I think this will be one of the most difficult columns I've ever written. Not in terms of any great dilemma, because the required action is absolutely certain. And, not because the issue is difficult to understand; it's clear and present. The difficulty is in convincing citizens of good will to act immediately in the very short time left to save our nation - for we are close to losing it.

Though I watched closely as election day approached, and even more closely as it has passed, I only began to understand the urgency of the problem during the past week as startling details of truly massive election fraud have emerged from the confusion. President Donald J. Trump has won reelection by a landslide, though a corrupt media proclaims he has lost the election by that infamous "razor-thin margin".

Here is the truth: "The object here is to dispel this myth that Joe Biden won the presidential election." The urgent message here is for states that used the Dominion Voting Systems in their ballot counting to not certify the final count, because all voting has been infected by systemic, fraudulent software. And no, this is not some hysterical conservative alarm. The information is based entirely on mathematical analysis by eminent mathematicians, such as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. (@va_shiva) Inventor of Email, (at age 14) and the most highly respected lawyers such as Sidney Powell.

A clear explanation of how the Dominion software is (intentionally) fraudulent can be found on numerous websites today. It was slow in coming in, but as Sidney Powell now says, it's coming in as if "from a fire hose."

Proof of systemic fraud which dramatically changed the election outcome is mathematically solid. Dr. Shiva compares the certainty of the fraud to Joe Biden "flipping a nickel one thousand times and having all flips turning up heads." His conclusions have been validated, and he challenges anyone to "Prove us wrong!"

I'm flooded with election fraud and Dominion machine history. I only have time to provide some links here, but they are all instructive if not electrifying.

Joe Oltmann was interviewed on Machel Malkin's program recently, machelMalkinLive. Oltmann is a highly respected blogger-political activist who has deeply researched the Dominion company, and one Director, Eric Coomer. Coomer is described as both a PhD nuclear physicist, VP for Security and Strategy, major shareholder - and alleged sociopath. His social media shows not only his hatred for Donald Trump, but for America in general; filled with hateful statements, vitriol, hate for police, etc. Apparently, Oltmann has copied much of Coomer's Facebook information, with very scary selfies of Coomer holding weapons, etc. This man is also a salesman for Dominion. See Malkin Live for more info. See also American Thinker for additional info.

For some reason FOX news has been quiet about the details of this astounding, election-invalidating fraud accusation. The rest, the corrupt CNN, etc, are virtually silent on the issue.

In short, our 2020 presidential election has been mathematically proven to have been systemically fraudulent, which should invalidate the outcome entirely.

The incidents of fraud are numerous, from deleting ballot images (violation of USC code 20701-20702), to vote transfers. These fraudulent vote transfers from Trump to Biden were facilitated by a (notorious) computer algorithm, "a Weighted Race Algorithm method, transferring a percent of votes from one candidate to another, a weighted decimal value."

Diebold (voting machines) had original feature which was sold to other companies. Dr. Shiva asks if a coup is underway.

What should cause American citizens to "take arms" (politically) is the fact that the Dominion machines are purposely designed to cheat, to switch votes - that's the only reason a city, state, or country would want to purchase one with this software feature. These machines have been used in Cuba to guarantee victory for Castro's successor; and in Venezuela, to guarantee a dictator's victory. What’s more, our CIA and FBI have known about this for years. The deepest of the Deep State is here exposed.

In conclusion, research these allegations (and proofs) for yourself. This election must be invalidated. President Trump has been reelected in a (covered-up) landslide!