I'm having to write this column two days early due to previous commitments. I regret I won't be able to respond to Kelly's letter.

Just a quick look at the cumulative negatives I see in front of us. Wish I could note any cumulative positives, but it's hard to see many right now.

Taking a few negatives off of Monday's Drudge Report:
"1,000 migrants in largest caravan in HISTORY crosses Rio Grande into El Paso..."
Americans have watched the spectacle of 5 million illegal aliens flood into the country during the past two years Biden has betrayed his presidential oath of office. This is the result of a deliberate act of betrayal, the destruction of our national borders. What President Trump achieved in controlling our borders has been reversed. This sabotage of our sovereignty, and the welcome of anyone from 50 different nations, can be stopped, but it can never be corrected. The influx includes thousands of dedicated terrorists, and hundreds of thousands of drug dealers, as well as child sex traffic organizers. It also means schools and medical facilities will be overrun for decades, jobs taken from Americans, a huge increase in taxes to feed, house, and fund a substantial increase of other multiple welfare organizations. Needed as well is a strong increase of law enforcement agencies.

Even worse news: THE FLOOD IS ONLY BEGINNING with the 5 million who arrived during the past two years. It will never stop when federal agencies don't want it to stop - and our president's men tell us that the borders "are under control!” The greatest mass of illegal migrants is gathering for another rush before the end of the year. Thank the Democratic Party, and the gutless Republicans who side with them.

But there's always room for new bad news. Looking again at Drudge:
"Federal Deficit Widened to a Record $249 Billion Last Month" (Wall Street Journal). Or: "Nearly half of Christians believe living in End Times..." Or: "From $32 billion to criminal investigations: How Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire vanished overnight." This last headline might be solved when we remember he gave billions to the Democratic Party and minions.

Then we have, and will have for a long time, the historic scandal of the Biden Crime Family, and the Joe Biden Big Gov, Big Tech, Big Media, Bid Banks bandwagon, led by our Federal Bureau of Investigation. And there is the Army of Wokery, infiltrated into our armed forces, educational industry, churches, and most of whatever is left.

Watch while Elon Musk, newest hero of the Republic, continues to expose more examples of treasonous Woke rot discovered in his new Twitter company. Democrats condemn so-called election "deniers" while the problem all along has been with the believers of Democratic Trump myths, so hungry are they for any stinking scrap of election falsehood.

Our country is beset with a half-dozen life-threatening challenges, the most immediate being illegal immigration. American citizens are not sufficiently angry about this. There seems to be no way to immediately address the problem while our country is being taken from us. Five million illegals have already arrived in less than 2 years; will we be more motivated after 10 million are here before the next election? Who's going to stop it? This is an emergency now requiring military intervention.

I'll try to be more positive next week.