Things are a little bit crazy tonight.

I attended my first Fillmore City Council meeting last night, for the first time in more than a year, thanks to the China COVID-19 pandemic. This radically changed my writing schedule, and I have just learned of Sacramento's new outrageous violation of your First Amendment.

For the 32 years that I've been publishing the Gazette we have always posted the photos of people arrested for serious crimes. Doing so accomplishes two things. First, it warns the public to beware these individuals, mostly alleged felons, who have been arrested after probable cause has been found for the allegation, and second, it is our way of congratulating our police officers for a job well done.

I have just learned that some peewee State Assemblyman (Evan Low) has gotten his AB-1475 passed and signed by the governor. This is a most egregious violation of our Constitutional Bill of Rights - violates our First Amendment right of free speech - and helps criminal suspects hide.

"This bill would prohibit a police department or sheriff's office from sharing, on social media, booking photos of an individual arrested on suspicion of committing a nonviolent crime, as defined, unless specified circumstances exist."

For example: This week we received notice of an alleged felon, "a 28-year-old Carpinteria woman (Briana Gutierrez), "with a history of criminal theft crimes [who] was arrested for stealing mail, burglary, forgery, and cashing the victim's stolen checks." Though the charges include serious felonies, including federal crimes, we can no longer publish her mugshot. In other words, criminals in California, thanks to Mr. Low's misplaced sympathies for criminals, are now protected from exposure, hidden from view.

It's too late to thoroughly address this issue tonight, and the fool assemblyman who is responsible for it, but I plan to include a new sub-column, probably entitled "This month's stupid lawmaker - or stupid new laws". I will identify his particularly stupid new law and give a little biography of the lawmaker, encouraging his constituents not to vote for him - a sort of political safeguard. Assemblyman Low will be first in line. I will contact the politicians being highlighted for an explanation.

I regret this is the first week the new law is in force and that the photo of this suspected multi-felon cannot be shown. Write a protest to Mr. Low, Democratic Assemblyman, District 28.

This is the first time this law has been activated. All newspapers and online news blogs, etc. should SOUND THE ALARM IMMEDIATELY.


Hi Kelly Scoles - Second Opinion.

Due to sharp time and space restrictions, I regret I can only respond to a couple of your assertions this week.
You say that "no widespread fraud was found during the election in November." Election fraud (endemic) in the November 2020 election can no longer be honestly disputed within experienced professional mathematical, engineering, and data analysis experts. Massive fraud exists.

But for me, the court's utter disregard of the scientific proofs of endemic election fraud is enough to find probable cause to charge the stakeholders. And we intend to use the Dominion Voting Systems again!? We need to throw out all computer voting machines and go back to paper ballots. Slower, but much safer.

Lastly (had to cut here), you equate rejection of mask-wearing to pro-life efforts to save the life of those children waiting to be born. I can't find the words to express my revulsion at this comparison. It is the penultimate glory of women that they alone can reproduce human life. This is what gives them exceptional dignity among humankind. God bless and protect these smallest, most dependent and innocent children - and the illustrious women who bring them safely into their nurturing world!