Response to Kelly Scoles' Second Opinion.

Kelly, I've got a Council meeting tonight and I'm already tired. So, I'm just going to give you a few broadsides this week.

Anyone "railing", as you say, against Biden's catastrophic surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan is doing God's work. Biden's action here is an early-planned part of America's collapse. I can't stop thinking about those girls left in busses at the airport. Where are they now?

"We had seven buses filled with world-renowned orchestra performers — 280 girls all approved to go," said Robert Stryk, a Washington fixer who has been coordinating private evacuation efforts in conjunction with former Navy SEAL and US Congressman Scott Taylor (R-Va.). "Our hearts are broken," he added. "These young girls spent 17 hours on a hot bus with no food or water and were 393 feet from freedom but were denied entry into the airport because the United States government gave [the Taliban] the power to override the US Army’s 82nd Airborne." [My old outfit, angry as hell I'm sure].


Pence had a duty to safeguard the nuclear "football". What's going to happen when President Kamala is in charge of it?! Will she be afraid to push the right button under any circumstances?


President Biden's "program to kickstart the economy" has kicked it into the ditch. The world's running out of oil and coal while Biden shuts down our oil fields and coal mines. As for climate panic - just a few weeks ago - Antarctica reached new record cold, building up those glaciers and saving the whales.


The alleged 2020 election fraud?: I will believe that election was free of systemic fraud when those mathematical studies are proven wrong. After all, mathematics is all about proofs, isn't it? The challenge of those MIT PhDs remains: "Prove us wrong." Crickets. The damage here may be terminal.

Kelly, Deep State subterfuge, Big Tech money, Big Media propaganda, and the Democratic Party collusion, have deftly staged the Biden-Harris political obscenity we now face. It's a socialist soup, requiring a long spoon because the devil's in the details.


You mention the "validity of the public debt" - "Section 4. [14 Amendment]: The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law... Section 4 allowed the federal and state governments to refuse to pay war debts of the Confederate army as well as any claims made by slave owners for their losses when slaves were freed.
But Democratic Party leaders fight to access the American economy, to fuel their spendthrift socialist programs and policies, by controlling the trillions of dollars which we do not have but must be borrowed from (greatest irony) communist China, our most dangerous enemy.

The Democrats have invested the money from normal taxpayers into promiscuous forms of magical pagan craziness, such as trans-genderism, subversive new (never American before) "academic concepts" like Critical Race Theory, and much other intellectually promiscuous foolishness. Conservatives are in the midst of a knife fight with a "Woke" enemy, to rescue traditional American Judeo-Christian moral mandates. We fight a well-funded pagan enemy who worships a bitcoin demigod.

What a joke to hear you bring up the "debt ceiling". Haven't you heard that Democratic Party Leaders are striving tototally eliminate all limits to spending? With overspending, utterly open borders, treasonous office holders, betrayal of our allies, a mentally challenged president and a flirty ignoramus for a vice president-president-in-waiting, this nation will not endure a Biden presidency. When this becomes widely obvious, we may hear the sound of 400-million American arms being unlocked. We should pray that our Christian Constitutional culture is maintained and respected.