From Afghanistan today we hear reports of American armed forces ordered into shameful surrender to the Taliban. Our Democratic Party Commander in Chief makes no effort even to extend our own departure time. This will leave thousands of American citizens, families and friends, to face an immediate slaughter. Regardless of what anyone now thinks of the wisdom of leaving Afghanistan after 20 years of trying to replace Islamic Jihadism with democracy, no one can watch the approaching methodical murder of tens of thousands of innocents without feeling the deepest alarm and shame. What we are doing under Biden's leadership is simply unthinkable by American ethical history. This is an act of unprecedented cowardice. Not only is the Afghanistan government falling, but this is an astonishing harbinger of America's future, Beowulf caught with his pants down as the Orks advance.

The fiendish cast of characters, atheists, demigods, Communists and Islamic Jihadists seeking a deed to the world moves forward. Most deadly today, Communism and Jihadist Islam. Maybe we should call them "hate-ists" because they savor a murderous hatred of everything outside themselves. The greatest irony? Each must destroy the other to "win" the prize.

Watching our commander-in-chief, US NATO allies are aghast at our sudden collapse. Our closest allies (England and France) publically acknowledge the "shame" of our surrender, and express shock and anger at the Biden administration's abandonment of tens-of-thousands of American citizens, Afghani co-workers, and European allies behind enemy lines - hostage to the most evil terrorist organizations the world has ever known - the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS (all arch Jihadists.) This was never Trump's plan.

"A former British military commander in Afghanistan said he believes that President Joe Biden should not be impeached, as some Republicans have suggested, but rather court-martialed as a failed commander-in-chief for betraying the United States of America and the United States’ armed forces."

"In an interview set to air Sunday evening, Colonel Richard Kemp, CBE, formerly in charge of all British military operations in the country, also told Fox News host Mark Levin that he believes Biden’s debacle of a pullout has humiliated U.S. Armed Forces and Americans in general." My opinion: court martial Biden for treason, convict, - then shoot him on CNN. Democrats can debate use of rubber bullets in a then Republican Senate.

The millions of normal Afghani citizens, who had been led into the (false) security of new hope for a democratic Afghanistan, where girls were educated and women respected, are now (literally) marked for inevitable terrorist butchery and death. Biden intends to leave them behind. For 20-years most Afghan people knew nothing but democratic reform in most of the country.

The American-maintained Afghani army, holding steady against Taliban terrorism for many years (50,000+ deaths), quickly collapsed when the US suddenly pulled the plug by ceasing all ground, air, intelligence and equipment maintenance. The Afghan Army could not withstand Taliban force without US help. It should be noted that Pakistan (birthplace of the Taliban) and, though a NATO member, is a true enemy of America, the democratic West, is a supplier to the Taliban.


Now a few comments on Kelly Scoles' "Second Opinion":

The Biden surrender in Afghanistan is the greatest military debacle in American history - bar none. Abandoning our people to the bloodthirsty Taliban ends all debate over questionable tactics. This is an ongoing worldwide catastrophe.

See Forbes ("Staggering Costs – U.S. Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan) by Adam Andrzejewski for detailed lists of abandoned war-fighting equipment. Normally, this equipment would have been destroyed to keep it from enemy hands. Now the Taliban is the best equipped terrorist organization in the world. This heightens the threat of terrorist attacks on the US, and all democratic nations, exponentially.

Post 9/ll threats will be as nothing. "The current intelligence assessment was that the Taliban are believed to control more than 2,000 armored vehicles, including U.S. Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones."

President Trump had a secure plan for leaving Afghanistan, military approved (though not unanimously so). It was "situationally" planned, depending entirely upon Taliban compliance, with strong military back-up. Biden just surrendered Bagram airbase, our embassy (sovereign property), all strategic points of strength and intelligence. Everyone wanted out of Afghanistan, but in a strategically, orderly, safe way.

Most incredibly, Biden pulled out the military BEFORE getting civilians out! Account for that!

The ramifications of this Biden-party surrender are too long to list here. But be aware that the criminal negligence of leaving billions of dollars of high-tech munitions, intelligence equipment, night vision weapons, Blackhawk helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, drones, etc. spells death and destruction for hundreds of thousands of non-Islamic people worldwide. No one believes the USA will cover their backs now.

Our NATO alliance has been fractured, to the immediate benefit of our Chinese, Russian, North Korean, and Iranian (all nuclear) enemies. Israel, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Hong Kong will also be abandoned by Biden. We no longer have 'Over The Horizon' intelligence without Afghanistan. The world is a much more dangerous place without a credible American military force.

In a Taliban Afghanistan, every female person, regardless of age, is now in immediate danger of forced marriage, sex slavery, torture and death at the hands of Jihadist savages." How evil are they? 'Rape gangs having sex with DEAD bodies' after going door-to-door for sex slaves...’

I would give odds that New York's single tower substitute for the Twin Towers will also be attacked soon.
There is no good news in the coming end of democracy in Afghanistan - or in 3.5 more years of Joe Biden's treasonous infirmity.

But enough for wringing of hands. Let's act! We need 10,000 more boots on the ground now (including special forces) to rescue those we left behind - and our HONOR !