I regret I was unable to write my column last week. I succumbed to an exciting two-day episode of vertigo. However, today I'm back to my hobby of annoying people.


First, a response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hello again Kelly, hope you had a great Christmas and New Years.

Frankly, all this talk about Trump's alleged financial crimes, taxes etc., seems wildly hypocritical in any context remotely related to The Big Guy, Godfather Joe, ‎Consigliere, Hunter ("the smartest man I've ever known!”) brother Jim, et al.

Kelly, I can understand why you are ignorant of the Biden family crime activity. You never watch FOX news. All the others deliberately ignore this torrent of historical criminality. That's why you don't know about the fabulous Hunter Biden laptops, with "Hunter Biden's former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, ready to testify with "thousands of new call recordings, text messages, photos, emails and documents to a congressional probe investigating the First Son," then the "Big Guy."

"Hunter Biden’s [no longer] dubious business dealings raise specter of a ‘compromised’ president." By serving on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, pursuing deals with Chinese Communist Party-linked energy tycoons and reportedly pocketing more than $3 million from a Russian businesswoman and widow of a former mayor of Moscow, Hunter Biden’s far-flung business deals have raised eyebrows for years about potential influence peddling and other possible crimes." Actually, one Biden-China deal was worth $1.5 billion. "President Biden, who has [repeatedly] denied any involvement in his son’s business deals and framed his son’s tribulations as a struggle to overcome years of addiction and grief, has largely been granted a free pass from the mainstream news media and the powers that be in Washington." There's a heap of prima facie evidence of Joe Biden's lies, and guilt in the Hunter laptop, including tens of thousands of pornographic photos and videos. It's all just one huge disgusting crime story.

But, boy did I digress. You are worried about an alleged $23 million legitimately raised over the last 20 years by numerous organizations you claim is "inappropriate, unacceptable, and undemocratic". The Biden crime syndicate, we now know, received at least $30million during Joe's V.P. days and presidential two years. Talk about pay to play! We're not even on the same page.

Though I have a strong disagreement with FOX on their opposition to support for Ukraine, for the most part they do an excellent job of truthfully and accurately reporting the news with analysis. So, pray for Ukraine and avoid CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc. they’re all owned by Woke enterprises and weaponized against traditional America.


Pope Benedict XVI passed away this week. He was a brilliant and holy man. Had he not retired when he did the Church would have saved itself years of scandal, heresy, bribery, betrayal, and abuse-cover-up under Francis and his homo-predator Jesuits. I'm thinking of those men Francis has elevated to the hierarchy, into the College of Cardinals, like Wilton Cardinal Gregory, among many other notorious homo-predator bishops (who will choose the next Pope) and others like Father James Martin, perhaps most "progressive" promoter of sodomy, and serial abuser Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik. Francis supports and protects these men. Francis also betrayed the Church in China to the Communist Party for billions in annual cash. Francis has destroyed much of the good that Benedict cultivated. Catholics should remember that the Pope is first a man, then an elected spiritual leader, head of the Church. His personal opinion has no more authority than anyone else's; and most of what he says is mere opinion.

Rest in peace Pope Benedict XVI. Time to retire, Francis.

All of my allegations here are solidly corroborated on, a traditional Catholic website. (Caveat: I am a traditional Roman Catholic).