Congratulations to the armed forces of Ukraine for having killed (by U.S. assessments) more than 100,000 Russian soldiers. Russian military tactics under Putin are a virtual carbon copy of Hitler's during the 1940s. Most of Putin's munitions have been spent killing civilians and destroying the infrastructure which keeps them alive. Russian strategy is to wipe out Ukraine, its history, culture, language - everything Ukrainian. Pure Nazi activity.

The efficiency, determination, and valor of the Ukrainian soldier proves the wisdom of providing them modern weapons. Russia has lost nearly 3,000 tanks in the fight. I'm cheered by reports like this, "Russia Likely Lost Half Its Main Battle Tanks in Ukraine." Thousands of Russia's war-fighting machines have been destroyed and captured by the Ukrainians. Though Russia is 10-times bigger than Ukraine, Ukraine is kicking the stuffing out of them. The problem now is how to have Russia let go. The two missiles fired at Poland today point to that problem. The only good program Biden has launched so far is his support of Ukraine. I hope the new House of Representatives continues to support this goal.


A response to Kelly Scoles' letter.
I think what we have here in the absence of a Midterm red wave, is a failure to communicate. I wish the Republican Party would wise-up. I thought they intended to issue another Contract with America, as was introduced six weeks before the 1994 Congressional election, resulting in Republicans gaining 54 House and 9 Senate seats, flipping both chambers. I still don't know what Republicans had planned this year - maybe nobody else did either. No excuses available.

You mention "Democrats ...passed legislation that will improve the lot of the American people." Do you mean anti-inflation, $2. gas, a controlled border, saving Americans in Afghanistan, surplus oil and a full emergency reserve, a controlled China, - do you mean those sorts of "beneficial improvements"?

Why didn't Republicans also take the Senate? Maybe Americans are experimenting with a masochistic fad? Why else would they invite more Bidenesque pain?

"Offensive Republican candidates"? In this category Republicans have no one to compete with your John Fetterman, who cost $100 million to get elected. As for his "mechanism which reduces speech to written form" Kelly, I have the same kind of mechanism on my phone! But I would not run for the Senate even if I were offered $100 million to do so. Sympathy, however noble, is no substitute for capability. While I sympathize with his condition (as I would any Republican in a similar condition) his physical-neural impairment should disqualify him from a seat on our crucially important Senate. How do you know that "His thought process is unimpaired"!? Like Biden himself, he repeatedly refused to release his medical records! Note: Trump took a standard Cognitive Test - perfect score. - Biden and Fetterman refuse to do so.

As for Stephen Hawking, a reasonable person should think that his extraordinary scientific achievements proved his mental abilities remained unimpaired until his death. What achievements does Fetterman offer?

As for Citizens United v. FEC - no time to scrutinize this case. But do you think it is politically healthy for one individual to fund five separate swing states with $400 MILLION, like Democrat Mark Zuckerberg? How about BlackRock (controlling $10 trillion) possibly doing the same?

After the 20/20 election fiasco Conservatives have no trust at all in the presumed corrupt process; indeterminate periods of time to tally the vote (unlike Florida which takes one day) just inspires suspicion of more cheating.

It will take another generation before trust in the system is reestablished. We need paper ballots, no computer tabulation, no ballot harvesting, personal identification, and ONE Election Day to avoid cheating.