LATE NEWS: Reports received of a shooting Halloween night. Police investigating Fourth St. and Edison Way (alley). More in next week’s edition of the Gazette.


A brief response to Kelly Scoles' letter:
This is the last edition of the Gazette before the Midterm Elections. I don't want to waste this time repeating responses I've provided so many times before. On the broadest issues a brief summary will have to suffice to avoid the ossification of our reader's patience.

Kelly, as we wait for the judgment of millions this November 8 to determine America's immediate future, please answer simply yes or no to the following questions:

1. Biden's first policy move was to abandon the border wall. It's been recently revealed that 4.5 million illegal aliens, from hundreds of foreign nations, have swarmed our country (including thousands of terrorists). Was this a wise decision by Biden and the Democratic Party? Is it possible to get rid of 4.5 million trespassers? Will this permanently change the demography of America?

2. On his first day in office Biden and his Democratic Party essentially shut down our oil industry. This destroyed the energy independence built by Trump. Biden later sold two-thirds of our emergency oil reserve to China. Did this hurt us?

3. Biden ordered our military to abandon Afghanistan ahead of civilian evacuation, leaving thousands stranded at the mercy of the Taliban - to this day. Also left $8-billion in weapons, ammunition, and bases. One of the greatest military catastrophes in U.S. history. Was that a good idea?

4. His multi-trillion dollar spendthrift policies have created 8+ percent inflation and is wrecking our economy. Good idea?

5. Biden tried to force private employers and other organizations with over 100 or more employees to enforce a vaccine mandate, despite saying that he didn’t think it was exactly constitutional. The Supreme Court agreed, and struck down the executive order in January. Was that a smart idea?

6. Biden's BLM support has caused an explosion of violent crime since the summer of 2020 - $2-billilon in property damage and more than 25 deaths. Makes the 4-hour Jan6 riot look like a tea party. "In December, ABC News reported that a dozen U.S. cities had set homicide records in 2021." This trend coincided with—and almost certainly was exacerbated by—the “defund the police” movement. In fact, many Democrat-run cities made good on this slogan by defunding their police departments and stemming the use of proactive policing. Cities that defunded police agencies are often on the list of places with the largest increases in violent crime. Did BLM support cause an insurrection?

7. War on schools. Parents are organizing in response to the misguided and often egregious policies of many K-12 schools. "From the inclusion of critical race theory and similar racialized and [sexualized] ideas in classroom curriculum to over-the-top COVID-19 restrictions that forced students to stay home for over a year or wear masks all day long, parents are fed up." Was this a healthy policy for our kids?

Considering the horrendous policy mistakes Biden has inflicted upon the American people, this list is pathetically short. But I'm writing a late night column' not a book. A more complete list of presidential offences should highlight Biden family crimes: Hunter Biden laptop adventures, Joe Biden's public boast of quid pro quo with pre-war Ukraine to save son Hunter from arrest, trading with the enemy, Biden's reengagement with nuclear Iran - and number one enemy, China. Smart?

8. Subversion of our military services. Military unpreparedness vis a vis Taiwan's defense against imminent China invasion and catastrophic loss of Taiwan's Semiconductor Manufacturing capabilities. "Taiwan makes 65% of the world's semiconductors and almost 90% of the advanced chips. By comparison, China produces a little over 5% while the U.S. produces approximately 10%, according to market analysts." Aug 10, 2022. Is it a good idea to fail to arm Taiwan to the teeth in the face of this extraordinary threat? For those without these chips the world stops. Should we defend Taiwan?

But wait! There is a single good thing Biden has done - one only, which some conservatives still argue is bad. That is supporting Ukraine with war material. Ukraine is fighting America's, and NATO's war. Compared to the trillions squandered by Democratic Party wastrels on Woke initiatives, Ukraine emergency money is a drop in the bucket. God bless Ukraine. She is bleeding Russia to death, at a heavy price herself.

Biden Inc. has destroyed most of the good Donald Trump achieved, and done so in less than two years. Just think of what he will do in the next two years unless he is stopped in next week's Midterms! Will we see in Taiwan what we saw in Afghanistan? There are natural limits to the toleration of stupidity, and China knows them well.