Some of you may remember playing the game of Pick Up Stix. I don't think force or speed had much to with it; steady coordination counted most. Restoring balance to America's defense structure today is likewise problematic. Too many pieces need balancing, urgently. I think our nation has been so thoroughly compromised by the radical-Woke Left that it is now threatened with collapse.

I no longer feel self-conscious about my apocalyptic conclusions. I am surprised however that it took a communist Chinese balloon for me to pop the question: Can we survive treasonable Biden leadership, after Obama? Those who believe this question is absurd are children of CNN, MSNBC, et al, with social media your nanny. The best you can do now is pray for a better past once you discover the reality you created today. I think it may be too late to cure the wounds inflicted by the Woke-Democratic Party mega cabal upon our ailing Republic. We could lose the next war, or at least our manhood. [sic]. This is where that balloon comes in. Biden's family cash dealings (billions) with the communist Chinese, over years, makes him totally compromised, completely vulnerable to blackmail. For those CNN addicts, the Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, and Syrians, are America's most tenacious enemies (i.e. who want to destroy our country). These are very bad people. Logical judgment would have been to shoot the balloon down early, over land, to preserve evidence of espionage.

All Biden decisions, and foreign and domestic policies, have the same stamp--deliberately damaging and endangering America, in obvious ways. Just a few of them should make us wince - then worry: Five million trespassers (ongoing) through our open border to the world (no precautions); shut down new and existing oil-gas supplies; appointing unqualified Cabinet members (Pete Buttigieg-"pretend wife to pretend husband"); withdrew troops before civilians,13 killed, thousands abandoned in Afghanistan; drew down strategic oil reserves; destroyed military morale with Woke gender mix; massive inflation ($6 trillion squandered); allowing balloon surveillance of US strategic defense installations; appointing ignorant-radical federal judges; weaponizing Dept. of Justice, FBI, etc.; stealing classified documents as Senator, Vice President, and President.

This Biden weakness enticed Putin to attack Ukraine and invites China to overreach by attacking Taiwan. Weakness has consequences - it creates contempt for us in the enemy camp.

These policies have enfeebled our nation and invited confusion, hostility and attack. Russia, having lost nearly 270,000 soldiers in Ukraine in less than a year, openly challenges NATO, threatening a nuclear exchange. At the same time, China is spoiling for war, thinking America is now too weak under Biden to defend itself - or Taiwan. Then we have the "Bozo Twins", Sec. of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III and Mark Alexander Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Milley is the guy who, in Trump's administration, called China to tell Xi Jinping that he would warn him if Trump was going to attack China! (should be in Leavenworth today). Then we have Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, who with Milley, failed to resign office when he learned Biden decided to remove our troops BEFORE we removed all civilian employees in Afghanistan! Heavy bellies festooned with ribbons from the old Army say they live large. No wonder our military can't recruit young men to our services today; they've sullied it. Normal Christian men don't want to serve cowardly "leaders" in a "queer" military. Ask them!

Quick note: Taiwan has never been owned by China; it has been a prosperous, sovereign nation since 1949 under Chiang Kai-shek's Formosa. "TSMC: Why China wants to own Taiwan … it’s all about computer chips." Marc Kennis, November 23, 2022, Updated 23 November 2022.
"TSMC: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company: China wants what Taiwan has. However, ideology is only part of the reason. You see, Taiwan has something that China doesn’t, which is access to the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the world. Taiwan’s crown jewel is a company called Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, or TSMC for short. It is listed on the Taiwanese and New York stock exchanges (TPE:2330 and NYSE:TSM) and ranks in the Top 3 biggest chip companies in the world, right after Intel and Samsung. And China wants it."

See this article for an incredibly lucid explanation of semiconductors - almost unbelievably unique!

China must NEVER take Taiwan! That would be a fatal betrayal of freedom and peace. Time to make Taiwan a Pyrrhic challenge to Beijing at least, with thousands of defensive missiles aimed at the PRC. Remember what they did to Hong Kong - such a wonderful place when I was there in 1961! The Chinese are great - without Communism.