Some personal thoughts on Christmas…

In just five days Christians will celebrate the greatest event in the history of creation, the Incarnation of Almighty God through the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace. Non-Christians by the billions do not believe this most extraordinary of all miracles, but for Christians it is the way, the truth, and the life, our reason for being, and the promise of eternal life.

As an old Catholic Christian man approaching the end of this life, I take great solace amidst the violence of today's world with the knowledge of promised life everlasting. Peace will certainly come, but I don't believe in our time. Our rejection of Jesus Christ and his revelations of salvation into eternal life will postpone an age of peace.

Our Christian faith, derived from Abraham, patriarch of our Jewish "elder brothers in faith" (thank you John Paul II), invites the entire human race. Sadly, most of the now 8 billion fellow humans reject the invitation passively or with hostile intent. And, as from the beginning, blood is shed in a contest for souls. The defining scrimmage line is set between theists and atheists, where the atheists, ironically, strive to play god, to forcibly demand obedience as supreme law givers.

America was first in the modern world to found a Republic of free and independent citizens, declaring that they are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..." not to be subservient to Caesar, Führer, Dear Leader, President for life, Duce, falsely proclaiming to be authors of all human rights. From Caesar, to Hitler, to Stalin, Putin and Xi Jinping, all are self-declared enemies of Almighty God, and therefore also of an otherwise free human race.

And so, Christmas is the boldest declaration of human freedom, and everlasting life. And His birthday is an expression of the purest endowment of physical and spiritual freedom - ours if we can keep it.

So, no matter how persistent the demonic power of our present enemies may be, they chose to bellow "Non serviam!" (I will not serve) Almighty God, in a cause already defeated for all eternity by the infinite power of the divine child born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Bethlehem on Christmas Day. On this Christmas day this old man has a sense of peace as I approach my Savior, the Man-God in that humble manger.

May God bless all men of good will on this glorious day.