The life of our Republic hangs by a thread today, due to an all-embracing election fraud perpetrated by the Democratic Party and its co-conspirators. The American electorate has never before experienced fraud of this magnitude. Besides the DEMs, Trump is facing the media, Big Tech, Wall Street, the education industry, corrupt judges-lawyers, crooked governors, mayors, Members of Congress - and criminal computer companies peddling their fraudware.

The conspirators themselves can best be understood as a group of energized, Trump-hating sociopaths, determined to destroy the President at any cost. Despite this juggernaut of evildoers pursuing him, Trump will finish as conquering hero. There is now an insanely intense race by all Never-Trump conspirators to halt fraud investigations cold, by intimidation, physical attacks, even death threats.

By keeping his promise to drain the DC swamp, the President has disturbed the deep lair of swamp monster, Joe Grendel Biden. It's now the task of Beowulf Trump to cut his head off. Excuse the awkward metaphor, but we are dealing with monsters here and courage is compulsory.

Here are the facts:
President Donald Trump has won the 2020 election by a documented landslide! Documented as well are the facts proving the time, methods and instruments used in the criminal attempt to steal this election. I say "attempt" because I have confidence in the courage and determination of lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, the large number of expert mathematicians, cyber engineers, acknowledged software and hardware specialists, who have studied the evidence and presented it for court hearings - with the hundreds of eye witnesses having provided sworn affidavits to the courts, of massive election fraud. Read what Russell Ramsland, co-founder of Allied Security Operations Group, has to say about it, as well as many other top experts.

Read the history of Dominion, as I have, and the legal-political confusion will make your head spin. This product was specifically designed by gangsters to cheat, to guarantee a winner - for a high price (paid by Democrats).

Absolute proof of criminal design in the Dominion election computers is provided by indisputable expert testimony, like Ramsland, whose complete demonstration of Dominion's fraud capabilities is shown online. His video is "a primer, not about the 2020 election, but about the way in which Dominion systems (and other voting machines) are structured to allow bad actors to manipulate votes to achieve fraudulent outcomes". See also: "Big Data to the Rescue: The Electoral College Meets Data Pattern Science," by Jay Valentine. "Here’s the summary: For the election returns in many precincts to happen the way they did, Biden would have to flip a coin 1,000 times and get heads every time. We aren’t done here. He would also have to do it over and over again, in scores, perhaps hundreds of precincts. Welcome to big data analysis." "...Using big data, measuring against historical trends, enables many of the math geeks who inhabit the internet to find these frauds."

See also: Navid Keshavarz-Nia, and Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inventor of Email, @va_shiva: This count "can only be done by computer algorithm. Is so precise over so many precincts. A computer algorithm was in place to lower Trump's votes as a function of % of Republicans in a precinct. (In this case linearly)."

In Sidney Powell's 104-page complaint detailing everything she asserts took place in Georgia, she also gives a history of the Dominion computers. She quotes a Venezuelan whistleblower's direct testimony about the two systems (Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines) including, "Chávez's requirements that the software would hide vote manipulation from audits. The computers were designed to enable virtually endless vote manipulation throughout the voting process, whether printing ballots, feeding them into the counting machine, or actually counting them. The computers were also connected to the internet, so, when it came to data manipulation, no one had to be physically present with the computers. The systems have been associated with election fraud in various countries."

The 2020 election was rigged, by old-fashioned ballot stuffing, printing, and deletion, but mainly by the systemic use of fraudulent Dominion and Smartmatic voting machines and software, purposefully designed to guarantee one of the candidates will win the election; here, Joe Biden.

Evidence of systemic fraud is more than sufficient proof to invalidate the election. It is simply overwhelming, too voluminous to begin listing here.

The fate of the United States of America lies in the hands of (hopefully) honest state legislatures, District and Circuit Courts, our new Supreme Court - and oceans of prayer. That's it. If the Democratic Party is allowed to steal this election in full view of this massive fraudulent conspiracy, our Republic is lost. The Republican electorate must demand a new, honest election.