A response to Kelly Scoles' letter:

Hi Kelly,
I would agree with your placing "home-grown threats to our democracy" at the top of America's imminent threats today, because they also cause our most dangerous foreign threats. "Home grown" threats arise from domestic political treachery, the usual suspects, socialists, globalists, communists, atheists, all anti-Judeo-Christian enemies. All of them aligned with the Democratic Party leadership.

I regret to admit that Republicans, like Richard Nixon and George W. Bush were fooled ("I looked the man (Putin) in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy. We had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul.”) Like most modern American presidents, Bush reacted to communism with naiveté rather than reason and common sense (or knowledge). I always expect this sort of nonsense from Democrats, it's maddening to hear it from Republicans. Those who still rely upon diplomacy and trust in dealing with savage communism did not receive the education I did from boyhood. The obvious evil of Godless communism was taught from first grade through college. At the same time love and pride in America was deeply instilled. Historical facts spoke (speak) for themselves as we live them. Communism stands for 100 million murders and a billion slaves.

That "voracious appetite for plentiful and cheap [Chinese] goods" was bipartisan. But it was not the glutinous enthusiasm with which we consumed those Beanie Babies and cast-iron bar bells at the start that hurt us most. It was the carefree abandon with which we accommodated Mao Zedong's giant prison nation with respectable status, in ignorant hope of converting communism to democracy. "The Senate voted to give China permanent most-favored-nation status on September 19, 2000. This vote paved the way for China's accession to the World Trade Organization. Granting China this trade status contributed to the “China Trade Shock” that destroyed 2 million American jobs after 2001."

Yes, Kelly, I do want to "weapon-up" to avoid the kind of catastrophic war Ukraine fights today. Only naivé Progressives, Liberals, and Sino-Russian halfwit fellow travelers fail to understand. (I exclude you). What can convince you that America is in greater peril today than ever before in history, facing nuclear enemies with atheistic fanaticism taunting the destruction of the Land of the Free?

China will be the crutch on which Russia seeks to steady itself. China is a clear and present menace, having fully infiltrated the US, bullied and seduced small nations, and planning to conquer Taiwan with its incomparable chip market; "TSMC has around 60% of the global market for [uniquely specialized] contract chip fabrication, far above OPEC's 40% market share for oil." China, North Korea, and Iran have been arming themselves continuously for decades. We have not kept up, and are running short on fighting stuff. Biden is a deliberate impediment to defense. And, with respect, our pathetic Department of Defense has to get off its dead ass and rearm! Once again, our enemies don't give a damn about social equity, LBGTQ feelings, or climate change - they're all in for killing people and taking over other folks' nations. Mr. Xi Jinping seeks godhood, as does Mr. Putin and Mr. Kim Jong-un, mortals all, forever, Hell awaiting, an eternal, unpleasant surprise. I am not encouraged by Biden's pick of clowns, freaks, and reprobates to run and defend our nation.

To address your last three points: Wokeness is justly "vilified as a liberal scourge" poisonous to the Republic's welfare. That "female pregnant uterus" is a most sacred place, not so much for the structure, extraordinary though it is, but for the beautiful eternal soul living within, made in the image and likeness of almighty God, utterly innocent and unique.

As for the "morbidly rich", most of this species are liberal Democrats.

Dominion Inc. is not accused of fraud itself. It sold its computers to states and municipalities, which allegedly facilitated fraud.