It's possible, now even probable, that this election may prove to be the most stunning embarrassment in American history, for the Democratic Party.

I know the odds are wildly against this happening, just as they were in 2016, when Hillary had ordered the fireworks and the media was drunk with joyful anticipation. But, hey, at my age I can deal with whatever rebuke I may bring upon myself if wrong. After all, I'm among those "deplorable" conservatives.

As I see it, Joe Biden has welcomed accolades from around the world as winner of the race for President of the United States. He has given speeches outlining his new policies and named a few cabinet members. He also failed to thank President Trump for his efforts during the past four years in office. Not very gracious for a self-styled President Elect.

Meanwhile, back in the Oval Office, duly elected President, Donald Trump is busy flushing out unprecedented masses of election fraud, of a criminal and unconstitutional nature. It appears that, despite Democrat denials, the 2020 election is rife with fraud. Trump ballots have been stolen and dumped out. Biden ballots have been manufactured and dumped in. Republican oversight demanded by law has been obviously denied, with counting room windows and doors covered and locked. Sworn affidavits of the above fraudulent activity are coming in by the hundreds.

But the single greatest example of wholesale ballot fraud has been discovered in the manipulated voting machine itself. This appears to be a longstanding, cryptic plan to guarantee a Biden win. I'm surprised and a little troubled that this information has been so slowly released by the media because the problem is so systemic, involving massive numbers of Biden ballots appearing and Trump votes disappearing. This is how hundreds of thousands of Trump votes vanished almost magically overnight.

But Joe Biden moves boldly along. "President-elect" Joe Biden dismissed President Donald Trump's refusal to concede, noting Biden's team has already begun the transition process. This is the nub of what I foresee as one of the most embarrassing events in human history for the proclaimed new "president elect." Just suppose that, after framing his new foreign policies, naming his cabinet, now dressed in his inauguration tux, his Obama-awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom (highest civilian honor in the U.S., festooned upon his chest) - then notice arrives from the Justice Department informing him that he is still only Mr. Sleepy Joe. All fraudulent votes have been struck from the final tally leaving Donald J. Trump in office. At this point "President Elect" Biden is seen on the podium butt naked - the proverbial president has no clothes. But he can keep his medal.

The result here may be more than a dream. The uncovering of the plot to dethrone Trump has just begun. The question is, how fast can the evidence be produced, presented, and judged? Here are some facts:

The voting machines in question are manufactured by a company called Dominion Voting Systems. "Along with controlling roughly one-third of the voting machine market, Dominion has contracts in all of the key swing states where Trump’s campaign team is mounting legal challenges, plus Nevada and Arizona."

"Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell recently raised alarms over Dominion’s ties to the Democratic Party. Powell pointed out that Nadeam Elshami, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) former chief of staff, became a lobbyist for Dominion last year. Richard Blum, Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) husband, is also a significant shareholder in the company. During an interview, Powell said no fewer than 450,000 ballots have been identified in key states with only a mark for Biden and no other down-ballot candidate."

As usual, Republicans are slow to attack this problem. The evidence has to be pried from Democratic Party affiliations and presented to the Justice Department. Time is of the essence. For 172 million conservatives who voted for Trump, there is still hope. Democratic fraud should clearly determine Trump's reelection.



A quick response to a letter from Kelly Scoles:

Thanks for the note, Kelly. I can agree with most of your concerns but disagree with many suggested solutions. I truly hope there is no voter fraud but experience tells me to beware the count in Pennsylvania.


I'm tired! Stayed up too long last night after I saw FOX call Arizona for Biden, with nearly a million votes as yet uncounted. Then several important states were not called despite the fact they were strongly for Trump. An official working for the company that does the voter computing for FOX came out and provided a complicated (if unsatisfactory) explanation. Things not much better this AM.

Even though Biden has finally come out of his cellar with a big smile, without his usual double mask, his boast of effortlessly winning the election, I hope proves to be delusional. Absent serious cheating President Trump has been reelected. If not, count on quickly experiencing the great American demise.

For starters, all of the traitorous scoundrels who attempted a presidential coup during the past four years will go unpunished. The traitors at the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, will escape justice. Mega liars like little Adam Schiff will also escape the lash he so justly deserves. In short, America's justice system will wear an indelible mark of infamy, never to be trusted again.

The numerous good things that Trump has accomplished during the past four years will be undone, such as the extraordinary treaties of peace in the Middle East between Israel and an increasing number of Arab countries. Also historically deep tax cuts will disappear. Just too many accomplishments to list here.

Above all, America, without a Trump second term, will be severely diminished, morally, and distrusted internationally. Abortion mills will grind away without reserve. China will also dominate us because Joe Biden is so completely compromised by his criminal family financial dealings in that communist country. U.S. business will once again flock to China, creating new American rust belts and destabilizing our economy.

And, the Biden Family Crime syndicate would never see a Grand Jury.

But, I pray we can avoid this threatened disaster. I believe President Trump will be reelected. He is a true patriot with an historically brilliant list of solid accomplishments.



This is the last edition of the Gazette before Election Day. I think it was Mark Twain who said, "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Polling statistics come quickly to mind today, mostly those telling us that Joe Biden has a 90 percent chance of winning. But I would tell Joe not to order the fireworks just yet.

The embarrassing polls of 2016 also come to mind when I hear these things. and I fear the outcome of another such debacle. The entire Democratic Party apparatus suffered such an apoplectic shock that year from which it has never recovered - even after 4-years! My fears lie in thinking Democratic Party mass hysteria could happen all over again.

It seems like every manifestation of American civilization (except FOX News) has combined to crush President Trump's chances of winning. Nothing of this magnitude has ever happened before. Both national and international forces have combined to destroy the last, best hope of Democracy in America - Donald J. Trump's leadership.

I do not exaggerate; it is easily demonstrated.

At home we see the Democratic Party, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, NPR, etc. all attacking Trump with extraordinary bias. Ninety two percent of this "news" has been officially analyzed as negative Trump coverage. Even Matt Drudge, with his popular DRUDGE REPORT, a strong supporter of Trump in the 2016 election, has turned against him.

Communist China is playing a strong part in efforts to defeat Trump with its multi-faceted ownership in the above companies. In fact, all of the communications, except DRUDGE, are compromised by communist Chinese ownership - they are not American companies as historically understood.

Even Catholic Church members (especially the Vatican) are Biden-Harris supporters. This, despite the fact that the Biden-Harris cabal pushes abortion to the limit, while Church teaching condemns abortion as dogma.

To anyone paying attention to the Catholic Church's hierarchy this is not surprising. On the other hand, the vast majority of faithful Catholics are ignorant of this fatal corruption. The Church is now totally compromised by the Chinese Communist Party's $3 billion annual bribe to the present Pope, which has betrayed the Church in China - a complete sellout.

With these poisonous globalist-Marxist groups activated against a Trump reelection, it's no wonder the Never-Trump pollsters are hyperventilating with anticipation. It's like watching the attack of the Dark Lords' Orcs in Lord of the Rings. From fiction to alarming facts, the forces lined up against Trump are pure evil, anti-Christian, anti-democracy, and completely un-American. They are determined to change our country. From the financially corrupt predators, homosexual bishops with their heretical Pope Francis on the take, to corrupt media and BLM anarchists, the stage is designed for election chaos. Whether Biden wins or loses, the dark forces of Marxist globalism have been invited to cause confusion, hatred, and violence. It's what they do and have always done.

So, I am greatly encouraged to see those exuberant crowds standing in line for hours to squeeze into the Trump rallies. This is an election which will either successfully defend traditional American Judeo-Christian mores and values or surrender to the dark side of communism and spiritual subversion, of abortion, same-sex "marriage", and military weakness.

An obvious example of these enemies of freedom and democracy is the blatant cover-up by our news media of outrageous corruption in the Joe Biden family's dealings with China, and a dozen other foreign nations. Here we see one corrupt Never-Trump organization assisting another. With only a week to Election Day, and such early voting, it's too late for Americans to learn of this gigantic, long-running, billion-dollar Biden family conspiracy - which is confirmed!

I've run on too long. My prediction - President Trump will be reelected, impressively - due to a massive prayer tsunami. Unless, of course, Almighty God will call a time-out for un-Christian-like conduct.

You Catholics out there, remember - a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for more abortion.


A response to a letter from Kelly Scoles:

Hi again, Kelly:

I have to say your letter characterizing Judge Amy Coney Barrett as "...a justice who knows '"nuthin' 'bout nuthin." is a little unfair. After all, she graduated summa cum laude from Notre Dame, and her dean thinks well of her: "Marcus Cole, the law school’s dean, described Barrett as an “absolutely brilliant legal scholar and jurist. She is also one of the most popular teachers we have ever had here at Notre Dame Law School.”

And on a personal note, Cole said Barrett “is one of the most thoughtful, open-minded, considerate and kind people I have ever met. She lives a life of humility and grace, devoted to her family and community. Judge Barrett has served our nation with true distinction from the bench and would continue to do so if she were confirmed to serve on our nation’s highest court.”

Frankly, after observing the antics of Supreme Court Justices for the last 50 years, Amy Coney Barrett is nothing short of a judicial benediction. (Just a little jolt).

About those questions that she "couldn't answer". She, and every other nominee to the court must follow the "case or controversy rule": The Supreme Court first considered Article III's "case or controversy" limitation on the judicial power when President George Washington forwarded to the Court a request for guidance as to how best to maintain neutrality during an outbreak of hostilities between England and France,... Chief Justice Jay responded by informing the President that the Court was without power to help (the President had said he would be "much relieved" if the Court answered his questions). Jay said that the Constitution authorized the Court to interpret the law only in the context of a real case or controversy--it had no power to render an advisory opinion about the law."

No, I didn't remember this case, had to look it up. (Burned through a lot of words here.)

You mock Judge Barrett's "towering IQ"? But one doesn't come away with a summa by being dumb. One of her deans also commented that Barrett was "...the most brilliant student he had ever taught."

As for "originalism", a great book has just come out: "The Essential Scalia" on the Constitution, the Courts, and the Rule of Law." I was stunned to see the foreword was written by Justice Elena Kagan! Oh well, Justice Scalia was also a close personal friend of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I guess opposites can attract each other personally, and repel, professionally.

The word just stands for "original meaning", it's "not an attempt to get inside James Madison's head. Scalia is simply saying that, in a democracy, the standard of interpretation should be what the people who voted for the Constitution and its amendments understood the texts to mean when they voted." The Constitution should not "live" virus-like, to be shaped like nutty putty by liberal Justices to mean whatever they wish it to mean. That makes sense to me, like Scalia himself. And Barrett was Scalia's clerk. But it is really not a "brain-dead view" of interpreting our Constitution. It reins in constitutional cowboys who dream of halting climate change by their judicial fiat.

This issue has prompted a memory from years ago when I was invited to hear Justice Scalia speak at Thomas Aquinas Collage by a dear friend, the late Joseph Kern - may he rest in peace. It was a memorable honor.

As to "Kavanaughing" Barrett, Senator Mazie Hirono came close enough with her swinish sexual interrogation. What a pig she is. How can Hawaii be proud of that? And there was that sensational, washed-out liar, Christine Blasey Ford, who claimed (falsely under oath) a fear of flying, to avoid testifying in D.C. - though she regularly flies all over the world for fun. Like Mazie the Senator, her testimony was scurrilously mendacious, accompanied by that same offensive carnal scent.

You say "...she did not snivel and accuse the Senate Judiciary Committee of malice in their questions." Again, you allude to Justice Kavanaugh's defense of himself as "sniveling", against what is now established defamation per se? It was pure malice indeed that guided the Democratic senators during the Kavanaugh hearings - unprecedented, acidic malice.

God willing, and I think He is, Judge Amy Coney Barrett will soon be Justice Amy Coney Barrett of our Supreme Court. Welcome Justice Barrett, latest survivor of the Democratic Party acid bath confirmations. God bless you and your wonderful family.


Election Day is upon us, and I have neglected to keep up with City Council decisions as I used to before the China virus scattered Gazette production into three departments. I will do my best to summarize the state of the city next week.


A response to Mary Scoles letter:

Hi Mary, I regret that the Gazette's wheelhouse has notified me that I must keep this response to under 500 words. This challenges me like a three-legged tap dancer on ice.

Today you question President Trump's leadership ability. After watching him for four years, whether you like the results of his decisions or not, objectively, they are most impressive. As a liberal, or progressive, I would think you would find many of Trump's accomplishments praiseworthy (Good grief; I'm already past word 87).

Liberals have always wanted the U.S. to get out of foreign wars. Trump has pulled our troops out of Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq, except for a remnant for protecting against a resurgence of terrorist groups. This, often against strong military objection.

He cut through the red tape and confounding regulations which have bedeviled our economy for decades.

He has dealt strongly with China, which habitually lies, steals, and cheats America, threatens us militarily, and has assaulted us with a militarized Covid-19 virus. Joe Biden and family has, instead, been paid billions from China, et al, in dark money deals. How would Biden be expected to behave as president with China?

Trump has led the country in real terms by building a defensive wall on our southern border.

Trump has reacted with great speed in responding to the Chinese virus, providing respirators, masks, gowns, and special emergency facilities.

But I think too many people already forget the financial miracle Trump achieved in the three years before the Chinese virus attack. This was the greatest economic achievement in U.S. history! If reelected, he will do it again.

How about Trump's leadership in fixing prescription drug prices: (Bloomberg) — "President Donald Trump announced new policies Friday aimed at lowering prescription drug prices under Medicare by linking them to rates paid in other countries and allowing Americans to buy prescription medication imported from Canada." Speaking for myself, this has worked dramatically.

How about his leadership in overhauling veteran's care? Again, dramatic success. What about his revolutionary rehab of our military - and pay increases?

How about his decisive action in destroying 50 Syrian military facilities after President Bashar al-Assad murdered thousands of his own men, women, and children with poison gas? Even though Trump had been in office less than two years, our enemies then knew he was a serious leader.

I'm down to word 451. Can't possibly enumerate all of Trump's achievements, appointing outstanding judges and justices, protecting Constitutional rights - being a manly leader guiding an effete Congress.

I predict the wall will be finished before Joe Biden is able to lead Boy Scouts in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
"The lady doth protest too much, methinks" Sorry for hijacking the Bard's words, but you really are too worked-up over someone else's (President Trump's) honest difference of opinion. He relies upon his best scientists and you think your scientists are better. He respects masks when he thinks they are important and has ignored them when he believes they are unnecessary.

He takes reasonable risks, as true leaders do, but is not intimidated by public criticism. He doesn't sequester in his basement for months on end, refusing to take questions, like Joe Biden. And, Isaac Asimov (brilliant author, but no physician) also said: " People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do." Just kidding, a little, Kelly. But, from what I've seen these past four years, Trump knows a lot more than anyone else on deck about leadership. I pray for his, and his family's, swift and complete recovery.


I have to say that watching the American political and social scene these days leaves me depressed. It's not an exaggeration to believe that a national conflagration is facing us. The traditional Constitutional force of our Judeo-Christian culture is defending against the multi-billion-dollar juggernaut of globalist-communist, (and profoundly anti-Judeo-Christian) revolutionaries. We may grow tired of hearing that this election is the most important since the Civil War, but it's true. If Biden and Harris win, the toilets on the ship of state will flood the nation with radical Democratic Party excrement.

Joe Biden is perhaps the most corrupt member in the history of the U.S. Senate - but it has been covered-up by the media for decades, only now being revealed. Kamala Harris, recognized by both parties as the most radically liberal member of the Senate, would prove to be Biden's pet puff adder if he wins, striking at any conservative threat - like the Little Sisters of the Poor.

But I take solace in anticipating the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to our Supreme Court. She is a truly remarkable woman. "Judge Barrett is an originalist in the mold of her late mentor Justice Antonin Scalia." A conservative in temperament, Judge Barrett has distinguished herself as a professor and practitioner of the law, now serving on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals: a Catholic, pro-life, and a mother of 7 children, two adopted. It's no overstatement to say she is a diametric opposite of the late, aggressively pro-abortion, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Judge Barrett is a breath of fresh air. She will assist the Court in construing our Constitution by paying attention to the actual intent of the words, as given us by the Founders - instead of abetting liberal members creating novel concepts and unsupported laws, such as so-called "same-sex marriage", and unlimited abortion.

God bless Judge Barrett and family. Now more babies may be able to take that first breath and enjoy the sunshine with the rest of us!


In Memoriam:

I lost a very good friend on Sunday, September 6th, Norbert (Bert) Castel de Oro. He was husband to an equally good friend, his wife Wanda.

I often think back to the day I suffered a serious injury which left me utterly helpless and remember Bert and Wanda. Both were responsible for my immediate care. I couldn't walk, I couldn't stand; they came to my rescue then and through the following days and months, at great personal inconvenience.

Bert and Wanda were true Good Samaritans (Gospel of Luke) and responsible for sustaining me through a lengthy recovery. At great effort they moved my wheelchair (in the rain), transported me to hospital, and supplied my food. Their efforts on my behalf were far and away beyond the call of duty. It is that assistance, when I was in great need, that I will forever remember.

Bert was an essential part of that mission of mercy and I continue to thank him through a perpetual stream of prayer. For more than twenty years I was privileged to have Bert as my friend and counselor. With his bevy of happy grandchildren, he enriched my life.

Thank you, my friend.

May you rest in peace with all the faithful departed.


A brief response to Mary Scoles' letter:

Hi Mary,

About the handling of the Breonna Taylor case, and boyfriend Kenneth Walker:

In short, police were attempting to serve a warrant for the arrest of a former Breonna boyfriend, a drug dealer who left his product at this address in the recent past. The facts in this case were erroneously reported by the media long after corrections were available. This was not a no-knock warrant service (as reported)- the police identified themselves, and a witness testified to that fact. The warrant was issued for her prior boyfriend, but unbeknownst to the police, she had switched boyfriends. Boyfriend Walker fired at police, hitting two officers. As standard operating procedures demand, police returned fire, accidently killing Breonna in that dark room.

The Grand Jury indicted, and the DA dropped charges (no doubt in fear of riots). How do you know that the "police did not effectively identify themselves”? one witness heard the demand. I do, however, fault the police in this case for insufficient firearms training; 16 shots into the upper apartments? If so, that's bad. But would you expect the police to run away after being fired upon? The usual rule is for police to fire until the threat is eliminated. In this case I guess the threat ended when Walker finally stopped shooting at the police - too late for Breonna.

Mary, we don't "allow" guns to everybody so they "feel safe"..." Gun ownership is not a privilege to be trifled with - it's a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, God given, which cannot be infringed upon! Big difference. It's your right, why not acknowledge and be thankful for it? Millions continue to sacrifice their lives to assure its preservation.

You say "...violence is almost never the correct response." Well, it certainly wasn't the correct response in boyfriend Walker's case. He was the proximate cause of Breonna's death. Would your assessment apply in a rape threat if the victim could resist, with a firearm?

Takeaway: Had boyfriend Walker not fired those reckless first shots this incident would never have happened. Am I to conclude from your statements that further million-dollar riots and mayhem are justified following Breonna's tragic death?


A response to Kelly Scoles letter:

Hi Kelly,

I have to condense my responses for reasons of time and space. You insist on pouncing on two of my last columns, challenging something like 15 issues. I'll give it a try.

The masks. The whole idea is debated among the world's most eminent experts, some saying they're useless, even harmful, others saying they are essential. Who's right?

Trump "not a politician?" He came into public service intentionally to disrupt the political status quo, not to spend 47-years at the public trough, like Joe Biden.

Doesn't represent "all of the citizens". He does so, by refocusing on Constitutional restraints, to protect our traditional rights and duties (with new court) as that document dictates, and to defeat communist-oriented traitors and anarchists like Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and their ilk.

Kelly, you think my reference to Civil War is wild exaggeration, like most liberals. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, et al, are the militant wings of today's Democratic Party, and they brag about destroying democratic America. Have you gone to their websites? Have you been watching the flaming anarchy taking place in so many Democratic-ruled cities and counties throughout our nation? About two billion dollars-worth of destruction is the result so far. This is a professional insurrection - paid for by numerous billionaires (see last week's names) and a long list of non-profit corporations (Ford Foundation gave 100-million dollars to BLM, George Soros, 30-million, Nike promises $40 million... to social justice organizations that support the Black Lives Matter movement.). Fueling this 6-month series of non-stop conflagrations are some of the largest and most powerful corporations in the world. These BLM groups boldly proclaim their anti-American mission; read about it!

The primary purpose of our Second Amendment (logically coming right after the First) is to enable the people to defend themselves against tyranny, which comes from government.

You are apparently ignorant about the chaos in our streets, the toppling of monuments and statues, the burning of businesses, churches, homes, the shooting of our civilian population, the robbing, raping and looting - and threats of more. You must have been watching CBS, NBC, ABC MSNBC - they don't cover these issues. Switch to FOX, they do. And, since so many District Attorneys have been seated by billionaires like Soros for the purpose of not prosecuting these felons, the fiery circus continues.

If a mob crashes into your property with arson or murder in mind, you have not only the right to shoot those felons, you have a duty to protect family, friends, and property. Check the film of Chicago Mayor Daily during the 1968 riots. Hear him again: "Mayor Daley gave police the authority to shoot to kill any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand ... and ... to shoot to maim or cripple anyone looting any stores in our city."

Kelly, it's the Democrats and their anarchist friends who are causing this lethal chaos - not Republicans! They proudly admit to supporting BLM and Antifa (contributing financially). Law-abiding Americans have the right to defend themselves: "In the 2008 case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court held that the "Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home."

Wish I had more time. My advice to law-abiding American citizens, as we encounter the anarchist wing of the Democratic Party, is to be thoroughly knowledgeable about firearms and their safe, proficient and legal use. And if threatened, as is happening in New York, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Birmingham, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha (could add 50 more), exercise your God-given, inalienable, Constitutional right to keep and bear arms for self defense - unapologetically.

Americans who know their heritage and the bloody price paid for it should react to BLM's treasonous rebellion today as quickly as the Minuteman reached for his flintlock above the cabin hearth at hearing "The British are coming!"


I might as well start with good news since there seems so little going around these days.

President Trump orchestrated the signing of historic diplomatic pacts between "Israel and two Gulf Arab states at a White House ceremony that President Donald Trump declared will mark the “dawn of a new Middle East,” casting himself as an international peacemaker at the height of his reelection campaign.” The bilateral agreements "formalize the normalization of Israel's relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain in line with their common opposition to Iran."

I'm waiting to see how the American press attempts to diminish Trump's truly historic achievement. It will be hard to do, but our "drive-by" media will find a way. Amongst the staggering number of achievements Trump can claim during the past 4 years, this is certainly the greatest. He deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for this one. But watch our infamous Democratic media grind their teeth at talk of such a possibility. They already have him "casting himself" as a peacemaker. Let's pray that this is truly "The dawn of a new Middle East" and give credit where it's due.


Our country is heading for another truly violent Civil War triggered by the planned new massive Universal Mail-In Voting. This is not the same as Absentee Voting, where the voter has requested his ballot because he would otherwise be unable to vote. As the President has warned: this massive, indiscriminate sort of mailing "...will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history. It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???”

This "Universal mail-In Voting would scatter 80 million ballots like confetti into every address box in the nation, regardless of who might be the resident, real, dead, moved, or vacant. This would promote a massive cloud of confusion, and fraud of every conceivable kind. This is exactly what the Democratic Party admits it intends to do. If this massive confusion can remain beyond election day eventually the House will choose the president, maybe "crazy" Nancy Pelosi with Kamala Harris at her side.

This is a well planned scheme by the Democratic Party and (according to reports by TV commentator Laura Ingraham) hundreds of liberal billionaires are funding the effort. For example: Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, Larry Page, George Soros, George Lucas, Jack Dorsey, Howard Schultz, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Steyer, et al. Billionaires are overwhelmingly liberal Democrats. Today, they are what I call Deus Ex Machina ("god from the machine" an ancient device for moving things on stage). It works here because these guys are the malignant parts of the Democratic machine. They, with the media, Wall Street, Antifa, and Black Lives Matter, are out to steal the election from Donald Trump and destroy America as we have known her for 244 years. These are the enemies of our nation. These are today's self-styled demigods.

That's a tremendous amount of money for Republicans to fight off. This is why "crazy" Nancy and three-time loser Hillary Clinton command Biden never to concede the election, even after a landslide win for Trump. They count on Massive Universal Mail-In voting to cause such election chaos it could take months to reach an official tally - enough time for the Democratic House of Representatives to vote their favorite into office. That may also be when our Second Amendment might direct some of the 393 million civilian-owned firearms into action - the primary reason for our Second Amendment.

This is a looming reality, never before seen in America. The world watches, uneasily.


An answer to Mary Scoles' letter.

Hello again Mary,
As I read through the first half of your letter I was haunted by the feeling that I had heard the words before. Then you refreshed my memory, always appreciated these days. You were reciting, what should be recognized as the most famous words in American history, Lincoln's Gettysburg address at the (now) Arlington National Cemetery.

Many in the audience that day (especially the press) were disappointed with Lincoln's short address - three minutes - while admiring the two-hour speech by 40-year career professor, diplomat, and statesman, Edward Everette at that same time. Lincoln's speech was composed of only 10 sentences and 272 words. Of course Lincoln is an acknowledged genius. No other politician, or president, since his time can approach his greatness, so attempts at comparison are futile.

Your attempt to do so, therefore, is futile. I fully admit that the statement made by Trump concerning Senator John McCain not being a "war hero" was the worst of several disparaging remarks he has made in the heat of political battle. Trump and McCain hated each other, so lethal sparks often flew.

As for (former Trump chief of staff) Gen. John Kelly's alleged Trump comment while on a visit to the grave of Kelly's son, killed in Afghanistan in 2010, it is so incomprehensibly scurrilous I have to believe it is a lie. Condensed grief can create a lie, even in a hero like Kelly. Several of Trump's former advisors and Cabinet members bear white-hot hostility for the President. That they would turn on their former Commander in Chief speaks of political instability. Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, former NSC aide and impeachment witness, is another impassioned turncoat who savored betrayal. You will not find this sort of villainy in America's past, except for traitors such as Benedict Arnold (erstwhile war hero). True heroes, all.

McCain stands as a singular American military hero, and I greatly admire him for that. Among many heroic American military men captured, tortured, and held under inhumane conditions in Vietnam for years, he endured. Within this list of heroes are Everett Alvarez Jr. USN pilot, "the first American airman shot down over North Vietnam and the second longest held prisoner of war in American history," and Floyd Thompson, USA Special Forces, POW for nearly nine years, and the longest held prisoner of war in American history.

So John McCain was in good company. To search the list of our Vietnam POWs is to be proud and thankful. Those were McCain's most distinguished military years. He returned as a Republican politician, espousing left-leaning ideas. For example, He supported LGBT rights, and gun regulations. McCain's refusal to support Trump's presidency sparked true rancor between them. McCain's rejection of Trump was never forgiven, nor regretted by McCain. They hated each other. As a military man I admired McCain. As a showboating Republican Senator (a RINO) I hated his guts.

Mary, like most liberals, you immediately assume every slander against Trump is truthful, even in the face of the strongest refutation by eye witnesses. The WW1 Belleau Wood trip cancellation is a good example: he didn't go because "He was worried that the wind and rain would ruin his hair."This absurd statement was a fruitless attempt to embarrass the President. This should be ignored as food only for the clucking credulous.

Also, much is always made of comments intended by the President to be humorous or hyperbolic. After all, he is the leader of his party and head cheerleader for democracy and free enterprise. He struggles to advance the security, health, and economic energy of our nation, against the army of lugubrious Democrats.

Bottom line: I dislike in the extreme a few of the President's comments, but understand he is a businessman not a politician, and someone who has suffered 4 years of scathing Leftist defamation - personally, politically, and against his family members. Had Andrew Jackson been in his place the House and Senate would have been busy recovering the bodies. So, I can't fault him for "punching back."

Likewise, I forgive his exaggerations, counter-fire, and occasional ineptitude, while I admire his courage, honesty, and persistence in the pursuit of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. (Plagiarism intended).


My thanks to Pastor Leslie R. Lanier, Wayfarer's Chapel Lutheran Church, for his letter of support for the former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz. Holtz has characterized the Biden-Harris Democratic ticket as "..the most radically pro-abortion campaign in history. They and other politicians are Catholics in name only."

Both Pastor Lanier and Coach Holtz are correct. As a Catholic myself, with 16-years of education in the faith, the Pastor's comments on the Biden-Harris ticket are absolutely correct. Joe Biden is only one of a host of politicians who identify themselves as both Roman Catholics and members of the Democratic Party. A quick online search for Catholics in Congress produced this result: "Of the 96 newly elected members of Congress, 78 are Christian, including 28 who are Catholic. Overall, there are 141 Catholics in the House, or 32 percent of the chamber; 22 of the 100 U.S. senators are Catholic."

As Pastor Lanier points out, however, saying is one thing, doing is another. Saying you're a surgeon does not make you one; and holding yourself out as such without proper authority makes you a fraud. In short, one can be Catholic (or Christian) only to the extent one believes and practices the tenets of the faith. To the extent we disbelieve any of the foundational tenets or teachings of the faith, we become apostates or heretics and are no longer part of that body.

And here is the rub for all Democratic Party "Catholics": the principals of that Party are in absolute contradiction to Roman Catholic articles of faith. One cannot be a member of that Party without offending against the basic commandments of the faith. When Catholic members of the Democrat Party vote, for example, to approve abortions, they (by the Church's commandments) commit what is called a "mortal sin" immediately cutting themselves off by self-excommunication (Latae sententiae - a Latin phrase, meaning "sentence (already) passed"). No formal declaration is needed. Therefore, attempting to cure the problem with novel excuses, without repentance, is futile - regardless of what member of the episcopacy may seek to overrule the result. Catholicism is not a smorgasbord religion where you may take this article of faith and reject another. However, due to the extraordinary corruption in the Catholic hierarchy today, such attempts to ignore even the most blasphemous changes to traditional teachings are frequent.

For those who may be angry about these comments, please remember I'm speaking only about my religious faith, Roman Catholicism. I respect your own views concerning your own religious beliefs.

For corroboration of my conclusions here I strongly recommend Church Militant, The Vortex, by Michael Voris (, especially his most recent two short videos (Sept. 1, "Arrest the Democrats", and Sept. 2, "Overthrowing America"). His organization is dedicated to exposing and cleansing the Church of the infestation of homo-predator bishops and their minions. It's a remarkably transparent, no-holds-barred organization created to get to the truth in all matters of sexual predation, financial fraud, and cover-up in the Church. It is utterly factual.

Bottom line: One cannot be both a faithful Catholic and a member of today's Democratic Party, nor support Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, with a clear conscience, because they both approve of abortion. A faithful Catholic is obligated, among other things, to recognize that abortion is murder at any stage of fetal development. Again, one cannot condone abortion and be a Roman Catholic.


To Kelly Scoles. Sorry again, no time or space. Will try to answer your letter online. May create a new page for this purpose in future.


It is sad to hear that former Liberty University President, Jerry Falwell Jr. is involved in a sexual scandal which has shaken the school his father founded in 1971, and forced his resignation. But he will not be leaving without the $10.5 million contracted with the university.

Sexual misbehavior, particularly in the U.S., has caused, and is causing, unparalleled corruption in the nation’s culture. It is a powerful sort of social crud which contaminates the nation's institutions from within.

It is this type of perversion which the Soviet Union introduced into the Catholic Church shortly after WWII. The plan was to destroy Christianity from within, more specifically, the Catholic Church. This was testified to on multiple occasions by Bella Dodd, a high-ranking member of the U.S. Communist Party. She herself claims to have orchestrated the placement of 1,100 [homo-predator] men into U.S. seminaries. Regardless of classification, the issue is sexual perversion. Michael Voris of Church Militant, has the corroborating details available at his website, as well as others.

"A key component of the [communist] plans involved infiltrating seminaries with young men who would work to undermine the Church's teaching in the area of morality." It has proved to be spectacularly successful, the main cause of the wholesale corruption of today's Catholic episcopate - morally, monetarily, politically, and of course, pastorally. The fish usually rots from the head first. In this case it began at the bottom, with seminarians, who ingratiated themselves up the stairs of ecclesial hierarchy.

What has this to do with Jerry Falwell Jr.'s recent fall? He's just the latest part of the oncoming avalanche of Christian moral apostasy. It is closely attached to the political far Left (Democratic Party) which is attached to revolutionary groups such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, etc, which are paid by (in the church's case) Communist China, George Soros, and many large commercial companies and non-profit organizations. In total, we are talking about billions of dollars. The activists who are burning down America, looting and killing innocent citizens, are Marxist, communist, and socialist by design.

As with Falwell, it's all associated with the corruption of our society. Look at what has happened to so many executives in Hollywood and entertainment, men and women; TV personalities, heads of huge corporations, Boy Scouts and other community groups. Money is usually part of the social collapse seen in the sexual revolution. But at the center of the problem is the destruction of the traditional family, which is the heart of our western civilization. Divorce, leaving children without a two-parent family to nurture them, and pornography, the acid in the development of normal intellectual stability, all accelerate the corruption and collapse of our culture.

The difficult thing here is to show how all this is happening and how it is all connected; the Communist Chinese who bribe the Pope, who blesses with investiture a new homo-predator bishop, who then is installed in his new diocese mansion, who then promotes heretical sexual groups such as LGBTQ, same sex marriage, abortion, ad infinitum. All this feeds the political revolution with the likes of Antifa, Black Lives Matter (a Marxist group), and all of which violently oppose democracy and President Donald Trump.

The end game for this lethal, pestiferous juggernaut, of which Jerry Falwell is a small if similarly disgusting part, is the destruction of America as it was created by the Founding Fathers, and blessed by Almighty God.

Yeah, I know, it's a lot to believe, but so is the reality of evil in a world made "very good". A vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will speed our demise as a free Judeo-Christian country.


Running late again but must quickly respond to Kelly Scoles' letter first.

Kelly, after so many years writing this column I find it most aggravating having to respond to questions and statements the answers to which are patently obvious. It's not the complicated issues that bother me - it's the simple ones with clearly common-sense answers which keep presenting themselves as problematic. Fake issues presented as serious questions.
I not only watched the entire Kavanaugh hearing, but to refresh my memory of Kamala Harris and her witchery I replay portions of the video from time to time.

To the average reasonable person, using traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and common sense, Kamala Harris' questioning of D.C. Circuit Court Judge Kavanaugh was an example of clearly disgusting stagecraft, a spectacle designed for self-aggrandizement. The whole point of her questioning was to falsely impute to Kavanaugh outrageous defamatory allegations of sexual crimes; this all staged on the floor of our United States Senate! This was a conspiracy to destroy the life and legacy of a most revered judge, known for living an exemplary Christian life, with wife, children, and professional associates. A perfect target for Democrats.

You claim it was "a legitimate issue in the nomination process..." Hogwash! You find my description of Harris to be "vile"? Which is to say morally bad. It is indeed rough, but a true characterization of Harris, as a person and as a politician. There can be no excuse for her abominable treatment of Judge Kavanaugh, and the same goes for the entire Democratic side of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which left an indelible stain of judicial injustice in that governmental body. It remains unforgettable - and unforgiveable.

I realize that many Americans today live in a so-called "woke" cocoon, impervious to clear thinking. Let's not forget, however, that the allegations pushed by this Star Chamber alleged against Kavanaugh were entirely specious, utterly false, and the presumption of innocence seemed forgotten. To make matters worse here, these false allegations were concocted entirely for political purposes - something anathema to our Constitution.

Right-thinking American citizens should always remember this case as a prime example of corrupt judicial process - and the political party that perpetrated this travesty.

Kelly, you say, in defense of Harris, "Even if she were making a comment about his past sexual behavior, that would not make her a "political slut,".... His "past sexual behavior"? What behavior are you referring to? Have you concluded with his guilt? He is not a rapist or abuser of women, as pathetically false accusations surfaced from the likes of weird and incredible female ghosts of high school past. Kavanaugh would certainly have won treble damages in a lawsuit for defamation per se. That, however, would have been just too inappropriate under the circumstances.

So, despite the destruction done to his reputation by Democratic political pimps, and their political slut, Kavanaugh was seated on our Supreme Court as its newest Justice. God bless and prosper him.

By the way, Justice Kavanaugh is also a devout Catholic. Harris is known to be devoutly anti-Catholic. We will soon learn much more about Kamala Harris and her political proclivities.

Sorry, Kelly, I got carried away. Absentee ballots are fine if they are requested. Mass mailings are an invitation to fraudulent voting, they are bad. The postal service has frozen all reorganization plans until after the election.

Be well.


Truly at the last minute, I received a thoughtful email from Mary Scoles commenting on last week's Realities - school closures.

Mary, two observations only: Teachers' unions are a notorious part of the Democratic Party movement to oust President Trump. Emphasis on the word "notorious". Secondly, and sadly, even science has been politicized in this pandemic war. A central part of the controversy is the issue of keeping schools open - or closed. Closed schools are catastrophic for our children - say the most experienced experts. It is more likely that a child is struck by lightning than to die from COVID-19.


DRUDGE ran a piece today that warns Trump not to "demean or insult" Kamala Harris because this will anger women voters "who already overwhelmingly support Democrats."

So, allow me to sit-in for Trump, because her nasty public persona deserves a good editorial shagging.

Well, maybe "infamous" would be a better word to describe the Senate's most insolent radical. Harris's personality was indelibly etched on my memory during the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, when Sen. Kamala Harris asks Judge Kavanaugh: "Can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body?" This related to defamatory rumors circulated by Democrats about Kavaanaugh's high school days. Only a political slut would have behaved in this way.
Harris's impudence in her questioning of one of this country's most eminent and well-loved jurists was simply astonishing - in the eyes of normal civil society. But I'm not astonished that she is now chosen to provide youth and stability to Biden's age and uncertainty. It's a match reminiscent of her salad days in California, when then Democratic speaker of the California State Assembly, Willie Brown, placed her on the California Medical Assistance Commission in 1994 (at $120,000 in today's money). The commission met twice a month."Harris began dating [Brown]in the spring of 1994". Brown was 30-years her senior. This exemplifies the history of her political and ethical education.

Harris is a lean and hungry politician. Joe Biden doesn't stand a chance in what would be his efforts to actually undertake the duties of Commander in Chief of the United States. The Leftist buzzards of the Democratic Party would eat his lunch - and then some.

Harris' policies show her to be the most extreme Leftist in a bevy of radical Democratic leftists. Conservatives should know Harris is a devout facilitator of abortion at all stages. She has shown little mercy for petty criminals: "In the Democratic primary debates, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard said of Harris, "She put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana." True. She's a communist at heart seeking single pay health care. She is anti-police, supporting Black Lives Matter terrorism: "... we must ask ourselves: how many more times must our families and our communities be put through the trauma of an unarmed Black man or woman’s killing at the hands of the very police who are sworn to protect and serve them?" (note: Kamala is not African American.) I can find no evidence that Kamala Harris disagrees with any of the most extreme edicts of the Black Lives Matter or Antifa organizations.

Time Out. I'm over 500 words.


It's time to open our schools! This is a summary of why we should do so.

"There’s nearly universal agreement that widespread, long-lasting school closures harm children. Not only do children fall behind in learning, but isolation harms their mental health and leaves some vulnerable to abuse and neglect. But during this pandemic, does that harm outweigh the risk—to children, school staff, families, and the community at large—of keeping schools open and giving the coronavirus more chances to spread?" Posted in: doi:10.1126/science.abc9565

The answer: THERE IS NO SUBSTANTIAL RISK. "UNESCO estimated in March that 91.3% of the world’s students were out of school. But Swedes under 16 were not among them." And while Sweden reports a high death rate in nursing homes, studies do not show that school children had much if anything to do with that.

"While Sweden’s no-lockdown approach was shunned by its Nordic neighbors, health officials in Denmark and Norway came around to Sweden's stance on schools. Both made reopening them one of their first steps out of lockdown. Neither has seen a resurgence since." Most of Europe has reopened its schools with no ill effect.

Since I am certainly no expert on COVID-19 issues, I have to rely on those who are. Here are some of the most respected medical conclusions:

"Globally, according to a research review published recently in The Lancet, a leading medical journal, the number of Covid-19 deaths prevented by school closings has been vanishingly small. The same can’t be said about the closings’ educational effects, which have been devastating."

So, by all means, let's avoid the "devastating" effects of closed schools.

Time to let the sun shine in. But political shade, from the all-powerful teachers’ unions, prevents this. The unions insist upon avoiding normal face to face teaching again until there is nearly perfect protection against COVID-19 virus infection - a zero risk demand. Note to the unions - life has never worked that way. We all face a 24-7 cloud of risk every day which we acknowledge as normal to the human environment. We seek to avoid those we can, without becoming hypochondriacs. Illness is one of those risks we try to avoid. Pandemics are super risks we rightfully dread. So, when faced with a super viral pandemic we trust expert medical advice will help us stay well.

The problem today is the fact that there is no agreement in scientific opinion on how to avoid COVID-19 infection. To make matters much worse, the debate on this issue is infected with political bias. Despite the seriousness of the threat, radical Liberal factions are attempting to use the pandemic to increase the burden of social confusion on President Trump’s reelection efforts. They see this as an opportunity to act on former Chicago Mayor Rom Emanuel's advise: “Never let a crisis go to waste." This is Liberal Left permission to slow things down, to obstruct normal solutions to the problem, and, again, damage President Trump's chances at reelection.

Some U.S. schools are reopening. Others will remain shut down by order of Teacher's Unions and their fellow travelers, like California's radical Democratic governor, Gavin Newsom. California's school children will suffer significant educational and psychological damage due to union political bias, and let's say, selfishness.

I hold the teaching profession in very high esteem. It is a most noble calling - when unadulterated with political bias. Keeping schools closed is extraordinarily damaging to our children, and, with the pandemic, damaging to Trump's reelection efforts.

Online teaching for K-12 school children has proven to be a deficient substitute, especially for younger children. Children greatly miss classmates during the shutdown. Children miss school breakfast and lunch. Children face more abuse at home during the shutdown. Children are falling seriously behind their learning schedules. Children are much more susceptible to flu than to COVID-19.

It's time for teachers to accept the small risk of viral infection in the classroom and save our children from the "devastating" effects of being locked out of school.


I've written many poor columns under the REALITIES title during the past 30 years. Last week's was perhaps the worst. My apologies for the muddled organization.

Dolly Parton's daddy described the problem as well as anyone - putting 50 pounds of mud in a five-pound bag. In this case the mud was conclusive historical information about higher education, politics, religion, and communism. It was all inspired by a book, "The Breakdown of Higher Education" by distinguished Professor Emeritus, John M. Ellis, (University of California, Santa Cruz). I bought the book shortly after learning of Chinese billionaire Guo Wengei's, revelation that "the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) assigns $2 billion every year to pay off the Vatican for its silence concerning atrocities by Beijing."

I had also just verified the Vatican's support for communism and socialism across the globe, and generations of infiltrated homo-predator priests and bishops into the church in order to destroy it from within. (Bella Dodd, a high-ranking member of the U.S. Communist Party, "June 17 and 18, 1953, testified before the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee. She herself claims to have orchestrated the placement of 1,100 men into U.S. seminaries.) Disgraced ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was one of the communist plants (recently re-activated by Pope Francis to finalize the new Vatican-Beijing billion dollar deal.) See also: Michael Voris, S.T.B. • February 21, 2019.

Add this to what I know of anarchist-socialist billionaire George Soros, et al, and their gifts of millions to Marxist Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other radical groups seeking to destroy our American Constitutional culture, and the steam begins to rise.

But I digress. The point of Professor Ellis' book is to show incontrovertible proof that the hiring policies in our institutions of higher learning have been, for decades, deliberately rigged to hire liberal and radical educators and to exclude conservative, traditional teachers and professors. These radical professors are mostly socialist and communist sympathizers who teach their students anarchism and hatred for America. This goes along with what Professor Ellis sees as "...a campus atmosphere where a vicious intolerance for right-of-center opinion makes serious discussion of the issues of the day impossible." Also, "...a virtual end to teaching of the U.S. Constitution, and U.S. history no longer taught in a balanced and intelligent way but instead used to further the radicals' war against their own society;..."

Ellis's study demonstrates that, for example, "The left/right ratio in English departments had already become 88 to 3 [in 1999], and in political science it [has become] 81 to 2." His report to the Regents of the University of California, which he wrote as president of CAS at the time, was, and is today, rejected. "...but it's no exaggeration to say that the record of corruption that we documented in our report was only augmented by the dishonesty of the university' reaction to it."

We're looking at a seamless web of aggressive globalism, facilitated in the U.S. by politically liberal higher education. With 1.5 billion Communist Chinese, snuggling up to the homo-predator Catholic prelates, (leading 1.5 billion souls) together with the leftist global media, millions of radical teachers and department heads at all levels, and the Democratic Party cheering it all along, democracy is suffocating. What this entire galactic psycho mob has in common is a hysterical hatred of religion (especially Judeo-Christianity), a hatred for democracy, and a hatred for freedom. It strives for communism over democracy. This is clearly seen in the adamant hostility exhibited by many antidemocratic governors and mayors (examples: Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot, Seattle Jenny Durkan, and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler), Democrats all. Without checking, I'm confident all are products of large public universities, just practicing what they learned on campus.
(I fear I have repeated last week's mistakes - subject too large, time too small.)

In short, a world-wide antidemocratic revolution is occurring today. The U.S. political Left is playing a crucial role, utilizing our Marxist-leaning media, socialist-ordered higher education, utterly corrupt religious (Vatican) government, wholly complicit Democratic Party, with the totalitarian muscle of the communist People's Republic of China - and Xi Jinping as self-appointed "President for Life"; just another politician hoping for eternal shelf life.

Professor Ellis' book, The Breakdown of Higher Education, How it Happened, the damage it does, & what can be done, is the first precisely documented evidence of the deliberate destruction of what John Stuart Mill, in his 1859 book On Liberty, referred to as the Marketplace of Ideas.

So far, the only thing stronger than today's Democratic-anarchist fury is the feebleness of Republican resolve.


I must sadly report the passing of a great lady, Florine Data. Florine had just celebrated her 103rd birthday and will be greatly missed. Obituary next week.


Nearly all European schools are now reopening. This due to several very large surveys on the health of children during this pandemic. We need to do the same thing for the sake of our children's health - physical and psychological. School districts that keep the kids locked out may cause serious educational and psychological damage.
Time to open our schools again!


This is a watershed time for America; a time of maximum danger from many directions.

This sort of alarm has become almost routine at election time today; like hearing the cry of "wolf!" too often, too many false alarms relaxes normal defense awareness.

These dangers to our nation have become so numerous and interconnected they have lulled us into thinking of this condition as just a normal, confused, and disordered time. But the times are neither normal nor disordered.

John M. Ellis explains in his new book The Breakdown of Higher Education, How it Happened, the Damage it Does, & What Can Be Done" why everything has changed in our universities through "a deliberate pattern of political hiring" since 1969. This produced the radical hierarchy of professors, who in turn produce radical students, who then help produce the mobs now burning down America's neighborhoods.

This is the status quo in higher education, according to accurate studies. This is not a normal condition, and certainly not "disordered''; it is tightly ordered as Ellis' book details. This is an order connecting radicals, as by the year 2000 "...they were hellbent on hiring fellow radicals."

Mr. Ellis, "Distinguished Professor Emeritus of German Literature at University of California, Santa Cruz", shows "The deceitfulness that is inevitable in the use of academia by political radicals to advance their agenda eventually draws almost everyone else on the campuses into it [radical activity]."

With little more than 100 words left to me, I have to condense, extremely.

Again, the "ordered" (not disordered) connection: Radical academia is thus connected to radical politics, which is connected to (and promoted by) radical leftist media, all of which financially support anarchists such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and by billionaire anarchists like George Soros, and multiple liberal nonprofit organizations. For example, BLM is reported to have received approximately $400 million from the above.

Academia supplies the anarchist leaders, political science departments, and law schools in particular which ignited the spark that has kept America burning for months now.

Now, with America entirely distracted by political chaos, we should remember her enemies are an integral part of the destruction plan. China poisoned us, and the rest of the world, infecting every part of our lives--religious, political, financial, medical, social, commercial, etc. The plan to bring America down started in academia and merges into China and other lethal enemies.

So, don't blame Trump who is working to restore normalcy, as he did for nearly four years.


As I look at the video of the USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego where "Navy officials are unclear how long the blaze might continue to burn", I have to believe there is something systemically wrong with US Naval leadership. There have been too many serious malfunctions in this system. I have to also believe this sort of catastrophe shouldn't happen these days without a little help from a saboteur. Too many "coincidences".

But this is just the most recent such disaster produced in a long string of outrageous Naval derelictions of duty and incompetence - as I feel certain the explosion and fire aboard this small carrier will eventually show.

A quick glance at some of our Navy's deadly blunders and criminal malfeasance during past decades:

"The $35 million “Fat Leonard” corruption scandal threatens to decimate an entire generation of experienced U.S. Navy officers." ..." In December of 2015, the Navy summoned 200 admirals to a meeting in Washington and revealed that 30 of them were under criminal investigation. The scandal would eventually reveal pervasive corruption within the Navy’s contracting process, a deeply dysfunctional system of oversight and a years-long cover up."

Then there was the Tailhook scandal in 1991, mostly resulting from wild Las Vegas party - the results here seriously damaging the Navy due to officious Congressional feminist interference.

There have been many incidents of deadly professional negligence and incompetence such as the 2000 suicide boat attack on USS Cole in Yemen that killed 17 sailors. The Captain should have known of the obvious danger and taken precautions.

Naval collisions: [photo] "The guided missile destroyer USS John S. McCain ... crashed in the summer of 2017, killing 10 sailors." "...was sailing east of Singapore and preparing to stop in the port when the collision with the Liberian-flagged vessel occurred."

"A scathing internal Navy probe into the 2017 collision that drowned seven sailors on the guided-missile destroyer Fitzgerald details a far longer list of problems plaguing the vessel, its crew and superior commands than the service has publicly admitted."

The USS nuclear powered aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt was effectively disabled by corona virus contamination of crew members. "The US Navy has declined to reinstate ousted Captain Brett Crozier as Commanding Officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt following an investigation into the handling of an outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus onboard. The outbreak led to Crozier’s firing and the resignation of former Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly.”

One - the ship should not have given a 5-day shore leave in Vietnam which was infected with the virus, knowing sailors do have fun on shore leave. The Captain should not have panicked and fired off 30-something emails for assistance. This did incredible harm by informing our Chinese enemies that the Captain is weak, and his ship vulnerable. We need more men like Bull Halsey, Fleet Admiral in the United States Navy during World War II. Quote: Hit hard, hit fast, hit often. Instead of EEEEK! There's a virus onboard. The "Roosevelt" is the most powerful naval ship in the world. It is also the foremost symbol of American naval strength in the Southeast and Fareast.

The Chinese only look with contempt at the Captain pushing the panic button on the Theodore Roosevelt that day.

Lastly, I could go much longer, it has been reported that 85-percent of naval officers no longer know how to navigate by the old instruments, like the sextant. If modern electronic instruments fail or are destroyed, the ship is lost. I hear this is being remedied.

The burning USS Bonhomme Richard in San Diego is a warning of a serious soft spot in US Navy leadership. It will cost us dearly when the communist Chinese attack Taiwan, soon.


Just a few observations first:

DRUDGE: "Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again..." Did we just stop manufacturing masks in the middle of the pandemic?

DRUDGE: "Can United States pull itself together?" Answer: Not as long as the Democratic Party continues to tear us apart.

DRUDGE: [photo] A "couple recorded defacing a Black Lives Matter mural that was painted in front of a California courthouse has been charged with three misdemeanors, including a hate crime, prosecutors today announced.” This is an OUTRAGEOUS miscarriage of justice! The prosecutors themselves should be arrested for violating this couple's constitutional rights.

The so-called "mural" is an enormous BLM slogan painted on the surface of a public street. Since when can a political organization use public street surfaces to paint their slogans? That in itself is a crime of vandalism - unless state lawmakers have now been bought-off by the hate-filled anarchists of Black Lives Mater and Antifa, through the auspices of billionaire George Soros. Do BLM and Antifa now own our surface streets? It appears so. This couple should, instead, be commended for volunteering to keep their city streets free of graffiti.

BLM is a racist, Marxist hate group, supported by the Democratic Party and a slew of giant corporations and liberal non-profit foundations. In particular, BLM (and Antifa) seek to destroy traditional American culture ("We [BLM] disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure...".) Check out their website "About" page to see how this group hates America and its foundational morals and history. To charge anyone with a "hate crime" for seeking to halt BLM's own aggressive hate program, is alarmingly unconstitutional.

Has the California City of Martinez adopted BLM as a government agency? Can the Republican Party also paint huge slogans on its streets? How about the National Rifle Association? Who's going to clean up and pay for the mess? Why not save some street space for slogans like "Support your Local Police!"?

Hate cops? Hate white people? Hate America? Hate our Constitution? Visit the City of Martinez where you can wallow in the culture of Black Lives Matter.


Well, it takes just a quick glance at the front page of today's DRUDGE REPORT to confirm Matt Drudge as a turncoat. Once a strong supporter of President Trump, he is today part of the fifth column determined to destroy the presidency. Described as "one of the most successful digital media entrepreneurs in the world" Drudge has slithered back into the swamp, no longer trusted by conservatives. I think of him now as clone of little Adam Schiff.


Halfwit Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has finally condescended to rid her city of the 3-week-old BLM and Antifa infestation. A Democrat who served as US attorney under former President Barack Obama, Durkan is facing demands to resign over her coddling of protesters in the city and CHOP ("Capitol Hill Occupation Protest") zone.

One teenager, 16, was fatally shot after being taken to hospital. The other victim, 14, is in intensive care.

SEATTLE - "Police officers moved in and cleared an area near downtown Seattle early Wednesday where demonstrators had surrounded a police station and established a “no cop” zone amid national protests over police brutality" after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The "NO COP" idea ended, as conservatives expected, with multiple shooting deaths, a rape, multiple property crimes, and a number of non-lethal shootings.

This mess in Seattle is just another manifestation of the Marxist political Black Lives Matter movement throughout the nation, paid for by George Soros and others.

The movement is supported by Democrats, who occupy all of the governorships and mayoralties impacted by most of this violence. Dem Mayor Durkan ordered the Seattle Police Depart to abandon their east precinct during the standoff with protesters, who quickly burned it down. This forced surrender to violent protesters is shameful, but entirely the fault of the Mayor, not the police force. Democrats have no shame. The chaos we see today will continue and accelerate if Trump is defeated and weak-minded Joe Biden is elected.

"The order to vacate the area came amid growing tensions over how to handle an area that was cordoned off as a symbolic statement by protesters after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis." You can be sure that the name of George Floyd has been almost forgotten in the BLM's feverish lust for power and carnage across our nation.

Our young people must learn, again, about the reality of godless Marxism and individuals who support it today, as does George Soros. Marxist communism is, next to historic Islam, the greatest slaver and killer of people in human history. China and the Russian Soviet Union were and remain (the USSR's intentions persist in Russia) the most wanton predators of human life.

It's time to stand up and defend against these forces that are burning down America and her magnificent history! These are the times that demonstrate the vital importance of our Second Amendment, the God-given RIGHT to keep and bear arms.