I'm having a hard time starting this column tonight. Frankly, I feel a bit crummy physically. But most of all, every time I try to understand the awesome significance of Biden's surrender in Afghanistan today, it nauseates me - it makes me sick.

When I see the photos of our military heroes killed at the airport in the last hours of our retreat, it also makes me angry, very angry. Had Biden carried out the carefully planned withdrawal of our troops in a traditional, sensible way (really, Standard Operating Procedure) none of the chaos and bloodshed would have taken place. We had the massive military muscle available to leave at any time and any place of our choosing. But Biden and his handlers wanted a political showpiece, to outshine Trump. Biden set the date with no provision for extension. Most of all, and most incomprehensively, he sent our military out of country BEFORE he began removing civilians! I understand Biden has no military experience, that's worrisome enough, but the killer here is the fact that he is devoid of basic common sense. Who does something like that? Boys playing cops and robbers would have more sense.

I have tried to understand Joe Biden's mental condition. After watching him destroy every good thing Trump accomplished (border, economy, strengthening military, etc.) and bragging about it, I have only two possible conclusions to offer. First, he is truly delusional, and therefore a danger to the Republic, or, second, he is an active agent of a foreign power and more dangerous to the Republic. I watched with disgust as he sat by a 40-count pile of new executive orders he was gleefully signing to wipe-out Trump's work. This was a childish political game to show Trump who was boss now.

Every new policy Biden has initiated has weakened America and greatly strengthened our most dangerous enemies. Only a medical conclusion of 25th Amendment strength can solve the first problem. The second problem requires determined deductive inquiry into his criminality. There's plenty of evidence here, beginning with son Hunter and the whole Biden family cabal (see Hunter's ex-partner Tony Bobulinski's accusations which Big Tech squelched just before the election). This was more than a whistleblower, it was a foghorn in the capital. Evidence of Biden being totally compromised by both China and Russia is beyond all doubt. And now a third computer of Hunter's bears this out. Biden's radical new policies obviously favor our enemies for this reason.

Note: (Not feeling too well. Will finish next week.)

Brief conclusion on Afghanistan given to Taliban - The war has just begun and Biden is scoring for the enemy.