and exhibited great patience with his radical opponent's behavior.

In short, for me, Kaine caused confusion while Pence inspired confidence.


Most of the polls are saying that Donald Trump won the Monday debate. I disagree.

Though I must vote for Trump (for to do otherwise would be to support the most disgusting and dangerous woman in American politics) I don't think he won the debate. For nearly an hour I watched Trump, who seemed hyper, waste time answering mostly foolish questions and responding to Hillary's personal digs. I thought those assisting in his debate preparations would have disabused him from taking the bate. At best I would call the debate a draw.

As far as the Republican National Committee, by this time, it should know which moderator could be trusted. Every election these days seems to have the Democrats placing their people in the moderator's chair to insure that a liberal bias effects the outcome. I think most people would have been glad to have Chris Wallace back again. Instead, Republicans went for NBC's Lester Holt. He personified the problem of political bias by dumping so many more questions on Trump and virtually ignoring any serious questions for Hillary. There was no discussion of Hillary's email scandal, even when it appeared to be a natural opening for Trump. No talk of Benghazi. No talk of the Clinton Foundation. It was incredible.

I'm sure Trump was concerned about coming on too strongly with lady Hillary. A big mistake. Hillary is no lady, and her incompetence and lies must be exposed. The American electorate must be reminded of the severity of Hillary's betrayal to our enemies of our most important secrets. The damage that her cool indifference towards all laws regarding maintaining the secrecy of national communications is extraordinary. During the four years as Secretary of State she deliberately avoided using properly encrypted government servers. Instead, in order to hide her private dealings, she set up her own server in her bathroom, mixing top secret communications with her own money-making schemes. She was hacked.

It's no wonder why our enemies bargained so stubbornly to achieve all of their objectives, like the Iran nuclear "deal". They all knew exactly what our plans and intentions were by listening-in on Hillary's server. They knew exactly how much they could get out of the negotiations for that reason. We should remember that our Secretary of State has the same clearance as the President, and, thus, our enemies knew all of our plans, politically, militarily, commercially, etc. For example, Obama has stated publically several times that he had "no strategy" for fighting ISIS. How true that was; for even his attitude towards the enemy was clearly known by them through Hillary's private server. This breach of national security will haunt us for decades and requires a complete rebuilding of our secret telecommunications system.

Moderator Lester Holt announced that he would be questioning the candidates on three topics for the debate: America's Direction, Achieving Prosperity, and Securing America. Instead, he pestered Trump on insignificant issues such as the president's birthplace, Trump's dealing with a Miss Universe (20 years ago!) and his income taxes. He mentioned nothing about Hillary's income from her "charitable" institution. Why not ask how she, alleging "flat broke" when she left the White House, is now worth $260 million.

For any member of the electorate who understands the imminent danger America is in, and the instability of world affairs in general, it would be unwise in the extreme to vote for Hillary Clinton. The many personal defects I see in Donald Trump mean nothing when compared to the vile person of Hillary Clinton. His defects are merely personal. Her defects constitute a clear and present danger to the nation itself.


As Election Day approaches I'm glad to see the candidates have closed neck-to-neck. I'm not worried about who may win to become our next president though. Old men, like myself, can take the long view of history because we have experienced more than younger voters.

Occasionally I will hear a Republican scoff at Trump, disgusted with a word or two he said, especially at the start of the season. Trump certainly had to learn that running for office is much different than negotiating a contract or constructing a hotel. He is new to the game of politics, but he's a fast learner.

Hillary, on the other hand, has been hanging around the governor's house, the White House, the Senate chambers for nearly 40 years. Her reputation has always left the stench of untrustworthiness, remarkable greed, and an insatiable lust for power. As First Lady to Bill Clinton, it is recorded that she threw a vase at the then President, striking him on the head, leaving him bloodied and with a black eye. That's a sample of her true temperament.

As a Senator from New York she accomplished nothing. As Secretary of State, her policies, with Obama, caused the US to essentially lose Iraq by pulling all troops out without a status of forces agreement, inviting the Taliban to storm back in with Iran's blessing. Hillary also decided to replace Lybia's dictator with no back-up plan, plunging the country into civil war, together with Syria. She urged the coup against Egypt's president Mubarak (a loyal friend to both the US and Israel for 30 years) and moved a Muslim Brotherhood leader into his place, who had to be removed by violence. Hillary also pushed for the utter disastrous "treaty" with Iran, which has destabilized the entire Middle East, gaining the US nothing, and guarantying a future nuclear confrontation.

Anyone who is able to read current history must recognize that Hillary has betrayed America in a profoundly unique way - she brought-in the Trojan Horse filled with Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and Iranian Jihadists. She did this by deliberately ignoring traditional means of transmitting top secret communications from the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and virtually every other government source - FOR FOUR YEARS!

Hillary Clinton is a political floozy striving for her greatest score yet, the presidency - to be Commander in Chief.

The whole world can see her deadly incompetency through her policy disasters in the Middle East. Bengasi, as criminally negligent as it is now proven to be (not a single effort was ever made to answer the many frantic calls for help by our ambassador and others in the embassy) also exposed her blatant, repeated lies about the video she told the American people sparked that attack.

Hillary Clinton will forever be the spiritual daughter of Saul Alinsky, author of "Reveille for Radicals" on how to bring America down. She would later describe Alinsky as a “great seducer” of young minds. Marrying Bill shows that Hillary had a malignant desire to be seduced a second time.

We have the facts on Hillary. If America goes down on November 8, America can blame itself for electing Hillary. Ignorance can be erased, but stupidity is indelible. And, truthful history is written with indelible ink for future generations to read.

Make sure your pen marks Donald Trump for president so those generations will not condemn us to infamy.


I'm short of time this morning so I have published a piece from Charlie Johnston on issues I agree with, in place of my Realities column.
Martin Farrell

Farewell to the NFL
Posted on September 10,
2016 by charliej373

By Charlie Johnston
I love football. I fell in love with the game during the Chicago Bears 1985 Superbowl season and have been a fan ever since. Alas, no more.

I am not a purist on the matter of boycotts. I well know that in toxic times in a toxic culture, everything is affected – and even some of the best institutions are tainted for a time by the disorders of the age. But those institutions that take the lead into assaulting the culture deserve special attention. Ever since Target Stores decided it would take the lead in forcing women, even little girls, to share the washrooms with grown men, never mind how many perverts are in the mix, I have not set foot in a Target Store – and gave away two gift cards I had to the store. Since I preferred Target to Walmart, it meant something – at least to me. I doubt it meant anything to the store.

I grew agitated when Bob Costas and other NFL announcers, bearing lots of attitude and no data or knowledge, began using halftime shows to lecture about social issues they can’t be bothered to actually learn anything about. Then in the last year, Curt Schilling was fired from ESPN for noting on his private account that a few committed Jihadists can do a lot of damage and we need to take radical Islam seriously. Another employee was dropped for suggesting transgenderism isn’t the idyllic paradise progressive clowns make it out to be. A few years back, when some of the St. Louis Rams came onto the field in the “Hands up, don’t shoot” pose lie that arose from the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, I quit watching any game involving the Rams. (That’s what Black Lives Matter, BLM, made the narrative…but witnesses and forensics showed the reality was that Brown had just robbed a store – and had charged the cop who stopped him and tried to take his gun when he was shot.) The NFL has forbidden the Dallas Cowboys to do anything to honor the police officers slain by radicals from BLM in a massacre earlier this year. Meantime, San Francisco backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick won’t stand for the national anthem. He says it is in solidarity with BLM – and wears practice socks with pigs wearing police hats. Brandon Marshal of the Denver Broncos takes a knee for the national anthem and the entire Seattle Seahawks squad talks of boycotting the anthem. The NFL says that is their right of free expression (but God help them if they try to freely express disagreement with that attitude). Aside from the hilarity of modern sons of privilege telling me to check my privilege, I realize that the NFL and many of its players have become the spiritual heir of Bull Connor – the racist, thuggish Jim Crow enforcer of another generation.

If the NFL is determined to express solidarity with racist cop killers and people who enable the destruction of already vulnerable communities, I can’t stop it. But I sure won’t patronize it.

Bull Connor did not care if black people were around, provided they busied themselves getting his coffee or carrying his bags and kept to their “place.” The NFL doesn’t mind – actually prefers – cops to protect them and their venues…so long as those cops keep to their “place” – as children of a lesser god. Bull Connor, with a wink and a nod, would say HE was not actually killing black folks, even as he provided cover and encouragement for those who did. The NFL and some of its players, similarly, with a wink and a nod say they do not encourage the actual killing of cops or white people, even as they provide cover and encouragement to those who do – while shutting up or firing those who actively oppose it. It is the new Jim Crow.

I guess when you have completely lost sight of God or commitment to a principle of universal humanity, you don’t judge people by the content of their character, but by the color of their skin or uniform. All the progressive left seems to have learned from the terrible stain of racism, which we had largely overcome, is to shuffle the deck of who will be victim and who, victimizer. You flunked the test, guys, and in future generations will be viewed with as much contempt as Bull Connor and the racist thugs of his generation.

I will not patronize a league that hates me, disciplines anyone who dissents, and enables people who think killing cops is great sport. I won’t leave someone’s house if a pro football game is on, I don’t expect or care that others won’t choose to boycott the same way as I do. In this toxic culture, we all ingest some poisons – and it does not bother me that others choose different poisons than I do. But I won’t choose pro football anymore, nor will I buy anything that has an NFL logo on it or go to a pro football party. If I have to have a fix, I will watch a college game (yeah, I know they have their own problems). I know it won’t make any difference to the ugly men who operate the NFL. But I would not have gone to a football game with Bull Connor – and I will not patronize a league and players who have channeled his spirit.


California is trying to pass a law that would send whistle-blowers to jail and significantly chill free speech – and it is particularly aimed at pro-lifers. I guess the good news is that David Daleiden’s undercover investigation, which has put Planned Parenthood in a ticklish spot, has rattled its fellow travelers in government. The bad news is that, like ideological supremacists throughout history, they seek to solve the problem by jailing their critics rather than reforming their behavior. America, America, God shed His grace on thee.


Meanwhile, President Obama is determined to transfer control of the Internet away from America to some undetermined international body on September 30. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Representative Sean Duffy (R-Wisconsin) are trying to stop this transfer. If they fail, some international body like the United Nations will end up deciding what you can and cannot say online – and hate speech will be defined as being Christian, conservative, and pro-life. The rush to get it done later this month is so that a new leader would have a hard time reversing it.


One could be depressed at the daily evidence of our culture’s degeneration. W.B. Yeats ominous poem, “The Second Coming,” seems terribly prescient these days, especially the first stanza:

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.”

But God does have a plan – and all these things I covered today are merely aspects of the death rattle of an exhausted old order.

Charlie Johnston


I haven't forgotten about the Sespe Creek easement. I will be contacting various legal and government agencies in the near future. I'm confident that all barriers to public access will eventually be removed, voluntarily or by legal process. I'll keep readers informed of the progress.


I listened to part of Donald Trump's public address on national defense this morning. I was delighted to hear him speak in a clear, distinct, and specific way about what America needs immediately for military defense.

I believe Trump has the right answers and attitude to lead our country as Commander in Chief in these perilous times. It remains to be seen if he has the time to provide at least the highest defense priorities to defend against China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran. As we are often reminded, we can't just snap our fingers to produce and deploy the needed weapons and personnel. But our enemies are ready now. The so-called congressional sequester cut-off financing of defense readiness to a pre-WWII level, making us more susceptible to catastrophic enemy attack than at any other time in American history.

Because of this sort of infamous criminal negligence on the part of our politically correct Congress, and a politically treacherous President Obama, at this time of immediate need we do not have the men or munitions to successfully defend our country against a surprise attack. That is a fact.

Even our nuclear weapons, the ultimate deterrence against such an attack, are in deplorable condition. We continue to disarm, honoring an inconceivably foolish old treaty with Russia, while Putin brags about doubling its numbers and capabilities.

Examples of American atomic defense personnel negligence are legion. "After a string of appalling reports of negligence in their maintenance, we hear about this: "Nuclear commander lost job after being caught playing fake poker chips" Most egregious, the story (Nov 23, 2014) of Vice-Admiral Timothy Giardina, "known as Navy Tim, a heavy gambler who was accused of making his own $500 poker chips and eventually banned ... America's nuclear weapons general sacked." He was second in command of our Minutemen missiles.

Then we have reports of Russia's Electromagnetic weapons, land and airborne, have been deployed for several years. The US has none deployed, if we have any. "Our most sophisticated destroyer, USS Donald Cook, was posted to the Black Sea to monitor Russia's aggression against the Ukraine. The Cook has our most up-to-date electronic surveillance equipment. A Russian fighter-bomber approached the Cook, was warned off but ignored the warning. It then circled the Cook at very low altitude, causing all of the Cook's radar and other tracking equipment to go black. In the words of witnesses, it was deaf and blind. This was due to the unarmed Russian plane's jamming equipment. The Cook had to put-put back to port with its rudder between its legs.

The American military has no such equipment deployed today. "The State Department acknowledged that the crew of the destroyer USS Donald Cook has been gravely demoralized ever since their vessel was flown over in the Black Sea by a Russian Sukhoi-24 fighter jet which carried neither bombs nor missiles but only an electronic warfare [EMP] device." This happened two years ago!

These examples are only a small fraction of what can be shown as deadly American military vulnerabilities today.

Note that it was the State Department that acknowledged our weakness, during the Obama-Clinton administration.

The extraordinary extent of Hillary Clinton's betrayal of America's top secrets to the enemy has never before been exceeded by any foreign spy. It is truly phenomenal! And the Democratic Party wants her to be COMMANDER in CHIEF??

Whatever negative view you may have had about Donald Trump before (as I had) - in conscience, you can't endanger our nation's future by voting for the Bitch Goddess of Untruth.


I'm scrambling to get this column out today. I've been concerned about the new fence at the end of Grand Avenue. When combined with the obsession the land owner at the Sespe Creek entry has to halt all public access to the Creek, these two challenges become serious.

The land owner in question has been informed that he cannot prevent the public from accessing the creek but he has ignored many notices, including my own, for years. Maybe he's thinking of issuing his own Wilderness Passes or Permits to enter the National Forrest, or possibly stopping all traffic coming down from the northern access, some kind of pay to leave scheme? In any event his "No Trespassing" signs have to come down, with the "No Parking" sign and his creek fence - voluntarily or by legal process - and soon.


I wish I could be positive about America's near future, but world events don't call for that. Most people have an opinion on the issue of America's status today and so do I.

I sense something uniquely bad will accompany the November elections, as something wicked this way comes. Our country is almost perfectly divided between the Right and the Left, with the Left in control for the past 8 years. I have no choice but to vote for Trump. Hillary Clinton is a uniquely evil person. She and her alleged rapist husband Bill, have been a plague upon the nation for 30 years. If by any unfortunate circumstance she is elected Commander-in-Chief of the United States, I will know that God has finally had enough of the US and has condemned us to destruction.

I know, sounds crazy doesn't it? But no crazier than trusting a President Hillary to lead our troops into battle.


Well, my safari into darkest Sespe Creek turned out to be without drama.

I departed my truck at approximately 3 p.m. Saturday under clear skies, with temperature about 90 degrees.
With my pith hat, boots, walking staff, full water bottles, and machete, I left the security of the truck and stepped into a weed infested area leading to the edge of Sespe Creek.

After about a 5-minute trek to the willow thicket surrounding the creek, I paused to listen for any sign of predators. No beasts were to be heard, not even a barking dog, so I cautiously stepped further into the willows. It then appeared that nothing was to be seen in the creek but willows, millions of them. There were so many willows that it was impossible to see more than a few feet into the uninhabited wilds of Sespe Creek.

I understand that the Sespe is a "navigable" river by legal fiat, but it will take about 15 inches of rain to prove it. Dry as a desert bone, the drought has made the southern part of the creek practically inaccessible to hikers, or large beasts for that matter. The creek's southern entry area is choked with willows and other wild growth. Even a mosquito would have a hard time of it.

However, the present physical condition of the creek does not change its legal status as a constitutionally protected public recreation area. No one is permitted to prohibit or block access to the public, at any time.

Authorities have notified me that Ventura County is responsible for the new steel cable fence. From a legal point of view it matters not at all who is responsible for putting it up. Anything prohibiting or blocking access to Sespe Creek is unlawful and must be removed. I will continue to research the remedies for barrier removal.

The fence was created in order to prevent the historic problem of discarded trash. That has always been a serious problem. I don't, however, see how the fence improves the situation. I noticed all 5 trash barrels were full to overflowing, though the grounds did seem cleaner than usual. But the fence does not reduce the trash problem which is caused by slobs who do not care for this environment; but cameras and fines might do the job without obstructing access. Restricted fire truck access now becomes an issue as well.

The fence does cause other problems. It forces all vehicles to park onto the roadway, where before they could park onto the gravel area facing the creek. This also makes it more difficult for vehicles to turn around, and seriously limits the number of cars that can conveniently use the space. Parking should also be facilitated for those wishing to hike overnight, or for trailers. The fence congests the area which will be used by more visitors every year.

Well, I emerged unharmed from darkest Sespe about 100 yards from my entry - which was minimal. The problem of public access to Sespe Creek remains. But like MacArthur, I shall return, until the issue is resolved - probably with the first heavy rainstorm.


I'm looking at the cover of a great book, Freedom's Forge, how American business produced Victory in World War II" by Arthur Herman.

Though that war ended when I was only 7-years-old, I remember the activity of the time. I also recall the enormous quantity of military surplus which came flooding back into America. I tried to get Dad to buy a surplus jeep, but he said they lost too much oil. Try to buy a good one now!

When I look around today, at our culture and industry, without a dramatic and immediate change I have to say we could never accomplish what we did in the 1940s. Today, the malignant Left, the liberal-socialist radicals, and the environment of Political Correctness, would make such cooperation for victory impossible.

For one, leaders seem nowhere to be found; certainly not enough. The Bible tells us that without leadership a nation falls. And I'm old-fashioned, My ultimate trust lies only in the Bible. America has lived for nearly 8 years under the treacherous (I believe treasonous) "leadership" of Obama, who has only weakened and undermined American military forces. Very soon we will understand just how successful he has been.

Freedom's Forge recalls, in great detail, the phenomenon of the American defense system at a time of great peril. We seem blessed then with the energy, ingenuity, and determination which caused our Revolution to be successful after 1776. This book "...takes us back to that time [1940s] , revealing how two extraordinary American businessmen - automobile magnate William Knudsen and shipbuilder Henry J. Kaiser - helped corral, cajole, and inspire business leaders across the country to mobilize the "arsenal of democracy" that propelled the Allies to victory in World War II."

These are among the forgotten heroes of the Second World War. They perfected armament construction to incredible degree; we built ships faster than the German Navy could sink them. The same proficiency held true with our planes, guns, and at every level of defensive need.

"Then it was Henry Kaiser's turn "Here beside us is this great craft," ..."only ten days from keel laying to launching; and in a few days she will be on the ocean bearing cargo to our allies and our soldiers. it is a miracle, no less - a miracle of God and the genius of free American workmen."

I wonder if such a miracle could be worked today. Could the call go out to GOOGLE, or Amazon, or Facebook, to help save us from defeat?

This is a wonderful book that should be read by all. It will give you a fresh understanding on just how far we have fallen.


Americans shouldn't have to be prodded into recognizing the fact that we have entered the preliminary rounds of WWIII. But, because of the absence of honest news coverage throughout eight years of the Obama administration, the nation slumbers. It's no exaggeration to observe that our politically correct country has drifted into a mine field prepared by our four deadliest and most determined enemies. China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, (all nuclear-armed except Iran) have each announced their intent to destroy America.

They brag about the sophistication of their new weapons and burgeoning stockpiles of missiles, planes, artillery, tanks, and electronics. America must scrounge for used parts to repair its planes. NKorea fires intercontinental missiles into Japanese waters, with impunity. Russia simply walks-in and takes over the Crimea, after invading Ukraine, again with impunity. Russia has recently moved more heavy armaments into eastern Ukraine, and threatens the Baltic states, showing only contempt for weak NATO defenses - daring the West to act.

China is the greatest threat, with the largest military (army, navy, and air force), and an eagerness to fight for its stolen South China Sea properties. Should a fight over the South China Sea break out, China has the on-sight military ability to sink our aircraft carriers, check our submarines, and swarm our few aircraft. We have lost our back-up abilities to carry on such a war. Where would reinforcements come from? This because Obama (and a feckless US Congress) have abandoned America by leaving it defenseless relative to the proliferating forces of our enemies. An inadequate defense is no defense. Obama has castrated US defense forces; we are weaker than at any time before WWII, and we no longer have that famous industrial might which overwhelmed Germany and Japan in the 1940s.

Well, what's the plan? Obama says he's never had a strategy, and without a strategy a plan is useless. In the words of our street philosopher, Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan - until you're hit in the face". We are about to get hit in the face.

China also holds US military readiness in contempt. How could it do otherwise knowing that America now sends its women into combat? Today we learn that the chain of Chinese "island" bases have been equipped with numerous fighter aircraft and hangers. China cannot be permitted to close the world's most important commercial route through the South China Sea, but it is determined to do so - this means inevitable war - at any time of China's choosing. Ask how would we, how could we, respond?

If Iran doesn't already have a nuclear weapon, it soon will. Iran lives only to cause death and destruction, as its Islamic doctrine commands against Kafirs, all 6-billion of them.

North Korea is a wild card. Its mentally unstable dictator can be expected to do anything, including launching nuclear weapons - which he constantly threatens to do. Korea's recent launching of a submarine missile demonstrates a high degree of progress in weapons development.

Now - with NATO a flaccid force of undisciplined, little experienced, sunshine soldiers responsible for defending Europe and the Middle East, what are we to do? In the very real probability that multiple wars will break-out America has far too little to work with; and in the case of China and Russia, we will be far too slow to respond. Talk about a stress test!

Remember also the hyenas of Islamic terror who will disperse in the fray to chew on the sinews of a bloodied Western defense carcass. It will be a chaotic bloodbath of phenomenal proportions. If we survive, history will reveal the pathetic truth: America sought only an easy peace while neglecting preparations for war. This is losing by naiveté and cowardice.

But, maybe America can be saved by a conniving Bitch Goddess of Untruth, outfitted in camouflaged pants suit, leading a platoon of quadrasexual SEALS.

After all, she's experienced landing under withering sniper fire in Bosnia!


I'm glad to report that Fillmore, at least according to the majority of voices at the special medical marijuana meeting, want nothing to do with the weeds.

The recent confiscation of some $7million-worth of marijuana plants at the weed co-op above Grand Ave. creates a sense of relief. Medical marijuana certainly has its place - once workable controls are feasible. The product is needed to treat certain serious painful conditions. The problem is that as soon as the product becomes available, everyone seems to have painful conditions which allegedly require medical marijuana.


I know the Pope is a holy man; I only wish holiness always included common sense, which the present Pope clearly lacks.

Pope Francis lacks the ability to refrain from "off-the-cuff" statements which are clearly wrong, creating confusion, anger, and bewilderment in the ranks of the faithful, and not-so-faithful. Perhaps his "cuffs" should be clipped.

His ability to startle traditional Catholics with false or confusing statements reminds me of Donald Trump's worst idiotic pronouncements, like Senator John McCain is not a hero because his plane was shot down and he was captured. Absurd.

Recently, Pope Francis stated that the "Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same" and that Islam is a religion of peace. What madness is this?

The Koran and Bible are diametrical, absolute, opposites in the doctrines they announce. The Koran demands submission of all "Kafirs", or non Muslims. There are only three choices for Kafirs in Islamic doctrine, conversion, dimitude (slavery), or death. Traditional Islam seeks death or conversion for all non-believers, as we see in today's terrorist attacks. The Koran, Hadith, and Sira are explicit about this, and all statements to the contrary are, by the doctrine of "abrogation" not applicable. So, by valid, traditional Islamic standards, being a Kafir is dangerous.

Christianity, on the other hand, preaches a personal, loving God Who seeks peace and salvation through free will. Christianity has certainly failed to meet its goals sometimes throughout history, but it has been the greatest single factor in the creation and preservation of Western civilization, and world civilization most of the time.
The West is utterly ignorant of Islamic history, its expansion and the horrific suffering it has caused civilization for the last 1400 years.

A great place to begin learning about the doctrine of Islam is to view any one of Dr. Bill Warner's videos or read any of his many books. He tells the whole story from a scientist's perspective, after 30-years of study. Warner has a PhD in physics and mathematics, and is a superb speaker. He only addresses the doctrine of Islam. He cares nothing about the religion. See: ”Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner".

I regret sounding a little disrespectful, but the Pope needs to put a sock in it. On matters of faith and morals he is great; on personal political opinion, he's dangerous.

p.s. I speak as a faithful, practicing Roman Catholic, fellow Kafir to most of you.


It has been a tumultuous past two weeks at the Gazette.

My Editor, and best friend at the paper for the past 28 years, Wanda Castel de Oro, was recently hospitalized for a serious illness.

She is doing better now but has some challenges ahead. Without her steadfast management things run a little slower. We miss her at the Gazette. Our prayers are with her for a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, the Gazette is blessed to have Tenea Golson to take over many of the most important duties in Wanda's absence. Tenea has done great work for the Gazette in the recent past. She is the daughter of Susan Golson who also did great work for us for more than 10 years. We have a great team while looking forward to Wanda's recovery.


A special meeting of the Fillmore City Council was held at city hall last night. I regret I was unable to attend. The question presented concerns the most important issue facing Fillmore in its history - should the city permit a large medical marijuana co-op to move into our new Business Park?

This co-op wants to build a 9-acre medical marijuana farm and dispensary. Fillmore would then house the largest such dispensary in the entire state. Tax revenue to the city is anticipated to be $3-8 million per year.

That's a lot of money. It could be spent to revitalize the city. We could get our motorcycle cop back, put in an intense anti-drug program in our schools, etc.

But, there is another, dark, side to the question, as Sheriff Geoff Dean and Police Chief Dave Wareham told the standing-room-only crown at city hall last night. The flip-side of these tempting millions is crime; crime as we have never known it before. Marijuana attracts criminals like cheese attracts rats.

Captain Wareham just returned from an investigative trip to Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, where marijuana has been legalized. In short, most of the counties want nothing to do with legal medical marijuana, and others regret legalizing it. His report last night awakened the crowd to the salient facts. The costs to remedy the damage marijuana has caused (crime cartel murders) school problems, serious medical problems due to the huge increase in potency of marijuana today, and the edible products (cookies, candies, brownies, etc.) which trick children into overdosing, exceeds any financial benefits by more than twice. In other words, it costs twice the millions we might get to overcome the problems. It changes whole communities quickly, for worse. And it would scar Fillmore's reputation forever.

Legal medical marijuana growing and dispensing is a town-killing proposition. Our City Council has been placed on notice, by the huge turnout last night, that the citizens of this small town do not want to have anything to do with bringing marijuana production and sales to Fillmore.

I'm sure the message got through.


It seems that every week for several months now some outrageous breach of the peace, attack by some murderous Islamic monstrosity, or exposure of more federal government rot, drove me to say something, but I didn't. I'll say a few words now.

Obama and his hoard of fifth column comrades has successfully infected our Republic for seven and a half years. He has kept his promise to "fundamentally change" our country. But his changes have inflicted what may well prove to be mortal wounds to the nation.

Obama is a moral reprobate. I first knew this was true when I heard that he approved of partial-birth abortion. This told me he had no soul. That procedure, for those who may have forgotten, permits the abortionist the "right" to kill the infant who survived the abortion, by severing its spinal cord, drowning the child, suffocating it, or merely leaving it to die in a cabinet, opposing Born Alive legislation.

The nation is suffering the effects of Obama's empty soul. It suffers for his lack of support for our Law Enforcement men and women, part of his efforts to inflame racial division.

He has used federal departments as weapons to control the people. He has created the most corrupt Justice Department in the nation's history by appointing people like Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, names that will live in infamy for their Constitutional manipulations. He provides cover for every governmental crime.

As Commander-in-Chief, he has subverted the moral character of our armed forces, diminished our defense capabilities, and given aid and comfort to our country's most lethal enemies.

He is an active enemy of America's traditional Christian base, and a vocal defender of Islam, "radical" or not. (There is only one Islam, and that is defined only by the Koran, Hadith (Muhammad's traditions), and Sira, (Muhammad's biography) - all condensed in Sharia law. Muslim jihadists continue to fight to the death seeking to prove which sect is purest - as they have done for 1,400 years - and to this day). The target of the Islamist demand for "submission" is all non-Muslims - Kaffirs. Read it all in the above books, which contain the entirety of Islamic doctrine. It is not merely a religion, it is a total way of life.

Obama has largely accomplished the mission he announced in his inaugural address nearly 8 years ago. Those fundamental changes infect every part of our government, from drafting women and opening women's bathrooms to the lecherous Left, to inviting an invasion of undocumented foreigners. Many of his changes can never be cured, and the nation is obviously weakened for it.

I cannot point to a single major foreign policy decision by this odious man that has secured a benefit for America. But the list of extraordinary and outrageous wounds he has inflicted upon our Republic is long.

The nation is weaker militarily, morally, socially, and financially due to the Obama administration. America will have been leaderless for eight years at the end of his term.

America is ill prepared to survive the immediate dangers we now face, yet this charlatan endorses Hillary Clinton (Bitch Goddess of untruth and proven untrustworthiness).

If, the ignorant unwashed 51percent manages, once again, to slither into office another misbegotten charlatan, Hillary Clinton, our Republic is finished.


The City of Fillmore is about to be attacked by the most outrageous "public works" scheme ever inflicted upon a California municipality in state history. The big shots in the City of Malibu, CA, are about to launch a 10-year project transporting sand from Grimes Canyon, through Fillmore, to Malibu beach in an effort to restore the shoreline.

It's hard to contemplate the extent of this uniquely devastating plan. Imagine up to 100 belly dump trucks PER DAY traveling from the mine, down Hwy 23 to Highway 126 and through to Hwy 1 and Malibu. Think of what the coast highway will be like - for the next 10 years.

Daily traffic from the mine through Fillmore is already very heavy; this plan is almost too audacious to contemplate. Think of the traffic disruption, (100 trucks per day), destruction of our highway, dust, noise, potential accidents.

The City of Moorpark sued to keep this traffic out of their town, though it is located closer to Malibu than Fillmore.

But the entire plan is audaciously impractical. Where are all those green environmental heroes when we need them? Where is the Environmental Protection Agency when we need it? Why weren't we alerted to this threat in time to take serious defensive action?

The Gazette will do its best to report on these events and determine what can be done at the state and federal level.