Hello Kelly.

Many of our differences of opinion are based upon the recognition of facts.

I love facts. Facts are like gold, elements "found on earth that have existed in their current form since before earth was formed". In any argument facts are sacred steps in attempts to find the truth, when discovering the truth is the point of the discussion.

Your description of Republican attempts to present facts evidencing systemic election fraud, is untrue. Evidence of such proven systemic election fraud is massive. The fact here is not that there were "insufficient facts to support the allegations”. As has been shown many times, the courts at every level REFUSED TO HEAR THE EVIDENCE. This refusal buried the mountain of scientific (mostly mathematical) evidence. These audits were mostly pointless since they repeatedly counted fraudulent votes. I published a half-dozen papers by eminent mathematical PhDs showing beyond doubt massive fraudulent activity. These proofs were rejected by all courts on procedural grounds, i.e., cases brought too early or too late, a fact.

I'm also not aware of any judicial review of any mathematical proofs of fraud.

When the Supreme Court (the people's last resort) refused to look at the cases I concluded the country would be lost. As expected, quickly following Biden's inaugural, an appalling string of inexplicable, lethal "mistakes" resulted. Our borders were opened to receive a worldwide onslaught of unidentified people. The innocent pauper is welcomed with the fentanyl-dealer, child sex-slaver, murderers, etc. These people are transferred to various cities and towns across America, without prior warning. They must be fed, housed, schooled, and medically attended, for years - at that town's expense. At the current rate of 200,000 per month, we're talking about several millions. Yet we hear nothing from the "president" about this fact and this cannot now be undone. The basic demographic of our nation is being forcibly changed by the political power of Deep State, Big Tech, and the Democratic Party, as promised.

Another inexplicable, self-inflicted wound was Biden's quick curtailment of the oil industry.

He revoked a key cross-border presidential permit, (2,147 mi) Keystone XL pipeline extension in January. Trump made America energy independent (an exporter) - Biden destroyed that fact, giving Russia its new pipeline to Germany. It took $75 for me to (almost) fill my tank today. A year ago it cost me $60. How do you like the Biden inflation fact?

Facts remain facts whether proven or hidden. When they are lethal and permanent, they remain like sins on the nations' soul, unforgiven without a later spontaneous combustion. How does one find, identify, and deport millions of illegal aliens released into the country indiscriminately? Who are they and what will they be doing for the next 50-years? What will we do with the next wave of millions flooding into the country? Should we be alarmed? It's disturbing that the "president" will say nothing about this fact.

We have another grotesque "mistake" in the surrender to the Taliban in Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Americans and dependant employees behind enemy lines -- and $80 billion in excellent, Made-In-America, aircraft, armaments and ammunition. How on earth can this be explained? It's a wholesale betrayal of our troops and those of our allies who also died in the war. The scars of such infamous cowardice (or sheer stupidity) are indelibly fixed in the minds of our faithful allies. They can no longer trust us.

Your explanation of Biden's Afghanistan surrender is a betrayal of those eternal facts. The Trump agreement to withdraw was entirely dependent upon the situation on the ground. That is the essential fact. Biden had the authority to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He stubbornly rejected his military's advice. His generals were also cowards for not protesting by public resignation - telling everyone this move would certainly be disastrous. To sustain their cushy military lives, they said nothing. They disgraced the uniform. They should all be canned, but nothing will happen.

Mary, you should give more thought to who Joe Biden was when directing the Afghanistan surrender -- (God help us) he was our Commander in Chief! He had his own staff to advise him, and according to his general's sworn congressional testimony, he deliberately ignored that advise! He did not follow Trump's plan. The consequences of his invincible hubris are cataclysmic and will remain so. And that's a FACT.

America, as a country and culture, will be forever changed before the end of Joe Biden's administration. And, if Kamala Harris becomes president, it's all over. Worst case scenario -- a President Harris seeks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Vice President. The memory of Dolley Madison's heroics will seem quaint compared to the kitschy pretentiousness of a Harris Commander in Chief. This all precisely planned.

We should have stayed in Afghanistan with a small, strong nucleus of armed intelligence, like we have done in Japan since 1945, in Germany since 1945, in South Korea since 1953, where we stabilized the countries and defended against further war. Then the Taliban would not own Afghanistan, now a new home base for continuous Islamic terrorism.

Today, America is leaderless, hapless, and Godless. This last condition can soon leave us nation-less.