A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hello Kelly,
When batting political argument around I think it's a good idea not to take everything too literally. Typical hyperbole gets overused (as I sometimes do) and distorts clarity.

I find today's Democratic Party rhetoric as noxious as its mendacious message of weakness. Those folks who know the facts (for example in anti-Trump allegations) know he has suffered 6-years of unrelenting defamation. His enemies would, I believe, assassinate him if they could because they fear him. I continue to admire him because he's tough as shoe leather. "For everything there is a season" and he's the expression of courage we need this season of national political warfare, in our sedition-ridden nation. He's a patriot and defender of freedom, a powerful symbol of manhood in an age of transsexuals, sissy men, and sycophants. Trump is a modern Horatius at the Bridge, and I enjoy a little of that hyperbole here. Why shouldn’t any Democratic Party follower respect a person of such honest traditional principles?

(Note: Kelly I'm a little under the weather and will make this short)

You bring up the ghost of "young [Kyle] Rittenhouse". Why? After excruciating, multiple examinations, and a jury verdict - he was found NOT GUILTY on all counts. The same has been true of numerous now-infamous false accusations against conservative victims. Many are now receiving millions in damages for media defamation.

I was going to recall the earlier such infamous false accusations but had no time or patience for it. Maybe later; it's instructive. "The facts [didn't] matter" to the victims' accusors I refer to here either. It took a long time for justice to be done.

Gotta go. Let's elevate the level of debate.