This is the last edition of the Gazette before Election Day. I think it was Mark Twain who said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Polling statistics come quickly to mind today, mostly those telling us that Joe Biden has a 90 percent chance of winning. But I would tell Joe not to order the fireworks just yet.

The embarrassing polls of 2016 also come to mind when I hear these things. and I fear the outcome of another such debacle. The entire Democratic Party apparatus suffered such an apoplectic shock that year from which it has never recovered - even after 4-years! My fears lie in thinking Democratic Party mass hysteria could happen all over again.

It seems like every manifestation of American civilization (except FOX News) has combined to crush President Trump's chances of winning. Nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before. Both national and international forces have combined to destroy the last, best hope of Democracy in America - Donald J. Trump's leadership.

I do not exaggerate; it is easily demonstrated.

At home we see the Democratic Party, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, etc. all attacking Trump with extraordinary bias. Ninety two percent of this "news" has been officially analyzed as negative Trump coverage. Even Matt Drudge, with his popular DRUDGE REPORT, a strong supporter of Trump in the 2016 election, has turned against him.

Communist China is playing a strong part in efforts to defeat Trump with its multi-faceted ownership in the above companies. In fact, all of the communications, except DRUDGE, are compromised by communist Chinese ownership - they are not American companies as historically understood.

Even Catholic Church members (especially the Vatican) are Biden-Harris supporters. This, despite the fact that the Biden-Harris cabal pushes abortion to the limit, while Church teaching condemns abortion as dogma.

To anyone paying attention to the Catholic Church's hierarchy this is not surprising. On the other hand, the vast majority of faithful Catholics are ignorant of this fatal corruption. The Church is now totally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party's $3 billion annual bribe to the present Pope, which has betrayed the Church in China - a complete sellout.

With these poisonous globalist-Marxist groups activated against a Trump reelection, it's no wonder the Never-Trump pollsters are hyperventilating with anticipation. It's like watching the attack of the Dark Lords' Orcs in Lord of the Rings. From fiction to alarming facts, the forces lined up against Trump are pure evil, anti-Christian, anti-democracy, and completely un-American. They are determined to change our country. From the financially corrupt predators, homosexual bishops with their heretical Pope Francis on the take, to corrupt media and BLM anarchists, the stage is designed for election chaos. Whether Biden wins or loses, the dark forces of Marxist globalism have been invited to cause confusion, hatred, and violence. It's what they do and have always done.

So, I am greatly encouraged to see those exuberant crowds standing in line for hours to squeeze into the Trump rallies. This is an election which will either successfully defend traditional American Judeo-Christian mores and values or surrender to the dark side of communism and spiritual subversion, of abortion, same-sex "marriage", and military weakness.

An obvious example of these enemies of freedom and democracy is the blatant cover-up by our news media of outrageous corruption in the Joe Biden family's dealings with China, and a dozen other foreign nations. Here we see one corrupt Never-Trump organization assisting another. With only a week to Election Day, and such early voting, it's too late for Americans to learn of this gigantic, long-running, billion-dollar Biden family conspiracy - which is confirmed!

I've run on too long. My prediction - President Trump will be reelected, impressively - due to a massive prayer tsunami. Unless, of course, Almighty God will call a time-out for un-Christian-like conduct.

You Catholics out there, remember - a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for more abortion.