I have to make two corrections from columns of the past several weeks. I hate to bother with trifles at a time of such unparalleled foreign policy disaster, but they really distract me. So: August 11, I used the word "penultimate", not only wrong word, opposite meaning. Second mistake: referring to the US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt as our largest. Wrong. That honor belongs to Gerald R Ford Class; 10 more ordered, big mistake!


For anyone who has studied the religion of Islam the near future of Afghanistan should be no surprise - unprecedented murder, mayhem, and terrorist warfare, now to extend far into our future. After the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11, I spent several years learning as much as I could about Islam, its history and sole purpose, being "submission" to the will of God - of all people. Its principal enemies are Judaism and Christianity, and anyone else who rejects Islam. If challenged by a Muslim you are given three choices - submit to Islam by conversion, pay the tax (Jizya), or death (often through beheading).

Islam is both a religion and a demanding way of life. Women, in particular, have far fewer rights than men.

Since the Twin Towers attack by al-Qaida (Osama bin Laden's group) the US has dealt primarily with two other Islamist terrorists, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) and the Taliban, which now owns Afghanistan (which came from Pakistani religious schools in the 1990s).

There are other smaller Islamist terrorist groups. We should remember that all of these groups are absolutely ultra-extremist Jihadist - as commanded by the Islamic holy books, Qur’an, Sunnah, Hadith (Traditions of the Prophet).
President Biden and his (almost treasonous) military and intelligence staff, have [Cried] "Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War." (I keep having to go to Shakespeare for important things because there are no better words.) And, releasing the Talaban dogs as these incompetent fools have done, guarantees decades of havoc, especially for America, and especially for females of all ages.

The damage that Biden has done can scarcely be exaggerated. After 21 years and multiple trillions of taxpayer dollars in attempts to modify a stone age culture to Western ways, we are entitled to wonder what our military thinkers were thinking about. More than 3,500 coalition soldiers have died since 2001 - about two-thirds of them Americans. More than 20,000 US soldiers have been injured. To witness how carelessly Biden has handled the final withdrawal of forces is simply unfathomably macabre. Biden began "a long-planned" vacation to Camp David as Afghanistan began falling to the Taliban - came back to the White House to issue a 17-minute statement, then promptly returned to Camp David. At this time, it's reported that he has not contacted any foreign head of state. He appears befuddled.

Biden's total absence of planning has caused the following:
Immediately caused more than 100,000 stranded and confused persons who worked for the US during the 21-year war, to become hostage to the Taliban. They are trapped outside the airport perimeter with no place to go and without communications. But Joe knows how to open borders!

We have surrendered our multi-billion-dollar embassy, with equipment and communications.

We have turned over the air force maintained by 18,000 civilian workers (who have gone home).

We have abandoned billions of dollars-worth of war-fighting materials. The number of United States troops who have died fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had passed 7,000 at the end of 2019. Approximately 177,000 national military and police from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraqi, and Syria allies have died. Munitions, tanks, armored Humvees, drones, missiles, new Blackhawk helicopters, (fighters?) etc., communications equipment - everything needed to supply a strong army, and 18,000 contractors who maintained everything - all gone - to the Taliban.

Statistics, all statistics. The threat from the accidently victorious Taliban has just begun, and, as an Islamic "murder incorporated" organization, with now close relations with ISIS, al-Qaida, will spread throughout the world like the worst possible disease. The Taliban will sell arms to other Jihadists, like Iran. We no longer have a true presence in the Middle East. We are now taking a peek at the Apocalypse as described in W.B. Yeats poem, "The Second Coming"; " Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost. The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity." We are now powerless to keep the peace in the Middle East.

Our "best" lack all conviction, lead by the invincible ignorance of a legion of power hungry anti-republican traitors, with Joe Biden stumbling towards the cliff. All of America's most dangerous enemies have been emboldened to attack us. Like Esau, who sold his birth right for a bowl of mush, Joe Biden sold-out our soldiers for nothing! But don't fear, Kamala is here for back-up.

China is practicing to attack Taiwan. Is the US capable of making such a venture too bloody for China's plans? What can we expect from Russia in the Ukraine? In the Far East, America has completely "lost face", an inviting catastrophe in the enemy's eyes. Once again: "reputation reputation reputation Oh I have lost my reputation I have lost the immortal part of myself and what remains is bestial." (Othello).

After Afghanistan, Vietnam, and a string of similar failures, we now have a reputation for disorderly retreats, as defeated troops (though our troops fight valiantly), while betrayed by incompetent leadership. Our entire military establishment, from West Point to Gen. Mark A. Milley and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III (bozos each), and most in between, should be court martialed and dishonorably discharged. Failure and incompetence are their histories.

We have a president and vice president by fraudulent election activities, and a "traitorous" so-called Big Tech: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, who now control what can be said - but wouldn't dare cancel the Gazette!
This is not the column I wanted to write today, of failure and defeat by Islamic forces. This would not have happened under Trump's leadership!

I don't see how America can survive another 3.5 years of Biden family corruption and Big Tech collusion.