A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hello again Kelly,
I regret that my last Realities caused you to nearly swear off the Gazette due to depression. I would hate to lose a worthy antagonist. After all, among the ranks of even my most overheated critics, few enjoy a good debate. And I would bore myself to death without some pushback. While I've never been a "White Christian Nationalist" whatever that is, I would welcome a full-strength inquisition of all US federal government agencies and departments - starting with (but not limited to) our Department of Justice and FBI.

I would urge such an inquisition to focus on the Woke virus, a first generation of misguided Gain-of-Function experiments gone terribly wrong. It tends to scramble normalcy in scientific method, in science and logic - reverting to alchemy and witchcraft.

The Woke virus seems to prey on undergraduates enrolled in political science courses; professors are identified as carriers of this pathogen. You mention deaths of Michael Brown in 2014, and should have mentioned the Trayvon Martin killing in 2012, because both defendants were acquitted, and both caused disastrous riots. Billions of dollars and multiple deaths were caused by George Floyd riots. "The protests spread to over 2,000 cities and towns in all 50 states." Black Lives Matter was started by three female entrepreneurs, who collected millions. Hundreds of thousands of innocent citizen's homes and businesses were lost in murderous riots. This is a large part of Woke.

Kelly, I'm sorry but I've lost interest in these subjects, covered so often before. Woke, Progressive, and Democratic Party schemes are anathema to the health of our Republic. They are killing our traditional Judeo-Christian democratic way of life. Reality check: a man can never become a woman, Communism is intrinsically evil, military weakness will destroy us, law enforcement underpins our freedom, and without Judeo-Christian principles America cannot survive!


It's one thing to recognize the smell of a rotting government system; it's more important to do something about it. Today, the evidence of deep corruption and its attendant weakness is everywhere, in every branch of government. But, so far, no one seems able to do anything about it. The venality of the Biden administration is matched only by its extraordinary incompetence. Our primary enemy (let's stop using the word adversary) is China, which top expert Gordan Chang (Warning Order: China Prepares for Conflict; - The Great U.S.-China Tech War) warns is preparing for war.

With Ukraine on fire, we need to sound the alarm for Taiwan as well - strategically more important. Truly ironic that for decades we prepared to fight two wars simultaneously, only to be unprepared when the occasion arrives. Both Russia and China will cooperate against the US soon - China reaching for Taiwan and Russia for Ukraine. Ukraine can beat Russia if we supply all needed fighting equipment in a timely manner. China can be deterred if we arm Taiwan to the teeth. China can't be allowed to seize Taiwan's (world's largest, most advanced) semiconductor manufacturing facility. I can think of only two ways to stop China: arm that island with thousands of heavy missiles targeting the mainland to create a Pyrrhic threat (a "Molon labe" moment - "come and take them" - a little Sparta against giant Persia). The strength of Taiwan's missile response could be so hugely destructive to China's mainland that an attack would not be worth the gamble. Sun Tzu would understand this as an Art of War. Otherwise, plant the entire manufacturing system with explosives (Thermite Bombs come to mind) and destroy the entire complex rather than surrender. Maybe transfer the chip manufacturing to the US? But this technology must be kept out of PRC's hands. "Pound for Pound, Taiwan Is the Most Important Place in the World. Its excellence in the computer chip market puts it at the center of the battle for global technological supremacy."

While I sympathize with Kelly's depression, someone has to tell the truth - don't expect that to come from our degenerate government. Things do not look positive at the moment. I think Putin could ignite a tactical nuke or two as he despairs over his defeat in Ukraine. I think he will cooperate with Xi Jinping. Time to cut the cord with China.