Once again I'm running late, so I'll just summarize a few issues.

I'm perplexed as well as offended by the virtual destruction of the Ficus tree mentioned last week. It was a beautiful, 50-foot, 100-year-old aviary for hundreds of birds of different varieties, providing much shade for two sidewalks and our office building, now reduced to a 15-foot, stump display with no remaining limbs, paid for with school district money.

For decades teachers gathered their children under the shade of this tree for special outside classes.

I can't avoid seeing this latest monstrosity every day; it makes me wonder why this was done. Even the tree surgeon told me that cutting that much away from the tree could kill it, and wondered why it was done. The same complaint was raised two years ago or so. I have concluded there are three optional answers to this enigma - gross ignorance, stupidity, or some mysterious malicious intent.

Of course, only a liberal would do such a thing. Maybe that person was seeking to reduce the school district's carbon footprint? Then there's always climatic hysteria, cutting it down would certainly reduce its process of photosynthesis, you know, making it almost impossible to produce oxygen. In this way the miscreant might become a hero among climate-change fanatics.

Now I worry about the health of the great Oak next to the Ficus.

Well, in my opinion the culprit must be some kind of loosely-defined malicious Ficus hater.

Whoever did it - get help - from a knowledgeable horticulturist.

Ficus microcarpa nitida Standard (F. retusa)

Indian Laurel Fig Standard “This tropical looking shade tree is excellent as a street or lawn tree in frost-free areas. The weeping canopy of long, dropping branches are thickly covered with elliptic green leaves."



I'm running too late this week to begin my column. It was going to support President Trump for visiting the two cities devastated by the two separate shooting incidents. Trump haters don't want to give him an opportunity, as president, to express his condolences for the horrendous loss of life. Another example of Democrat radical left mental illness.

I was also going to say something about the recent "pedophilia epidemic" within the Boy Scouts alleged by a group of lawyers who filed a new lawsuit Tuesday. A vast cover-up is claimed by this group. When compared with the vast homo-predator scandal in the Catholic Church, beginning with its prelates (bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and the Pope himself, for continuing to cover-up) homo-predation appears to be the new American Ebola.

Maybe next week.


The cost of making things uglier!

I don't know why every two years or so the powers that be order the butchering of the beautiful Ficus tree across the street from the Gazette's office.

The tree must be close to 100 years-old. I have photos taken 20-plus years ago showing that it was once larger than the adjacent Oak tree. It was taller with a larger crown.

This year, as happened only two years ago, the wood butchers cut all of its major limbs to the nubs. It had grown back beautifully. It was a natural aviary for hundreds of birds, and provided ample shade across the street for hours.

Why butcher such a beautiful, beneficial tree into a mass of ugly bloody stubs? It was perfectly conformed! Come look at it now!

Frankly, I'm pissed-off about this stupid double loss - cost of butchering it, loss of a beautiful, useful thing.

I think I may post the Gazette's mascot, Pebbles the Wonder Dog, to watch duty in the future.

Tree butchers BEWARE!



I'm really stumped this week for a topic I can finish in one hour. I had to pick something light and mostly meaningless, so I'll say a few words about Democratic presidential candidates. Just listing them will take-up nearly half the length of this column.

Tom Steyer. If you like more investigations and impeachment, Tom is your guy.

Joe Biden. Old guys are said to be disappearing. Joe is an old guy. Therefore Joe is disappearing.

Elizabeth Warren. Cheek bones worked for her preferred educational status; may work again as POTUS?

Kamala Harris. Wants to forgive student debt. Wish that were possible when I was in college.

Bernie Sanders. Old Communist sympathizer, honeymooned in Moscow. Fits right in.

Pete Buttigieg. Not pronounced buttgig.

Cory Booker. Reminds me a lot of Homer Simpson.

Julián Castro. I know nothing of Mr. Castro.

Amy Klobuchar. Has a temper.

Beto O’Rourke. Fake nickname. Habitually waves arms when addressing crowds.

Jay Inslee. Big climate phobia.

Tulsi Gabbard. Loves marijuana.

Kirsten Gillibrand. Wants Roe v. Wade codified.

Andrew Yang. Likes free government money.

Bill de Blasio. 42 percent of Democrats and independents think he should drop out.

Steve Bullock. Focused on ending influence of unlimited political contributions and dark money.

John Delaney. Been running for president since 2017.

Michael Bennet. I don’t know who Michael is.

John Hickenlooper. Great name!

Tim Ryan. Against packing the Supreme Court.

Seth Moulton. I don't know who Seth is.

Wayne Messam. I don't know who Wayne is.

Joe Sestak. Wants statehood for Puerto Rico.




Why should it be necessary for human beings to remind themselves of their unique, sacred status, of being God’s greatest creative work?

You might think that Natural Law would inform us all of this most profound dignity without the need for a reminder. Those of us, nearly 4 billion strong, who acknowledge the blessing of Judeo-Christian community, attest to the fact that every human being is born with an immortal soul. Without a soul we cannot be human; that’s the way our Creator designed us.

Why this preamble? It’s because I find myself today longing for an answer to this question, in the face of such a sinful outrage I have to reaffirm the answer though I have always known it. I have to reassure myself of the fact that life is the first and greatest gift of God for all of His human creatures, that every single life is therefore most precious; “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: “... So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,...” (Genesis, 26-28).

I am haunted by the fact that the glory of human life can be so casually, and ruthlessly snuffed out - especially newborn human life, as it was recently in Oxnard, in a hospital’s maternity ward, by the mother and father of a newborn infant. The parents decided that they didn’t want to keep the infant child, so they agreed to strangle it. The baby had only been permitted to draw its breath for a couple of hours before being murdered by its parents.

As a long-time observer of human history I guess I should not be as surprised as I am over this sacrilege. After all, American Justice has facilitated this sort of human sacrifice at an industrial rate: “... 50 million abortions have been performed in the United States since 1973, when the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision made the procedure legal. Mar 6, 2015.”

These observations anger millions of Americans who would rather cover up the bloody facts (like the perpetrators of all genocides) but as a blessed member of the Judeo-Christian community my conscience would not let me rest if I were to ignore this slaughter. It is not possible for me to quietly ignore this hellacious practice and continue to claim to be a member of my Judeo-Christian community. John Donne understood this situation well when he wrote, “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

Would it have been better to have referred the murderous parents who strangled their newborn child to the tender mercies of a local Planned Parenthood chop shop? They are, after all, the professionals in the abortion business. That way the killing parents would not have had to get their hands dirty.

I picture, sometimes, the doctor, mother, and father deliberating about whether to kill the newborn or let it live. There must be an atmosphere of great anxiety in timing the termination decision before the baby takes its first breath and, God help us - may cry.

If you claim to be in the Judeo-Christian Club, know that the primary condition of membership is love. I know that sounds very liberal, but it comes straight from the Good Book.



I really grow tired of commenting on national affairs these days. At the national level there is very little good news, though Trump troops on through the incessant barrage of far left Democrat-media attacks.

The Democrat party is imploding before our eyes. Not only from the effects of psychotic Never-Trumpers, but from the deafening squeaks uttered by the now infamous "squad" of hyper-racist, feminist, Democratic Reps. Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. They all hate America, calling it racist from the beginning.

Omar is of particular interest. She is about to become a national representative for Minneapolis area of Minnesota, seeking to replace Rep. Keith Ellison. The fact that she may be guilty of perjury in what looks to be marriage fraud, has not been thoroughly studied. It appears she married her brother, Ahmed Elmi, in an effort to aid Elmi in obtaining citizenship. "While being legally married to Elmi, Omar has publicly identified Ahmed Hirsi as her cultural husband and father of her children." "When these revelations came to light, Omar dismissed the claims that she married her brother, maintaining the marriage was simply a difficult time in her private life."

Omar may be a liar, but she's truthful in expressing her opinions about Israel, America, Republicans, and our president. She hates them all. Omar has said, "Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." She refers to Israel as an "apartheid regime" and demands an end to the "occupation" of East Jerusalem. She recently accused President Trump of "...committing human rights abuses at the border, keeping children in cages, and having human beings drinking out of toilets.” All such charges are proven to be false.

Omar, being the first female Somali Legislator in the Minnesota House, is seen as a radical sensation for other radical sensationalists. But she would fit more comfortably back in her mother country of Somalia, where memories of Mogadishu and terrorist leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid, of Blackhawk infamy linger.

I agree wholeheartedly with President Trump when he suggested, "We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! It is your choice and your choice alone. This is about love for America. Certain people HATE our Country..."

This is not a "racist" statement. It is a PATRIOTIC statement made by the President of the United States of America, who is also the Chief Executive and Commander in Chief, who finds people like Omar repugnant, un-American, and untrustworthy citizens.

The President has the right, more important the DUTY, under authority of his oath of office, to protect this nation from those who seek to do harm: "Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." And under our Constitution the duty to defend the country is primary.

Omar insults our country and gives aid and comfort to our enemies, like al-Qaeda.

Maybe America should adopt a solution for these kinds of proto-traitors, such as the Athenian democracy used, like ostracism, where we could kick disloyal citizens out of the country for 10 years. Let them fend for themselves in the hell holes they came from until they appreciate America's freedom and generosity.

Yeah, I can already hear the squad squeal. Freedom of speech? These people care about free speech as much as al-Qaeda and Antifa.

Keep it up, Mr. President!



I'm happy to report that the City of Fillmore is experiencing two areas of new, healthy growth. The KB Home construction company is finally pouring concrete at their new site, Central Avenue and River Street.

Rotorcraft, a helicopter repair company, relocated from Van Nuys Airport, and is the newest firm to locate at Fillmore's Business Park. The Guardian, a fire-fighting helicopter company, will be sharing Rotorcraft's 10-acre space. The two companies will employ about 80 employees, 58 for Rotorcraft and 16 for The Guardian. " Phil DiFiore, Rotorcraft’s president, said he expects his company to hire 10 or 15 people from Fillmore." (Ventura Star).

This is great news for our city; now, if Ventura County will finally equip and staff that $9-million firehouse, a stone's throw from Rotorcraft, Fillmore will really shine. The firehouse has been sitting idle for more than two years, about 95 percent complete. This deluxe structure has recently received its landscaping, trees, shrubs, and succulents. It has room for 9 firefighters and four engines, and has the latest equipment. All it needs now is a chief, firefighters, and those four promised engines. We sure could have used the station during the last devastating fire which destroyed so many thousands of homes!


Pray for the Gulf region as "Up to 2 feet of rain [is expected] to deluge Gulf states as [hurricane] Barry brews offshore." Worries have already been expressed about the levees in New Orleans. Boy, did they ever build a city in the wrong place!


I'm looking for a good person with a perfect driving record to deliver papers in Fillmore once a week for about an hour and a half. Call 805-524-2481.



Describing a multi-millionaire as a loser seems odd, but it fits my view of Colin Kaepernick. He used to be a relatively famous American football star, but he's switched his persona, becoming an un-American anti-hero intent on denigrating our nation, after sitting on the bench for a couple of years.

Most recently he has become infamous among American patriots for causing the Nike corporation to halt its distribution of its newest sneaker, which featured a replica of the Revolutionary-era "Betsy Ross" American flag on the heel.

Kaepernick told Nike that the flag was a "hate symbol" because "the flag recalls an era when black people were enslaved...."

This action proves two things. First, Colin Kaepernick is an ignorant fool. Second, Nike is a cowardly corporation facilitating Kaepernick's insult to America. I hear, as a result of this caper, Nike's stock has grown substantially. A pox on both of these disloyal ingrates, and upon those who support them.

Racism has become, more than ever, the trump card in discussions of American culture today. What I recognize on this issue is emotional, leftist, political demagoguery. This issue (racism) is designed to smother honest dialogue with a false presumption of guilt in every case. The leftist media is complicit in this conflict between fact and propaganda. Their intent here is to stir-up hate, confusion, and conflict - preferably physical conflict, as with Antifa.

The Betsy Ross flag enshrines the hope of national independence at the beginning of this great nation's foundation. That independence soon brought freedom to enslaved Americans. The determination to end slavery was so fierce that 600,000 Americans fought to the death in our Civil War to achieve it, which included hundreds of thousands of once-enslaved Americans, and about 300,000 white men who took the bullet.

Just to inform losers like Colin Kaepernick and Nike, slavery has been endemic to the human race since shortly after Adam met Eve. It continues to exist in many Muslim countries. It will continue to be a fight worth challenging. Check this out - more non-African men and women have been enslaved than all African slaves counted together. Those who find this too shocking to believe are urged to do a little historical research. For thousands of years the human race has found fellow humans to be the most valuable commodity. Research the Muslim word Kafer. This will only take you back to the year 632, but will trace the slave trade involving hundreds of millions of unfortunates. But for an even richer history of slavery go back to pre-Roman times, anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, man has never existed in time without slavery, and it took guts, blood, and determination to end it in America.

Slavery is pretty nearly a damning of the human soul. It's far too important and threatening to be treated so lightly, as Colin Kaelpernick and his ignorant council of demagogues continue to do.

God bless America and its beautiful American flag - from each era of our national history!

Thank you Betsy Ross for your talent and patriotism.




Congratulations to the City of Fillmore for sponsoring last week's public camp-out at Two Rivers Park. There was good attendance for a first-time effort. Thanks are also due to Hazel Rodriguez, Information & Education Specialist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, who showed up with their information booth, especially attractive to children.

Next year I expect the camp-out will be an even larger event when word spreads.


(AP) — "The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee says he expects special counsel Robert Mueller to have “a profound impact” when he testifies before Congress on July 17, even though Mueller has said he won’t provide any new information."
It's a symptom of the depth of congressional corruption that a showboating lickspittle like Chairman Adam Schiff can command this sideshow at taxpayer's expense. A reasonable person could attribute Schiff's behavior to stupidity but that would miss the point. This sort of action by Democrat Party members is just a deliberate attempt to continue the Mueller investigation, for a fifth time, after nearly 3 years of fraudulent snooping into President Trump's campaign, election, and presidency.

Schiff and his cronies should know by now that even the dumbest members of the American electorate are on to their nefarious antics. But Schiff and his minions will still try to drag the phony issue of alleged Russian collusion from the last election into the next. It's amazing to see.

“When you accept the role of special counsel in one of the most significant investigations in modern history, you’re going to have to expect that you’re going to be asked to come and testify before Congress,” says Adam Schiff. What a load of sour owl crap! "...most significant investigation in modern history..." Really? This is perhaps the most significant fraudulent investigation since ancient history! Authored by the Schiff himself. What a load of Schiff!

"We were guided by principles of fairness': reads Mueller's statement. Another load of stinky stuff.

Enough of this. It's time for true justice. Evidence is clear that a treasonous coup d'Ă©tat was planned at the highest levels of American government to defeat Donald Trump in his attempt to become our president. The rogues gallery is long, following operation Crossfire Hurricane: Barack Obama Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Christopher Steele, Lisa Page, et al. and a cast of hundreds more. Throw in three other countries and this is a truly remarkable, infamous story of deceit and treason, facilitated by nearly all of the heads of our most powerful governmental agencies - FBI, CIA, NSC, DOJ, IRS, and others. This is a crisis of revolutionary proportions.

The American judicial system is on trial in front of the whole world; will these traitors be arrested, tried, convicted, and jailed? Or will the Democrat Party attempt to cover-up? The cultural stability of our nation depends on true justice.

Hang em all, hang em high.



I enjoyed watching President Trump's reelection campaign speech yesterday. The Orlando Amway Center arena was jammed with exuberant supporters to hear Trump say ... “I stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as President of the United States… I promise you I will never, never let you down.”

And for the millions who have watched his actions since his inauguration, he is believed - he is a man of his word. In a little over two years he has restored and secured the fortunes of this nation in the face of its enemies.

God bless President Trump and his family. God speed his victory in the coming election.


For about 2 years now the fate of Fillmore's (Ventura County's) new, $9 million Fire Station # 27, has remained a mystery. Work was halted due to the prime contractor's default, and nothing was done to cure the expensive problem. I wonder how much in interest alone taxpayers have paid for this delay? I wonder how much can be recouped from the parties responsible for this financial fiasco?

I have to thank Senior Public Works Inspector, Jim Van Voorhis, for providing a tour of the entire facility last Monday. It revealed a structure beautifully finished to the last detail. No doubt this station will be the envy of all other county stations, and competition for the Chief's position will be strong.

The facility can house 9 firefighters in separate rooms. The front office facade is done with natural rock, nicely planted. The station has plenty of space for everyone and everything, from a 4-engine garage and exercise room, to a central garden and relaxation space. It has a spacious conference and communications area, and a dedicated gravel area to park the bulldozer. The chief's office bathroom is finished with a terrazzo floor.

A cistern for collecting rainwater from the roof is located on the south side facing River Street, and a covered parking space is furnished with solar panels. A special effort was made to conform design to meet climate issues. Motors for the vertical doors will be delivered soon, as well as entry gates.

I have to say I am impressed with the design, fit and finish of the structure - I guess I should be for $9 million - plus. The extreme delay in completion of the firehouse really should be no mystery - it's money. Who's going to pay for this breach of contract? I think we all know the answer to that question. I'm just as interested to know exactly when this place will be up-and-running - FIRE SEASON is upon us, and, tragically, we missed the last one. It's time to equip this station!

Thanks again to Jim Van Voorhis for the tour.



Well, here I am one hour to deadline, trying to make some sense out of something to write about. No shortage of really bad news, but I can say something positive about Fillmore. The new affordable homes - apartments - planned to go up between Highway 126 and Santa Clara St. at Mountain View look very nice. Although I'm no fan of 3-story structures in this town, architects did a good job here.


Now for the Armageddonish details of this country's future….

America is in the midst of losing its historic Judeo-Christian soul. I can think of no traditional moral virtue or principle that is not in immediate danger of being extinguished by Liberal relativism and downright evil. I have to ask: where are the voices of traditional American righteousness, morality and ethics?

I've harped long and loudly about the good America of my youth which I watch slipping away daily, being replaced by a sticky dark cloud of immoral crud. Clumsy, I know, but that's the way I feel.

America was made from, better, brighter stuff. How did we fall so quickly from our historical national righteousness? Who, and what have we become? Are there any moral standards today?

Here are a few examples of America today, taken from today's DRUDGE:
California desert town sees migrant surge as crisis worsens...
Nonstop dumping; 'New phenomenon'...
Oklahoma Army Base to House...
Crawling Out of Manholes in El Paso!
TRUMP: Mexico doing great job at border, really helping us...
Private wall group ordered to keep gate OPEN...
WATCH: 1,000 POUR IN...
Naked Intruder On Immigration Hold After Threatening Dallas Couple...
SENATOR: Drug Trafficking Business from Mexico 'Larger than WALMART'...

This is just the condition of our border. The whole world is pouring in. Half of our Congress has decided to ignore the emergency, they refuse to do their legislative job.

But our religious collapse is even worse, at least in the Catholic Church, with a billion members throughout the world.

DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has sounded the alarm that a "corrupt mafia" has control of many Church institutions. "The crisis is about the fact that a corrupt 'mafia' has taken control of many institutions of the Church, from the top down, and is exploiting the Church and the faithful for its own immoral purposes," ... "The cardinals and archbishops I named do not want to be caught lying, and they apparently think they are so powerful as to be untouchable if only they stay quiet and lie low," he said.

More than half of the bishops and cardinals are being accused of being part of a massive predator-homosexual network which has existed for generations.

The problem is so vast that RICO laws are being introduced to attack these sexual predators, also responsible for the theft and laundering of multiple millions of dollars, worldwide.

Archbishop Carlo Vigano states, "Given the overwhelming evidence, it is mind-boggling that the word 'homosexuality' has not appeared once, in any of the recent official documents of the Holy See, including the two Synods on the Family, the one on Youth, and the recent Summit last February," he said. As horrific as child molestation is, 98 percent of clerical sexual predator attacks concern homosexual clergy - upon seminarians and altar boys.

I don't have time to mention America's fiscal threats, etc. But, I think a reasonable person looking at our borders, religious collapse, fiscal mess, military problems (maybe next week) and general cultural confusion, can see a calamitous end pending.


Well, despite the fact that most high-bred British royal types probably still think of our president as an uncouth colonial, he has friends there as well.

I have to give President Donald Trump 5 stars for his performance in England for D-Day ceremonies. He did "shake hands" with the Queen awkwardly, but I was glad to see him reproach the Mayor of London as a "Stone cold loser." British Labor Leader Corbyn claims Trump's remarks were Islamophobic, though the Mayor is presiding over a huge increase of crime for which his Islamic co-religionists are largely responsible.

I am proud of our president and his entire family. They are distinguishing themselves in the service of our country.
Now, if the Deep State Democrat Party and its partners, 90-percent of the American media, would leave him alone to do his work, we, and the rest of the western world would thrive.

Fifth Column politicians and traitorous Fourth Estate efforts to distract and defeat the presidential agenda have done and are doing great damage to our country. This situation is truly unprecedented in our history. At least half of American citizens seem determined to destroy the Commander in Chief in the middle of his battle to restore border sovereignty, counter 4 deadly nuclear enemies, stabilize our economy, and protect our Constitution and the laws which flow from it.

This nation has never faced so many powerful enemies determined to extinguish the voice of freedom in the world. Military technology and capabilities are truly awesome, each boasting of its ability to annihilate the other.

Most obviously critical at the moment is millions of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border - from all over the world! They bring with them poverty, crime, no knowledge or respect for law, customs, or culture. At a cost to American citizens of $70,000 (per individual) they are a disaster which is unchecked; they can quickly destroy our nation.

Among the diseases they spread to America (some contracted by Border Patrol) are typhus and an untreatable form of tuberculosis.

But just wait - what will stop this circus at the border will probably be a case EBOLA. With newly arriving illegals from Africa, where this disease is going out of control, we are inviting this prospect.

THEN, maybe the Democrats will finally show some interest in helping our president control our border. Otherwise, America is dying from neglect.


A short time ago I was handed a story from the Ventura Star about a recent vote taken by the Ventura County Fairgrounds Board. The issue: whether to continue permitting gun shows at the Fairgrounds.

As might be expected, an emotional anti-gun bias prevailed, with a 5-3 vote permitting 3 more gun shows this year. Thereafter, a new "policy" threatens an unspecified curtailment of the shows.

I don't know what's worse here, the feverish anti-Second Amendment bias, or the reporting of the meeting.

What has happened to basic journalistic standards? After reading this "story" three times I'm still not certain about the facts. I'm torn between commenting upon the confused subject matter of the Board meeting and the confusion which lies in wait within the minds of those who hate guns. Whether it is the chronic hatred of the person, President Donald Trump, or the hatred expressed by the liberal mind concerning a thing, guns, the two subjects clearly manifest a mental disorder deserving professional attention. Liberals seem to have a free-floating hatred for persons and things they cannot abide. Hating a person can at least be reasonable. Hating a thing, an inanimate object, is profoundly unreasonable. People who go around hating things (like guns) suffer from a condition called paranoia - a condition characterized by delusion - an unreasonable fear of (you name it).

To think that life would be safer without baseball bats, golf clubs, rocks, knives (especially sharp ones) is delusional, though each object has from time immemorial been used to harm or kill people - and to save people from harm. An extreme example of this sort of paranoia can be seen in England, where laws have actually been introduced to curve the tips of kitchen knives to make people feel safer.

As an effort in full disclosure, I have been, and continue to be, a life member of the National Rifle Association for most of my life. I had the good fortune to have spent the first 19-years of my life on a ranch, where hunting, plinking, and shooting contests were most important, as was a love of firearms. I was shooting my little Winchester Model 56 at about six years of age. Target clubs and contests were unremarkably accepted even by my high school. Anti-gunners will be surprised to learn that the distinguished late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia shared many of these same boyhood delights (see: Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived").

But times have surely changed, for the worse. Our culture today, thanks to the abandonment of Christian ethics the disintegration of normal family life, parental responsibility, and respect for traditional values and ethics, has all but collapsed.

The American nation has not been so divided morally and philosophically since our Civil War. The issue of Second Amendment rights is at the splitting point of the fight. It's been said in many different ways, if the good guys are deprived of the right to keep and bear arms, the bad guys will destroy this nation.

Inanimate objects remain lifeless and irresponsible. They remain ontologically innocent. So don't blame the gun, the rock, the club or any other lifeless thing for the crimes committed by evil people. The Second Amendment of our federal Constitution expressly and clearly identify the right to keep and bear arms by American citizens. We are the only nation on earth to continue to demand this right. Millions of men and women have fought and died on the field of battle to secure this right. I hope it doesn't take the same effort to maintain that right.


I'm just really tired today and there's not much to talk about on Drudge. So, I'll try to launch a quiz just for fun.

What is nearly 3-years old, has 178 legs, and 1000 shoes?

Well this is getting too complicated so I'll have to give the answer away by adding that this thing includes 2,800 subpoenas, hundreds of warrants and a price tag of over $48 million.

I'm describing the Mueller investigation of alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 election, aimed at unseating the new president by alleging treason.

In other words, it took 19 lawyers plus 30 assistants and 40 FBI agents. 500 witnesses were interviewed, 2,800 subpoenas issued, and hundreds of warrants delivered over a period of nearly 2 years. At the same time, The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism, The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, were also moiling away in search of the elusive evidence of Trump collusion with the Russians.

The result? No collusion and no obstruction of justice. But the Dems want more investigation of this fraudulent circus.
Former FBI Director Robert Mueller ("registered Republican") was appointed special counsel to lead the investigation into Russian interference and related matters that could result in criminal prosecutions.

As to revelations of the plan to stop Trump and later to impeach him, and rescue Hillary Clinton, " Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova [has]said the former chiefs of the FBI, CIA, and DNI are going to "pay the Barr bill" for the "conspiracy" that began with then-CIA Director John Brennan and ended with the Democratic National Committee. Top level personnel at these agencies, and others, have already been dealt with by removal from office, but the game has only begun. It is believed that some will go to prison.

All Americans, including disgruntled Democrats, should be alarmed at this scene of true treason.


[A response to this week's letter to the editor from Raymond S. Brown, Sr. (see letter below)]

Hello again Mr. Brown. I will have to respond with "bullet" statements due to the length of your objections to my May 10 editorial.

First, I should have made it clear that in criticizing the agencies (FBI, etc.) I was speaking of top level, not the honest, hard-working agents below them. I admire and appreciate their work, as you do.

It's hard for me to believe you fail to understand the extent and seriousness of the treasonous conspiracy now being revealed following nearly 3-years of federal investigation, unlawfully launched against President Trump. I recommend a short, concise, factual book for your enlightenment, (a #1 NY Times Best Seller): "The Russian Hoax", by author Gregg Jarrett. I would normally not recommend the NY Times to anyone. I make an exception here due to the exceptional accuracy of this book and the undisputed integrity of its author.

After four separate government investigations over a period of 3-years, it is becoming clear that these deceitful entities actually conspired to "weaponize" our most powerful intelligence and law enforcement agencies to deprive Trump of his election victory. Most of our news media were actively complicit in facilitating this treasonous Guy Fawkes-type scheme to blow-up the 2016 election. With the fresh DOJ investigation of the origins of the fraudulent "Russian collusion" accusations against Trump, "Truth will out" very soon, with calamitous results for these guilty parties. Most recently: Giuliani: "Massive Collusion" Between DNC, Obama Admin., Clinton ...".

It's my guess that within a year we will have winnowed-out a rogues gallery of about 20 guilty parties responsible for the fraudulent Russian collusion conspiracy case, and many fresh new faces in the ongoing "origins" of the collusion investigation.

Keys to the entire attempted 2016 Coup d'Ă©tat begin with Obama and his White House minions, such as Hillary Clinton (Sec. of State) and Valerie Jarrett. The show has just begun.

Mr. Brown, facts from millions of documents, many finished and ongoing investigations, and personal investigations in this matter conclude no collusion or obstruction of justice by Trump. Dems will drag this on until the next election. After following this investigation from the beginning, I can say with absolute confidence America is looking at the greatest case of treason ever in our history. It dwarfs the significance of Benedict Arnold's betrayal.

As usual, I don't have time to go into more detail. But there is absolutely no "nonsense!" about these facts. The facts are numerous, and obvious, about who did the unlawful collusion here. When will liberals face reality? Read the book Mr. Brown. It's all there!

Thank you for your opinion. I wish it were more fact-based.

Martin Farrell


To the Editor:
I cannot find a way to put your name in my letter greeting..
Your latest May 10 realities is way out of line and unlike your thinking as we have come to know you.
The forefathers established our political parties and wrote the Constitution to provide for difference of thinking and values.
Liberals, Conservatives, neither by that plan hold a dominant position over the other.. Neither is more right than the other. A better way for Americans is if we unite and recognize we by plan will have differences.
It concerns me to hear you say that the "FBI,CIA,NSA,IRS, and their top employees with the Democratic party have proven themselves criminal"
Absolute nonsense! that complete group of organizations are the elite Men and Women who protect this country . Highly educated and dedicated to America. To have the view that they are all criminals, is about the same as the Patient who visits a psychiatrist and tells him "it is not me who is crazy it is the rest of the world"
With regard to Hillary Clinton although there is this issue of Russian interference in our election that may have cost her the Presidency, that is all. It is quite clear that the investigation was caused by the Russian interference and so many of the Presidents Campaign officials having had contact with the Russians. We need to know, and no it is not concluded. Read the (Republican) Robert Mueller report Volume 2.
Ten listed potential obstruction of Justice by our President. those are not resolved.
They have along with the whole report, been temporarily put under Executive Privilege .
A.G. Barr: the only portion of the whole report that Barr is restricted from giving Congress the un-redacted report, are those areas where there is Grand Jury testimony or would unduly share names of those who are innocent. of any of this..
Barr did lie, did you watch his testimony? where he answered that he had no idea what Muller's view of his four page letter, was . As we now know he did know from a March letter he had received ( and he did not tell us about it) well before the date of his appearance with Congress. He is no saint. He is well educated but tarnished himself
The Brett Kavanaugh hearings were terrible and unforgiveable, Barr deserves no apology,.
I am astounded that so many well educated people have apparently come to the view that the Executive branch is all powerful, no one should question it.
Our forefathers set the Governing Powers at three elements. Executive, Congress, and the Supreme Court. None of them dictates or runs over the others. The Supreme Court is the final arbitrator of decisions as provided by law. They all have specific functions and responsibilities
I have written Chief Justice John Roberts via email. the question is, 'with today's American tenor", where it seems anything is up for change and questioning , "Why is the Supreme Court Waiting to be invited to join the issues shredding American civility and, values". The established process of running up through a series of levels of Court, is a waste of time and money when it is absolutely the Supreme Court who will have to make the calls. Particularly as they are set by the Constitution. False pretenses of understanding better than anyone else is boloney. Establishing policies , for example,, The Justice Department has a policy to not indict a President, contrary to the Constitution "Liberty and Justice for all" What happened to "Liberty and Justice for ALL. "? It does not say when it is convenient!
Do we need to rewrite the lyrics to our Pledge of Allegiance? and remove Justice for all ?
Does the Presidential oath of office need to strike out "I will preserve and defend the Constitution so help me God??" may be it should say, but just has it applies to me the Executive Branch ?
I do not think so. We did/do not want an autocratic system, or a king.
Congress has by Article 1 the power to subpoena whoever they see is needed for hearing information..
I am concerned that the Executive Branch is over stepping it's authority as provided by the Constitution, for Congress. investigations and subpoena power therefore are implied by Article 1, Section1 of the Constitution specifically for Congress. . It does not apply or provide for the Executive Branch to interfere. Oh Well here we go.
This has to come to a conclusion
It is time for the silent third of the United States governing authorities, The Supreme Court , to get involved and not wait to be invited, before there is another civil war.
We need by distinction of the Constitution for Congressional oversight, subpoenas to be honored, we need to let this fall where it may, by thorough review and over sight, we need this for America.
Raymond S. Brown Sr.,


I'm running very late again. So, I'll just comment on a few DRUDGE headlines.

For most of my life I've viewed the Democrat Party as just the normal, liberal side of American politics. But the scene changed forever for me as the highest, most powerful agencies of our government (FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS) and their top employees, with the Democrat Party, have proven themselves utterly criminal, to the point of treason. I will never trust these agencies again until all of the villains have been tried, convicted and jailed - especially Hillary Clinton, who is responsible for the entire fraudulent (three-year, $35-million) Russia-collusion investigation.

I'm watching the latest devious Democrat tactic, holding Attorney General Robert Barr in contempt for withholding files he is not permitted to hand over. Once again we see the extent of Democrat duplicity, as we saw with the supremely outrageous confirmation process inflicted upon now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I can never forget that quasi-criminal attack upon one of the finest, most distinguished men ever to be nominated to the Supreme Court.

I believe Robert Barr will also distinguish himself once again in defeating the Dem's trap.


"Students at Hofstra University are demanding the school remove a Thomas Jefferson statue" DRUDGE.

Destroying our nation's history seems to be the attitude among members of the "marketplace of ideas" these days. I've lost my respect for most colleges to the extent they omit academic openness to different ideas in their curriculum. "Students at Hofstra University are demanding the school remove a Thomas Jefferson statue." The destruction of historic images is all the rage now. The desire to do this signals a disturbing trend in student ability to welcome views other than their own. How boring!


Those who have watched the invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border don't have to be told that we have a true crisis on our hands. Once again, Democrats refuse to cooperate with Republicans to pass critically necessary laws to control our borders and defend our sovereignty.

How stupid must we be to ignore this massive crisis?!


A response to Mary Scoles, below.

Hello again, Mary.

I really enjoy our discourse.

You are absolutely right in taking offense at that particular statement "...shot in their day.", and I must apologize. It was inartfully used to explain the huge difference in American public sensitivity to accusations of moral impropriety, even dueling over a point of honor - when a sense of honor was more deeply understood than now.

President Andrew Jackson exemplified this sensitivity to personal honor. He is said to have challenged from 5 to 100 persons to duel. Of three of his duels, one resulted in the death of the man he challenged for insulting his wife. Jackson was also wounded by the other man's first shot, which struck him one inch from his heart. He carried that bullet the rest of his life.

Not looking to write a biography here, just wondering what Jackson would have done if anyone had dared to call him a homosexual. In those days life, death, and honor were taken seriously.

Actually, reading my column after we went to press, I recognized two poorly-worded sentences. The other referred to burning and being tarred and feathered, both early "American" activities. "In their day" Americans took Judeo-Christian morality very seriously, especially when it came to allegations of personal immorality. I doubt anyone would have shot a woman in those days (though they did hang Mary Surratt for her part in Lincoln's assassination).

We do have different views of Christianity, Mary. I tried to mention what I thought was the most basic ideas - like life after death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell. Many no longer believe in Hell- can't please everyone; this may prove to be an eternal surprise for many. Some no longer believe in the Old Testament, but I do. Some no longer believe in the New Testament, but I do.

And some no longer believe in Jesus - these are the folks who have "un-believed" themselves to some place outside Christianity. But others don't even believe this.

I guess that leaves you with something like 5 billion folks who agree with you, That's a lot more company than I have.

I don't seek to vilify individuals for views contrary to my own - the villainy I challenge is the false ideas they promote (which are offensive to my Judeo-Christian views). But I enjoy the debate when debate is permitted.

I defend President Trump because he is a man of his word, the rarest form of political species, who is restoring America to its Judeo-Christian greatness.

There is no "one-size-fits-all mandate for acceptable moral practice" as you say. But America is unique among the world's nations for its particularly strong Judeo-Christian Constitutional foundation - and traditions. Very strong efforts are made by liberals today to change our heritage and create some sort of homogenized hodgepodge of secular, Orwellian newspeak. I disagree with that. Those ideas endanger the continued existence of our Republic.

Lastly (whew) I have no interest in changing what is "historical fact or what opinion is acceptable in the eyes of God." Facts are stubborn, and God has told us (for a long time) what is "acceptable" opinion in His eyes.

We have always enjoyed free will to choose how to live our lives. Isn't choice great!?


To the Editor:
We have different views of Christianity, humanity, politics, “natural order,” and heaven knows what else. I have questioned why you vilify fellow human beings for not sharing your view of the world, defend people in power who give little to no evidence of respect for anyone who does not believe in exactly what they are selling, and believe in a "one-size-fits-all" mandate for acceptable moral practice. It is beyond my pay grade, and yours, to decide what is acceptable historical fact or what opinion is acceptable in the eyes of God. What is certain is that, in this day and age, reference to anyone "being shot" for a point of view is irresponsible and dangerous. Pull it together, man.
Kelly Scoles, Fillmore


A response to Kelly Scoles letter below:

Hello Kelly,

Thanks for the letter.

I fully acknowledge the many scholastic and military honors Buttigieg has earned during his short life. These achievements are honorable and extraordinary. But I don't believe he is "married" to a man or that he is that man’s “wife”. As he is so bright, he knows the reality of his Y chromosome, which makes him immutably male. This is as much a debate over morals as it is science, calling for a moral response.

As a Christian I believe there are two parts to human life - one material and mortal, the other spiritual and immortal. Every Christian has a duty to defend his/her faith against what has been clearly defined as evil. This Easter Sunday Christians worldwide celebrated the ultimate victory over evil in the death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Those not believing in Jesus read no further. This demonstrates the reality of our immortality. The ultimate facts for Christians are stark, life, death, judgment, Heaven or Hell. America was founded on this common understanding. Let's not quibble about denominations here.

Scripture, both Old Testament and the Christian New Testament, clearly defines what is good (Beatitudes) and evil (violation of Commandments). Mr. Buttigieg's and his partner's behavior, by this standard, is evil. That being the case, all the honors of this world are as nothing in contemplating eternity. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Mark 8:36). And, cliché as it sounds to a pagan world, this is the pure truth, the reality within which I live, and hope to die.

I'm neither priest nor preacher, and I realize you do not believe, as I do, in the tenants of the Christian faith. Billions of people agree with you and disagree with me. In America especially that is your right - as it is my right to disagree with you, and warn our youth of the peril in Mayor Pete's fraudulent "religious reality".

I find Buttigieg's public behavior revolting and scandalous, particularly as it misinforms our youth by being shown as normal conduct, which it is not. The opinions of all the psychiatrists in the world, liberal media, educational savants, and politicians, cannot create a truthful new reality by calling what is evil, good, and what is good, evil, despite their novel definitions and magical logic. You suggest that I am unaware that a string of geniuses are alleged to have been homosexual. I don't know about the ancient Greeks, they were pagans. There is no certain evidence for this allegation in any of the others you name. To accuse Shakespeare and Lincoln, in particular, slanders their reputations (and would have gotten you shot in their day.) A little research will inform you that both were devout, normal, Christian men. The best source for Shakespeare is Joseph Pearce: Shakespeare, and most of his family, were courageous "Requisants" during the bloody reign of Henry VIII. "Shakespeare lived at a time when the practice of Catholicism was illegal. In 1534, King Henry VIII had declared that he and his successors would lead a statecontrolled church and that only this state-imposed religion would be tolerated. Priests were tortured and put to death, as were those who tried to hide them..." Yet Shakespeare practiced his faith in secret during his lifetime.

What angers me most about your energetic defense of Buttigieg's outrageous "marriage" parody is just that he actually seeks respect while mocking sacred matrimony. I find it amazing that while less than two percent of the nation's population claims the status of some form of make-believe deviant sexual anomaly, the other 98-percent of normal Americans have been cowed into believing the 2-percent is entitled to novel extra-Constitutional rights and privileges, which earlier in our history would have had them burned or tarred and feathered. This judicial corruption has happened in just the last 50-years of our 240-year history. This Constitutional tragedy can be attributed to the dark work of the Liberal Left through the Supreme Court. Again, the Liberal penumbras have provided camouflage during this demise. If sodomy is to be honored in America, why not bestiality? America from its birth was infused with the spirit of Judeo-Christian faith. Though weakened by a recent depraved secular surge, our country's strength still lies entirely in its religious roots.

Buttigieg's onstage presence with "husband" seeks to cut those roots. It's up to traditional Christians to stop him.

Your letter ends: "I think God can probably handle the soul of his child, Mayor Pete of Indiana."

That's what worries me, Kelly. We are informed that the souls of many of His children are lost. Every conceivable power was afforded him this Easter Sunday, but attempting to popularize sodomy will cause him to miss the boat. Mayor Pete is a leader - like the Pied Piper, he's leading our children away from Christianity - he's leading with the most defiant challenge in all creative history - "Non serviam!" - Lucifer's "I will not serve!" Which instantly brought the battle cry of St. Michael the Archangel: "Who is like unto God?!" Answer - no one!

Which is where it all began, and where Mayor Pete would have it all end. Let's not go there.


To the Editor:
The reason I am writing this letter is your April 17, 2019, comment on presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa undergraduate of Harvard, first-class honors in philosophy, politics and economics from Pembroke College, Oxford (Rhodes scholar), speaks 8 languages including English (Norwegian self-taught), Afghanistan veteran, 37-year old mayor of South Bend, IN for the last eight years. Religious and married. Whom God made gay. You do know that there is significant historical evidence that Aristotle, Socrates, Shakespeare, DaVinci, Michelangelo, and thousands of other remarkable human beings, including likely Abraham Lincoln, were homosexual or bi-sexual? Does this make them any less great?

It’s no one’s right to chastise you for your objection to the fact that Mayor Pete is gay, though your reaction to it seems extreme. It is just one aspect of a life lived well so far, a life of achievement, one devoted to public service and a willingness to serve further. True, Mayor Pete is not out there paying off porn stars, or separating children from their parents, or making the rich richer, or calling the Fourth Estate "enemies of the people,"or making up juvenile names for elected officials, or threatening our small farmers with bankruptcy under tariffs. No, Mayor Pete is offering for our consideration another way of looking at our country’s future. He appears to be resurrecting the Middle-America Social Justice Movement of the early 20th century. He may not be elected president, but his voice is worthwhile.

Close your eyes when he kisses his husband, Martin, if love offends you. And if you are troubled by the fact that he sees himself as the “wife” in the relationship, perhaps he just honestly thinks he’s the stronger partner. I’m not sure why it should matter to you. I think God can probably handle the soul of his child, Mayor Pete of Indiana.

Kelly Scoles,


One of the world's most majestic religious monuments, Notre Dame Cathedral, was almost completely lost to fire. Thankfully, most of the structure can be restored, and its famous rose windows were spared.

Many churches in France are dedicated to Mary the mother of Jesus, and it is particularly sad to lose the Cathedral a few days before Easter Sunday, when hundreds of thousands of Catholics and others planned to attend Mass there, as during the previous 850 years.

It's difficult to understand how work on the building's steeple, involving some sort of burning device, would be undertaken without essential fire-fighting equipment on site. Many questions remain as to the cause of the fire. Bottom line, French workmen didn't value the structure sufficiently to provide for such emergencies. I'm sure they cared, but not enough. Had a large bag of jewels been kept in a box at the middle of the Cathedral, I'm sure it would have been better guarded. But with this unique French jewel the country became careless.

A wrought-copper rooster topped the Cathedral's spire as an historic symbol of France. "The origins of the Gallic Rooster or cockerel became an emblem of France in the Middle-Ages due to the homonymy of the Latin words gallus (cock, rooster) and Gallus (the inhabitants of Gaul)". It was battered during the spire's fiery collapse, but is salvageable.
"However it is the role that the rooster played in the Passion of Jesus-Christ that was retained by medieval France. This symbol of vigilance was indeed mentioned in Matthew 26:34,73-74:"
Copyright © French Moments Ltd.


As Christians around the world gather to celebrate the death and resurrection of their Lord, Jesus Christ, the Gazette extends its wishes for a happy and holy Easter season, and blessings to all.


Tomorrow, Thursday April 17, 2019, the properly redacted report by special counsel Robert S. Mueller will be released. Claims of so-called Russian collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government, by Democrats, etc., are completely discredited. Much to the chagrin of the true conspirators - FBI, CIA, DNC, etc., the report concludes that President Donald Trump is not a traitor to his country.

But discovery of the real traitors in high office is just being revealed.

The photo of Madonna at 60, inaugurating her "comeback of the century" by a lip -to-lip sharing a squared slice of something, makes me sick. She should consult that TV ad for crepey skin.

Beyond that, what really makes me want to vomit is the campaign video of presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg kissing his male "husband" on the lips and beckoning young Americans to be more tolerant of sodomy. Pete proclaims himself to be the "wife" in this twosome.

Pete - you might get a hold of some of those gay Vatican bishops for some hefty financial support.

But don't give up hope - Easter was meant for you as well.


Once again I have to remind the past president of the Fillmore Library Association that the pronunciation of the word "library" is not lie-bary. A library is a place we find books. A lie-bary is a prevaricating fruit.

Members of the Democrat Party are prime examples of prevaricators, but I just call them liars, which has nothing to do with libraries.

Lies come in various sizes, from white lies, to mega whoppers. We can find mega whoppers bouncing around on the U.S. Senate floor; even more plentiful in the House of Representatives because it has many more mythomaniacs, or as social scientists sometimes define the problem, pseudologia fantastica. Virtually all Democrat office holders suffer from pseudologia fantastica. Just look at this pair.

Well, enough said. When you go to vote shun these folks, because, as the Russia-Collusion case begins to shed the light of truth, we should remember all of the mega whoppers the Dems have fed us for the past two years in order to take President Trump out. The truth here is we are now witnessing a rare and massive, prima facie case of treason by coup d'Ă©tat. Let's see if our judicial system still works as designed, to punish these Deep State Democrats.


Bullying of students by other students has been a problem as long as schools have existed. And it's a problem in Fillmore schools today. I'm sure the Greeks and Romans had the same problem, but probably had less sympathy for the victims.

I'm convinced that since our Supreme Court is determined to ban the teaching of Judeo-Christian virtues (even as non-denominational values) our children have become more paganized. That is, they don't value other persons' rights. We've become essentially a "me first" society.

With the millions of suggestions proffered to fix this issue it seems almost humorous for me to add anything more. I'll just say that schools at every level were far better ordered, and rules respected, when those of my generation were educated. Of course, never perfect, but vastly better.

Today many students, particularly in middle school ages, show very little respect for authority (teachers) and boldly obstruct classroom order. These students should be quickly identified, truly disciplined, and if this doesn't work, expelled for the health and safety of normally behaving students.

Victimized students fear the bully, but the bully has no fear of authority. One has to go.


KB Homes is moving dirt at last to build-out housing sited immediately south of Central Avenue and River Street. I will prophesy here, that in two years River Street and its immediate surroundings will have unmanageable traffic. It's bad now, but just wait. Far too many housing units with insufficient parking. We will rue the day we permitted so many 3-story units. These kinds of mistakes can plague us for 100 years.

Furthermore, (while I have my Johnny Carson's Carnac the Magnificant's hat on) I worry about how far development has extended into the Santa Clara River. During my 30 years in Fillmore I have witnessed shore to shore flooding, with whitecaps, down that river. I have always respected the expert advice of the late Clarence Freeman, highly distinguished hydrologist, who warned against much of the work then being planned near the River.


As the Deep State conspiracy now quickly unfolds, identifying criminal conduct of the Obama White House, through the Department of Justice, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. to subvert the 2016 election, grim-faced losers like Jerrold Nadler (House Chairman of Judiciary Committee) demand immediate release of the complete Mueller report. These criminally complicit Democrats, responsible for the 2-year Mueller investigation, which has exposed their own fraudulent Russian collusion, are about to be nabbed. Terror of exposure drives their anti-Trump activity now. Let's see how this greatest of treasonous conspiracies to achieve the upset of the 2016 election is handled.