A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,
I'm glad we agree that candidates for office should assure us that they are physically and psychologically fit to undertake the office. National survival and world peace depend upon fit leadership. When this ability is missing, we can end up with a Biden family cabal. Trump's "perfect cognitive test score" is an established fact. Let's indulge a little hyperbole about "stable genius" as part of a healthy sense of humor. As for his other comment, remember during his 4-years he alone DID fix "it" - the border, inflation, gas prices, Middle East treaties, military build-up, crime, oil surplus, etc… Why not give credit where it's due?

You speak of "the atrocities in corporate funding of political campaigns" which I really do abhor. But then you mention Zuckerberg, Bezos, Koch brothers, and Sheldon Adelson. The first two are dyed-in-the-wool radical liberals; Koch bros. are a mixed bunch, Thiel, don't know much about him, but has a conservative reputation. Quoting him from an article: "Christianity for me is the anti-identity. Your identity is in Christ... and it's in that context we can figure out things about the world and truth... [Truth] is not a social construct." That's good enough for me. Thiel appears to be a rare political blessing, not a corrupter. As for demanding tax returns, do you really want to lift the lid on the Biden financial commode?

From before our Civil War, history shows the Democratic Party has been a corrupter. Its influence perpetuates every political disease, from racism (slavery, KKK, Jim Crow laws) until about 1968. It took the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War (and 600,000 deaths) to cure it. But you're right when you say it corrupts the entire system, infecting both parties. Acknowledging that the Bible has 2000 cautions on the moral use of money, it's not encouraging to see how easily they are ignored. We should acquire it, save it, spend it, donate it - but never worship it - like Scrooge McDuck, who was said to own "three cubic acres of cash", which he stored in a massive Money Bin overlooking the city of Duckburg.


I hope Trump hasn't violated the Second Law of Political Dynamics - which is: begin (declare) too early and you end up with wasted effort.

I do recall Rick Scott (R-FL) reciting his 11-point Republican Plan to Save America. However, it was never explained like the 1994 Republican Contract with America was, despite the fact that nothing close to today's media existed then. Its details were well understood. This year, the message just blended with the usual media noise and drifted away. You characterize Sen. Scott's reform message as somehow subversive. That's flirting with paranoia.

The Republicans you cite here simply express agreement with the Trump policies which rejuvenated the American dream and averted us from a threatened Woke fate. However, the great good Trump accomplished in only four years has been mostly undone in two.


I've said it before - the ONLY good thing Biden has done in the past two years is to materially support Ukraine in her heroic fight to defeat the terrorist Russian Orks and their psychopathic leader. Two things now urgently needed to win this war - speed-up delivery of long-range weapons (including aircraft) by retooling our defense industry as we did in WWII. We should support Ukraine today as we did our allies then. Also, find men like William Knudsen and Henry Kaiser to rekindle what Arthur Herman titled "Freedom's Forge" when America produced two-thirds of the Allies' weapons in World War II. We need to fight for Ukraine as though America herself were in jeopardy, which we are. Herman's book tells of the almost miraculous productivity American prefabrication enabled: (Liberty Ship construction) " one challenged his record then or later. It remained one of the supreme industrial feats of the war. The pace [Kaiser] was setting (Yard Nos. 1 and 2 launched no fewer than 18 Liberty ships in November [1943], an average of one every other day)...."

Where are they now?