A response to Kelly Scoles' Second Opinion.

Frankly Kelly, I have a closed mind on the issue of abortion because I can't tolerate the willful destruction of the most beautiful part of creation - human life. Here, I follow my religious convictions first, but science and common sense closely second. Ironically, throughout mankind's darkest, most primitive beginnings, life in the mother's womb was understood to be real, to be sacred. Completely mysterious, but absolutely real, and most precious. Thus, the invariable special protection accorded the mother, as she alone assured the life of a new generation.

It took millions of years, through tribal strife and bloody conflicts, to arrive at this present state of uncertainty concerning the status of a pregnant woman. Here, in the twenty-first century, amidst our supreme scientific authorities, some obstinately reject this reality of life regardless of evidence. Yet some today, through invincible ignorance, can watch the beautiful in vitro videos and see only flesh to dismember, to flush into the sewer. Others, quick to make a buck, sell the body parts for profit. Everyone should watch "Life in the womb (9 months in 4 minutes) HD - Presented to You from PSNX" to witness the unique glory of pregnancy. "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." (Jeremiah 1:5) Those of us in the Judeo-Christian communion understand that pregnancy is the unfolding of creation before our very eyes. While others deny it, we are duty-bound to reverently protect it.

As you must know, communist China forcibly aborts mothers who have more than two children (for years, used to be one).

You object to the TX "legislature's religious beliefs." Kelly, this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, abortion being anathema. Check out your Blackstone. Ancient physicians swore the Hippocratic Oath: "I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked ... and similarly, I will not give a woman a pessary to cause an abortion." Ancient ethics rule in Greece, 300 BC.


I have to unburden myself about the Afghanistan surrender-betrayal.

American families and Afghanistan nationals (who helped the US for 20-years) have been left behind enemy lines. This is a near sacrilegious betrayal. The consequences of this surrender are so calamitous, so great, most people would not be able to understand them in one sitting. NATO has been fractured, America can no longer be trusted, and evil is emboldened as never before. Islamic Jihadists worldwide, exponentially strengthened, will assemble in, and attack from, their new terrorist nation now that they have been rearmed with American high-tech weapons, munitions, and aircraft. America will experience terrorism as never before.

We are flooding America with MILLIONS of undocumented people from all over the world. Our open southern border alone has already let two million through. There is no attempt to stop the flow. Ask who will feed, house, educate and provide medical and educational assistance to these people, and offspring - for at least 18-years? The new Afghan crowd will be hundreds of thousands more. This new mega-flood of emigrants has already changed America's basic culture. If not stopped the result will be profoundly negative. Understand: It is not possible to live in peace with any Islamic Jihadist organization, due to their sworn religious purpose, which is "complete submission to Allah” by everyone!

China and Russia are scheming with the Taliban. Weapons will be bartered and sold; enemy intelligence will replace US sources. We have abandoned our over-the-horizon systems, leaving us blind to enemy movements, and China is moving into Bagram Air Base.

Only one thing can get our people home safe, 20,000 boots back on Afghanistan land at Bagram Air Base. It is now or never. But there is no desire for Joe Biden to act. That would be embarrassing for him. At any rate, we must build-up our military forces, air, land, and sea. The Biden Democrats are only interested in white rage, white supremacy, Critical Race Theory, gender dysphoria, and climate change. Ask China, Russia, and North Korea what they think about these things.

American leadership has gone mad, creating a perfect invitation to be militarily clobbered and culturally destroyed. Our options are equally absurd - get rid of Joe Biden with his cognitive disability, then hand the atomic suitcase to Kamala, a political cipher. Who would come to the rescue? They would be the woke Obama clan who has anxiously awaited a takeover to assure those "fundamental changes".

Pray that our little girls (and boys) left behind in Afghanistan by Biden aren't married-off to Taliban terrorists.

We must act immediately to rescue them (and recover those arms)! We delay at our national peril.